Bob’s Discount Furniture Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

Find Here Bob’s Discount Furniture Corporate Office Address, Phone Number, Contact, Email Address, Headquarters Info, Website Details, Read Customer Reviews and submit your Complaints. We have given full Details below which you can use it to contact the proper authorities easily. You don’t have to look information for these Bob’s Discount Furniture Headquarters contact details at other places. Please see below all the necessary contact details that you will need.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Corporate Office Contact Details

Bob’s Discount Furniture Details
Bob’s Discount Furniture Corporate Office Adddress 428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT
County St Francis
Phone Number (860) 474-1000
Fax (870) 630-0274
Contact Person Richard Schultz
Role in Company Plant Mgr
Revenue $331,800,000
Total Employees 600
SIC Code 2011
Find them in Twitter @BMWUSA

We hope that we were able to provide you with all necessary details and you are able to contact the corporate office of Bob’s Discount Furniture. Please use all the information given above and contact them via phone, website or social media and they will help you in your issue resolution quickly and fast. The Bob’s Discount Furniture Customer Service is one of the best and their response time is very fast. They take every customer’s complaints seriously and So their main priority is to get it resolve as soon as possible. Bob’s Discount Furniture Headquarters phone number can be called at business and regular hours and its waiting time is very short. Please check our website for more contact information. Please do Comment here with your complaints or review below and please give a rating to this company.

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15 thoughts on “Bob’s Discount Furniture Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

  1. Lisa Benson

    I was pressured into buying the goof proof protection plan when I bought my furniture from Bobs Discount Furniture in Cockeysville Md on 11/27/18, and when the reclining mechanism stopped working in January and I reached out to them to place a claim it was denied not once but twice!

    I was told it had to be accidentally broken, well who would purposely break the reclining mechanism on their love seat?
    I have read all of the reviews and it seems nobody can use this protection plan that your store is pushing! I want my love seat fixed!

  2. Dominique

    # 9356909. I made this order on January 2nd 2021 with the date to be delivered NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 18! Today I inquired about my order status and was told that it’s been moved to March 1st and they apologize for not communicating this. Now I’m extremely pissed for the lack in communication the lies that were told to me during the sale and now the bs delay. I’m infuriated with this company for lying to me just to get a sale. There is no way I’m waiting an additional month after I was told this month before for something I already spent my money on. This company will no longer get my business nor referrals as I am highly disgusted with this company. I spend m hard earn money at this establishment who claims to pride themselves to be better than their competition which in fact is a lie from what I see it’s worst because at least I’m not lied to nor is my money being taken then change my date without informing me of this matter. I will be requesting a refund on this order and will NEVER do any business again after this trifle inconvenience that this company has caused. I will be sure to leave my review on this horrible experience as well as informing others of the lies that was told to me in order to get a sale. Please have someone contact me ASAP on this matter especially so I can get my refund on this purchase. I will do business elsewhere as this company have proven they don’t deserve my business after such poor business I just received.

  3. Donna Williams

    My marble top is not marble the table is peeling like bad paint job. I am picking up the chips from the table that fell on the floor. I must now get lighting on the underside of the table to take pictures. You would not believe how the table is chipping you would have to see it. UNBELIEVABLE!

  4. Rahman S. Ali

    I expected more from Bob’s! I’m very very disappointed with the customer after the sale. I purchased the Hanover queen bed in/on September 15, 2020, couldn’t get it delivered because it wasn’t in stock in the warehouse, they had to go to the manufacturer to get my order so I said ok, we did the paper work for the sale. They gave me a tentative delivery date of mid-November, that delivery that came and went. When I called the store I could never get anyone on the phone, they have the phone system looped so you never can speak to a person! I had to go to the store that located in Burbank Illinois, this store has the worst customer service that I’ve ever experienced anywhere! The customer service manager Nancy is rude, if you’re standing in line to pay a bill the line is long and she just sat there as if the line wasn’t long, no regard for your time, That’s RUDE! no customer care. I will never shop at a BOB’s !!!
    Bob’s treats it’s customer really BAD! Oh and by the way I didn’t get my Hanover queen until January 6,2021.

    I had to return to the store four or five times because no one answers the phones. I’m so Disappointed!!

  5. Rahman S. Ali

    I’ve been dealing with Bob’s Furniture in Burbank IL, I ordered a queen bed the Hanover. I ordered the bed in September 15, 2020 and, was told that it couldn’t be delivered until October then that changed to November I didn’t get my bed until January 6th 2021. I tried calling the store many times but I got this endless loop press this # for this press that # for that needless to say I could never speak to a person. I go into the store and I get the run around , they are quick to ask if they can help but after the sale that’s when the BAD customer service starts. Callling forget it! Go to the store! I did speak with the store manager Mr. Herring he was good but his staff they need more training in good customer service, I’m very disappointed in Bob’s over all!! It’s the worse I’ve ever been treated in retail!
    The finance company the worst in the world! They are not helpful at ALL! (AcceptanceNOW) The pits in customer service!

