Publix Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact Details

Are you searching for the phone number, email, contact information and address of Publix Corporate Office Headquarters then you have arrived at the right spot where you can find the answers to all your questions.

We’ve listed contact details below for your local Publix supermarket, so you can easily get in touch with them if you have a question or concern.

For any issues with your product, for complaints or suggestions, for bad service or just to raise a concern about something, the best way to get help is by talking directly with a customer service representative. They’re trained experts in the ins and outs of their products and they can help you in a way that nobody else can. If you want to talk with a manager or CEO directly, you can try that too.

Publix Corporate Office Headquarters Address

Publix’s corporate office is located in Lakeland, Florida. Their primary phone number is 1-863-688-1188. They can also be reached through the contact form on their website, or on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Publix Corporate Office

Publix Corporate Headquarters
3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy
Lakeland, Florida 33811

Publix Corporate Phone Number

Many companies are proudly rooted in their communities so you’ll find a special note on their contact pages. Publix, for example, calls out each individual location’s phone number and even lists the boards of directors for each store’s governing body(!) to get people excited about where they work.

It’s important for a company to keep in touch with their customers, and it’s even more important for them to maintain an open flow of communication. Whether you need to find a contact number, email address, or want to know when they’re open, we’ve got you covered with all the details you need to reach Publix in one place.

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Publix Customer Service Phone Number: 1 800-242-1227

Publix human resources number: 1-863-688-1188

When To Call: Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm (EST)
Saturday 9am – 4pm (EST)

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Official Website: Click Here

Publix provides an excellent customer service experience on Twitter. The grocery store chain is available to address any and all questions via social media — especially when they relate to their grocery delivery services. Businesses can take a page out of Publix’s book and provide great support via social media, too.

Facebook: Link

Publix CEO Email:

As the CEO of Publix Super Markets, Inc., Todd Jones leads an organization of 190,000 employees and is responsible for all aspects of the business. As a firm believer in putting your people first, Jones has led innovation across all facets of Publix’s business including employee training, healthcare coverage and community involvement.

Publix Corporate Office Lakeland

Publix is a supermarket chain that serves more than 1,100 stores in the Southeastern United States. With its family of fine supermarkets, grocery delivery service, and pharmacy chain, Publix offers a number of opportunities for advancement within its Lakeland corporate headquarters and elsewhere across the company.

The Publix Headquarters is located in Lakeland, Florida. The company has 1,119 retail grocery and pharmacy stores throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee.

How Do I Make A Complaint To Publix?

If you’ve tried to speak to the manager of the Publix location where the incident occurred and weren’t satisfied with the results, you can make the complaint to Publix headquarters by emailing them at

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Email: Email Publix

Your email should contain your name, email address, contact information, the date of the incident, the location of the incident, the store where the incident occurred, and a summary of what happened.

Publix has three methods to file a complaint. One way is to call Publix customer service at 1-800-242-1227. If the customer prefers, they can also fill out the form here. Lastly, if the customer prefers, they can also visit their local grocery store with their complaint.

About Publix

Publix Supermarkets — operated by thousands of employees across the US, and with over 1100 locations — make it a true staple of American convenience. Founded in 1930 by George Jenkins, Publix is still doing what it always has: providing its customers with great food, excellent customer service, and a friendly atmosphere.

Publix is a supermarket chain that employs 180,000 people across southeastern and southern parts of the United States. The company is known for its high-quality services, thoughtful employee treatment, and, of course, its fresh food.

We hope that by using above the contact above information you are able to reach the Publix corporate office. Please let us know by comments on any suggestions or complaints.

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  3. Carolyn McGoey

    I shops every week at Publix in plantation town square. Plantation Fl
    For weeks they have not restocked publix sugar feee popsicles. The inventory in this store is very poor

  4. eileen slomovitz

    My hands do not work so good It took me more than an hour put order together Was suppose to be deleived oct 30 between five and seven got a email saying would not before 9.00 I am alredy in bed at that time What a waster I will never order from you Not customer frendly

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    Marengo County. I think this would be a great area for a store. They need a good grocery store there. Please consider

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    Im really upset at the newnan store and the grocery manager he was very disrepectful and talked down to the employees and ive been waiting for my check for a month and just trying to get it was supposed to be mailed to the store but still nothing

  9. Thomas Caspary

    I wist to make a complaint against Publix at Verano, Port Saint Lucie, FL.

    I have been shopping at Publix for over 40 years. Most store visits are very good, however Publix at Verano has by far the worst seafood department I have ever seen. The issues stem from many visits since that store opened. Very unfriendly employees seem to be at the counter during most of my visits. They act as they are doing me a favor to wait on me. Today I waited at the counter and waited for the clerk to help me. There was one other person there before me. Waiting. I finally asked if anyone was working the counter. The muttled reply we got was that he was busy. He never came to the counter and we both walked away. How does Publix expect to sell their precious seafood ??? I have had it with that store. I left that store many times without making a purchase from that seafood department. It was after 11:00 am and the seafood case was not even set up. What is going on here?

  10. Camilla Deason

    Really think Publix should consider opening a store in Demopolis, Al, Marengo County. I think this would be a great area for a store. They need a good grocery store there. Please consider this area!!! Thank you!!


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