Publix Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

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About Publix

Publix Super Markets Inc, also famously known as just Publix is an employee owned supermarket chain in america which is based in Lakeland, Florida. It has more than 1100 locations in United states and it employees more than 180,000 people in its locations and corporate offices. It is one of the largest regional grocery chain in USA. It was established in the year 1930 and its founder is George Jenkins.

Publix Corporate Office Headquarters

Publix Super Markets
Corporate Office
ATTN: Customer Care
PO Box 407
Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

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Publix Customer Service Phone Number : 1 800-242-1227
Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm (EST)
Saturday 9am – 4pm (EST)

Official Website : Click Here

Twitter : @Publix

Facebook : Link

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10 thoughts on “Publix Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. Martha Norris

    What you have done to your app has lost me as a customer and I’m sure many more will follow. I don’t want my groceries delivered and I don’t want someone else to do my shopping just so I can pick them up. With running
    a house hold and working I like to do my list on the app telling me what isle every thing is to save time. Taking
    away the Browse all products and the Grocery category ruined the app and I won’t be shopping in your stores
    anymore, there’s to much competition than to deal with your unorganized company.

  2. Sharon B Sherwood

    Dear Randall T. Jones, David E. Phillips, John A. Hathaway &David E. Bornmann,
    As a long time Georgia & Florida customer of Publix, I speak for my family, friends and colleagues in saying Publix’s response to the “die-in” spearheaded by leftist Soros stooge David Hogg was a grave disappointment. The actions of these media prostitutes in their hope to quash the right of every citizen to protect themselves (guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution) should not be treated with the uneven hand of a “social justice” response, but with law and order. These “protesters” needed to be arrested for breaking laws and violating the safety & rights of customers during their shopping experience in the confines of a private company. Companies that kneel to the political pressures to comply with sketchy agendas, throw their vitality away to the strongest bidder. I hope you don’t succumb. I will be watching to see if your choice is to go the path of the NFL, Dicks, Target, Macy’s, etc., etc. I truly hope not, your business model up to this event has been exemplary.

  3. Marty Norris

    I have never been so disappointed in a store that is supposed to have a top rating, especially one as under stocked and unhelpful as Publix in customer service.
    I went in to get a cake for a baby shower, and you had one selection, and was told you didn’t even have the kit to decorate it with the only one in your book, that’s bad business. I will be taking my business

  4. Christopher Hanley

    Interesting to note: Publix has supported a number of left wing causes in the past, including Planned Parenthood a nd gay rights groups. If Publix is telling the truth, this means they are stepping away from those causes too. The left may have just Barney Fyfed itself. We’ll keep an eye on this. Publix are still cowards, though.

  5. Debbie

    I will no longer shop at Publix. You are just another weak company who has caved to political garbage. This punk, David Hogg, is nothing but a political activist, probably being paid by the evil George Soros. Companies like yours are trying to take away guns from law abiding citizens and it will never work. What about the rights of those people who were trying to shop, while those spoiled brats laid on the floor? What a bunch of idiots. If I would have been there while that stupidity was going on, I would have stepped on them. They are in the way of everyone trying to buy groceries. PUNKS!!! The liberals in this country have waged a war on conservatives that they will never win. There is a spiritual battle in this country between good and evil, and you are on the side of evil.

  6. Steve Nellis

    I have been shopping at publix for years. We use to have a right of freedom of views and expression. I am ashamed you have up that right. Adam Putnam is a good person. So he supports the NRA. We have a parenting problem, not a gun problem. I see now you don’t support our constitution or its rights. David Hogg has become a bully. I don’t like boycotts, but since the left is trying to take our freedoms away, I have no choice. I won’t be shopping at your stores anymore.

  7. James Bird

    Because of your antigun stance ( and that is what you have become) we will no longer shop at our favorite grocery, Publix. Winn Dixie gets our twice weekly visit. I’m ashamed of you. Jim and Maida Bird Crystal River Fl. I will let all of my 2nd amendment friends know what you did.

  8. Jeffrey Garfield

    Dear Randall Todd Jones Sr.
    CEO, President & Director

    David P. Phillips
    Executive VP, CFO, Treasurer & Director

    John A. Attaway Jr.
    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

    David E. Bornmann
    Senior Vice President

    Jeffrey G. Chamberlain
    Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities;

    Since I moved to Florida 7 years ago, I have been a loyal customer of Publix. After learning of your contributions to the Republican Party, namely NRA loyalists. In the wake of a Tampa Bay Times report showing that Publix has given an unprecedented amount of support to GOP candidate for governor and self-described “Proud NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam, survivors of the school shooting in Parkland that left 17 dead are calling for a protest of the Lakeland-based grocer.

    David Hogg, an outspoken NRA critic and school shooting survivor, took to Twitter this morning calling the grocery chain an “NRA Sellout” for their continued support of Putnam, and asking people to participate in a “die in” at their local Publix beginning at 4 p.m. on Friday May 25.
    “We must hold these businesses accountable just like our politicians,” said Hogg in another tweet.

    Hogg’s pressure on Publix plays on the string of outrage following news of the Polk County grocer donating $670,000 to Putnam over the course of his career. Earlier this week, people began tweeting photos of their receipts from Publix competitors along with the #BoycottPublix and #TweetTheReceipt hashtags.

    Since the Tampa Bay Times report, Publix has attempted to clarify their support for Putnam, saying they only support the candidate, and not the NRA, which is arguably the same thing. Putnam, who currently has an A-plus rating from the NRA, has continuously pushed to relax Florida’s already loose gun laws.
    As the Times reported, Publix’s connection with Putnam is deeper than just supporting the hometown candidate. As Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, Putnam once removed failed Publix health inspections from the public website, and then changed the labeling from a failing grade to “re-inspection required.
    Instead of donations to candidates why don’t you consider donations to charity or reducing your overpriced items.
    I will no longer shop at Publix. Between Target, Walmart, Winn Dixie, Fresh Market., I have many options to shop.
    Same on you . Our local supermarket should not be a Politically motivated corporation.
    Jeffrey Garfield

    1. Patti and Dennis Bankson

      We have shopped at Publix since moving to Florida in the early 80s, but like many others, I will no longer do so. Whatever else your caving into David Hogg’s demands says about your company, the truly insulting thing is that you did it to avoid offending a certain part of the population, essentially telling the rest of us that we don’t matter… that if we are to matter, we have to litter your aisles with bodies and keep others from living their lives. Why didn’t you stand up to the obvious trespass, much less refuse to give in to the equally obvious extortion?
      Sadly, letting bullies like Hogg .and whatever entities are backing him, get away with their utterly selfish nonsense helps to take us yet another step away from being the Home of the Brave and the Free. Through your action, you literally sold a part of your freedom and showed us all that cowardice exists in the big as well as the small.

    2. Sharon B Sherwood

      David Hogg was a tardy bystander, not a victim! The cognitive dissonance of this hormonal anti-second amendment stooge to promote giving gun control to the very municipal keystone cops types that hid behind cars instead of rescuing & protecting the lives of kids, is mind bending!


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