JCPenney Corporate Office address, Phone Number and Email

Below you can find the Contact details of JCPenney Corporate Office Address, Mailing and Postal Office address along with the contact information like the toll free phone number, Email, website details, fax number which will help you to contact JCPenney. The Customer Service of JCPenney is one of the best in its industry and they look after every customer concern and inquiry quickly and efficiently. Customer service is available normally during working hours and some emergency number are available 24*7. They can be contacted after the usual business hours via postal mail, email address, or calling the toll free number or contact the live person via help support chat. Many Customers are looking for the JCPenney Corporate Office address or trying to search for customer service phone number of JCPenney, JCPenney toll free phone number, customer service helpline number and customer support contact number.

Are you searching for more information on various types of services and brands provided by JCPenney such as JCPenney Corporate office, toll free 24 hours phone number of JCPenney Availability, Official working customer service number, Headquarters Office address of JCPenney. Good news is that you can get all important information from this website and use this contact details to contact the customer service executive and support center and they will help you in resolving your issue fast, quick and efficiently.

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We have given here JCPenney Phone Number, and using this number you will be able to contact JCPenney corporate office and customer service support department. You will be able to reach a live person at JCPenney Customer Care Support in the given below JCPenney Contact phone number and will be able to get all the main points of JCPenney services or able to get facilitate and acquire your concern correctly self-addressed by proper authorities.

JCPenney Corporate Office Contact Information

You can find here JCPenney mailing and postal address, corporate office address, customer service help number, corporate headquarters address of JCPenney, Customer service support phone number, corporate office HQ Address.

JCPenney Customer Service Phone Number:

  • Customer Service Support Phone Number: 1-800.322.1189

The number given above may not be a toll free phone number and you may get charged while calling this number at the usual calling prices. This customer support number of JCPenney is available on normal working hours and may be closed during some official holidays.

JCPenney Customer Support Email Address: 

Below is that the listed official email address of JCPenney. they supply the e-mail support 24 hours all day year along and that they typically reply inside 24 hours. typically, you may expect a delay back in response.

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JCPenney Corporate Office Address and Phone Number:

The official mailing/postal address, payment office, Headquarters and location address of JCPenney. People can use this contact details to contact them and get their concern or query answered quickly.

JCPenney Corporate Office Address: 6501 Legacy Dr. Plano, TX 75024 United States

JCPenney Corporate Office Phone Number Toll Free: 1-(972) 431-1000

JCPenney Corporate Office Fax Number Details: (972) 431-1362

JCPenney Corporate Office Email Address: NA


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14 thoughts on “JCPenney Corporate Office address, Phone Number and Email

  1. JoAnn Parobek

    I write this as a positive note. We ordered a Garden Oasis “Melbourne” 7 piece patio dining set. The first shipment of all three boxes came shipped from Holland, Mi. Very well packed with styrofoam and tie downs. When we opened the box with the table in it the side of the tabletop was dented in. This would not accomodate the ceramic tile squares that it uses. I called Garden Oasis and the manufacturer said that the table was backordered for approximately 6 weeks with no guarantee. I decided to call our local Penney’s store and talked with the assistant store manager: Chelsea Davis. She apologized for the defective merchandise and re-ordered the table for me. We hung on to the defective one until we reached the shipment of the reorder. That order was delivered with the box all taped up and rips in the box. When we opened it the styrofoam pieces protected the table and legs were loose in the box and the legs were loose in the box. We looked at the table top and it had a bad scratch on the corner of the table. We called Chelsea back and told the second table was defective. She re-ordered yet a third table and it too came with a very bad damaged box and retaped. The pieces inside were loose and no styrofoam at all! Looked like it had been returned. We looked at the table top and it had a scratch on two of the sides of the top but my husband said he would sand it down and touch it up with paint. We just wanted this nightmare over. We called Chelsea and she and another employee drove to our house and picked up both tables. She refunded me my original purchase price and discounted the last table we bought. Great employee and she should be recognized for such great customer service.

  2. Gloria Damaschke

    I’m having problems and no one at JC Penney’s will help. I have been trying for two months to get a problem taken care and 15 people later it’s still not taken care of. Lies and being put off phone call after phone call. They are the worst company to ever deal with. I understand they are not doing well but they have no right to sell me cheap furniture and not return my money. Corporate you need to check the people who work for you because none of them know what they are doing. Or do they per your request??
    Ripping people off!!!

  3. Federico Aguilar

    I have placed two orders and received the wrong merchandise
    WEB ID 8692313 MODEL# NV501
    I have received the worst customer service imaginable. The JCP associates and managers have not been helpful or kind. One lady even told me “I don’t know, YOU can just call the warehouse”. Really? Why would I as the customer call and ask the warehouse questions. I even drove over 50 miles to a different store again rude customer service and no solution. On my second order/return I was not even refunded the $10 shipping/handling. That is not right why should I pay for shipping on something that I returned because it was NOT what I ordered. Something has to be done in my favor to rectify this situation. Something must be done for all the lack of response and inconvenience that has occurred with a simple order. I am trying to keep my business with JCP and have even placed a THIRD order but this is the final straw.

