Subway Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

Are you searching for phone number, email, contact details and address of Subway Corporate Office headquarters then you are at right place. We have given important address information of Subway Corporate Office which will help you in reaching them fast. Do you have any complaints, or facing issues like getting a refund, bad service, food quality or to raise a concern with higher authorities, you can reach them via the address and contact details given below.

Subway is a big American fast food restaurants franchise which is very popular for its salads and submarine sandwiches. It is currently one of the fastest growing franchises in the whole word with more than 45000 restaurants in more than 110 countries world wide. In USA it is very popular among common people and has more than 26000 outlets. Subway is now considered as the World Largest Restaurant Operation in the world.It is also the world largest fast wood chain company, and has more number of restaurants than McDonald. In the year 1978, first Subway restaurant was opened in the Fresno, CA, United States. Subway Corporate Office is renowned for its great food services and giving best hospitality to its customers. They are also famous for giving great discounts and gift cards to its valuable customers.

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Subway Corporate Office Headquarters

Doctor’s Associates Inc.
325 Bic Dr
Milford, CT 06461

Subway Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-888-4848 ext 85
Subway Corporate Office Phone number : +1 203-877-4281

Contact SUBWAY Catering: 877-360-CATER(2283)

CEO of Subway : Suzanne Greco

Official Website :


Please us the above mentioned contact details to reach them fast and quickly. Please let us know in comments about any complaints or suggestion.

40 thoughts on “Subway Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. Catherine Casket

    The location 9401 County Rd 403, Charlestown, IN 47111 has repeatedly skimped out on ingredients to the point that I could hardly call what they sold me a sandwich! It’s atrocious that such a standard could be allowed . I’ve asked time and time again for appropriate servings and for what i get I can only feel ripped off and cheated .
    Also my roommate Brandon Garrett had been double charged from an online order and they did NOT receive a refund or a sandwich. This is a problem and it’s sickening that it could be allowed at all. Subway was my favorite restaurant but now I don’t see why you are ripping people off and only offering paper thin amounts of ingredients with anything else for extra and not to mention the fact that they also overload sauce to the degree that it’s just bread and sauce. I would like a long term resolution and a resolve to the charge

  2. Valarie smith

    I came to subway in Whitehall. I purchased 3 sandwiches. I told the man what I wonted on them. I specifically said no pepperoni,cheese, or tomatoes. I was in a hurry, and eating as o drove
    All of a sudden I could not breath, I had severe stomach pain. I was taken to the hospital. They admitted .me. I had a anaphylactic allergy. He also said that my airway was closed so tight. I was gasping for air. A few more minutes and I would’ve died. I was discharged this morning. Something needs to be done. My sister went back to the location to get the name of the person. His name was Harry or harris

  3. Kashana Harrell

    Your Blythewood Subway® Restaurant, located at 432 McNulty St manager(Christopher)had gotten my number from my mobile order Receipt and called and text my phone very nasty to me cause I took a few extra straws (6) from the store with my order. I had just gotten out of surgery and wanted a sub and I couldn’t drink what you guys subway offered so I grab a straw and 3 to 4 more when I left out he called me 3 times and text my phone very rude and disrespectful and told me not to come back to his store all because I took 3 to 4 extra straws I didn’t hurt anybody or anything by taking a few extra straws now im not allowed back in his store and will not be back do to im afraid he might put something in my sandwich. I would like to send u the screen shoots of his rude messages

  4. Elissa Figgins

    I placed an order on your app I didn’t mean to place but it still charges my card and there is not an option to delete or change my order. All I want is my money back and you should really make a way for people to get their money back if it is through the app or the store. Its a complete rip off!!!!!!!

  5. H. Briden

    Good Morning,
    I would like to know why Your Company “Penalizes people for not ordering online or by using an App” ?

    I am 74 years old and I do like Your product, especially the Macadamia Nut Cookies. But I have walked out of Your Restaurant in Columbia, TN twice because I can not get a 3rd Sandwich free if I buy 2 others.

    I hope other older people with a very limited computer knowledge and ones’ who do not want App’s on the phones, do as I did. “WALK OUT” your money is not good at Subway if You would like to get a “free” 3rd Sandwich, after purchasing the 1st two.

    Not a Happy Customer

    H. Briden
    Culleoka, TN 38451

  6. Cherysa

    Went to the sudway on SW 29th and may in OKC sign on the door said be back in ten mins got there at 7 waited tell 7:30pm kept calling with no answer so I got out and knocked just for them to turn the lights out on me 😠!!

