Dollar Tree Corporate Office address, Phone Number and Email

Below you can find the Contact details of Dollar Tree Corporate Office Address, Mailing and Postal Office address along with the contact information like the toll free phone number, Email, website details, fax number which will help you to contact Dollar Tree. The Customer Service of Dollar Tree is one of the best in its industry and they look after every customer concern and inquiry quickly and efficiently. Customer service is available normally during working hours and some emergency number are available 24*7. They can be contacted after the usual business hours via postal mail, email address, or calling the toll free number or contact the live person via help support chat. Many Customers are looking for the Dollar Tree Corporate Office address or trying to search for customer service phone number of Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree toll free phone number, customer service helpline number and customer support contact number.

Are you searching for more information on various types of services and brands provided by Dollar Tree such as Dollar Tree Corporate office, toll free 24 hours phone number of Dollar Tree Availability, Official working customer service number, Headquarters Office address of Dollar Tree. Good news is that you can get all important information from this website and use this contact details to contact the customer service executive and support center and they will help you in resolving your issue fast, quick and efficiently.

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We have given here Dollar Tree Phone Number, and using this number you will be able to contact Dollar Tree corporate office and customer service support department. You will be able to reach a live person at Dollar Tree Customer Care Support in the given below Dollar Tree Contact phone number and will be able to get all the main points of Dollar Tree services or able to get facilitate and acquire your concern correctly self-addressed by proper authorities.

Dollar Tree Corporate Office Contact Information

You can find here Dollar Tree mailing and postal address, corporate office address, customer service help number, corporate headquarters address of Dollar Tree, Customer service support phone number, corporate office HQ Address.

Dollar Tree Customer Service Phone Number:

  • Customer Service Support Phone Number: 1-(757) 321-5000

The number given above may not be a toll free phone number and you may get charged while calling this number at the usual calling prices. This customer support number of Dollar Tree is available on normal working hours and may be closed during some official holidays.

Dollar Tree Customer Support Email Address: 

Below is that the listed official email address of Dollar Tree. they supply the e-mail support 24 hours all day year along and that they typically reply inside 24 hours. typically, you may expect a delay back in response.

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Dollar Tree Corporate Office Address and Phone Number:

The official mailing/postal address, payment office, Headquarters and location address of Dollar Tree. People can use this contact details to contact them and get their concern or query answered quickly.

Dollar Tree Corporate Office Address: 500 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 United States

Dollar Tree Corporate Office Phone Number Toll Free: 1-(757) 321-5000

Dollar Tree Corporate Office Fax Number Details: (757) 321-5292

Dollar Tree Corporate Office Email Address: NA


Dollar Tree Social Media Links:

Dollar Tree Online Resources:

35 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Corporate Office address, Phone Number and Email

  1. evans joe

    I need help obtaining my Grandaughters Employment informationAshley Anne Maines Store #7338 in Peoria,Az.
    Jennifer,manager of the store is absolutely NO HELP.

    Dollar Tree HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER-18O5-6O8-54,O6
    Dollar Tree HEADQUARTERS-18,O5’6O’8’54’O6
    Dollar Tree CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER-1(8O5)(6O8),54O6

  2. Jean A Martinak

    I need help obtaining my Grandaughters Employment informationAshley Anne Maines Store #7338 in Peoria,Az.
    Jennifer,manager of the store is absolutely NO HELP. Ashley was in a severe Car accident on June 27,2020,and remains in a semi-comotose state to this day, I have been appointed her representative over her financial affairs. As of todays date,February 22, 20201, I have not received her W-2 form and any verification of her employment . Your corporate office lines ARE IMPOSIBLE. I even heard from her ALTHCC CASE MANAGER, AND HE CANNOT GET VERIFICATION. Why is your system BROKEN. PLEASE HELP BY A REAL VOICE AND A TELEPHONE CALL TO JEAN A MARTINAK,GRANDMOTHER 6232155876,OR EMAIL ALL INFORMATION TO GRANDMOTHER,Jean Ann Martinak

  3. Cynthia Daniel

    I ordered 3 sets of fairy guarded miniatures on 11/20/20. I found out today they never sent out my order or even processed my order and they are out of stock. This was my first order from them. I make crafts for selling at craft shows and I will lose money. Christmas I sold all the snow globes I made with the miniatures, that’s why i orders so early. We’ll so what they do tomorrow.