  4. jacqueline medeiros

    I have had nothing but problems with your online store and returning items to your box store. This is the last time I will purchase anything from your company. It is not a wonder your stores are in trouble. I will pay the bill and when I do I will cut up my card and mail it back to the bank I will never purchase anything from JC Penney again. If you can’t keep loyal customers then your in big trouble. Hope you enjoy the 70.00 you stole from me

  5. jacqueline medeiros

    I have had nothing but problems with your online store and returning items to your box store. This is the last time I will purchase anything from your company. It is not a wonder your stores are in trouble. I will pay the bill and when I do I will cut up my card and mail it back to the bank I will never purchase anything from JC Penney again. If you can’t keep loyal customers then your in big trouble. Hope you enjoy the 70.00 you stole from me

  6. michelle westerman

    I have a huge issue with the way a refund was completed at the Northwoods Mall location in South Carolina . please contact me.

  7. mike powell

    where is the physical address for the legal dept. and to whom do I direct the summons

  8. Christi Hoven

    ordered towels 11/28/18 still haven’t got they are on sale I want someone to contact me and explain to me why……………..

  9. Mark

    I purchased an item online and paid $19.99. I had to return this item and i included the packing slip and the woman in customer service argued with me about my return. I offered to show her my email AND bank account showing that i paid $21.69 total. She only returned $17 for sale price of $15.99. This return is less than i paid for rhe product…PLUS it can take up to a week to ten days to show up in my account.
    Not happy

  10. Julia munsinger

    I recieved a letter from Synchrony bank stating i closed my account. I was told i sent my Sept.stament with no payment stating clousure and Iwould not be using my acct.again. I asked for a copy or prof from the SUPERVISOR Mr Ghiro he ,could not or would not send me prof he said it was in writing and Icould not reopen my acct. for another 12 months. I have been a loyal costumer for many years. I am VERY disappointed SYNCHRONY Bank is representing JCP I hope you can help me in this matter. So I feel guilty with no prof. I feel you should know because of this you have lost me as a loyal costumer. I would like if you could address this matter Thank you Julia Munsinger

  11. Diane Cosimeno

    In October of 2017, I ordered a couch and loveseat, to be contacted by December 4th, for instructions on when it would be delivered. They didn’t arrive in time for my holiday company arrangements. When they were delivered by the two men, the loveseat was lifted over a wood railing, in my hallway, which was damaged by hitting it with the left hand corner, leaving two slits in the edge of the loveseat.
    Had tried, many times to contact JCP to rectify this. Finally, reached a, very nice gentleman, on the furniture line. After all the hassle, I had decided to return both pieces. Never received an email, phone call or letter regarding this.
    Two weeks ago, I received a letter, along with an $80.00 gift card, along with an apology for this experience. For that, I am grateful, but it still leaves me with a damaged loveseat and a wood railing that needs to be sanded and re-stained.
    Today, in spite of this episode, I saw an offer on Brads Deals, offering an ASHLEY Guthrie black bedroom set. I tried to sign in to my account. It kept saying it was the wrong password. No communication was received, allowing me to reset my password. Choosing to purchase this, I decided to call first, looking for some assurance that this order would be hassle free. My call was answered ( 1-800-322-1189). The lady said she would have clear my previous profile, so that I could start over. Then she hung up.
    Am not surprised that your CEO has decided to resign and work for another company. JCP had been a staple shopping ground in our family, for many years. So sad to see it go down, so quickly.

  12. Jeanette Neubauer

    I have ordered 2 items on Jcpenny’ s .com. What a disaster. I have spoken to over 7 people. They all say they will look into it and get back to me. First and foremost. They have not.
    Before I ordered the Futon I called and spoke to a lady and wanted to make sure it included a mattress. The lady said oh yes it does. It says fabric is woven. So I ordered it. It was not it was just a frame. Than I spoke to someone who said sorry but all we can do is give you a 10% discount. REALLY. Your representative told me it was a complete set. So I ordered it any way. Since I purchased it for a family in need. Than I finally got them. But the little girl is now no at home. So i called to return it. Ugh once again crazy process. So the last person I had talked to prior to requesting a refund. Veronica said oh I will have UPS come pick it up. I said well I am worried about when they will come, Because I am out and about. She said no worries. I will get with them and have them call you? What. Well guess what that never happened. Than they came and I wasn’t home. So I had to cancel a meeting the next day to be there. Than Veronica told me to call and they would start my refund. Than I called and got a customer service rep who was ridiculous. SO I asked for a supervisor. I got one she said oh I will take care of it and call you back. This was Friday! Ha. No phone call back yet. I am waiting on two refunds 1.) 103 and change
    and 160. plus. I will never purchase anything from Jcpenny’s. I am very very disappointed. Not one, Not 2 but many have dropped the ball. WOW! Still haven’t seen a refund on either one.


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