Panasonic Headquarters Information and Contacts

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How to Contact Panasonic Headquarters

Panasonic Corporation also formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Cooperation Limited, is a big multinational Japanese electronics company. Panasonic headquarters is located in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. Panasonic USA Headquarters is located at Newark, New Jersey United States of America. It has headquarters located at many countries making a truly multinational company. It is now the fourth largest Television manufacturing company in the world.

Panasonic Headquarters Information and Contacts

Panasonic Headquarters Information

Panasonic corporate office headquarters is situated at  Newark, New Jersey , USA. More than 100 people work in its headquarters and its building is one of the biggest in Newark. You can contact them via the Panasonic website or by calling Panasonic headquarters Phone Number.


1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka
571-8501, Japan

Panasonic Headquarters Phone Number

Panasonic Customer service Phone Number is +81-6-6908-1121.

Panasonic Email

You can contact the Panasonic via their Linkedin  page here. You can also contact them via the Panasonic website contact page from here. Just drop them a mail with your concern or any complaint about the services and get answer fast.


Panasonic has a working website and it contains all the important links, contact details, phone number that you will need for contacting them. It also has different navigation page for different countries.

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Panasonic Headquarters Executive Team

Kazuhiro Tsuga

Yoshio Ito

Yoshiyuki Miyabe

Mototsugu Sato

Tetsuro Homma

Masahisa Shibata

Panasonic Headquarters Members of the Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Director, Chairman of the Board

Shusaku Nagae

Director, Vice Chairman of the Board

Masayuki Matsushita

Representative Director, President

Kazuhiro Tsuga [profile]

Representative Director

Yoshio Ito

Representative Director

Mototsugu Sato

Representative Director

Yasuyuki Higuchi


Masayuki Oku


Yoshinobu Tsutsui


Hiroko Ota


Kazuhiko Toyama


Jun Ishii


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6 thoughts on “Panasonic Headquarters Information and Contacts

  1. Robin Miller

    I am disabled and got a Panasonic vacuum from tv. I had to wait until someone used it but it didn’t work. So contacted hsn but they said I had to go directly to Panasonic. So I did.
    I was told I needed to give them copy of receipt to show proof of purchase. I gave copy of email since that is how i got my receipt. Panasonic said that wasn’t good enough. I’ve gone back and forth.
    I was also told nearby place to fix was 100 plus miles away.
    Now they say I can drive it there… yeah right. Or ship it. They would reimburse 1/2 up to $40.
    I have $3 to my name. I can’t ship this let alone even lift it into the car to bring to any place to ship.
    They need to authorize a place. I have 2 in mind that even told me that they would need ok first from Panasonic.
    If not pick this darn thing up and give me money back. It’s just sitting here collecting dust. And my rug hasn’t been vacuumed in months !!
    Stop giving me run around! Next thing I guess is to put in claim at small claims court!

  2. Marty Jacobs

    I have a 4 phone panasonic Answering systerm. Model # KX-TGEA20. One of the phones screens is no longer giving normal screen information. All other phone fuctions are normal. Does this mean I need a new battery for this unit?

  3. W Hunter

    You list the names of staff within the corporate headquarters in japan but give no means of registering dissatisfaction to them about the outlying parts of their organisation.

    The website is proud of the words of Wisdom spoken by Konosuke Matsushita but it seems that the organisation which he started has lost sight of what those words mean in reality.

    You are celebrating 100 years, and for the last 35 years I have been a Panasonic customer with my first purchase being a NV730 VHS recorder which worked perfectly for over 24 years and never failed.

    My loyalty to your brand was because of that one item, and I am sorry to say that has now come to an end.

    Your company it appears no longer aspires to your founders vision, you do not serve your customers, we are required to serve you and you appear to have lost faith in your own products.

    My current non functional television is warranted for 5 years if purchased from a Panasonic dealership for £600 but the exact same device, purchased from any other retail outlet for much less cost is only warranted for 1 year.

