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Listed here GEICO Customer Service Phone Number and Toll Free GEICO phone number which has very short wait time and easy to reach. If you face any issues on insurance claim, payment, cancellation, renewing policy, auto insurance, add a vehicle etc or anything related to GEICO then please call the below listed phone numbers.


The Government Employee Insurance Company, also commonly known as GEICO , is an American Auto insurance company which is headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States. It is also one of the largest auto insurance provider in United States of America and is currently at second place just behind State Farm. Currently more than 25 million auto vehicles are covered by GEICO insurance and it has more than 15 million holders of its insurance policy. Normally GEICO sells its policies to its customers via local agents or authorized representative of its company. It sells its insurance policy through phone or through its website . It was established in the year 1936 and its founders are Lillian Goodwin and her husband Leo Goodwin Sr and their aim was to provide auto insurance directly to families of federal government employees and military personals. Check our other customer service numbers Expedia and Amazon Prime.

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GEICO Customer Service Phone Number

(800) 841-3000 (available 24*7)

Other Important GEICO phone Numbers

Auto Insurance –> 1 800 207 7847

Make a Payment by Phone –> (800) 932-8872

Emergency Road Assistance –> (800) 424-3426

Military Customers –> (800) MILITARY(645-4827)

General Claims –> (800) 207-7847

Glass Claims –> (800) 510-2291

Mechanical Breakdown Claims –> (800) 443-7411

GEICO Business Insurance –> (800) 841-1621

Boat/PWC Insurance –> (855) 395-1412

Flood Insurance –> (800) 241-809

Homeowners Insurance –> (800) 241-8098

Life Insurance –> (888) 532-5433

Pet Insurance –> (800) 793-2003

Renters Insurance –> (800) 241-8098

GEICO Customer Service Phone Number

You can also contact the GEICO social media if you face any issues or unable to reach GEICO customer service. They are very active in Facebook and Twitter. Just tweet or post to their wall.

Facebook –>

Twitter –> link

Official Website Resources  –> Click Here

GEICO Corporate Office Headquarters Address

5260 Western Avenue,
Chevy Chase,
Md. 20815

We hope that you are now able to reach them via the above mentioned GEICO customer service number and helpful resources. For any issues or complaint you can reach them. Have any suggestion? the please comment here or discuss your issues.

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