  4. L. Mata


    I went into the dollar tree store at scotch rd ewing nj there was no one at the reg, there was a sign that said ring bell, rang bell no response, rang again only to get screamed at by manager will never shop there again

  5. Marie Fuller

    Good afternoon.
    This morning I had a medical incident at your Cocoa Beach Fl. location.
    I was wondering if there was an employee rewards program as Justin – freight manager went above and beyond to ensure my well being and comfort and should be recognized.
    I am so appreciative of the caring displayed. Thank you!

  6. Karen Paulson

    Dollar Tree has so many negative letters (above) that I’m amazed that you all are still in business! +I live in Sacramento, CA, & went to the Dollar Tree, Store #5580, on 11/02/20. What A disgusting store! Completely trashed, stuff all over the floor, only two employees working at this time, no carts available (they were all being used by staff to sort messy stuff & put it away!) ,. I got a cart when I first entered the store but one of the two employees there came & told me that I could not use it because it did not have a pole on it! ??!! I was horrified by the condition of the store, the messiness of it, and the attitude of the staff. After reading all the negative ‘stuff’ above, I Wonder how Dollar Tree Stores can stay in business. I live near a 99 Cents Store, not too far from the Dollar Tree. What a difference! The 99 Cents Stores are neat, tidy, organized, they have enough staff, who are courteous, helpful, and their merchandise is well organized! Needless to say, I won’t be going to any more Dollar Tree Stores again – Why are you people staying in business???

  7. Maria Eugenia Martinez

    I went to the Dollar Tree store (this morning a about 9:30 a.m.) on 14778 N Kendall Dr. Miami, FL 33196. There was only 1 cashier, the line was more than 10 people long. Some of the people in line kept asking for another cashier. When I went to pay, I asked who is the manager, and he happened to be standing right here. I told him it was abusive to have such a long line and only 1 cashier when he had 4 or 5 employees at the store, walking around and stocking shelves. He said he did not know the line was long, I said can’t you see it? . Don’t you look? He said he could not be in two places at the same time. I told him you are the manager and it is your responsibility and the customers come first. He was sarcastic, unapologetic and said “oh sure the customers come first”. By the way, everybody in line were elderly people.

  8. kenny

    we e mailed you folks more than 1 week ago about newer store in wildwood Florida and have not received any responses yet !!!

  9. Kathy L Mudwilder

    Here in IN, we have a mask mandate. I have been to several of your stores where masks are not being worn by employees. Yesterday, 10/26/20, I was in your store at Town and Country Shopping Center on McKinley in Mishawaka, IN., and 2 of the 3 employees did not have a mask on. This needs to be corrected, or I and others will shop elsewhere.

  10. Mitchell vargas

    Dollar tree in east Rutherford nj have mice all over their food . It smells like mice all through the store . I have bought bread and cookies and they all had holes in it . I will never shop there ever again . That place is nasty.

  11. Dr. Terry Hazzard

    Good Morning. I am writing from Mobile, Alabama. I have property located behind the former Family
    Dollar Store, located in Prichard, Alabama. I understand that your company will be purchasing that property soon. As a result, I would like to speak to someone about the possibility of purchasing my property which is beside it. You may want to extend parking or something of the like. The property was left to my wife by her parents, who are now deceased. Fortunately, we are not interested in keeping the property. Please have someone to contact me.

  12. rob johnson

    Dollar tree in Duarte ca has a 75 year old woman with underlying health issues and they are forcing her to work . Pat is her name. She says they won’t allow her to stay at home. The manager Omar threats to fire her if she does t come to work. Someone needs to step in and allow this woman to stay at home.