    The fault codes for this device are withheld from customers and only supplied to your authorised service centres who will not provide quotes for repairs without an inspection for which there is a fee, and after diagnosing the fault the parts cannot be bought by the end customer, only by the authorised service centre.

    I have two portable flat screen televisions and 2 28 inch flat screen televisions and 2 quintrix CRT televisions all Panasonic, between 8-20 years old which are all still working and yet your new smart television cannot even reach the age of 3 years before dying.

    I have 8 HDD recorders of varying models most of which cannot tune into Freeview channels and people online are selling dedicate Panasonic repair kits because this problem is so well known that they can and because they know Panasonic will not publish the information to allow cheap repair of your products for your customers.

    “Mission of Business

    A business won’t survive without profits. Still, profit is not the sole purpose of business. Improving people’s lives through creating goods needed for society or through providing wholehearted services are vitally important. After all, business is ultimately for the betterment of our society. That is where the mission and value of every business exist. If business underscored by that mission is conducted forcefully, it will generate appropriate profits as a natural result of being supported by society.”

    “True Service

    Good service is an inherent part of business. A business lacking in service is no longer a business. In this sense, service is an essential obligation for every business person to fulfill. But if you merely treat it as an obligation and do it grudgingly, you will tire of the job, and your reluctance will surely be noticed by customers. Good service is meant to please customers, but the service giver should feel pleasure in it too. To please customers and be pleased in turn is service in the true sense of the word.”

    My experience is that you do not provide good service in fact you do not appear to provide service at all, instead you have passed that obligation out to service centres who can do and or charge whatever they like safe in the knowledge that any Panasonic customer will have no choice but to comply because Your Company fails to offer any support to the customer directly to challenge anything the service centre says.

    I felt that you needed to know this information and I doubt if my complaint via the Panasonic UK system will ever be brought to your attention.


    1. W Hunter

      The response from Panasonic UK, we do not support customers we only support our service centers please go away and stop bothering us now.

      This response epitomises everything that is wrong with your current system, it is a holdover from when you actually repaired items by replacing components instead of simply swapping a whole board or sub assembly.

      A teenager with a screwdriver can replace a board with less than 10 minutes training but your products must only be handled by authorised service centre personnel, who also service Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, and pretty much every other brand name you can think of because one set of screwdrivers fits all.

      When are you going to realise what you have lost and support your customers?

      “Thank you for your e-mail.

      In response to your latest enquiry, I appreciate your feedback and have forwarded it accordingly; however, we shall not be able to provide you with a different answer in regards to your query at this time. Please be advised that Panasonic does not recommend for customers to attempt home repairs. Such repair procedures should only be undertaken at authorised service centres where trained and qualified engineers can look into fixing the units. I am afraid that I do not have access to prices in regards to spare parts, as these are available to authorised service centres only. Technical documentation such as spare part numbers and fault codes, among others, are made available only to the contracted service centres for the aforementioned reasons as well.

      If you wish to have the unit repaired at this stage, we can only recommend to contact the Authorised Service Centre in question and have the unit mended by the authorised technicians, as we are unable to supply any parts for a home repair.
      I trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

      Kind Regards,


      Customer Service Supervisor
      Panasonic UK “

  4. Sandra Gerson

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am a senior citizen and have spent countless hours and much energy searching for a telephone system for my home office without success. Nothing on your website – and not one representative at any of the retailers that I have contacted in person or by telephone can help me find what I desperately need. My phone service was recently changed over from “copper wiring” to fibre optics. I am told that the are are no available 2 line phone system “sets” that have what I want – and nobody has been able to accommodate my needs by “mixing and matching” equipment. I find this hard to believe and very frustrating in today’s world of technology and hope you can help me. I have 2 phone lines and need a 2 line system that has a corded base set that will sit on a desk plus a second corded wall mountable phone plus a cordless hand set to sit on a table – in beige color. I would very much like to speak directly with someone who could find this for me. Feel free to call me at 516-593-0755 or 516-996-1074. Thank you for your anticipated courtesies and assistance.


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