Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

Have you been looking for the contact phone number, email, contact details and address of Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters then you are at the right place where you will get the answer for all of your queries? Here listed below is the important address of Best Buy Corporate Office headquarters which you can use it to reach them fast. Are you have any complaints, want to give a suggestion, applying for a job, reporting a manager or CEO, raising a concern with corporate executives then you can reach them via the address details given below.

Best Buy is a Big Multinational company based in Richfield, Minnesota, United States. It is a Consumer electronics corporation and known for its cheap and best prices. Its founder is Richard M Schulze and Gary Smoliak and it was established in the year 1966. Best has more than 1400 stores in the USA and employs more than 1,25,000 employees in their store.

Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters

7601 Penn Ave. S
Richfield, MN 55423

Geek Squad Address

Geek Squad
Best Buy Corporate Customer Care
P.O. Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Email: Click Here

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Best Buy Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289)

Contact Media : 612-231-5146

Support Forums: Link

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Hubert Joly
Chief Human Resources Officer: Paula Baker
Senior Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Retail: Shari Ballard
Chief Financial Officer: Corie Barry
Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer: Matt Furman
President, e-Commerce: Mary Lou Kelley
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer: Mike Mohan
General Counsel: Keith Nelsen
Chief Marketing Officer: Greg Revelle
Chief Strategic Growth Officer: Asheesh Saksena
President, Services: Trish Walker

Best Buy Website: Link

Twitter: Click Here

Best Buy Facebook: Link

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14 thoughts on “Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. Ohio peter

    Best Buy used to be a good company, but they’ve gone to the dogs. We’ve been trying to get a security system installed for weeks. Initially, the salesman ordered the wrong stuff. Of course, they couldn’t install it so we had to reorder it, wait for it to get here and schedule the installers again. Still couldn’t install all if it because of some glitch

    Best Buy HEADQUARTERS-18,O5’6O’8’54’O6
    Best Buy CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER-1(8O5)(6O8),54O6

  2. Victoria Busco

    Best Buy used to be a good company, but they’ve gone to the dogs. We’ve been trying to get a security system installed for weeks. Initially, the salesman ordered the wrong stuff. Of course, they couldn’t install it so we had to reorder it, wait for it to get here and schedule the installers again. Still couldn’t install all if it because of some glitch. Reordered stuff and scheduled them to come out, yet again. They said they’d be here between 7 and 1 today. Never showed, never called. I’m trying to deal with this incompetence over chat and some agent just left me hanging. After being transferred four times, got an agent who asked questions and then just ignored me for over 15 minutes. I had to disconnect. Finally, the installer called and said he’d be here in an hour. That was at 2 pm. Mind you, it’s a beautiful day, the last one we’ll have for awhile, and we’re having to sit inside waiting for them.
    When Best Buy screwed up the second time, my husband called and was put through to some incompetent corporate person who refused to give my husband his name. So unprofessional. When they start acting that way at the corporate level, you know the company is bad news. Best Buy has really gotten bad and we have no intention of ever shopping there again.

  3. Sophia

    I am very disappointed in Best Buy. I’ve made purchases as a loyal customer for years, typically paying cash, but this was my first major order that required a schedule delivery. My order 1120334633783was scheduled for delivery on Friday, December 4 between 7am and 1pm. I took a half day off work. I could have purchased the same appliance at Grants down the street for less money plus rebates, but delivery would be 2 days longer. Because there is an infant in my home I wanted the quickest delivery so I went ahead with the major purchase from Best Buy. They call the same day claiming the truck broke down, an apology and we will get it to you NEXT Wednesday. I understand things happen, but they failed to prioritize my order and put me back in line… I could have stuck with Grants. They made no concessions and we are now still living out of a small cooler to store formula and small food items. I feel that if that truck broke down, why couldn’t you prioritize my order for the day? This is a big company with resources and I am very disappointed in the lack of empathy and “oh well” attitudes.

  4. James McCusker

    My family and I went to Best Buy’s to look for a lab top. My wife is a teacher and she is required to educate the kids from home. Brian your tech was helpful to set us up with the geek squad because no one could answer our Computer questions. So this means we have to wait at home in the allotted time Frame for them to answer our concerns. We also wanted to purchase a ring doorbell for my wife’s dad, but we had to sign in at the front of the store for help with another product. While waiting for ten minutes the security guard told me that they close in ten minutes that’s why no one is there to help you. Your store is understaffed and not prepared to address the consumers concerns. I work for a company that is focused on customer service! So is Best Buy, but I failed to see this during my visit to your Deptford NJ location. I understand that we are all in an unusual situation with the pandemic… we should be taking care of our customers even better than we did before because if you do not they will take their business elsewhere. I am very disappointed with the whole experience that I had on Sunday, August 30, 2020

  5. Joseph McNeil

    I had a horrible experience with the contracted delivery team today. I ordered a gas range and hood online. The hood was delivered in July and I installed it & got rid of my old one. Today, my stove arrived on time at 12 noon. The tech came in and told my wife he couldn’t do the install. I was working, but she had me leave my meeting to discuss.

    He told me the shut off valve needed to be behind the stove to be in code. However, I pointed out that code says the valve had to be within 6 ft and ours was within 3 ft. He then said I was right, but best buy policy says he can’t do it. Then he quickly changed and said it’s not best buy policy it is his preference. I asked him if we could get a manager and he said okay, but “I won’t do the install.”

