Fox News Headquarters Address, Phone Number and Email

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We have given here Fox News Phone Number, and using this number you will be able to contact Fox News corporate office and customer service support department. You will be able to reach a live person at Fox News Customer Care Support in the given below Fox News Contact phone number and will be able to get all the main benefits of Fox News services or able to get facilitate and acquire your concern correctly self-addressed by proper authorities.

Fox News Headquarters Office Address Details

21st Century Fox
1211 Avenue of the Americas New York
NY 10036
United States

You can find here Fox News Headquarters Address, Corporate office address, customer service help number,Customer service support phone number, corporate office HQ Address.

Fox News Headquarters Phone Number

Customer Service Support Phone Number: 1-888-369-4762

The number given above may not be a toll free phone number and you may get charged while calling this number at the usual calling prices. This customer support number of Fox News is available on normal working hours and may be closed during some official holidays.

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Fox News Headquarters Email Address : Email Now

Below is that the listed official email address of Fox News .They supply the e-mail support 24 hours all day year along and that they typically reply inside 24 hours. typically, you may expect a delay back in response.

Fox News Headquarters Office Address and Phone Number

The official mailing/postal address, payment office, Headquarters and location address of Fox News is given below. People can use this contact details to contact them and get their concern or query answered quickly.

Fox News Headquarters Phone Number Toll Free: 1-212-416-3400

Fox News Headquarters Address Corporate Office:
21st Century Fox
1211 Avenue of the Americas New York
NY 10036
United States

Fox News Fax Number: N/A

Fox News Official Website: Click Here

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39 thoughts on “Fox News Headquarters Address, Phone Number and Email

  1. Don

    What is your response to FOX commentator Leland Vittert’s demeanor on the 8/10/19 show? The longer his rant continued, the more he became overbearing, disrespectful, disgraceful, rude and beligerent to the White House representative attempting to deliver his point of view without Vittert’s constant interruptions. The guest even commented that Vittert threw 30 question at him and as he tried to reply, Vittert screamed and talked over him on every response he attempted to answer. Vittert certainly projects the wrong attitude to continue with FOX.

    Vittert, and for that matter, Juan Williams, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace should be referred to CNN or MSNBC as their political leanings fit into those disgraceful and un-American operations.

  2. Natalie F.

    What is your response to FOX commentator Leland Vittert’s demeanor on the August 10th show? The longer his rant continued, the more he became overbearing, disrespectful, disgraceful, rude and beligerent to the White House representative attempting to deliver his point of view without Vittert’s constant interruptions. The guest even commented that Vittert threw 30 question at him and as he tried to reply, Vittert screamed and talked over him on every response he attempted to answer. Vittert certainly projects the wrong attitude to continue with FOX.

    Vittert, and for that matter, Juan Williams, Shep Smith and Chris Wallace should be referred to CNN or MSNBC as their political leanings fit into those disgraceful and un-American operations.

  3. Wanda J Guidry

    The Five has too many liberal undertones and cannot be trusted. Why would they ever put the past president of the democrat convention on the show. She is a know it all liberal.

  4. penny sebanc

    I am a long time Fox News viewer probably since the beginning. I DVR Tucker Carlson because in my opinion is the best Fox has too offer. He is on top of so many current issues and has opposing opinions on his show.
    Just heard a rumor that people are attempting to have him fired, so here I am emailing Fox to say keep him right where he is!!
    I enjoy other shows on Fox but Tucker is outstanding, think he’s the best on your network in my opinion.


  5. Joan Dennis

    Shep Smith needs to go or Fox is going to lose their audience!!! He obviously needs to be on CNN or MSNBC!!!!

  6. Kathy

    I am sadden by Fox News moving more liberal. My tv will not stay on Fox if Marie Harf, Shep Smith, Donna Brazille, or other never Trumpers are on. Why does Fox want to be like the other cable news channels?

  7. Anita

    My neighbors & I will NOT be watching FOX until Judge Jeanine is brought back! Don’t know who made that decision, but they’ve cost the network a lot of viewers. She spoke the truth—-what every American is saying! Seems you’ve gone over to the dark side, too! You do know Ms Omar has been having closed door meetings to raise funds for her terrorist organizations. Her district is the LARGEST TERRORIST RECRUITING CENTER in the country— although why we have ANY is a mystery to me!SHE’ also travels with an anti American group, is buds w/ Farrakhan— in other words she should NEVER be in an AMERICAN Congress, for she SURE isn’t looking out for the welfare of the AMERICAN people.She is a traitor & should be removed.
    Until THAT is recognized by dems & news media, FOX doesn’t exist to us, as you chose a terrorist over Americans. You made your bed—now lie in it! Your actions are disgusting & disgraceful!!

