Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

We have listed here all the important contact information of Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters like address, contact details, phone number, email, website and other necessary contact details. You can find below the address of Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters which you can use it to reach them faster and easier. If you are having any issues, Job related problem, applying for a career at Pizza Hut, filing a complaint, giving a suggestion, sending mail to CEO or senior executives , reporting on food quality and service then please use the below listed contacts.


About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a multi billion American restaurant chain and franchise store which is famous for its Italian American foods which inculdes its unique pizza and pasta and many other dishes which includes desserts and side dishes. This company has more than fifteen thousands location all over the world. Pizza hut is a subsidiary of Yum Brands which makes it one of the largest restaurant in the world. It was founded in the year 1958 by two brothers Dan Carney and Frank Carney. It is headquarters in Plano Texas, United States.

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Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters

7100 Corporate Drive
Plano, TX 75024, U.S.

Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-948-8488 (U.S.) or 1-866-364-0825 (Canada)

Pizza Hut Headquarters Phone Number : 1-502-874-8300

Chief Executive Officer : GREG CREED

Vice President and Treasurer : LARRY GATHOF

President and Chief Financial Officer : DAVID GIBBS

Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary : MARC KESSELMAN

President, Pizza Hut International : MILIND PANT

Vice President, Finance and Corporate Controller : DAVID RUSSELL

Chief People Officer : TRACY SKEANS

President, Pizza Hut U.S : ARTIE STARRS

Official Website :

Pizza Hut Twitter : Link

Facebook : Click Here

Please use the above given contact details and address of Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters and reach them for any of your concerns and suggestion. Please do comment on our website for any issues.

15 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. Marva Weisenborn

    First, let me say *It is hard to register a complaint with Pizza Hut!

    I went to the Pizza Hut buffet the other day (8-8-19) in Forsyth, IL. There were 2 adults, a 4 year old and a almost 2 year old. The buffet advertises on the outside as $4.99 BUT the 2 adults got charged $6.79 PLUS 2 Beverage Bars @ $4.18. We were also charge $4.99 for the 4 year old who ate 1 slice of pizza. So total order was $21.58.
    1 Lunch buffet @ 6.79 ??? Should be $4.99
    1 Lunch buffet @ 6.79 ??? Should be $4.99
    1 kids buffet @ 4.49
    1 kids cup lemonade @ 1.19
    2 beverage bar @ 4.18 ???

    The buffet was almost empty with pizza getting hard sitting out under lamps. We had to wait 2 different times for pizza to be put out.

    Bad experience. I will never eat at the buffet again. I DO like Pizza Hut pizza but will order take-out from now on.

  2. Carmen Arnette

    Not happy with my order. Placed order at 12:02pm got a text that pizza was out for delivery at 12:22pm. Did not receive my order until 1:10pm. Called the store to check and see how much long. Person who answered the phone sounded very aggravated and frustrated. Driver non-apologetic for being late. Pizza very cold. This is not the first time that I have complained about this store. My ticket number is #0007

    1. Josh

      Wow, sounds just like the experience I just had with the location at 4957 Winters Chapel Rd Atlanta, GA 30360.

      I spoke with an employee named Ivan and apparently the deliver driver who would not share his name is Stefan (per Ivan).

      Took 1 hour 27 minutes to get 2 pizzas ordered online and I live less than 3 miles from the store. The driver could not have been more rude when he arrived. The people on the phone (called every ten minutes after we hit the hour mark) were also rude and offered no apology or explanation. They even said the driver doesn’t carry a phone so they couldn’t check with him (he definitely had a phone).

      Awful experience from Pizza Hut. Which I’ve come to expect.

  3. Kathy McNulty

    I complained to customer service and this is the response I received!! Kristina also called me twice and yelled at me!! READ CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONCE!!

    I’m sincerely sorry that you have such a horrible response to someone trying to genuinely help you and your issue of not being able to use a coupon… a COUPON! Please feel free to reach out to the A.G. and explain to them that you couldn’t use a coupon and you were contacted by the business and chose to threaten us with legal action… over a COUPON. For future reference going forward in life, you get what you put into the world. You put out negative vibes you get negative vibes, if you’re a nice person that treats people with respect you spread happiness and joy in the world.

    I hope you have a day you deserve,


    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Donna Crowe

    Your $5.00 deals? Absolute unequivocal garbage. All of it. The pizza, the bread knots and the chicken wings. I would be embarrassed to give that to a starving homeless person living under a highway overpass.

