Dollar General Corporate Office Address Details

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Providing here phone number, contact address, website , official email, customer service details and all other necessary information of dollar general corporate office headquarters. Are you facing any issues or have any complaint or looking for a dollar general careers or just want to give any suggestion then please contact them at below address given below.

Dollar General Stores, headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA, is a multi billion American chain of variety discount stores. It has more than 12,500 stores in nearly every states of United States. It was established in the year 1939 by Cal Turner Sr. in Scottsville, Kentucky. The first Dollar General store was opened in the year 1955 in Kentucky with a new concept that no items in the store will cost more than one dollar and it become an instant hit with the public. It sells its own brands as well as other brands products. Its target customers are people who mostly live in rural area.


Customer Service Number : 1-800-678-9258

Website :

Dollar General Corporate Office Address

Dollar General Corporation
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37075


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6 thoughts on “Dollar General Corporate Office Address Details

  1. Rebecca Leach

    It is the same here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Who ever is making the decisions for Dollar General is either incompetent, or just plain greedy. There needs to be more people hired to manage/work at these stores. How do you expect 1or 2 people to do all of the unloading, stocking, pricing, check out, and everything else? You come down here and try to do all that. I bet you can’t. The shelves are half empty and I can’t find what I need to buy. You are always out of stock, because the stuff is still waiting to be stocked, and the employees can’t get time to get to it! I have to go somewhere else to buy what I need. You have lost a lot of money. Because apparently, it is franchise wide. The cost of hiring employees where needed, would not cost you more money, because the customers would be buying a lot more merchandise when the shelves are stocked and they find what they need at your stores. It would expand your profits. Now get it together!

  2. James Ed Jackson

    I reside in Greenville SC…one of top 3 largest cities in SC…every store in town looks like it’s going out of business with shelves half empty and cartons across the back of the store full of merchandise unopened..I’ve had conversations with employees who lead me to believe that stores are understaffed…don’t necessarily know what that means…only that my nekots are on the bottom of this “trolley “…and my vases are on the bottom of that one…and it happens constantly…don’t care how you do it just stock your damn shelves…how can you sell anything…???

  3. Carol HInchman

    Dear Dollar General Representative,

    On my way to Church on Saturday, 6-30-2018 about 330pm, I stopped at Dollar General on Hwy. 5 in Douglasville, Ga. I returned home about 645pm from Church and noticed I lost my keys. I called my daughter on Sunday morning and after I told her I stopped at Dollar General on Hwy. 5. She called Keesha at the Hwy 5 location and asked if any keys were turned in Saturday around 4pm. Keesha said yes and had my daughter describe the keys, me and my car. I had my daughter do this for me as I’m 82 years old and hard of hearing. I went to the store and retrieved my keys. Tried to tip Keesha for being so kind and helpful, but she refused to take it. Keesha said it was store policy not to take tips. Every time I have visited your stores I have had the best experience with your store employees. Thank you for hiring such nice employees. Is it okay if I bring Keesha a jar of homemade jam?


    Carol Hinchman

  4. Markita Delaney

    To whom it may concern, My husband and I have been customers of Sprint for 10yrs. My husband just purchased the IPHONE 7 (newest one that just came out over summer in July 2016. He paid for the phone in July it is now December going in 2017 January and he has yet to receive his product. Not to mention that he has been calling your so called help support and talking to the store manager on site. Now his is very respectful but I told him you can let people get away with anything. So first I will like to see if their is anyone who can help us, if not I told my husband lets take our business somewhere else with our monthly bill over 400.00 with 5 lines, new phones every 2-3yrs for each line I know we paying someone’s payroll check. So we can take our business somewhere else, so he purchased the phone in July no one can help him get the product that we paid for work hard for every penny we bring home from work and we spent it on a piece if shit company who no one can seem to help a paying customer get his product but evwrytime he go to the in store site in Hinesville,Ga 31313 and talk to the sorry ass manager about his phone that he paid for 4 months ago and he standing right next to another customer who is purchasing the same damn phone and is walking out of the store with the same damn phone you are telling my husband that he cant get the same damn phone that he done already paid for four months ago, this is how you treat the customers that have been loyal to sprint for over 10yrs, whose 50%of family members use the same mobile company. You say you cant help. Shit if ot was me i would go up to that sprint store and i wouldnt leave that bitch until someone I dont give a rats ass who, I dont care it its Sprint himself give me my damn phone. I promise you I will tell everyone i work with and come across on this Military base just how Sprint does business.And you know word of mouth is what hurts people business world wide.

  5. jane miles

    i jane miles have 2002 saturn l200 ,that have motor damage, motor locked up, i used your product,dg-sae-10w-30 and was notifed there is a class action suite against your said product,ref# 1025166711


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