  8. Patricia L. Jefford's

    i’m with all the angry protests about removing Judge Jeanine== bring her back. I already switch the channel with some of your left=leaning “guests”. What happened to the First Amendment?

  9. Richard Moody

    Don’t be like the other lying liberal networks, don’t let them manipulate Fox into becoming on of them, the few people who are on TV and willing to speak the truth shouldn’t be condemned for doing so. They try to shape our think by pretending to be so pure as to not offend anyone, and if those muslin countries and traditions are so great what are they doing here, if you are coming to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA to be an AMERICAN you have to leave all that crap you are trying to escape from in the past. Let people like Tucker, Judge Jeannine, Hannity, Rush, and other speak the truth and not be forced into silence by a very small group that bombards their sponsors to not advertise with them, if that’s the way those advertisers go it just gives me a list of companies not to do business with. RDM

  10. Virginia A Rebyak

    I agree with you Kenneth. We too have been watching Fox for years. What Judge Pirro brought up is what many of us who follow the news and the direction of our country question. Omar is one of many radical Muslims that came here under Obama. Yet we have had Muslims living here for years who embrace our culture and laws and are moderated in their Islamic beliefs; no beheadings, stonings, etc. Muslims like Omar do not embrace our Judeo-Christian based values; respect others despite our differences. There has been a movement for decades I believe starting around 1939 of radical, Sharia Muslims to quietly infiltrate our lives and government. They act offended at our display of our faith; cross, Ten Commandments, Menorah, etc. yet are pushing schools to teach Islam and in some communities pushing Sharia Law which is against everything we stand for. The end goal is to topple America, convert us to Islam and govern under Sharia Law! What is happening in Europe is slowly making it’s way here. Kudos to Judge Jeanine for questioning Omar’s beliefs, etc. If she were like Zudhi Jasser an American Muslim (immigrated here) who loves this country, served in our military, works as a doctor but also leads groups here in condemning Sharia and living peacefully. Fox has always been the place to turn to hear the whole story. The loss of Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling hurt. Granted the accusations against them but the Democrats and left have defended people far worse. I still catch O’Reilly’s perspectives on Newmax every week. As for The Five I quit watching it because of Juan and the loss of Eric. Jesse is okay but it is not the same without Eric. Perhaps it is time for Judge Jeanine (who my husband watched for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved her) , Hannity, Tucker, Laura, Trish, Lou Dobbs , Gregg Gutfield and others to join up with O’Reilly and Bolling at another network and form a new “fair and balanced” network. I was glad Jeanine questioned Omar’s beliefs. Judge Jeanine is too smart to just point out the hijab. What Omar stands for and believes sounds too much in line with what radical Muslims believe; destruction of Little Satan Israel and the destruction of the Big Satan, the USA! People like Omar do not belong in Congress! Neither do communists, socialists, Marxists, etc. if we are to preserve our country. And now Fox is kowtowing to Islamophobia? That is BS. We have always welcomed those who want to be Americans and live the American Dream, not change us or live off the taxpayers . Shame on Fox! I will write those listed above and explain why I will no longer watch Fox until, if they do, return to allowing the hosts to provide the whole picture including the pros and cons of issues, groups, etc. But becoming liberal and socialist leaning? Fox is only helping to push the country further left. As the descendant of George Washington and a family that helped settle this country, fought for our independence and worked and sacrificed to preserve our freedoms and rights I will not watch any channel that tries to denigrate and wipe out their lives for all of us to enjoy the fruits of the greatest nation on earth today! We are not perfect but our Constitution has always allowed us the freedom to correct our wrongs. Socialism won’t, it will destroy us.

    1. connie hague

      I don’t care if it is published or not I am pissed. You hired Brazil she is democrat. You fired Judge J. un fair. She said nothing out of line. Dems can speak us out all they want nothing said but when we do wow major crime.She finds the truth first and speaks. And Tucker Carlson excellent people. I will never Repeat NEVER watch FOX again. You were for truths. Now it is turn around. You are turning democrat. Soros paying you also. I am all for finding a tv channel to tell truths and millions will watch. You did your audience an injustice.