  7. Allyson

    My daughter works at the subway at 1709 E Houston In Cleveland, Texas and apparently a new manager has started. My daughter has no voice and has been throwing up for the last 2 days and the new manager told her she didn’t care if she was sick. The manager told her if she did not come in today that she would be fired. Is that really how subway treats their employee? She works around food and subway wants people in there sick and working otherwise they will be fired?

  8. Leslie Curlee

    My daughter works at a Subway in N Las Vegas NV, the owner of the store used to supply water cups, she has since stopped. A couple of days ago a homeless man came into Subway, while my daughter was working to get some water. My daughter did not say anything to the man because her employer had previously allowed the homeless to get water. While the man was getting his water another customer proceeded to intervene and felt that it was horrible that subway was allowing homeless people to get water, using Covid as his reason for outrage. He proceeded to contact corporate and my daughter was reprimanded. I understand people’s concern over the pandemic, but what happened to Simple human kindness. What happened to empathy, or even sympathy for those less fortunate than ourselves! Shame on subway for not providing simple water cups for those who are in desperate need of just a drink of water, subway is a multi million dollar corporation and should be ashamed of itself!!! To me that shows what is truly wrong in society today, no one ever puts the needs of someone else before themselves. And I understand this is an expense but what better way to spend a few pennies, to help those in need.

  9. Rachel collins

    I hope I get a respond!.. I went to subway o61 ave and Broadway, merrillville, In 46410 sept 27..sign says customers are required to wear mask. I KINDLY ask the employee serving me to cover her nose..she got angry, and would not wait on me..instead she went to the cashier machine and waited on another subway guest. I HAVE PICTURES..IF I do not get a respond I will send evidences to corporate!!!! Matter of all three employees did not cover their nose!!!! Wow

  10. Rachel collins

    I hope I get a respond!.. I went to subway o61 ave and Broadway, merrillville, In 46410 sept 27..sign says customers are required to wear mask. I KINDLY ask the employee serving me to cover her nose..she got angry, and would not wait on me..instead she went to the cashier machine and waited on another subway guest. I HAVE PICTURES..IF I do not get a respond I will send evidences to corporate!!!!

  11. Lee Sweningson

    Went to Subway at 18442 Hwy 105 W, suite C, Montgomery, TX 77356 about an hour ago. I was refused service for not wearing a mask. Employee made some stupid comment about my veteran status when he saw my hat. Manager was arrogant, rude and dismissive. Manager did not ask nor give any opportunity for me to explain about medical conditions or the fact that under Texas law it is illegal for me to wear a face covering while carrying my weapon. I will never set foot in that Subway again, nor any other Subway that insists on me wearing a mask. I am a decorated combat veteran with claustrophobia and I will never put a covering on my face. I am also going to post this same message on both my FB pages, twitter, whatsapp, yelp and several other social media sites. I will be contacting several local media outlets with the story of how a subway in Montgomery TX refused service to a man who fought and bled for this nation. I very much hope to reduce that outlet’s traffic until they are out of business.

    1. James sirois

      I’m also a Vietnam vet. I just ordered online went to pick it up it was not what I ordered was told to get In the back of the line I do not wear masks I’m on oxygen and I road a bike a a half mile there and back without I get home and my 2 drinks were nothing but water then I try to contact corporate and they don’t take calls no more go online in my day we did things face to face not hide behind a computer I live in a senior citizens apt with 60 units and I will make sure everybody knows what happened and what subway did about it

  12. Debra Baumgartner

    I made a on line order and went to pick it up and it was not ready they told me to come back.So I went across the street to elbroncos for an half hour went back across the street. They did not have it ready I had to wait another 45 minutes for the order and they gave me 2 free cookies big deal.They were slower than snot so that was thats 70 minutes . I am so dis pleased. Then my Sandwich was sitting on a counter all that time not covered up. I did not eat it ! They said they were backed up due to on line recepts no printing? I want a refund ! And I could not get one

  13. Randall Hillygus

    Online only for the promotion? Really ? No roast beef? Subway is losing business cause someone is making poor decisions..i will not visit anymore..prices have skyrocketed

  14. Trace Hinson

    I’m an employee of Subway, and can’t even make a complaint about my work place, because their HR isn’t our HR. Was told “somehow you need to find yours” thanks for caring about your workers rights and Covid-19.

  15. Nancy Carlberg

    I too am frustrated. You can’t actually contact headquarters through their website, you can only discuss a visit you have already made, not complain about not being able to. Trying to find out where to complain is very difficult – it is like they are hiding out from comments. I too object to their ad only giving a discount if their product is ordered on-line or with an app. I don’t have a smartphone, just a land-line and I am not going to order on-line with a credit card. I feel that they are only catering to the rich, and don’t care if the poorer people can visit their stores. No wonder young people in poorer section’s steal people’s phones. You can’t function without them.

