American Home Shield Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

Find Here American Home Shield Corporate Office Address, Phone Number, Contact, Email Address, Headquarters Info, Website Details, Read Customer Reviews and submit your Complaints. We have given full Details below which you can use it to contact the proper authorities easily. You don’t have to look information for these American Home Shield Headquarters contact details at other places. Please see below all the necessary contact details that you will need.

American Home Shield Corporate Office Contact Details

American Home Shield Details
American Home Shield Corporate Office Adddress 860 Ridge Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN
County Mississippi
Phone Number (888) 682-1043
Fax (870) 563-1020
Contact Person Steve Brothers
Role in Company Partner
Revenue $427,500,000
Total Employees 1,250
SIC Code 5112
Find them in Twitter @AmericanExpress

We hope that we were able to provide you with all necessary details and you are able to contact the corporate office of American Home Shield. Please use all the information given above and contact them via phone, website or social media and they will help you in your issue resolution quickly and fast. The American Home Shield Customer Service is one of the best and their response time is very fast. They take every customer’s complaints seriously and So their main priority is to get it resolve as soon as possible. American Home Shield Headquarters phone number can be called at business and regular hours and its waiting time is very short. Please check our websitewebsite for more contact information. Please do Comment here with your complaints or review below and please give a rating to this company.

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22 thoughts on “American Home Shield Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

  1. Richard J Spindel


  2. Robert A Payne

    We have tried on multiple occasions to cancel our AHS policy – we have either been placed on hold for an extensive period of time and then when we say we want to cancel they say they will transfer us to the right department at which time the call is dropped. This has happened more than once. Or someone will actually tell us that it has been cancelled but then lo and behold, the next month we are billed. This has been since July of this year so therefore we have been billed for July, August, September and probably will be billed for October when we have been trying to cancel since July. There is no where on the website that allows you to cancel your policy and the phone workers have obviously been instructed to deflect any request to cancel and even encourage you to remain. So they know what we are asking but no one will do it. I am now on hold with the “corporate office” (although it is just the same recording you get when you call for service) – the first time I was on hold for over 13 minutes and then the call was disconnected. I immediately called back and am now at 12 minutes holding. I am sure that I will get the same run around if and when someone answers.

    1. Shannon Bramlet

      I have been dealing with the same issue, AHS have gone to the pits. I would say dogs but that would be an insult to our furry friends/family. Sometime have to be done. I tried reaching the Corporate office in Memphis TN., only to be transferred to a customer service agent. I have been dealing with the for over 2 hours today.

  3. Bernadette Carberry

    I have been on the phone for over two hours waiting for someone to answer the phone. I just want to know where to send my invoice for my payout.

  4. Donna Hurt

    I called in and was told the wait time was 45 minutes, then they offered to call me back which I did and they called in about another 45 minutes. I explained my issue to the rep and he indicated I would need to speak with a different department so he transferred me, I was on hold for nearly 2 hours and no one ever picked up. My issue was they sent a repairmen because my ice maker quit working, he checked the refrigerator and found that the reason the ice maker wasn’t working was because the water line to the ice maker was leaking inside the back panel into the insulation. This had caused rust to come through to the outside back in two places, one had eaten clear through and there was ice on the back of the refrigerator. He got the ice maker working temporarily, however, indicated the actual issue was unrepairable and he would contact AHS. When I checked the work request it said completed, this was the reason for my call, I needed to know next steps, still don’t have any answers, will try the corporate headquarters, this is the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with!

    1. E

      This is what is happening to us. Opened a case for a cook top in January… still is not fixed. Repairman said we should get a new one part is unavailable. I have called and called and called and just keep getting the run around. I talk with “Kyle” and “Jill”. Every time I think we MIGHT be getting somewhere and they say they will call back and they NEVER call back. I am so tired of the run around. We do our part and pay the premiums and then I can’t even get a cook top fixed in TEN months.

    2. rosemarie roberts

      oh! my God my problem is worse but with some of the same issues. I am going to make this a campaign of mine.


