Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

Find Here Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office Address, Phone Number, Contact, Email Address, Headquarters Info, Website Details, Read Customer Reviews and submit your Complaints. We have given full Details below which you can use it to contact the proper authorities easily. You don’t have to look information for these Choice Home Warranty Headquarters contact details at other places. Please see below all the necessary contact details that you will need.

Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office Contact Details

Choice Home Warranty Details
Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office Adddress 1090 King Georges Post Road
Edison, NJ
County Jefferson
Phone Number (800) 216-5232
Fax (479) 986-0764
Contact Person James Dearth
Role in Company Chief Executive Officer
Revenue $297,922,607
Total Employees 2,700
SIC Code 8069
Find them in Twitter @Chik_Fil_A, @ChickFilAPRDept

We hope that we were able to provide you with all necessary details and you are able to contact the corporate office of Choice Home Warranty. Please use all the information given above and contact them via phone, website or social media and they will help you in your issue resolution quickly and fast. The Choice Home Warranty Customer Service is one of the best and their response time is very fast. They take every customer’s complaints seriously and So their main priority is to get it resolve as soon as possible. Choice Home Warranty Headquarters phone number can be called at business and regular hours and its waiting time is very short. Please check our website for more contact information. Please do Comment here with your complaints or review below and please give a rating to this company.

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13 thoughts on “Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office Address, HQ and Phone Number

  1. Henrietta Taylor

    I have been trying to get my air conditioner repaired since early May It now June 6rh I live in Georgia It has been over 90 plus degrees and it feels like a 102 I have had to stay in hotels and at friends because i cannot stay at home. They have lied to me ao many times and I still have no air. I am still not able to live in my house and ir is predicted to in the high 90s all week. I have reported thenm to the New Jersey bb to no avail . Why can rhis co continue ro do bisness and dupe rhe public rhe way they so

  2. R. Huerta

    OMG i thought i was the only person that has dealt with this con artist company. They dont care about their customers. They only want the money. Case manager Shantel McCleod is one of the worst people working for this company. She lacks customer service skills. I am so glad i decided to record the conversation. I would like someone in corporate to contact me back. This is out rages.

  3. Renee' Cachon

    How can I contact someone that has any understanding or authority I have only had problems and no one can help and they are all rude

  4. Pamelia Norris

    I am a 65yr old vet in my home since Feb 1bactuallt 1-31 I called for stoppage and leaks of gas and water. They send Final touch the man lied to say the gas line issue was fixed the Gas co who came out after him said it was not. He stated it was possible line freezing that caused only the hot water to stop. It has been in the 40-60 since then I told him I the crawl space was the line he never checked it.never fixed the leak under the kitchen sink or bath sink. Gas co turned the gas off 2-1 I called choice spoke to Melody and Sean warranty dispute people was told to get the diagnostic on the source and location of the leak submit to them for repair out of the 4-6 emails and phone calls last one being 2-18. No reply from them I am still without heat or hot water the temps have been as low as -9 here in Indy would like to know if they are legit and if they are going to fix my items covered I am displaced as
    I have had to leave my home often for bathing and eating along with warmth and comfort

  5. jimmy Jackson

    Choice home warranty is the big rip off every time I request service they find a reason not to fix my problem. I want this complaint to reach the ceo james dearth. I have never seen such bad customer service If my problem don’t get taken care of I want to cancel my contract. I have sent many people to choice warranty and now I hate that I did. I rate this company as a 0 the worse any where on earth

  6. Wayne Father Reverend Dabney

    i agree to the above negative statements about Choice I have been fighting now to get them to return my $480 for a warranty. They are terrible and they lie about coverage. The AG of New Jersey’s Office is useless too. They will do nothing against them.

  7. Melanie shayne

    I will be moving my complaint along to the attorney general. 13 days in an extreme heat warning with no air. They played games and gave me the run around. I ended up paying $1100 out of my own pocket. Filed a complaint with the bbb with no resolve. I will be canceling my membership and moving forward with legal action

  8. Ms Rita

    Choice home warranty has the worst service.I told them to cancel my agreement they still charged my account .The cancellation department manager Christian has the worst customer service I will never do business with this company again.

  9. Roxanne G Jaffe

    I too am very upset with Choice Home Warranty. I have a cooktop that a burner went bad during Easter and have many companies and techs out to my home for the last 3 months and even had more damage done to the cooktop by inept techs supposedly trying to fix it. They will not answer the simple question, which is, If you cannot fix it when do you replace it, like the contract states. They keep sending techs from another company. This is a scam, when you cannot get an answer to when it cannot be fixed . I have filed with the BBB but all I want is for them to live up to the contract. Even when you talk to a supervisor you get the same results. You would think to drive your business up would be to stand behind word and people would flock to have piece of mind. But instead they pull this hide the cookie BS. I even am disappointed in George Foreman for doing their commercial and ruining his reputation for a buck. Shame…

  10. Mary Wilks

    I have Choice washing machine has been out going on two MONTHS all i get is the run AROUND even EXPLAINED that I’m HANDICAP and IT’S very hard for me to take my clothes to laundry mat. So the temperature in Memphis is in the 90 to 100 and due to my illness I CAN NOT BE OUT IN ANY KIND OF HEAT not this did not help. So I ADVISED MY FAMILY IF ANY THING HAPPEN TO ME WHILE TRYING TO DO MY LAUNDRY TO SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM. THEY GET A (-0) WORST COMPANY EVER.

  11. Tracy Penney

    I strongly advise everyone to avoid doing business with Choice Home Warranty. We’ve been waiting since April to have our refrigerator repaired – and it’s June 16th. I’m on the phone at least 3 hours a week with the resolution department with no resolution in sight…..


    I dealt with the most obnoxious, pushy, over talking salesman I have ever dealt with in my life. James Roseboom talked me into a one year contract and after I gave him my credit card # he kept pushing 6 years over and over again to the point that I told him I did not want Choice Home Warranty at all and DO NOT charge my card. As you can guess he point my card through and I am now in a dispute with my credit card company. His demeanor alone made me run the other way.

  13. Brenda Sparkman

    I am so tired of getting a run around with this company. First they won’t fix my refrigerator because I had it before I contacted service with them (pre-existing). So I bought another refrigerator. My claim with my dishwasher they claimed they world replace. But they instead offered a $246 for me too but a new one myself and have it installed. I have repeatedly requested a refund in which I paid for the years inn advanced. No one in the company will help me or do anything. My employer, Ford Moter Co., has a website we use to alert other coworkers of fraudulent company such as this. You can get I will be spreading the word “DO NOT USE, FRAUD” to all 90K employees if I don’t let a response today.


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