  16. Marilyn Runaas

    I love Subway sandwiches, BUT I am 72 years old and do not want to use an app! I do not have, nor do I want a debit card. And, I use my credit card very sparingly. Why can I not go to a Subway outlet and get the same specials (like 2 $5 subs) as offered on the app. I’m IN the restaurant, I have the MONEY, and I’m on my way home, I WANT the special! If you can’t offer it me while in the store, I will have to go elsewhere to eat!!

    1. Eddie Douglas

      Because it’s a MOBILE APP special. If you want the special, get the mobile app. Plenty of seniors are using that technology now, just because you do not want to, doesn’t entitle you to get anything special.

  17. Tracey A Wilson

    So I found out today that my favorite sub, ther subway club is being discontinued. I love that sandwich.

  18. Cyndia Reeves

    Subway-Geneva,Alabama I was surprised and disappointed to learn that my local Subway has discontinued the Subway Club. Is this a local decision or corporate? It is one of the best sellers in my area.

    1. Elijah

      Corporate. Roast beef is in limited quantity during the pandemic, and as such most locations aren’t being sent much of it, if any whatsoever. So, roast beef sandwiches and the Subway Club are being “suspended” for all non-app orders at least until COVID restrictions are over, and potentially permanently.

  19. Laura Balsewicz

    I went to order subs online, which was not easy to do. One, my subway gift card would not work. I went to order 2 subs, it was buy one footlong get one free (two for $8.00. The 2nd issue was when I went to order the 2 subs I didn’t find out until I got to the store, that this particular store was not honoring that promotion. So now I not only couldn’t use my gift card but I didn’t get the promotional store sale. The reason for us choosing Subway this particular night was because we just heard on the radio the add for the promotional buy one get one free. Very Frustrating!!!

  20. Tammy

    Subway #10118-0, 5015 S. McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502. The rudest, dirtiest and most incompetent employees I have ever met. I ordered a sandwich (actually I ordered 4 sandwiches with 2 bags of chips). They forgot one bag of chips, but the problem was the BLT I ordered. I wanted it toasted, it was not, I wanted a BLT – with lettuce NOT spinach. I wanted cooked bacon NOT RAW BACON (and there was only 2 slices of bacon on a foot-long sandwich). I did not ask for cucumbers (who puts those on a BLT???) – and my sandwich had cucumbers. So… I called the store and told them they made a mistake. The employee argues with me on the phone and then tells me to come back in the store. So I drive back to the store and she argues with me over the sandwich – I had to show her everything that was wrong on the sandwich. Then I asked her for a napkin so I could wipe my hands off and she said they did not give out napkins. Then she wouldn’t credit my debit card – she would only give back cash. I have NEVER experienced anything like that in my life over a lousy $8 sandwich. I will NEVER be back to that place and I will advertise the rude customer service and how they serve raw bacon – and I will be notifying the Better Business Bureau. When I told the employee I was notifying the manager, her response was “My grandma would love to hear from you!”.

  21. Belinda Miller

    Hello this is Belinda Miller and I have a concern I was
    Not informed of my manager Kristen quitting and I am not being put on the schedule and they haven’t payed me

  22. Elizabeth

    I wanted to leave a tip on my credit card this morning for the lovely employee in Waterbury, CT but she stated there was no area that she could include this on the card. I did not carry cash because of the CV situation. This should be corrected so that those of us who want to tip the person can. Make an adjustment to this for your business practice.
    Thank you.

  23. Shirley Brown

    Your Recent Experience with Us3

    Paul Queen
    To:Shirley Brown
    Sun, Apr 12 at 8:38 PM
    Dear Shirley Brown,

    I want to take a moment to thank you for contacting me and sharing your feedback regarding your recent Subway® experience.

    At Subway, we often promote different products in new, creative ways in order to keep things fresh and appeal across the broad spectrum of our loyal customers. I appreciate your feedback and the time you took to share your point of view. I apologize your last visit did not meet your expectation. I have shared your feedback with my team to improve our customer service.
    Since no one was there to except the order, it will come off your card
    Thank you for being a loyal Subway® customer and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

    Paul Queen
    Shirley Brown
    To:Paul Queen
    Thu, Apr 16 at 1:19 PM
    How long does it take to return my $14.07? It’s been 4 days. It only took you 2 minutes to take it out of account!

