Ford Motor Company Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

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Ford Motor Company Corporate Office Contact Details

Ford Motor Company Details
Ford Motor Company Corporate Office Adddress 1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
County Marshall
Phone Number (313) 322-3000
Fax (800) 392-3673
Contact Person Alan Mulally
Role in Company President CEO and Director
Revenue $196,700,000
Total Employees 164,000
SIC Code 5141
Find them in Twitter @Ford

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10 thoughts on “Ford Motor Company Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

  1. MICHAEL schiavo

    Good Afternoon , I am a Lincoln MKX owner SINCE 2013 , up until know I was pleased with my service
    But within the last few weeks it has been nothing but Misery . I have an issue with my breaks squeaking whenever
    I back my car up , it was bought in counting today 3 times , still not repaired .I took a day off of work today to bring the car in because i want this issue resolved , but i was told by service person that they are very busy and did not have any loaners to give out and to call service next week and make another appointment , that was very unproffesional and to me not what i expected being a lincoln owner
    My service place is hempstead lincoln /ford on long island NY
    i also have an issue with my lincoln points that where never added to my account because they had my wrong email address and wrong name on the account

  2. Margaret Estlow

    Ford Motor Company,
    I am one of 11 children. we are all married and a ton of grandchildren and great children all ford owners. My Father would have been 97 and my mother would have been 99 this year. Between all of us and my parents probably have had over a 100 fords and still do. Many of our cars are classics, fast, race, etc. As we have matured we have kept our classics and drive them but we also have a boatload of Fords still today with explorers, F 150 and 250 and 350we had broncos, had and have mustangs, station wagons, ford race cars. I would love to have my family hosted as a Ford family for well over 60 years, maybe longer. We have a incredible collection of old and new. If you would like to do a piece on my family with our entire car line up That would be great. Please contact me at your convenience.

  3. J Whitman

    I am shopping for a new truck and called our local dealer. I told them I wanted a Platinum Edition, fully loaded, in white or silver with same interior. The salesman told me they only come with two colors on the interior and it was take or leave. We live in Texas, black and thatGod awful brown is to dark combined with a black dash and headliner is HOT! Then he went on to tell me that EVERYONE wants the black because it is easy to keep. Did he think I was a fool? I chose to leave it. I went to Chevrolet and while they don’t have colors I was looking for I didn’t get stuck with BLACK. I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE 21ST CENTURY! Henry Ford’s Model T is not the only car on the road today. Evidently your board of directors and designers assumed wrongly that we have no choice. I chose to leave Ford. When you “redesigned” the Lincoln Continental my wife decided to look elsewhere as where after having driven Lincolns for 20 years. When you stopped making that model we bought something else. There is Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar. Today she drives a Jag SUV, and guess what? It is not Black and the interior is not black.

    I am buying a new truck, but it won’t be a Ford and after my experience today, probably never again.
    And American luxury car makers wonder why they are in trouble??

  4. Chuck

    My wife and I are longtime Ford purchasers but that is likely to change after Ford’s intervention in Alabama. The fact that this dealer was giving a Bible and a Shotgun with each vehicle purchase is as American as it gets. We live in Kentucky and frankly, the only thing we got from the Ford dealer on the last two vehicles was a hard time. I strongly suggest Ford get their budding globalist heads out of their rear end and stop this sort of crap.

  5. Jim Shuler

    Owned fords all my life and do not understand why you would stop that dealership in Alabama from giving away shotguns. Am also a stock holder and do not understand the rush to self driving cars and battery operated vehicles.They are not the future anytime in the next 50 years.

    Ford should not be ruled by the Twitter trolls and the main stream press. They are not the majority and your brass need to get informed and stop being bullied by the far left. The far left are not those buying your vehicles.

  6. Gary Beckman

    I just read where you asked a Ford dealership in south Alabama to stop offering a Bible, a shotgun and an American Flag. WHY??? Alabama is God’s country and hunting country and we ARE Americans. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???? I don’t have to drive my F 150. I can trade it in on another brand.DON’T TRY AND SENSOR AMERICAN PEOPLE HERE IN BAMA BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY, OUR HUNTING AND OUR GOD. It will backfire in your face. Who ever told them to stop advertising the way they do must be a dam democrat. Get over it. MAGA

  7. Launce Moore

    My son has a 2012 Ford F-150 it has 50,000 miles on it and the engine is knocking really bad. The sun roof has quit working, the climate control doesn’t work. He worked really hard to buy this vehicle and has kept up the maintainece on it. what does it take for ford to make a decent truck. He should have gotten a TOYOTA.

  8. Roxanne R. Listing

    My wife just purchased her first car, a 2010 Ford Focus, perfect one owner Carfax but, no owners manual.
    Can you help her.
    Thank you.Roxanne

  9. Dolores McGuire

    I want to report POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE at Rod Baker Ford in Plainfield, Illinois who has had my vehicle since a week ago today and has no mechanic to make the repair. I am 85 years old, need my car because I am a very independent person and I will not allow a service manager to lie to me about what he said. Why is it Dealers do not have mechanics that are qualified to repair old vehicles. Before I make a big deal about Ford Dealerships I am giving your office an opportunity to contact me about what is going on between myself and Rod Baker Ford. No one insults my intelligence and gets away with it, which is what this manager at Baker Ford tried to do to me this morning. I demand a response within 24 hours so I can take appropriate action.

  10. Robin Galicic

    I used the Ford contact number, and yes you do get a human.! The representative took all my information and concerns: purchased a new Ford Fiesta for my daughter in March 2014. It has the faulty power shift transmission that is part of the class action suit against a Ford. After three repairs/replacement for this problem, we feel the car unsafe for my daughter driving it full time in city traffic . I emailed the dealership where we purch the car to negotiation a deal to trade the car for a new Ford, but have had no response. Hence, I contacted Ford with the number on this site. However, after giving information and my safety concerns, they assigned a case number, but can’t do anything for us – no reason why they can’t do anything given-so she closed the case. The representative said benefit of this was for documentation .
    Thanks for the number, but no help in my case… but no waiting for representative and di speak to a human!,
    Disappointed Ford car owner


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