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Here you can find the phone number, postal address, Customer Support, email and other important contact details of Target Corporate Office Headquarters. Do you have any complaints, suggestion , finding target store at your area or looking for a job opportunities then just contact them by using the information given below and get your question answered.

Target Corporation , headquartered at Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, is the second largest discount retailer chain in United states and it is just behind Walmart. It was founded in the year 1903 by George Dayton. The first Target discount store was inaugurated in  Roseville, Minnesota on 1st may 1962. Its corporate headquarters has more than 10000 team members and it has more than 1800 stores across USA and has employed more than 300000 employees. It provides groceries, daily items, clothes, latest fashion products and accessories at cheaper and best price. In 2011 Target opened its first stores in Canada.

Target Corporate Office Address

Target Plaza South
1000 Nicollet Mall,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
, U.S.

Website :

Customer Service : 612 6963400


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10 thoughts on “Target Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. Jen

    I have been loyal cardholder for years never missing a single payment. After paying my bill (in full and early) I was notified that my payment had been rejected and that I would be charged a fee. I called (at 6:05 pm on February 20) to have the situation looked into and was told that the wrong account was used to pay the bill. I’d like to reiterate that at this point the bill was not even due yet. We still can’t figure out what would have been the issue with the account used for payment as they are all open and in good standing.

    I asked, as a long term, loyal customer (FIVE YEARS of perfect payments) to have the fee waived and to correct the payment issue. I was refused. Knowing she likely doesn’t have the power to waive things, I asked to speak to her supervisor and was treated rudely.

    I didn’t expect the supervisor to have a superiority complex. Of course I should have remembered retail is equivalent the Milgram experiments and the sole joy of working in a call center is making everyone as miserable as you.

    I finally spoke to a supervisor, who did not provide a name (shocking), and she also refused to waive the $28 fee. I then requested to speak to someone above her, but she refused to transfer me up the chain claiming there was no one above her.

    Really? REALLY?!?! In the whole Target hierarchy I managed to reach the top on the first try? The odds are astronomical! I told her that if the fee wasn’t waived and she wouldn’t transfer me any further up the chain, I would cancel my card. The unnamed supervisor with a napoleon complex still claiming there was no one above her, was quick to cancel it, effectively severing a 5 year relationship.

    Had she been polite and apologetic about a company policy, I would have likely understood, but I could hear the smirk in her refusal. I want you to know that I will continue to fight this erroneous fee. You know why? Because I swallow a lot of shit on the daily, constantly getting fucked over and I’m tired of rolling over and taking it. This is the hill I’ve chosen to die on—this is my Little Big Horn.

    I’ll pay my balance owed but I WILL NOT PAY this fee. I will NOT be punished for paying my bill early.

    Surely, someone in a business as successful as Target has to have the common business sense to see what a poor decision this was on the part of the supervisor.

    I’d expect this behavior from Walmart, but Target? Had I been treated like a valued customer things would have been different. I’ll be filing a report with corporate based on this as well.

    Your bathrooms are disgusting anyway.

  2. Linda Ann Savoie

    I was totally embarrassed at the register in a target store. My card could not be read. After many phone calls it was found that the chip was probably not working. After multiple phone calls I was told that I would get another card sent out. It has been now 15 days and I still don’t have the new card. They do not expedite cards unless the customer asks. I am done.

  3. Ann Thode

    Today my daughters and I shopped Thursday/Black Friday deals in Wilmington NC. Several signs proclaimed 50% off on the games isle. Not being convinced I asked an employee if that meant all the games. I asked him twice. Yep, all the games was his reply. We purchased several games. Today when we took the full priced games back, customer service told us “HE LIED”. Great job Target!

  4. marleen davis

    I have shopped at Target for a long time. No more, ever. Your “transgender restrooms” are not safe. A creepy man followed me in and kept staring. Needless to say, I just left. I read of your reactions to others that complained and your position seems to be “too bad” You seem to feel that customer safety is not your concern. What are you a bunch of perverts or rapists? Target is not the kind of store I want to support and I will make sure that all of my friends and acquaintances are aware of same. If a person cannot feel comfortable and safe in a shopping setting, then it isn’t. I hope you go out of business you sick liberals. P.S. I’ll bet you remove this, I will check back

  5. Jason T

    Hello Walter, my name is Jason . I represent Major League Transport. We are an asset based brokerage, which gives us the flexibility and leverage to meet any demands your business may be faced with. We have our own fleet of trucks with full access to qualified carriers across the country.