  5. Jessie Flejter

    I called in for the repair of a water leak, LEAK MEANING WATER IS LEAKING! I’m told a contractor can not be out until next week. I have to call back in waiting another hr for a representative to cancel that work order & issue another because I can’t wait a week, they set me up with another company, I call that contractor & they to say next week. I find a contractor that will come out same day but AHS will not use them because I selected them. I ask them to look to see if that company is on their contractor list but they state the list is to long, they did say they aren’t on the “do not use” list. OMG make me crazy. So I did get set up with a company that came in 2 days BUT when they arrived said it would take 24-48 hrs for job to be authorized by AHS. They seen I was frustrated. They pull to the end of my drive & come back, said they would fix it today but AHS will not pay for modification. I ask what modification it is just replace faulty part with new part. (water regulator) & they fed me a line of BS. I said okay just fix it so I don’t get damage to structure with water leak. As they go pick up the part I call AHS & explain they told me I have to pay $485. the representative knew this was wrong & she patched me in to Auth. Dept. by this time they are back with the part & she ask to speak to them telling them I was to pay not a dime. So what do they do, “INSTALL THE PART BACKWARDS”. This left us with zero water pressure & it’s friday. I call AHS to explain & they want to send PLYMWR PLUMBING back out. REALLY??? they are made I busted them in trying to rip me off. Of course the company will not answer my call for a recall. Thank goodness my husband utubed how to install the part & found they did it backwards & he was able to repair properly. I called in today to explain the contractor will not return my calls & to cancel the recall. The representative at AHS called me a liar, that customers are not allowed to speak with Authorization Dept. I said I beg to differ & I gave her the ladies name & the phone number in case we were disconnected. I said she used MY cell to speak with the contractor to inform him I was NOT paying him. I am still awaiting a call from a manager, we will see if that happens. AHS cares nothing about their customers. The quality of repairmen they send out is not acceptable. I also had to call in a repair with our water heater a few months back & that plumber cut through the gas pipe & had to replace that. He also threw his disposable gloves & trash from his van in my driveway. That was nice to clean up seeing we are under COVID alerts.

  6. John Marron

    This company stinks !!!!!!!!! Denies claims!!!!!! won”t change payment dates. Shows no concernfor clients,

  7. Eric Harris

    I am a 1st time customer who signed up for American Home Shield in July 2020. After discussing several plans we finally agreed on the Combo plan. The Rep told me that my monthly payments would be $39.00 beginning August 15th. Instead of deducting $39.00, my account was debited for the entire cost of the annual plan for $474.88. This has caused a huge inconvenience for me and my family. I called to report this unauthorized error on 8/17 and was told it would be 3-5 days to refund $435.00 (difference amount -39.00) back to my account. So, today 8/21 I called to check on the status of the refund and the rep stated it would be up to 7 days before I received the refund. No one at Home Shield has yet to take responsibility for this error. I NEVER authorized the amount of $474.88 to be deducted from my account. I totally understand that back office functions can take a while to process things, however I have been given conflicting information from 2 different reps. I thought I was signing up with a company who had integrity. I guess I was wrong. I work in a leadership role with a company who serves 5 million. If we make a mistake, we definitely make it right for our customers.

    .Eric Harris 918-999-8367

  8. John Gibson

    I have been waiting a month now to get mt Stove/oven Fix an getting nowhere calling in. The Part took almost 3 weeks to ship and the company they were sent to have not received them an nobody seems to be able to help locate them. This repair has been horrible from the start. I had to cancel and remake a new appointment due to the first Vendor said they couldn’t get to my repair for 2 weeks. How are you hiring a company that can’t even meet the customer needs? When a Customer asked to get something fix the last thing, they want to hear is Oh We can’t be there for a Week or longer. So, after canceling that an open a new repair you send a vendor out who doesn’t even have Any Parts with them and just shows up in a Pickup truck. My of My how is American home Shield venting the contractor they are hiring…I have called in at least 4 time and I’m no closer to getting my issue fix an when asked to speak to a Supervisor or a next level manager the representative cant even get one and I’m still waiting on a call back. This is unreal and Wonder why I’m I still doing business with you at this point it sure seem you could care less about your customer and dont really want to hear oh Covid 19 is causing us issue as you had 5 months now to figure out how to do business in this new World. Like they are saying goes Talk is Cheap. My Repair was open on 7/14