  6. Paul LeBlanc

    i ordered my furniture in aug 2019 didnt get it until october 2020, then there were parts missing, then next time they came out they needed 2 people to set up and only had one person and the wrong parts, then they came out again wrong color, now im being told february so recap bought in Aug 2020 delivered in oct 2020, and feb 2021 still not set up???? i asked them each time would they call bank and tell them i can hold off payments on bobs authorization until im set up… condescending smirks i get…. they say they will give me some sort of compensation???? i will update after i see compensation (not holding my breathe)… but am VERY disappointed in bobs letting people know this

  7. Regina jones

    I purchased a bedroom set from Bobs in August it didn’t come in until January 7 2021 it was very badly damaged I asked the delivery men to take the damaged parts back and they refused they said they called and reported the damage to customer care I called customer care and they said they would reorder the pieces meanwhile this bedroom set just started falling apart piece by piece the drawers fell apart it had major damage to the top of the large dresser drawer I went to the store the next day and showed the manager how the set had fallen apart she agreed to give me a full refund but could not schedule a pick up until January 20 meanwhile this junk is sitting in my bedroom with the dresser drawer hanging open because they won’t close I have bought things from Bob’s several times and was always satisfied but right now I need these hazards things removed from my house before someone gets hurt the way I can’t close these drawers HELP

  8. Tracy

    I have ordered a sectional from Bob’s and had numerous of problems with order. I am very disappointed with the customer service. NO ONE CAN BE REACHED. In addition when our couch came it was the wrong sectional combination as well as the salesperson missed the corner piece of the sectional totally. We had to reorder. In addition the delivery service make a dent in my wall while bringing up th couch and failed to mention it.
    Very unhappy hopefully someone from Corporate can contact me to make the situation right because no one on the sales force can.

  9. algeneia

    I am soooooo fed up with bobs furniture in Aurora Il and Bobs itself I have been on phone waiting to talk with someone for over an Hour/. 185 on the Que to wait to converse with some one and that never got even close to 180 after 2 hour wait on the computer. None of the phones get answered none of the prompts work either. I will never buy from BOBS again. I live a half hour from. the store and am a senior and have to ask one of my kids to take me..

  10. Louise Hull

    They make you stay on the phone for one hour they do not let you talk to someone i charge i ben trying to get this problem solve for two year they have give me runaround ibought the goof proof plus and still i getting the runaround what i ben throw i will not go back and still the problem have not being solve

  11. Rosemarie Archipolo Aviles

    I have been trying to contact customer service since Saturday, June 13, 2020. I ordered my mother in law a dining room set [one table and 4 chairs]. We were assured by someone in sales that this set, the round Montebello table, and chairs were the smalled one Bobs carried. She is having a hard time getting around the kitchen and we are afraid that she is going to hurt herself if she needs to keep moving the chairs. Please, someone, contact me at 212-964-0443 to set up a pickup of the table and chairs and to have my husband’s credit card credited. I am getting worried that the longer it takes for customer service to get back to me that I am going to get stuck keeping the table or having to pay for it to be picked up.


    I placed an order with Bob’s. I never received the order. I had a delivery scheduled in March that I missed that was rescheduled. On the rescheduled day no one showed up so I called the offices and waited 45 minutes on hold to talk to a woman who said that I never had a delivery scheduled ever, and that my order was on back order. When I explained they were at my house the week prior outside and I had texts and voicemails to prove it she said it never happened that that now due to Coronavirus BOBs was not making any deliveries anymore. I requested a refund then, which she told me I had to call a stire to do, eventhough I ordered the product online! The stores are all closed!!! I have spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to just refund me, but all I get is waiting on hold and people giving me the run around then having to call back and wait on hold again. I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED OR I WILL BE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND BBB. JUST REFUND ME!!!!!

  13. chris fecteau

    Just wondering how seriously you take customers complaints. I have bought over 10k worth of products from your stores and bought goof proof on every thing i could. Filing my first accident my claim was denied over and over again. I know you use guardian for your protection plan but looking at all the tweets and facebook and yelp reviews to me they are seriously giving Bob’s a really bad name. Can anyone help. I need to buy more furniture but not sure if i want to drop anymore money with your company as this issue is very frustrating.

  14. Ray Aponte

    Good day,
    My comment is to see if Bob’s Discount furniture has considered opening a store in Puerto Rico. I recently had my house in Puerto Rico “overhauled” due to Hurricane Maria, in the process I needed to furnish my entire home and had a very hard time locating good and affordable furniture. I own Bob’s Discount furniture in my home in NYC and I am very satisfied with my purchases. I believe that a Bob’s Discount furniture store would do well on the island of Puerto Rico as locals and vacationers will commute if they are given a good furniture deal. The economy on the island is improving and outside investors are flocking to Puerto Rico. Not everyone that contacts your corporate offices are here to give complaints, many like myself give praise for your commitment to good customer service and fine furniture and yes, things happen even With the best intentions, thank you.


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