    1. Bruce

      You are on a site that provides corporate info, and that is not affiliated wth the companies. You want to go to

  5. Paula Bowmam

    Dear Mr. Artie Starrs,
    I saw an ad for Pizza Hut on TV this week. The ad shows two men sitting at a table. Each man has a small pizza box in front of them as if they are both having pizza for lunch. One man has a Pizza Hut box. The other man has another no name brand of pizza. The no name brand pizza looks awful and dry. The Pizza Hut pizza looks great.
    The problem with the ad. When the man who bought the Pizza Hut pizza gets up to answer a cell phone call. The other man looks at the Pizza Hut pizza. Thinks for a second and then puts one piece of his pizza in the Pizza Hut box and takes, or in truth steals a piece of pizza out of the Pizza Hut box. The other man comes back and notices the situation that the man sitting next to him just stole a piece of his pizza and left the one awful piece of other pizza. Why is your marketing department promoting stealing pizza from others?
    Doesn’t anyone in your Marketing department know the Golden Rule? Guess not. My idea for the ad. The man who wanted the Pizza Hut pizza should not of taken (stole) the slice of the pizza. When the man came back after his phone call was finished, seeing how the other man was looking at his Pizza Hut pizza. The man should of offed the other man with the awful pizza a slice or several slices of the Pizza Hut pizza. The ad would fade out with both men enjoying eating the Pizza Hut pizza.

    1. J>ose

      You are not on a site that has anything to do with Pizza Hut. You want

  6. joe coyne

    I order my pizza at 240 S 69th street in Upper Darby in Pennsylvania.It took over 2 hours to receive my order .(Dec 3,2018) When I tried to call to see why so long I was on the phone waiting for over 20 mintues an no one pick up the phone all I heard was a recording.This isn’t the first time this has happen to me.But I am at the point now three strikes you are out.If you go on face book you can see other people telling the same story.I just thought you should know what is going on at this store.As for me I am done with Pizza Hut.

  7. Geraldine Nazario

    Hello my name is Geraldine Nazario, I order a YOUR ORDER – 3181102181829001311012333
    Placed on November 2 at 7:18 PM
    Large Thin ‘N Crispy ®, Garlic Buttery Blend

    Whole Ingredients:
    Classic Marinara Sauce, Pepperoni

    6 Piece – Lemon Pepper Dry Rub – Traditional Bone-In

    Brisk® Lemon Iced Tea 2 Liter

    Breadsticks with Marinara Sauce – Single Order I waited two hour for my or order , it came at 9:00 PM ON Nov 2 2018. Then tope that, it was cold. I had call and ask for the manger . All I got was the running around. so I had to used a different phone just to speak to someone. I would like a refund, please
    my address is
    Every time I order from this place, I always have a problem, I live one block down from the place.

  8. Susan Snell

    We have visited the Lansing, KS Main Street locations several years. Within the last year the cleanliness has drastically gone downhill! The staff in the past was very attentive and did a good job with the structure they worked in but the last 6 months or so it has not been cleaned!! All of the tables looked to be wiped off with a dirty rag! Silverware was ALL dirty!! !We just were there today and don’t know if we will return. It has got so dirty we were worried if we would be ill when leaving. The business should be inspected by corporate and closed for at least a week. New carpets installed, seats recovered (most are torn). I am sure if the restaurant is this filthy the kitchen is worst. The salad bar today was ill kept and very dirty. An employee would occasionally walk by with a VERY wet, drippy dirty cloth and wipe the sides off…as I watched, the wet rag dripped into the food bins!!! It was left VERY wet and still dirty!! One of my favorite thing at the salad bar is the 3 bean salad. The last few months it does not taste right. When you take a bite it stings your mouth and the salad in the container bubbles and looks spoiled! Horrible!!! I am sure this Pizza Hut would benefit from a reconstruction. This location is the closest to Ft. Leavenworth Command and General Staff College base. We have a beautiful town. Lansing, KS is the closest to Leavenworth, KS. Our Pizza Hut in Leavenworth was awesome but has closed and we now have a delivery location only. Please check this location we really do love it but it is in serious despair!

  9. Mr. Schmidt

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    This Private United States of America, and or state of Florida Land, and property ” FOR SALE ” by the 100% property owner Mr. Schmidt.

    Think about placing, and or establishing your potential beautiful future dream home, potential future business, bussinesses, and or all other possible etc on this approximate ( + or – ) 3.90 acreage of land / property.

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    When I lived on this land / property for approximately ( + or – ) eleven ( 11 ) years I had great natural well water in my belief, and within my opinion.

    This private land / property also has the city of Auburndale, Florida water main, and sewer systems off the southside, and or front of the land / property which is also along the road of C.R. 557 A.

    This Private United States of America, and state of Florida Land / property ” FOR SALE ” is near, and located approximately ( + or – ) seven tenths ( 7 / 10 ) of a mile, and or approximately ( + or – ) 1.1265408 kilometers from the main entrance way on, and or off vehicle ramp to the main Florida Interstate Highway I – 4, and exit # 44, and businesses such as the McDonald’s resturant, Arby’s fast food resturant, Polk city travel stop, and Loves travel stop, and or all other businesses located along, beside, near, and or close to the Florida Interstate Highway I – 4, and or exit # 44.