    He then said he could disconnect and take my stove and leave the new one. I asked if we could talk to a manager first. He walked away and got back in his truck. I was dumbfounded. So I asked his partner what was happening and he said he couldn’t speak english and opened the door of the truck and pointed to his partner.

    I asked again if he could wait for the manager to get on the phone. He said “that would take 5 to 10 minutes and I can’t wait, someone will call you.” He shut the door and left with my stove. Mind you, it was 12:10… they arrived at 12.

    I got a call back at 12:30 from Best Buy and the gentlemen confirmed two things:

    1. The shutoff valve issue is not a policy of best buy & not a requirement. Instead, it is up to each independent team and their insurance coverage.

    2. The team should’ve stayed until they got a manager because they would’ve told me that if they left things there another team could’ve come out to finish the install.

    I was told that he would contact the service manager and get me a call back. His goal was to get me a resolution today. However, air recieved no call back. Then, at 3:30 I got a message that asked me to reschedule my delivery. The earliest date is September 15th and I could run into the same issue again depending on the team.

    After multiple calls and chats since, the only answer I get is that they will look into a call back in 24hrs and an offer to schedule for September 15th. I feel helpless at this point and just wish someone would help me.

  6. Eric Sesit

    I ordered more than 3500 worth of Kitchen appliances. The refrigerator is on back order until August.
    The other three items were delivered Monday 7/6.
    The contracted delivery driver did not install the range properly, removing the tip over lock and not installing the new one. THe range is not level.
    I have called the Morehead City Best Buy three times. I have spoken to two managers both who have not called me back. Today i couldn’t even speak to anyone. I want my range installed properly. Now i’m being told it can’t be installed properly because the order isn’t complete….remember the fridge on back order. So now i have an unlevel range that is a safety hazard. BEST BUY. FIX MY DELIVERY OR REFUND MY ENTIRE PURCHASE.

  7. clarence

    Ms. Cory Barry
    As a business owner I found your backing of the current unrest and talking about your new diverse hiring disgusting. That should have been your hiring practices all along! I had just bought a 50 inch Samsung 4K television from your Redding California store. That will be the last product I will ever buy from Best Buy. I don’t protest, loot stores or steal 50 inch televisions, I pay for them through hard work. There is only one race and that is the Human race. All lives matter!! There are 350 million people in the United States of America and you bowed to a handful of rioters and communists. Sad! But my dad always said let your money talk not your mouth.

    1. Youse

      This person has unsound uninformed views and should not be taken seriously. Too many people are too comfortable airing their self-centered biased opinions with a lack of actual knowledge of history. It’s the lack of humility that’s disgusting.

      1. Yolanda Baptiste

        You are a blessing to this universe. I was going to reply, but after reading your note; I feel so much better.

  8. Buc Wild

    with this pandemic going around and it’s spreading. i understand what corporate has put in place about staying a few feet back from the counter when patrons are ordering foods. The question is. why don’t the employees wear protective masks while working at all times? what has been put in placed for this? if it’s left up to the franchise owner to decide wither it’s employees does or doesn’t. why not just make it a corporate policy?

  9. Paul Horton

    I have a security issued with a recent Geek Squad case where you should have concern. If you want more information contact me .

  10. Trudy Gallinoto

    I purchased a electric start for my vehicle. I had an appointment on Jan 23 to have it installed. The employee never showed up to work after I had waited 2 hrs. The Suad leader rescheduled my appointment for Jan 28. Went there for my 1:00 appointment & the service guy said she never put it in the system. Got there at 12:30 and as of 4:00 has not been seen yet. This is twice I have driven 11/2 hour trip & still nothing. I am so disgusted at this point that I will never shop Best Buy again and will tell others to take their business elsewhere

  11. Mary Siragusa

    I purchased the apple earbuds with wireless charger at cyber Monday price. It was suppose to be coming Friday Dec 6th.
    This was unacceptable!!!! This was suppose to come before Christmas. Now it stated would be delivered in March. I had to cancel this order. Strange you have it back on for a higher price and states it delivers before Christmas. Amazon never treats their customers like this. They prevented me from buying this on other sites. Now the price is back up. I will have to go to the Apple store or Amazon and pay full price because of best buy. Believe me I will let others know my story so it never happens to anyone else.
    Order # was BBY01-805673219292

    So disgusted with Best Buy!!!

  12. Gregory E Cormany

    I was a customer of Best Buy. After being treated like a lowlife I was called a (teller of untruths) polite version. The store has a great selection of products with mostly favorable prices. I refuse to do business with a company that claims I am a teller of untruths. It was all started because of no knowledge of their products nor their policies of installation. I was set up for a evaluation for an installation and my hours started out from 7am till 1 pm. At 2 pm I was called by the installer and told they don’t do that I would have to hire outside help. Why couldn’t I be informed that in the beginning. On Black Friday I sat at home all day, missing out on some good Xmas buys for my family-grandkids because of uneducated attempted sales of their products. Not bad this was twice in one week on two different items. I realize this is a huge company and they could care less about one person. All one can do is inform my veteran brothers, relatives ect.


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