  11. Ann

    Where is Justice with Jeanine? Please bring her back immediately!

  12. Ann

    Jon, why are you wasting your time here if you so vehemently disagree with Fox?

  13. Richard

    Judge Jeanine is my favorite person on Fox News.
    I think it was a GROSS ERROR taking her off the air. Is FOX starting to lean left? If she is not back soon I will boycott fox and especially its advertisers!! Of course I will write them and explain why I am boycotting them.
    Don’t join the lying politicians, from both parties, that say they want to protect our borders. The Judge wasn’t wrong in her comments!!!!
    No reply requested – Just bring back the Judge!

  14. Kenneth Franke

    Do you want to lose me as a viewer?

    First it was Bill O’Reilly. I now only watch Fox about 1/3 as much as I did.

    Now its Judge Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson.

    There are other stations although I do prefer Fox!!!

    By the way, this is my first time writing to a news outlet.

    Kenneth B. Franke
    The Villages, Florida

  15. Lydia

    Bring back Justice with Judge Jeanine!! She only raised the questions regarding Rep. Omar, because of Omar’s blatant anti-antisemitism that congress refuses to address! She is asking the questions the rest of America (that isn’t completely brainwashed in the PC nonsense) is thinking!! Her show is one of my favorite on Fox News.

  16. Jain Hite

    This is it!!!!. Judge Jeanine or ONE AMERICA NEWS for us, the only non-lefty network. FOX needs new management!!!!

  17. Marvin Toepfer

    Put Jeanine back on. She just said she was not told what to say or not. Now you censor her like all others.
    She was only telling the truth, and truth is becoming harder and harder to come by on your network.
    Count me out from watching until you return her to the show.

  18. Rich Fennessy

    Fox News has now backed AOC & her other fresh men congressmen it’s time to switch to OAN ( One America News) channel j

    By taking Judge Jeanine off Saturday 3.16.19 shows that Fox is leaning more toward the MSM

    I’m done with Fox & I will make sure all my family & friends tune out of Fox

    Fair & Balance sure if you do what corporate tells you what to say

    So much for 1st admendment rights

    CNN MSNBC can say what ever lies they want with no repercussions

  19. Loren Vallerio

    I am extremely disappoint with Fox News’ decision to remove Jeanine Pirro’s show this past Saturday. My wife & I have been watching Fox News since day one in 1996 and can not believe that now Fox News is becoming like the rest of the MSM. When did Fox News start bowing to political correctness? The whole reason we watch Fox News is because it does not simply parrot what every other MSM outlet reports and relies on facts and is not afraid to state their own opinion or view point. If this trend at Fox continues there will be no reason to watch.
    Best Regards
    Loren & Melanie Vallerio

  20. Sally katchmark

    By removing judge Jeannine you are admitting Fox News is anti Semitic. Time to change the channel.

  21. Robert C

    Had it with all the news games fox included.time to turn off / hang up / and move off grid. Good-by FOX and all the others. one to many Fox

  22. Jerome gesualdo

    what is going on with judge Jeanine

    She said what is true these Muslims come into this country acquire high positions in companies and politics and then use there positions to feather there ideology that we should change our laws to accommodate them they do not want to assimilate to our way of life judge Jeanine is right what she said, no mention is said of what omar said
    that’s ok ye sure fox new station from what many of my friends are saying is leaning to the left using the fair and balanced approach to justify what is goin on sad Mr Murdock built the network on a conservative base and now they are trying to get rid of all of the prime fox people, also I am sure this Muslim producer of your is fueling the flame against her I have nothing against and religion we are a free nation but don’t try to make use change our laws to accommodate them

  23. Bernice Chandler

    At one time, Fox News was looked on as a bastion for supporting truth, intelligent debates, factual reporting. Judge Jeanine is considered to be feisty in her reporting, pointing to degrees of cowardly conduct of those in power who are then afforded special treatments. I never thought FoxNews would fall into a category where questioning of a politician’s actions would be cause to cower. Judge Jeanine’s comments as to Congresswoman Omar were obviously in relation to daily activity of the congresswoman. The Judge’s comments were accurate . It is sad that FoxNews is slowly becoming another spoke in a wheel, rather than be the wheel. The judge told the truth, apparently Fox caved! – kneeling rather than standing to those who are committed to tearing America apart. Man Up !

