Panasonic Headquarters Information and Contacts

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How to Contact Panasonic Headquarters

Panasonic Corporation also formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Cooperation Limited, is a big multinational Japanese electronics company. Panasonic headquarters is located in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. Panasonic USA Headquarters is located at Newark, New Jersey United States of America. It has headquarters located at many countries making a truly multinational company. It is now the fourth largest Television manufacturing company in the world.

Panasonic Headquarters Information and Contacts

Panasonic Headquarters Information

Panasonic corporate office headquarters is situated at  Newark, New Jersey , USA. More than 100 people work in its headquarters and its building is one of the biggest in Newark. You can contact them via the Panasonic website or by calling Panasonic headquarters Phone Number.


1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka
571-8501, Japan

Panasonic Headquarters Phone Number

Panasonic Customer service Phone Number is +81-6-6908-1121.

Panasonic Email

You can contact the Panasonic via their Linkedin  page here. You can also contact them via the Panasonic website contact page from here. Just drop them a mail with your concern or any complaint about the services and get answer fast.


Panasonic has a working website and it contains all the important links, contact details, phone number that you will need for contacting them. It also has different navigation page for different countries.

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Panasonic Headquarters Executive Team

Kazuhiro Tsuga

Yoshio Ito

Yoshiyuki Miyabe

Mototsugu Sato

Tetsuro Homma

Masahisa Shibata

Panasonic Headquarters Members of the Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Director, Chairman of the Board

Shusaku Nagae

Director, Vice Chairman of the Board

Masayuki Matsushita

Representative Director, President

Kazuhiro Tsuga [profile]

Representative Director

Yoshio Ito

Representative Director

Mototsugu Sato

Representative Director

Yasuyuki Higuchi


Masayuki Oku


Yoshinobu Tsutsui


Hiroko Ota


Kazuhiko Toyama


Jun Ishii


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4 thoughts on “Panasonic Headquarters Information and Contacts

  1. kayla jones

    a very special greeting from tamesis colombia, my name is diego I am a big fans of Panasonic Corporation and Mr. President Kazuhiro Tsuga, please can you say where I can send you a message, I want to have a memory of Panasonic Corporation thank you.diego

    Panasonic HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER-18O5-6O8-54,O6
    Panasonic HEADQUARTERS-18,O5’6O’8’54’O6
    Panasonic CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER-1(8O5)(6O8),54O6

  2. Atul Shah

    Washing machine complaint ref no :R220920498889 dtd 22/9/20
    On Sept 22 i raised a complaint for my Washing machine regarding water not draining out.
    I was given the above reference number and informed that a person will be coming for service and the service charge of 500 plus 18% GSt needs to be paid.

    Accordingly a call was received from Panasonic local service namely who sent their representative Rajesh Raina No- 82481 10499 on 22 sept at 11.30 am.
    When he came he said that the machine drain was blocked due to a slurry of washing powder as the machine drum was not serviced.

    He spoke to his manager and said that another team of people would come for service.
    His manager was Mr.Vinoth and number is 9791195686 company name Skanda Technologies – ( not heard clearly )

    He conveyed that charges of 2800 for drum cleaning and servicing which was agreed to 2300.
    At 1.30 pm 2 persons Neelamegan plus another person – mobile number 88385 2257 came for service of drum
    after struggling to open the drum they said they will have to break the bolts which cannot be done at home and hence the machine needs to be taken to their service centre.
    Since the machine needed to be taken, revised charges were quoted 3500 which was accepted for 3200.
    However it was decided not to proceed as there was commitment or guarantee on service.
    I conveyed that please close the machine and we shall decide and advice you.
    A visit charge of Rs.200 was paid for the same.
    At night when we were trying to move the machine so that the area can be cleaned up we noticed that the machine top came off and noticed that it was not fixed.
    I enclosed the pictures the same.I called up the manager and conveyed who did not accept and I informed him that I will complain about this to Panasonic.
    He agreed to send the person on 23 rd Sept, however no one came and hence i sent msg that i am sending the complaint today.
    Today morning person Rajesh came and when he opened the top he said that there were no screws, opon carefully checking it was noticed that locks on the panel to lock were broken by the technicians and hence the panel cannot be locked.
    He spoke to Manager Vinoth who said it was not done by them and he is not responsible for this damage.
    He also said that do whatever complaint to anyone – he is not bothered.

    From the start the technician did not want to attend to small complaints, they only wanted the drum to be cleaned so that their charges could be more.
    Even after this they have virtually spoiled and damaged my machine on the pretext of repair.

    Not only damaging my machine but having audacity to tell that do whatever you want.

    Is this a policy of Panasonic ?
    I am also sending this mail to your head office in Japan – who will never do such a thing and will resort to such cheap methods and I am asking the President if this remains the policy of Panasonic.

    Atul Shah

  3. Joel R Bankes

    I am so disgusted with your apparent lack of customer service (chat with Lisa and Charlie) about our new microwave. They insisted the glass dish was considered an accessory and that after owning this microwave for on 34 days, this dish is not warranted for defects. This dish belongs to Model NN-T945SFX, A/N 6FN9230440 which was purchased on Feb 7, 2020. They said I’d have to contact their vendor who priced a replacement at $43. REALLY? For that price, is the warranty only good until it arrives at my front door? Secondly, in talking with Charlie, he wasn’t intelligent enough to realize this microwave was new, insisting it was made in 2007 even after telling him it was manufactured in November 2019. I’m totally disgruntled with the conversations – I felt like I was talking to a brick. Your online chat support is worthless unless your object is to sell inferior products and, hopefully, there will be enough customers to keep you in business to realize, just maybe, this is not the path to your company’s future. As for me? Costs me $10 to dispose of this microwave and then go buy one from your competitor. By the way, this new microwave replaced a 22 year old Panasonic that stopped working last month. Guess quality is definitely not in your window these days.

  4. diego

    a very special greeting from tamesis colombia, my name is diego I am a big fans of Panasonic Corporation and Mr. President Kazuhiro Tsuga, please can you say where I can send you a message, I want to have a memory of Panasonic Corporation thank you.diego



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