Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number USA

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Listed here is the best Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number to reach the customer service fast and easily. You can also find here official email, contact details, address, corporate office headquarters, helpful resources and other important contact information. If you face any issues in package tracking, delivery, order booking, payment, cancellation, refund or any issues please call the below Amazon Prime Phone Number for immediate assistance.

About Amazon Prime

Amazon also famously known as is a big american consumer electronics company which is currently headquarters at Seattle, Washington, USA. Amazon is also a leader in providing cloud computing services. Amazon is no 1 online internet retailer in the world. It also produces consumer electronics such as Amazon Kinde, Amazon Fire and TV etc. One of its most used services are Amazon Prime. In 2005 Amazon Prime was established which is a membership service  which offers a free two day shipping for all eligible purchases for a annual fee to its members. Members are also eligible for a discount one day shipping on selected items.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number 

Toll free Amazon Prime Phone Number: 1-888-280-4331
International : 1-206-266-2992

Please call the above number for any issues. waiting time is very short and customer agent will contact you immediately. alternatively you can go to this link  and give your number and a live agent at Amazon customer service department will contact you within 5 minutes.

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Amazon Prime Email : Send a Mail from here

Official Website :

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number

Amazon Prime Corporate Office Headquarters Address

410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Twitter : Here

Facebook Link :

You can also raise your concern via social media link such as twitter and Facebook. response is fast and quick and their social media team is very active and always take care about their customers and their issues.

We hope that with the above listed amazon prime number helped in you reaching the customer support. For any issues or complaint you can comment here.

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  1. NIK PEE


  2. John linebarger

    My name is john linebarger, i recently purchased about 600 dollars of merchandise from the website i pay alot of money to utilize your shipping program. As soon as I paid for the items my account was froze. And I was locked out of my account so I called you customer service department as it told me to and I got a gentleman that had no idea of any situation. So I asked to speak with his Superior he hung up on me I called back and was able to get a supervisor on the phone and she told me not to worry all I had to do what’s contact my bank and tell them that the transactions were unauthorized like I wasn’t the one that even purchased it just tell them that it was fraudulent and I could just get my money back which is all on recording I am appalled and concerned with the Amazon organization as a whole because all my life I was taught not to lie cheat or Steel because doing as she said I would have not only lied to my bank but had them believe that somebody stole my money so I would get the money back from their insurance company not you guys that is committing fraud if I would have done that to you I would have got prosecuted I have yet to receive my money and I am not going to commit fraud as if you have probably done to so many insurance companies and so many people and caused so many headaches just over your stupid mistakes that your system causes people on a day-to-day basis. I really hope this is being taken care of because I I am not only never going through Amazon again but I’m dropping my phone carrier because they’re connected with you which is Metro PCS so not only have you caused yourself to lose customers you have caused a another company to lose out on income and loyalty because I’m very loyal and very honest I hope you can understand where I’m coming from and Hope your training staff has the decency not to commit fraud with other companies we work hard for our money and we don’t want people going around thinking that they can just duck under stuff and make it harder on everybody else.. by the way when you go back and listen to our conversation that ended at 5:44 a.m. on March 14th 2021 and my name is John Linebarger and my number is 816-558-1644 I will be anticipating they call back from somebody who’s not going to steer me in the wrong direction

  3. Terrie richards

    Someone call me from your office claiming that I was charged 39.99 for HD service and when I told him I did not want the service they claimed I typed in $3999.99 dollars I work for Ryder/GM parts WH I deal with
    amazon HEADQUARTERS-18,O5,6O8’54O6
    amazon CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER-1(8O5’6O8),54O6

  4. Alfred L. Mauldin

    Someone call me from your office claiming that I was charged 39.99 for HD service and when I told him I did not want the service they claimed I typed in $3999.99 dollars I work for Ryder/GM parts WH I deal with 5000 parts numbers everyday I was told they sent $3999.99 to my bank account I went to the bank yesterday 3 hours later nothing was there. Please call me today 931-797-8636.

  5. Linda Harris

    In the past week, I have had packages delivered – left outside an office. The door was unlocked and it would take only a minute to let me know there was a delivery. With all the porch pirates in the area, you could insure with little effort that the purchaser received their packages – and not some porch pirate.

  6. Donna Marie Cordeira

    Hello I watch your new commercial with the Ave Maria don’t you know that is a church song it talks about God ‘s Mother Mary…wish you would stop that commercial inappropriate..thank you


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