    If ever you find yourself needing a helping hand finding a good qualified carrier to cover your freight. We would love the opportunity to work with you and your company, with the goal of a long term business relationship. Or at the very least, the opportunity to send you a competitive quote for any freight you may be trying move soon. You’ll see that our prices are the more than fair, but most of all I know you’ll be more than satisfied with the service you’ll get from us. Which means you can rest easy knowing your cargo is in good hands.

    With that said.. What can I help you move today?


    Zip Codes
    Origin ____________
    Destination: ____________

    Shipping Date:____________
    Delivery Date:____________
    Any special equipment needed

    Jason Tripp
    Logistics Coordinator
    Major League Transport

    3111 S. Valley View Blvd. Suite F104
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
    Office: (866) 752-9130 ext. 102
    Fax: (702) 463-0411

    MC# 805591
    DOT# 2855935

  6. James Harper II

    I applied for a job at target and was rejected because of a background check. As it turns out the company that did the check only searched by name. When I contacted them they said that is policy. What good is abackground check if it is not of the person your checking. The background check they submitted to target was for another person. After contacting First Advantage Consumer Center they said they would look into the matter.They also said that it is their policy to search name s.s.number which is not what they did. When I looked this up online the person they reported to the Target Distribution Center on Morris St. was not me. If this is the way you conduct background checks perhaps you should use a reputable company that gets facts right.

  7. Frank McDonough

    Francis Joseph McDonough I am at lost with Target with their methods of screening applicants. First, I worked for Target over 20 years ago for almost 6 years in Orland Park, Il. as a Backroom Stocker and Building Technician. I left off on good term and no bridge burned, two weeks notice giving, and they threw a farewell party for me. Secondly, I applied as a stocker. I am also deaf and I thought ‘diversity’ was Target’s goal? I received MANY awards while I was employed at Target. What am I missing here folks? I feel discriminated nonetheless! If you feel the same way I do please call the store. I got this email this morning….

    Hello Frank,

    Thank you for taking the time to apply with us. We are unable to offer you a position at this time, but we do appreciate your interest in Target.
    Target Rockford / 815-227-9788

  8. Eartha Lumzy

    I applied for a job at Target I was sent an email stating that I was not able to be hired. I wouldn’t have a problem with this but I do because I feel that I was discriminated against because of my age. I have more than ten years of customer service and money handling experience. I was dressed appropriate and spoke well. When you call the store they are still hiring. Also the young lady that interviewed me was not very professional. She sat far away from me not sitting upright and just didn’t appear to want to interview me per her body language. I hope that this doesn’t happen to people of my age group. I am able and willing to work and I do work at this time for a in customer service.
    Thank You

    1. Robin Lea Gipson

      Hi I have read some of these emails, about not getting a job because of the age, or backgrounds check and the discrimination of age especially. I have went to 4 interviews at Target, and never been hired, I’m 64 yrs of age still in good health, and had the experience with the retail stores. I know that i am not good in interviewing, I get nervous and rattling on, but I try to get my point across. I feel foolish at times, its almost like I’m wasting there time in being there. So I get through with the interview they say u will be getting a call within 5 days, I dont get the call so I get an email, stating thank you for your interest in working here but at this time we wont need your company. I’m sorry that i’m not Spanish, or black or Oriental, I’m just an American Indian and I want to work, I do not have any Tatoots, or any piercings, or any marks, or any different color of hair, or the pants hanging down below the waist. I just want to work. Thank you for your time in reading this,

  9. Venus Mosley

    tREETINGS: I have had an opportunity to learn about Target, and assisted with marketing. he to the point.
    Over the years, I’ve received invitations to apply for employment, however, I am suffering due to domestic violence, and I have used transportation a a resource which has been a awful way to help family members, it takes every dime.
    Anyway the employees at your target attempt to help me with my speak against and out against Domestic Violence, but I can hardly get the gift card, and it must be exchanged for cash, I begin to feel asma problems when I think that I wll need to ride the bus to collect donations to help prevent domestic violence. I know that target likes me and wants to help, however, I can not get there without feeling an asma attack due to using public transportation or cab.


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