    Approximately ( + or – ) 20 minutes to Disney World.

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    My contact information :

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    As verbally stated to me, and advised me via, and or over phone conversation Friday, May 11, 2018, and or according to, and or verbally stated by the United States of America Polk county, Florida property appraisers records department the McDonald’s resturant property owner who owns the McDonald’s resturant which is located at 1801 S.R.559 Polk City, Florida 33868, and or near the Florida Interstate Highway I – 4 on, and off west bound, and east bound vehicle ramp exit # 44 purchased the property of 1.05 acre for the price of $2,181,900. 00 as of, and or on September 26, 2016 to build a McDonald’s resturant for a business at this location.

    I do believe, and or in my opinion the McDonald’s resturant owner had to take the additional expense, and or cost of demolition, dismantling, sanitized, clean up, and or any, and or all other possible etc to the old Amoco gas station building, and any, and or all possible tainted grounds, in ground fuel piping, tanks, signs, and or any, and or all other possible etc on, and or within the land / property which was part of the property, and or all at there own additional expense, and cost, and before building the new McDonald’s resturant, and which is my belief, and or in my opinion.

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    Home Page » Return To Search Results

    Parcel Details: 25-27-03-000000-014020
    Tax Estimator
    TAX EST Portability Calculator
    PRT CALC 3rd Homestead Estimate
    3rd HX EST Property Record Card
    PRC Trim Notice
    TRIM Trim Notice

    Mailing Address
    Address 1 PO BOX 626
    Address 2
    Address 3 SHARPES FL 32959-0626

    Site Address
    Address 1 2405 BARFIELD RD
    Address 2
    City POLK CITY
    State FL
    Zip Code 33868

    Parcel Information
    Neighborhood 330016.00
    Show Recent Sales in this Neighborhood
    Property (DOR) Use Code Vac. MH – PLATTED (Code: 0002)
    Acreage 3.90
    Taxing District UNINCORP/SWFWMD (Code: 90000)
    Community Redevelopment Area NOT IN CRA

    Property Desc [ Open/Print Property Desc (full) ]
    DISCLAIMER: This property description is a condensed version of the original legal description recorded in the public records. It does not include the section, township, range, or the county where the property is located. It is a description of the ownership boundaries only and does not include easements or other interests of record. The property description should not be used when conveying property. The Property Appraiser assumes no responsibility for the consequences of inappropriate uses or interpretations of the property description. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use, or its interpretation.


    Area Map [ Open Interactive Map ]

    +Zoom In
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    Mapping Worksheets (plats) for 252703
    Mapping Worksheet Info

    Sales History
    Important Notice: If you wish to obtain a copy of a deed for this parcel, click on the blue OR Book/Page number. Doing so will cause you to leave the Property Appraiser’s website and access the Polk County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Official Records Search. Click here for a list of the system requirements that the Clerk’s office deems necessary in order to view the deed. Once the document opens, click the printer icon to print the document. If you have any issues opening the document once you have met all the listed system requirements, please contact the Clerk’s office at (863)534-4000 and ask to speak to an IT staff member. If the Book/Page number does not have a blue link to Official Records, the deed may not be available through the online records of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. In order to obtain a copy of the deed you will need to contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court Indexing Department at 863-534-4516. If the Type Inst is an “R”, the document is not available through the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Official Records Search. Please contact the Property Appraiser to order “R” type instruments.
    OR Book/Page Date Type Inst Vacant/
    Improved Grantee Sales Price
    06/1989 W V $1,000
    01/1987 R V $0

  10. BRYAN


  11. John Ambrosio

    Attention Artie Starrs, CEO of Pizza Hut

    I sent an email back in Nov. of 2017 asking about if the “Pizza Hut” in Marathon, FL would be repaired after Hurricane Irma struck our area. Irma struck the Lower and Middle FL Keys back on Sep. 10 of 2017. Here we are in early January with no notice of if or when the PIzza Hut in Marathon, FL will be reopened.

    I also called your “Pizza Hut Contact Phone number” at 1-800-948-8488 this early afternoon on Jan. 8, 2018 and I waited over 45 minutes to speak with someone regarding the opening date of the Pizza Hut restaurant in Marathon, FL. We are frequent customers at your Marathon, Florida location ordering pizza at least once a week and at times more as I have a family with children who love your pizza.

    Please respond to my email at your earliest convenience.
    If I do not hear back from you I will look up your corporate email and/or contact info to reach you.

    Thank you,

    John Ambrosio
    Marathon, FL


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