  13. Rosetta Cates

    I just wanted to make a complaint about the local dollar tree where i live.our country is in a crisis,social distancing is a must.i went into the store today,july 3,2020.there was only one cashier,at one time there was a line of probably 7 people,so im thinking the other person must be in the back i got closer to the register i saw the other employee,she wasnt in the back,she was near the front she even seen how long the line was.but did not help.when i got to the register i looked behind me,there was about 6 other people behind i finally asked the cashier was the other lady not open she turned around and looked at the other employee who was by then just standing by a register,and told me that the other lady wasnt open.then all the sudden she decided to open up.sorry this is so long,but how are you supposed to encourage social distancing when the lines down the isle.there wasnt room for social distancing because the other employee wasnt doing her job.just thought you should know.we should all work together to keep each other safe from this crisis we are facing.have a blessed day.

  14. Kenneth L Campbell

    being discriminated against and denied civil rights at dollar tree store in Pittsburg, CA. Claimant is 78 yrs and
    confined to wheelchair.

  15. Janice G.

    Your store #3601, at 785 W. Golf Road in Des Plaines, IL. is excellent. The staff is always very professional, friendly and helpful. The store is always stocked, neat and clean. It’s a pleasure to shop there. Thank you!

  16. Brenda

    I am simply disgusted. We have an issue going on with Covid-19. Because some people don’t like to or choice not to wear masks. They put not only themselves but fellow family members at risk. I have noticed employees wear the mask yes. But more like a necklace than a face mask which by the way should be over the nose and the mouth. I understand its uncomfortable I understand it may fog glasses or make you sweat. But come on it is much better than getting this horriable virus.
    True fully I use to shop there quiet frequently but seeing the disreguard for the fellow family members of the workers to the fellow family members that shop there I will not. In my home state its mandaited to wear the mask in the store, why is it not applied to your associates?
    Thank you
    Plymouth, New Hampshire

  17. Frank Calandra

    We are a small business in Central NY. We have retooled our operation to produce face shields for the present pandemic. The shields could act as protection for your employees during this time. Our prices are very reasonable and priced lower for businesses ordering quantities. Our shields are extremely light and comfortable and stay in place throughout the day as well as are good for multiple uses by the same worker. Models can be seen at Thank You.

  18. Beverly Columbus

    I came in asking for the restroom and the both cashier denied me so I had to take out of $20 to use the restroom and that’s the only only way I could used the restroom!!!!!?

  19. William R Dickey

    Today I went into the Dollar Tree in Ankeny Iowa and found it to be appalling. The store was dirty, there was no one wiping down carts, there were chunks hanging from un beneath the carts, and the staff were not wearing gloves. I got out of the store as quickly as possible and will not return

