HSA HOME WARRANTY Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

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Find Here HSA HOME WARRANTY Corporate Office Address, Phone Number, Contact, Email Address, Headquarters Info, Website Details, Read Customer Reviews and submit your Complaints. We have given full Details below which you can use it to contact the proper authorities easily. You don’t have to look information for these HSA HOME WARRANTY Headquarters contact details at other places. Please see below all the necessary contact details that you will need.

HSA HOME WARRANTY Corporate Office Contact Details

HSA HOME WARRANTY Corporate Office Adddress P.O. Box 2803
Memphis, TN
County Maricopa
Phone Number (800) 992-3400
Website http://www.onlinehsa.com/
Fax (602) 956-1605
Contact Person Chris Florzak
Role in Company Manager
Revenue $110,000,000
Total Employees 140
SIC Code 5812
Find them in Twitter @AmericanHonda

We hope that we were able to provide you with all necessary details and you are able to contact the corporate office of HSA HOME WARRANTY. Please use all the information given above and contact them via phone, website or social media and they will help you in your issue resolution quickly and fast. The HSA HOME WARRANTY Customer Service is one of the best and their response time is very fast. They take every customer’s complaints seriously and So their main priority is to get it resolve as soon as possible. HSA HOME WARRANTY Headquarters phone number can be called at business and regular hours and its waiting time is very short. Please check our website for more contact information. Please do Comment here with your complaints or review below and please give a rating to this company.

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9 thoughts on “HSA HOME WARRANTY Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

  1. Steve

    We purchased the upgraded plan. Our 1st service was for a hot water heater. The old one was from 1985. It all went very well. A few months later the furnace broke. The servicer they sent arrived to our home at midnight. He said we need a whole new unit and would call it in. He did not tell us that he was going to try and take us for $1,000 for duct work that needed to be done. Duct work is covered under our plan. However he refused to order the part and do the work until I first paid him $1000. We had another company “Gault” come out and they stated no extra work is needed. They said they can do the work for $3700. We spoke with warranty company. They refused to take action against there servicer. They refused to acknowledge the upgraded plan where all of these things would be covered and not be required for us to pay. We advised customer service, but they refused to do anything about it. There next statement is if you don’t like it, we can provide you with a credit for the unit we would purchase and you go do it yourself. They provided a $1500. credit and I paid $2200 out of pocket for a reputable dealer rather than State Heating and Air in OHIO. Now a few months later the air coniditioning on a 37 year old unit has gone. The servicer said that the coils been repaired too many times and you will need a whole new unit. Later he calls and said they only approved for a new coil. This is an obsolete system. We paid for the upgraded package that would allow for replacement. The servicer is stating that there is a limit to what they will pay and when you get there, they will refuse repairs. I didn’t see that in the brochure when signing up for the service. He further stated that when he called it in to tell them a new unit was needed, he stated the representative shut him down and said I don’t want to hear about replacing the unit. We can approve to repair. Again with the upgraded policy this should not be happening. Nobody wants to hear us. The refuse to acknowledge that our plan allows for ducting and other items free of charge fully knowing there servicer has plans to charge us for these things. I feel like I am being held over a barrell and I will be forced to pay or I will not get the air conditioning fixed. They are willing to pay me and undisclosed amount and I can go and have it done with someone on my own. There is no way they are going to pay us $5,000 for a new system. There contract says they would when items break. I just don’t know how they can keep getting away with providing the service they are selling.

  2. Mickey S

    FRAUD. They charged my CC for a service that wasnt even for me. The buyers of my home has a service call and HSA charged my CC without even confirming the name. Errors occur but when i call them (which is 5 times now) they keep giving me the runaround. I try to get to a managet and they put me on hold and then a fax line starts. Company actually committed FRAUD and they still havent corrected in over a month even though they charged the new owners again. Do not do business with this company.

  3. Mrs.Mays

    ***DO NOT BUY WARRANTY FROM THIS Company * They are an absolute rip off. They take way to much time to fix anything in your home. You will not get what you pay for. They have the most unprofessional contract companies working for them. They remind me of a hole in the wall car dealership. They collect to much money to do such a horrible job. They will bug you call you email you text you to renew your contract but do not have the human courtesy to make sure that you’re home is fix in a professional and timely manner. they’ll have a company called you and tell you that you owe money parts. Bottom line is your home is not ***FULLY COVERED *** you pay for the warranty But guess what your home is not really covered at all. You are covered until something breaks down.!! We paid to have 2 ac units covered and as soon as on broke down we got the lip service. They our source their phone calls so all they do is read a script to you. So this is what I was told your ac unit is covered but not all the parts to put it in. That is bull . My ac has been broke since May it is now September. They sent out a company that did a horrible job that company is “Total Air Care”out of Madison Florida. They patched part of the unit knowing there was something else wrong. That are a scam company they come out and do a little patchwork on your AC unit. knowing that there’s a bigger problem like the whole unit needs to be replaced they keep doing it because each time they come out they get paid from the warranty company so they are scamming and the warranty company because it saves them money from having to do the main repair on whatever is wrong with the unit.

  4. Derrica Etheridge

    Have anybody had any luck with reaching a corporate office? My air conditioner unit has went out so many times and had to pay out of pocket because home warranty did not send anyone out.

  5. Diane Wilkins

    Worst company ever!!! Everyone is from oversees and you can’t understand anyone. I have talked to 9 different agents and no one can help. I have had no hot water for 2 and half weeks. Waiting for the parts department. What a joke! Please don’t go with this warranty company. It is a rip off!

  6. Sharmaine hill

    I agree with previous reviews that this has been a horrible company to deal with. I have had problems with my air conditioning unit that I started calling about in April. I keep getting technicians dispatched to my home that are making temporary repairs and here I am 2 months later and my air is out again. I was billed for my last service call even though I was led to believe the fee would be waived due to the repeat issue. I have called twice to dispute the bill and each time told the charge would be reversed yet I still continue to get past due notices. The customer service agents are absolutely horrible. I was on the phone with them today for an hour and 15 minutes and put on hold for the majority of the call because the agent had no idea what she was doing. She could barely speak clear English and all the reps are overseas so they are always difficult to understand. Thank goodness my contract will be expiring soon and I will never use this company again. Absolutely horrible!!!

  7. Melva Young

    This company is horrible. Called them on 6/14/2921 as the AC went out mind you it’s 115* here in vegas I have been getting the run around up to this day (6/21/21). I have an infant in the home and a sick senior citizen and the are still telling me it will be 10-14 days. The contractor has the part we need but they refused to use it from them. They won’t accommodate and get us a room so we have somewhere to stay so now I am using the money I have for us to try to get buy. I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!!

  8. Robert C McQuillan

    these people are dishonest and refuse to honor their contract.

  9. Cindy Daley

    We are just starting to use this service on our new house and I have NEVER been so frustrated in my life. I had to pay a second time to get a service call because somehow our first one was cancelled. They promised a refund for the first payment not sure why it could not be applied. Of course I got charged but NOT refunded. I have called and can not even get a supervisor to talk to me. They put me on hold and never came back. I can’t even get someone to help me!!!! Horrible!!!!!!!!!!


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