  9. Sisto M. Ortiz

    My AC condenser died and the AHS contracted company arrived, stayed 15 to 20 mins and confirmed what I already knew. I then received a bill for high/low voltage modifications, plus a few others, which simply are the power cords for the AC unit. I called AHS and asked them to explain how they denied paying for the power to the new unit which the stated they don’t pay for mods but I explained it is not a mod but part of the installation to have an operational unit. Six people, two days, 8+ hours on hold, another 4+ in conversation, reading thru and battling over language in the warranty contract…finally, three different agents stated, AHS does not pay for electrical. Sadly, they consider the central power required to operate the new condenser as a modification. AHS reps told me they simply pay for the condenser/unit only. Second, the new condenser was not ordered and the contractor was not aware what was going to be ordered but AHS had already denied paying for the electrical and other items (i.e., high/low voltage) submitted by the contractor. This in itself is mind boggling since no work has been executed before submission/denials were executed. Very disappointed, frustrated, and feel like AHS and the contractor have taken advantage of the verbiage in the contract in order to avoid paying for install costs/securing funds above/beyond what should be charged to customers. I would appreciate someone, anyone from the AHS corporate office call me as soon as possible to discuss.

    1. Dee Martinez

      OMG The same thing happened to me! It has now been a month and I have no updates. I just keep getting the run around.

  10. Dianna Ellis

    I have a been a customer for many years and trying to get some serve. I have been going back and forth trying to get my air conditioner fix. I have had several companies, do patch work and spent hundreds of dollars on Freon. My money is deducted from my account every month. My present ticket has been open for months. The Company showed up and gave me a price and when AHS called them back on two Occasions. No call, No show. Next company called called stated they would be out. No call No show. Received a text stating they would be out. Called to see what time. I was told “the technician Quit”. How much more am I suppose to take. You stay on hold for hours, you can’t speak to a supervisor. I am always told they are not available.

  11. R Lu

    I have to wait TWO HOURS MINIMUM to talk to a person who then goes on to say they can’t help me and I have only one or two options when I try telling them that the company they are contracting with are crooks and STEALING FROM MY FAMILY. I BEGGED to have another company (that they contract with) come out instead and they refuse. I’ve spent 7 HOURS of my time WAITING ON HOLD to play the blame game. THEN I have to pay OUT OF POCKET some ridiculous amount that I can barely even afford.
    This company is contracting with CROOKS and I am warning them and yet they still allow them to STEAL FROM ME AND MY FAMILY.
    I too will be contacting BBB.
    I demand a call AND email from American Home Shield.
    I will be canceling my contract and earning others.

  12. Su Haynes

    I renewed my membership after purchasing my home. I’m definitely cancelling if your customer service people and your so called contractors won’t stop playing this shift blame game. I was given a quote for a new HVAC unit which I agreed to and paid for which was over a week ago and no one can seem to give me a straight forward answer as to when it will be here. Funny that you guys can take my $5,000 but can’t seem to do the work. Let’s see how well this goes through with BBB if not then let’s go to court

    1. R Lu

      EXACTLY! I have the same issue. Crooked company contracting crooked companies trying to take advantage of hard working people.

  13. Paul Mayo

    You are the absolute worst company. You call yourself American Home Shield but I couldn’t find an American to speak with! I am requesting a call from someone in the US regarding the unauthorized automatic enrollment. We had 2 accounts at two separate property addresses and when we realized you don’t pay for anything we thought that once the contract was up our relationship was terminated . On one property you didn’t just auto, you called us multiple times and when we answered we cancelled and it was done. On the second property we assumed it would be handled the same way. We received the renewal but shredded it because we didn’t want to go further. As opposed to the other contract this one did not cancel and you have been charging our credit card for 3 years for a service that we assumed had been cancelled. Our office manager didn’t alert us as she didn’t know. This is really unethical billing practices and a consistent process was not used between the two policies. This is seen as a deeper problem than your unethical billing practices. I want a call back by someone within the us and someone in the corporate office. The two addresses are as follows:
    5502 W Buena Vista Ave VISALIA ca 93291
    417 N Kent Visalia ca 93291

    I am asking for an immediate response to this email.
    Paul Mayo 5599091486


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