Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

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We have listed here all the important contact information of Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters like address, contact details, phone number, email, website and other necessary contact details. You can find below the address of Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters which you can use to reach them faster and easier.

If you are having any issues, Job-related problems, applying for a career at Pizza Hut, filing a complaint, giving a suggestion, sending mail to CEO or senior executives, reporting on food quality and service then please use the below listed contacts.

Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters

The Pizza Hut Corporate Office is located in Plano, TX. The company, which operates more than 8,000 restaurants in the United States and 100 other countries, was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney. The first Pizza Hut restaurant opened in Wichita, KS., on June 15, 1958 with $600 in start-up capital.

Pizza Hut Corporate Office

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that specializes in pizzas and various other foods. It is currently the world’s largest pizza chain, with more than 20,000 locations worldwide.


7100 Corporate Drive
Plano, TX 75024, U.S.

Pizza Hut Corporate Phone Number

In the face of stiff competition from other restaurant chains, international pizza chain Pizza Hut offers a wide range of menu items, and does so in a modern, welcoming environment.

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If you are one of the Pizza Hut customers looking for the restaurant or Pizza Hut corporate office Phone Number, there are a couple of ways to contact them.

Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-948-8488 (U.S.) or 1-866-364-0825 (Canada)

Pizza Hut Headquarters Phone Number : 1-502-874-8300

Chief Executive Officer : GREG CREED

Vice President and Treasurer : LARRY GATHOF

President and Chief Financial Officer : DAVID GIBBS

Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary : MARC KESSELMAN

President, Pizza Hut International : MILIND PANT

Vice President, Finance and Corporate Controller : DAVID RUSSELL

Chief People Officer : TRACY SKEANS

President, Pizza Hut U.S : ARTIE STARRS

Official Website :

Pizza Hut Twitter : Link

Facebook : Click Here

Pizza Hut Corporate Complaint

If you have problems with food quality or delivery , please contact Pizza Hut Customer Service for order issues, including incorrect items in your order, missing items from your order, delivery problems and order status. You can find Pizza Hut corporate office email addresses and phone numbers here.

Making a pizza hut corporate complaint is easy — just follow these steps to ensure that your complaint gets taken care of as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a multi-billion American restaurant chain and franchise store that is famous for its Italian American foods which include its unique pizza and pasta and many other dishes which include desserts and side dishes. This company has more than fifteen thousands location all over the world. Pizza hut is a subsidiary of Yum Brands which makes it one of the largest restaurants in the world. It was founded in the year 1958 by two brothers Dan Carney and Frank Carney. It is headquarters in Plano Texas, United States.

Pizza Hut has a great culture among its employees. It’s a very family-friendly environment and they even provide child care services to their employees. They also host a lot of events to bring their employees together.

Please use the above given contact details and address of Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters and reach them for any of your concerns and suggestion. Please do comment on our website for any issues.

3 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. Pedro Fresquez

    My daughter, Brittany N. Fresquez,is a single parent and is an employee of the Pizza Hut at 1492 N. Main St. Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA) 88001 (575) 524-0953. For two months now Brittany has not been able to apply for and get her EBT/SNAP food benefits for her and her daughter because her supervisors at the Pizza Hut will not give her work pay stubs to her to take them to the New Mexico Human Services Department Office. Please Pizza Hut show that you care about your employees, give my daughter the work pay stubs she needs so that she and her daughter can put some food on their table.

  2. Kelly Ward

    I am so upset and am not going to mention which store as the employee has no idea I am sending this. I went to get a pizza today at our local Pizza Hut. I am a huge fan of the personal pans and the wings. I called and it took 4 minutes for the call center to answer. The phone rolled over to an answering service. The reason it took so long is this employee is working alone. Making food, answering phones, handling the cash register. There was one delivery driver that was extremely busy too. Anyway, I said “you don’t have any help”? This employee told me he just received payroll check today and stated has worked 160 hours in the last two weeks. This employee was only paid for 80 hrs due to the fact that this employee is paid salary. I was mortified. This employee figured out that the pay was only $9.00/hr to run the store practically alone! Now if you have any reservations as to why you may be having trouble hiring. This is a prime example. I struggle myself or I would’ve tipped this person big! I am sure the employee needs the income so bad that they will just have to take what they get! Please review your stores and for goodness sakes if you have an employee that is working their butt off………give them a bonus and pay them for the hours they work! And btw……….this employee was very kind and thanked me for coming into Pizza Hut today. I know all fast foods are working short hand. The least you could do is pay the employees that are devoted and let them know how appreciated they are!!!

  3. Patricia VanBuren

    I had an online issue with my local pizza hut delivery today, August 29, 2021. The store, #317011, located on Altamont Avenue in Schenectady, New York, took an online order from me at 10:40 am for a 1:30 pm delivery. Unfortunately I did not know that the store didn’t open until 1:00pm and that the orders were automatically cancelled when placed before opening time. I called the number I had and was placed on hold for 15 minutes. Luckily the store is not far from my home so I drove there. The young lady there explained what happened and showed me the cancelled receipt and told me that I had not been charged. She said that she would make my order up right then and there and there would be no cost to me. Her name is Alliyah and I just want you to know that she was very polite in her manner and apologized for the mishap. She should be recognized as an exemplary employee and I will continue to do business there.


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