    1. Cathy Stramaglia

      What Fox has done to Judge Jeanine is disgusting!!, My husband and I are loyal viewers, but not anymore!!!!. It is very sad that Fox news is changing!! you have always claimed that you are all about reporting the truth!!. Well this time you turned your back on your viewers, Jeanine speaks for the American people, and you shut her down, that means you shut your viewers voice down too! My husband and I will no longer watch any reportings from the Fox station, watched Greg Gutfeld, Tucker Carlson, Hannity show every day, now we will no longer. I know so many people that will be doing the same. Fox you better take heed, you will be losing a lot of viewers over this!!!! I am shocked!!!!

  24. Jon J

    You Fox News loyalists sound like the same ol’ disgruntled, b@#*h about everything whiners. I read all the comments and you really need to stop with the complaining. Womp, Womp, Womp. It’s bad enough you elected the bumbling moron, going down as the worst president ever, even before his first term is over. It’s so sad, I can’t believe how many of you blindly follow Fox news’s Jim Jones juice. I mean you guys came up with this narrative that any news that doesn’t jive with what you want to hear is, fake news, but Fox News consistently ranks in the number one spot for false reports and retractions. “Look it up”. Beyond that if you took the time to look at, let’s say the Fox News, CNN, Politico, the Guardian, and the BBC news apps. ( which I like better because you can skip all the blowhard opinions.) what you , who can actually see reason and are capable of an rational thought would find is that your increasingly being denied the sum of the news & stories your being told. By comparing the different accounts you get a clearer picture of the manipulation at the hands of your favorite, Fox News. It’s absolute and blinding, the obviousness with which it becomes clear, the you loyalist’s are watching, listening, and reading a partisan information source.
    Sure you can try the ol’, What about game, what about CNN! Well all that needs to be said is, get your news from multiple sources like I’m suggesting. No one news organization is 100%
    All the time. However some (CNN) are far better than others (Fox)! Now just so all of you know I am a Democrat but I vote for both parties candidates based on who I believe best for the job. I also believe in some republican positions, like the second amendment, of which I am a ardent supporter. So before you go complaining that I’m some bleeding heart liberal, that’s just as partisan as say Fox News, understand I’m more than that.

    1. Thomas Domerski

      I totally disagree with your comment about the values being taught at our high schools. I would have agreed with you had you complained about the values being taught at HOME!

    2. Ann

      Jon, why are you wasting your time here if you so vehemently disagree with Fox?

    3. Chris Kettner

      You ready to be a Socialist? Ready for all the FREE FREE FREE stuff???? NOTHING IS FREE. Ready to be over run with more illegals with boarder walls torn down? With your thoughts, better be ready should the Demos get their way and the Muslims. I also listen to and read other sources, the MSM channels are propaganda peddlers with no truth whatsoever. Looks like Americans may be forced to protect their freedoms again, just like with our founding fathers. Hope everyone comes to their senses soon and see through all this BS. One thing you can bet on, the Dems are going to try to steal the 2020 election, just like in 2016. It’s beginning – Starting with silencing Fox News ! and others. Republicans, Dems, Independence, and etc., You like your Freedoms? You like your Health Insurance? ETC ETC ETC. We are ALL AMERICANS with American Ideals unlike some others. My ancesters came to the US to flee a Socialistic regime. The Dems, that are running for office of President of the U.S., are imbracing Socialism! We ALL need to stand together in 2020 and re-elect President Trump and take back the House and keep the Senate! So, Jon, I am more than a Republican, I am an American. May be Time to vote for the the less of the two Evils in 2020, just like in 2016. The alternative is too horrible to fathom. I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that. Now is the time to put ALL our Predjudices aside and do what is right for our country and for the future of our nation. Starting with FOX NEWS. You see President Trump one way and millions see him another way. So with all that being said, BRING BACK JUDGE JEANINE AND THE IDEAS FOX WAS FOUNDED ON.

  25. Mike Compton

    Shepard Smith and Juan Williams make me sick. I boycott Shepard Smith. He belongs on CNN. Fair and balanced? TOTAL BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I see Juan Williams on a show I change channels. He belongs on any of the other networks. I love the Fox channels, but Williams, Smith and the Clown Golsbee sicken me to the point of making throw up.