  20. Sean Weber

    So I ordered some solar lights thru the online section of Dollar Tree. I received 2 emails on 2 different days one on 3/3 which was a Tuesday and one on 3/3 which was a Thursday stating my items had been shipped. Since I had 2 different Items that seemed normal. So I wait a few days and nothing shows up. So I go to the email to see whee my packages are and it says to track your package press’s here so I do and all it says is shipped no Tracking info nothing. So I end up call the supposed customer service line sit on hold for 25 minutes to finally talk to someone who says at first the ordered was cancelled by UPS?? so I ask why this would be so he does some more digging and says oh it looks like they combined the packages which seemed weird since UPS picked them up 3 days apart why would they have combined the packages. Either way the rep says they are to be delivered by Monday 3/9 end of day.. I get home and find only one package has been delivered and it was the package that was picked up on Thursday and the one from Tuesday is not here.. So I again call customer service number and get told they cant help me at this time I need to call back. So I call at 530AM my time and get ahold of someone who says well it looks like UPS cancelled the order but we don’t know why they did that you need to talk to them.. So I end up having them reorder the Item for me to send out which I am told will take 5 to 7 days to get to me.. So I Then call UPS and ask them why the package was cancelled and they lady states we didn’t cancel it the shipper did you have to talk to them yet the shipper says I have to talk to UPS so Who does the consumer talk to. Either way I then call the supposed customer service line back to get some answers as to what is going on and the supervisors I spoke to were of no help till I got to one who tried his best and he said I am going to send you to our Tier 3 supervisor who might be better able to help you.. So I wait now mind you I have been on the phone for 1 hour and 50 minutes now getting no help no answers when what I can only say was the most inconsiderate abrasive lady gets on the phone with me. So I tell her the situation and am trying to explain my frustration about the sever lack of communication to the consumer about there packages and she cuts me off and states that I am asking the wrong people and my issue id=s with UPS and then to top it off SHE HANGS UP ON ME.. I then proceed to call back and get the number for their corporate office which I go thru the Automated system and ask to speak to the operator to try and get me to someone whom I can speak to. I sit on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes before some one picks up so I speak to the lady to tell her what I am trying to do and she says sir one moment and sends me back to the automated system where I have to select an operator again and sit on hold for another hour to get a message to call them back during business hours. So then I call back to speak to the online customer service again and the snippy girl on the phone could care less that I have wasted 4 hours of my day with a company that had zero problem taking my money out of my bank account and not one person could answer any of the questions I asked them regarding this package. Now I get this is a package of Intangible goods but the Item I ordered was to be used this weekend in our yard for my son and daughter in laws Baby shower and I had ordered the item in plenty of time to get here. This item could not be shipped to store and where I live there is one Dollar tree and the next closes one is about 45 minutes away. My biggest issue is the way I was treated by several of what are to be considered supervisors and the fact that they could not answer my questions or even get me in contact with some who could answer my Questions. I finally told the Lady to just cancel my order and refund my money so she does and says you should receive a refund in the next 3 to 5 business days.. Very disappointed in this poorly operated system that has no interest of the consumer.. I am not even sure if my comment will be read y anyone from the Dollar Tree corporate office or not but there you have It

  21. Penelope Guest Olivier

    Someone needs to check out the Gulfport, MS, store located on Pass Road at Courthouse Road–it is always trashed and a mess and usually out of stock on many things. The employees are not helpful or courteous and you need to hire more personnel. Today there were NO buggies, AGAIN, and I was told they only own 5–that’s ridiculous. There are never enough cashiers and the manager never helps out when he/she could be checking people out. The Biloxi store is so much better, cleaner, friendlier, etc. They should go visit it and compare!

  22. Gussie Devon

    Hello my name is Gussie Devon today’s date is January 26, 2020 I’m a currently employee over at Dollar Tree in Amite LA 70422 number # 4067 704 W Oaks St Amite LA 70422. I have been a loyal employee for almost 4 years we currently on our 5th store manager since i first started working there (#4067) About to years ago i applied for the assisted manager position and was turn down do to my background.
    Let’s me explain my background : In 2012 I was evicted for “FAILURE TO RETURN RENTAL PROPERTY” I was place on unsupervision probation for 1 years so in 2013 I was release and I was thinking as apart of my probation my charges supposed to gotten removed off my record.
    I mentioned all this to say I recently applied again but instead of allowing me to submit my new background the company didnt even allowed me to do a new one they turned me down basic off my old background which I think was very unfair since I’m a good employee never been written up, cash register never been short or over, always meet the store needs and very loyal to the customers I goes over and beyond for this company and outta 4 years i only make 7.65 an hour is not fair at all alot of people telling me how I’m getting mistreated is called “discrimination” I hate to leave this company cause I love the job and the customers but I think I need to reach out to somebody about my rights.

