Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number USA

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Listed here is the best Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number to reach the customer service fast and easily. You can also find here official email, contact details, address, corporate office headquarters, helpful resources and other important contact information. If you face any issues in package tracking, delivery, order booking, payment, cancellation, refund or any issues please call the below Amazon Prime Phone Number for immediate assistance.

About Amazon Prime

Amazon also famously known as is a big american consumer electronics company which is currently headquarters at Seattle, Washington, USA. Amazon is also a leader in providing cloud computing services. Amazon is no 1 online internet retailer in the world. It also produces consumer electronics such as Amazon Kinde, Amazon Fire and TV etc. One of its most used services are Amazon Prime. In 2005 Amazon Prime was established which is a membership service  which offers a free two day shipping for all eligible purchases for a annual fee to its members. Members are also eligible for a discount one day shipping on selected items.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number 

Toll free Amazon Prime Phone Number: 1-888-280-4331
International : 1-206-266-2992

Please call the above number for any issues. waiting time is very short and customer agent will contact you immediately. alternatively you can go to this link  and give your number and a live agent at Amazon customer service department will contact you within 5 minutes.

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Amazon Prime Email : Send a Mail from here

Official Website :

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number

Amazon Prime Corporate Office Headquarters Address

410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Twitter : Here

Facebook Link :

You can also raise your concern via social media link such as twitter and Facebook. response is fast and quick and their social media team is very active and always take care about their customers and their issues.

We hope that with the above listed amazon prime number helped in you reaching the customer support. For any issues or complaint you can comment here.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number USA

  1. James Vokurka

    Hello! I’m trying to learn if I am presently a amazon prime member. I know I paid for my membership at one time, but am not sure if it has expired. By the way, I have never used this membership to purchase anything. I would like to take advantage of your two-day sale. So, please call me ASAP at 708 363 4502. I will be up very late. So, please call me regardless of how late it is. Thank you! Jim Vokurka

  2. Steve Stubblefield

    I am writing to let you know how offensive we feel your commercial is with the two men and the one ordering the bed. It is obvious that these are homosexuals and it is quite disgusting to see this on television. It isn’t about our thoughts on homosexuality but how blatant this is. Several people we know have expressed the same concern so I think you might be surprised how many clients and prospective clients feel as we do. We love your company but will cancel our membership if this commercial continues.

  3. Eugene Cope

    please call me at 805-733-3044
    I would like to cancel a movie i ordered in error.

  4. Beth

    I have had nothing but problem after problem with Amazon after they allowed some total stranger to hack my account(gained access to ALL of my financial info like bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, and Amazon credit) Cleared out my accounts even over drafted both the $500 max in checking and took every penny in my savings, maxed out all my cards and Amazon will and has never admitted fault even though TD Bank traced the breach to them. Over 20k gone and I’ve been only able to recoup less than 5k, from my bank. Amazon even had the audacity to put the $1500 Amazon credit card Against my previously almost perfect credit. I can’t even have a account since they say I owe them the $3000 in chargebacks my bank reimbursed. I have spent the past 2 yrs, weeks on end daily in 8 hour stretches trying to get them to help what their glitch in security allowed! I finally actually got through to Corporate by a fluke and a investigation was started. I heard back from the guy 3x he apologized profusely, said all would be made right then he dropped off the face of the earth. And no word in almost a year now. I have emails, screenshots of the online chats, recorded(with their knowledge) conversations where they admit fault make false promises and then do nothing. My credit is destroyed, I could not even co sign for a used car for my daughters 16th birthday. I need to speak and deal with corporate again but have been shut down every time I demand via chain of command. “I’m the highest u will ever deal with, heres the address to corporate that’s all u will ever get” When I’ve threatened legal action over and over, I’m told to go ahead they have an entire division of lawyers.I can’t afford to make my mortgage, monthly bulls, let alone food and other must have vital amenities that a family let alone teenage girl has to have some months. Grown woman has to have parents help me out now all because of Amazon. Actually its the tier below corporate who has my name,account, personal info flagged to go to them when I call or email. They are blocking the massive amount if incriminating evidence from ever making it to those who would fire all involved immediately. They know this and have taken every precaution that I can’t even open a account under aliases. I’ve tried. You r my last hope. Please get me in contact with the ones who actually matter and will definitely care. I’m at the point I don’t care about being embarrassed and going on the news. At least then I won’t be silenced and ignored. Thanks for ur time. Not even going to get my hopes up.Already have had them dashed a hundred times


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