  26. Sharon M. Valechko

    Thank goodness you have responsible news reporting. My husband and I enjoy The five, Tucker, Hannity, judge Jeannine and all the other commentators. We have not watched other networks in over 2 years because of their “fake “ news. Many others feel the same, please keep up the great work! Thank you !

  27. Cynthia Bogus

    Shepherd Smith is not a newsman. He is a partisans. That’s fine but he and the program should be described as such. His is an opinion program and he makes no bones about his leanings.

  28. Sharleen Venters

    January 3, 2019 Shawn Hanity posted a list of statistics of criminal aliens. I really would like to know the source of those statices.
    We are big fans of FOX.

  29. Ralph F.

    I watch Fox News and the company I pay said that the reason Fox News has problems with Freezing up or pausing and blocking or going dark is because of the people Fox uses to get the connection. It seems its most of the time your channel not other and why? Anyone look into this? Also as for Tucker just stay strong and keep him on because he is not afraid to get up and in your face if needed because of the lies from others. When will the people who got the illegals together in Mexico be put on T.V. and answer questions of why they undermine our laws and our border security? Who is paying them and supports them? Put the light on these people now an pressure from the Angel Moms and Dads! When did Schumer and Pelosi and Waters and Durbin go to the border and see what is happening and how the guards men and women are treated? Also where would the illegals get medical care if not for us? I didn’t see any type of M.A.S.H. units put up for the 10,000 or more and food and shelter and info centers? If the members of congress and others want them to come here then SPONSOR the families and you can keep them inside there wall’s of there property or secure buildings they live in with guards! Lets put the houses of Pelosi and Schumer and Waters and Booker and some others and see how they live without security or a driver for work that’s a secure area. If its 20 million illegals in the country from reports it cost about or near 100 Billion a year to keep them or about 70,000 from some reports. That is our wall and then some an we can go after VISA over stays and the Illegals and stop this madness. Pelosi and Schumer talk the talk but do not walk the walk, they should be FIRED for obstruction of justice of the United States Laws somehow. Where are the real members of congress that got elected to vote the way the people want not the way the Rep. or Senator feels. Sounds like the problem they had with the Justices voting how they think instead of how the Constitution was written. Ok, I said plenty and hope something good comes from it and for the President it is time to shut down the bastion of pathic inaction and forgetting the sacrifices of so many for this great nation.
    I look to the President to stand fast once and for all on this reoccurring issue. Keep them all in Washington D.C. over the Holiday if need be or longer Mr. President it is TIME to end this back and forth. I end with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all.

    God Bless America

  30. Susan Albers

    A story you should look into

    Mt Lebanon High School of Pittsburgh Area had the military in today 11/14/2018 to talk to seniors about the options of serving the country. Several students were protesting the military being there and one student walked up to a one of the service men and spit on them!! My son goes to Mt Lebanon and just texted us the story. How is it acceptable for a any person to spit on another. The values being taught today at our High Schools need to be investigated.

  31. L.

    9/28/ 18 re; the Story Live Now (7:30 pm EST)
    attn: Trish

    WHY is that ‘pinko’ Rep. Starwall On talking about a SENATE issue? He’s a Congressman = WE Don’t Care WHAT he thinks – He’s a Denier ?? . . . . . . Keep Him OFF of FOX please !!
    (No Response requested)

  32. Tom Moye

    I have been a loyal viewer of Fox since it’s inception. I hate to say it but it looks like you’ve lost your way and don’t understand your viewers anymore. You are doing well for now because there’s nowhere else for conservative viewers to go, and if something else comes along you will see many jump ship. Most people I talk yo agree with me in these regards. A great example is Cavuto and Shep Smith, not sure how they yield so much power there, but your true base totally does not like either of them. Airing Obama’s entire speech on Outnumbered was not smart and many of us will never watch again due to the unnecessary platform and promotion you give to liberals and liberal guests. That’s not fair and balanced and is unfair to us that pay your bills by tuning in. You’ve become too liberal and have Cavuto on both channels where we can’t get away from him which means many of us are looking for a new source and nobody knows why Smiths contract was extended, maybe he has something on top execs. Wake up before it’s too late. On a positive note, Hannity,Dobbs,Hemmers show, Ingraham and Tucker are all great. Everything else is lacking and you will see that you are out of touch (just like the election pundits in 2016 election) when another game comes to town that is actually a truly conservative network.


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