  23. terry evans

    Dear Sirs, I am writing in concern for a member of Management for the Dollar Tree on Broad Street, Sumter, SC 29150. From what i understand Mr. Billie Partin, who is in serious need of help with the overflow of merchandise that needs stocking on the shelves. They are apparently behind with having 2 trucks coming in a weeks time. And no extra employees to take care of these needs, in his words “due to cutbacks of employees after the holidays”. Sir, i’m no fool Sir, I believe you can afford to have the help hired for this store, and i know there are many young and not so young, willing and eager people to fill these jobs in this town. Please Sir, i plead with you to contact this member of management , Mr. Billie Partin. Sir and help him out! Thank you, sincerely, Mrs. Terry Fawn Evans.

  24. Valerie Avella

    Novato store on diablo avenue needs some serious help. Aisles are always a mess. I was looking for some plastic containers but blue lids and found 20 lids but no containers. They said they can’t control the containers were sold without the lids. The front of the store has at least three dollies with new inventory stacked about eight feet high. It’s been looking this way for months. On top of this I was in line for 35 minutes, next to checkout, and suddenly store employee comes and takes the man behind me and rest of line to another register saying clerk was going on break. When clerk finished current customer he started walking away. I had to call him back and tell him I had been waiting 35 minutes and I was last customer. Novato needs this store but needs management to step up and get it better organized. Pls!! I have photo of all the stacked inventory

  25. teresa doyle

    Oh, I waited 40 minutes for your customer service, not the individual store, the mgr. did come right on.

    1. Betty Samuels

      My daughter is trying to get her W-2 for 2019 from Dollar Tree in Vandalia, Ohio. We have tried to get help at the store, by calling the corporate headquarters numerous time without getting thru to speak to someone, and have tried to get it on line. My daughter Kim Fujimura has also written you a letter. Isn’t it the law that an employer has to provide this to their employees. We are getting quite frustrated with the run around and hope you can be of some assistance. Thanks, B. Samuels

  26. Teresa K Doyle

    Tried to call, you mgr. did say I could bring this item back, waited over 40 minutes on line for live person, decided to do this, your light bulb stakes I bought 25 last year, didn’t use, bought 25 more this year, they have been out in my yard with sunshine, do not light after pulling the little tag out to save battery, this has wasted my time when if mine do not work, others surely do not work, now I have to pull these up from all over my yard from the dirt, & bring them back, I had some problems also holloween with your white eye ball stakes but, decided to just swallow the loss. Your products should be tested to make sure they do work, as 1 box of the x-mas stakes I bought last year, what a waste of my time, when I get a chance I will take theses up & exchange, but this could have been avoided if your company would test the products they sell. Extremely disappointed as I usually spend at least 100.00 a month at your stores. My husband & I own a Oil Change business, Doyles Amerilube here in Lagrange Also I am a Master Gardener for Troup County & University of Georgia, I do buy a lot in bulk for both, I also refer other people to buy your items, which is a lot more than 100.00 we we do special projects. Sincerely, Mrs. Doyle.

  27. Katherine Agosto

    Good Morning,

    I didn’t expect to have to send this email a day before Thanksgiving, but I really need to express my disappointment and provide some constructive criticism in hopes of improving your customer service. First I’d like to make a long story as short as possible being I am taking time away from work to send this email.

    I placed an order on November 5th 2019. When I placed the order online it stated I would have my order by November 22nd, which is why I proceeded to place the order. I received an email on November 14th stating the order had shipped to the store I requested. I received an email on November 15 stating the order was ready for pickup, although previous email stated I would have it no later than November 22nd. I went to the store and was advised by the store manager that there was no order for me. She stated she normally gets deliveries on Wednesdays but most of the time the truck never makes it, but if not Wednesdays – truck delivers’ on Friday’s. I went to the store every Wednesday and Friday but no luck.