    Shirley Brown

    Paul Queen
    To:Shirley Brown
    Thu, Apr 16 at 1:43 PM
    — Write ABOVE THIS LINE to reply to the conversation —

    People in this conversation: Paul Queen

    Could you send me your address and I can send you a gift card for $14.07. I’m sure it will come off and if it does you will be paid $14.07 for your hassle during these trying times. Thanks

    Darlene Queen
    Dave Queen
    Queen Enterprises, Inc.

  24. Shirley Brown

    I am from Newark, Ohio and I have a complaint regarding the subway on country club drive in Newark. Attached are the emails between me and the owner of that franchise. As of today 4/19/2020 I still have not received my refund of $14.07, after I placed my order on 4/12 and went to pick the order up and there was no one there.
    I will seriously have to think long and hard about returning to a Subway.

  25. Buc Wild

    with this pandemic going around and it’s spreading. i understand what corporate has put in place about staying a few feet back from the counter when patrons are ordering foods. The question is. why don’t the employees wear protective masks while working at all times? what has been put in placed for this? if it’s left up to the franchise owner to decide wither it’s employees does or doesn’t. why not just make it a corporate policy?

  26. Tom Pauliny

    Please be aware I responded to a survey on my receipt. The local rep’s reply Ashly Lopez was to say the least NOT professional.
    Please feel free to review our emails. The service was terrible at the store and the emails from the Subway rep are insulting.

  27. Toni

    Today, I was helping a friend out by trying to get information on a franchised location in an effort to file an unemployment claim since there is lack of work available due to COVID-19… NO HELP AT ALL. Matter of the fact, the lady that answered the phone at Subway Headquarters was borderline RUDE. Harsh tone, not friendly sounded irritated. Lady! You are WORKING, to say the least. I never would have expected this type of behavior from a CORPORATE office…hope it wasn’t the CEO (rolls eyes). Whom ever she was, note: we are all frustrated during these times of uncertainty. You can get more fly’s with honey than vinegar, maybe you should consider being more helpful instead of being a douchebag. This is one of the reasons JERSEY MIKE’S is soooo much better! Still didn’t get the information I needed, but I wish you peace.

  28. Marilyn Aquino

    I was a formore employee of subway I Shirley ny. I worked for bill ryea over a year .I been asking him and my manager marzine for my w2 forms.they keep telling its in the mail.its already feb 12 and I still have not received.another employee tells me there in the office. they are mad that I left the job but I was tired been talked like a little kid and they don’t respected for nobody. they doent know how to speak to the employees.

  29. Barbara Como

    Today I was eating lunch in the Foley, AL Subway Restaurant. I am a artist who always thinking of ideas to make art. while I was eating my sandwich and people watching, as I always do, I came up with a idea. I love to travel and meet new people, everyday people living life. If I could get sponsored to travel throughout the United States taking photographs of people eating lunch. The photo’s would be tastefully done in black and white, with handwritten permission of each person I photograph. In the end, Subway would have a series of locals photographs that you can hang in the restaurants. Please consider my idea and don’t hesitate to get to me.

  30. Michele Rotunno

    I’m writing because I’m curious why the menu board is the same in each location yet you don’t offer certain items at certain locations. I am gluten free and am thrilled that you now offer a gluten free roll option. However, it’s upsetting when you go to a location and see it on the menu and they tell you we don’t carry that. For instance, your 3509 Niagara Falls Blvd location carries a gluten free bun but not your 3190 Niagara Falls Blvd location. The gentlemen was nice enough behind the counter but also pointed out other items that are on the menu that they don’t have as well. Just saying when your on your way to work at Children’s Hospital in a snow storm for your 12 hour shift and are banking on what you have on the menu is there (Not sold out but not offered at this location), its very disappointing. Hopefully, will see more gluten free options in the future available not just a tease.

  31. Concerned Citizen

    I show that you inquired about a Natasha Jade Henderson aka Jade Dendy. I would not recommend hiring her. She was an employee with for a while she has a bad history of calling in, not showing up for shifts, and wreaking my truck when being asked to move the truck she did not take responsibility for the truck though was seen by another employee doing so. She has a history of Drug use on the property. I understand that people deserve a second chance I would just hate for her to infect people’s food that is being distributed due to drug use.

  32. Erik Ivan Ramirez

    Hello my name is Erik Ivan Ramirez I am a prior employee for your company I’ve not yet got my check I believe it’s illegal to with held my paycheck it’s already been past a month I would like the re solved as soon as possible please I’m letting you know before Legal option will be taking


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