    I have a Christmas Craft show scheduled for December 6, which I why I proceeded to place the order. I even had taken some orders counting on having these products to complete items I would be selling at this event. Now I am out of commission cause I don’t have my items. I purchased over $100 for other items at my local Dollar Tree to complete some projects but was depending on this order to complete. Every time I called the Dollar Tree for an explanation I got a different story. There weren’t even notes of any of my calls. I even went to the extent of going to the following Dollar Tree stores cause no one was able to track my shipment:

    Dollar tree at:
    Eurlick Road
    Van Dyke
    Hillsborough & Sheldon
    Habana Ave.
    Waters & Dale Mabry
    Waters & Hanley
    Temple Terrace
    Florida Ave.

    I was informed that once on a delivery truck there’s no way of knowing where my order was dropped off. I called on November 22nd and was advised by the representative that she would be escalating my call to the “Escalating Department” and they would be contacting me on Monday for a resolution. That never happened. I called yesterday and was advised there were no notes regarding any of my calls. I spoke to Leslie who was kind enough to offer to re-ship my order but could not guarantee that I would have it by December 6. I told her I had no confidence in my order making it to its destination being that it never made it the first time. I asked if Dollar Tree could ship to my house and pick up on the shipping expense being that Dollar Tree was at fault and also due to my predicament. She said she would need to escalate the call and transferred me to Tiaja. Not sure if I am spelling that correct but she was kind enough to offer to get an approval from her supervisor “Beth Johnson” who declined my request. I insisted in getting a response as of why it was declined and was just informed they would guarantee they would re-ship and send to my local store. Again, I have no confidence that this is going to happen. Tiaja was kind enough to call me back to confirm my order would be in the next delivery which can take anywhere from 5-10 business days excluding the holidays.

    Now my current situation is the following, it won’t be here in time and now I have to find space to storage everything I had previously purchased in addition to the 2 boxes whenever they get here, if they get here. The bottom line is if someone screwed up my order or if the items were not available at time of order, why not just take responsibility which would have avoided this ordeal and me running around trying to track an order which should have been tracked by Dollar Tree. Why if Dollar Tree was at fault did you not approve to have my items shipped to my house?

    The communication is totally out of control and unacceptable. I could only hope Corporate looks into improving your communication system. Sorry to say I’m extremely disappointed and could only pray someone is paying attention.

    Katherine Agosto

  28. Misty Goike

    The best store you have is on Whitten in Bartlett Tn. The staff there is amazing!!!!!! I’m was not a faithfully shopper till that staff made me one. I will literally go there now just to say hi.

  29. Jane felczak

    Someone needs to check out the hamtramck muchigan store. It is disgusting. Crowded filthy. Disorganized. Priducts all over everywhere. Rats and roaches. It is sinful that the corporation would allow this store to get so bad. It is ridiculous. Many comments in facebook support this. Losing customers daily.

  30. Joyce Stuckey

    Visited your store # 1377 today. As in the past few visits the employee, young black (foreign?) employee stocking shelves Talking out loud so everyone could hear really BAD mouthing the store, the company, and the employees.His comment today was he wasn’t their SLAVE. said they move things, on purpose to make him move them again. I suggested to him him he search for another job, but remember other places have their trials too. His response was THEY OWN ME! Said he;s beginning to HATE the manager.
    I feel there is no room for this kind of disrespect of the company, it’s employees, or the working conditions. He appears to be LOOKING DOWN HIS NOSE at the whole situation.
    This is not good for your business, as I have observes many confrontations with other employees, trying do their job.

  31. Joyce Stuckey

    Visited your store #1377 today. As in the past few visits the employee, young black man, has been stocking shelves. Talking out loud- so all could hear really BAD mouthing the store, the manager, and saying how he does not like to work for this company. He appears to feel he is a ‘his words SLAVE, and that the store manager is giving him a hard time. I suggested that he go else wear for a job, but he said QUOTE they OWN me..
    I feel there is no room for this kind of employee, that is this unhappy with his employment, and that other employees should not have to be subjected to this young man, looking down his nose at other workers.

  32. Denise Butler Pugh

    My girl friend worked for Dollar Tree after hurricane Katrina. When she went back to New Orleans, she left a payroll check behind. And she would like to get that check.


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