Best Buy Headquarters Information and Contact

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How to Contact Best Buy Headquarters

Best Buy is a very big American electronic company which sells almost everything you can ask for. It sells all types of electronics keyboard, computers and mobile phones etc. Best Buy is headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota,USA. One other headquarters is also located at Richfield, Minnesota. The Official website of Best Buy Headquarters is currently unavailable but we have listed down the Corporate Office Investor Relations page which will help you in contacting best buy headquarters easily.

Best Buy Headquarters Information

After our research, we have confirmed that Best Buy headquarters is located in Richfield, Minnesota, United States as given in Best Buy Investor website page. You can use that page to write your concern to best buy corporate office, contact official corporate team or send an email to the corporate investor relations department and get your concern addressed directly from Best Buy Headquarters staff.


You can use the below mentioned address to send letter of concern to best buy headquarters. You can also send via snail mail or speed post service to their official physical address of corporate office.

Best Buy Headquarters
7601 Penn Ave. S.
Richfield, MN 55423

Best Buy Headquarters Phone Number

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You can call the Best Buy Corporate Office at phone number 1-866-758-1457 and reach their customer support representative. You can also call the number 1-612-291-1000 for Best Buy headquarters.


Unfortunately there is no offcial email address or contact page which available to customers for contacting Best Buy Corporate Office. But there is one good news, You can contact them in the email of Best Investor relations team. From there you can easily contact the corporate office team.


There is no official website for Best Buy Headquarters. But they have one investor relations website which have details of all important information related to its corporate office. Here they have given details of information about how to purchase stock and other important useful information.

Best Buy Headquarters Executive Team

We have found that best buy consists of two teams, first one is made up of executives and other is Board of Directors.

Hubert Joly – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Shari Ballard – Senior Executive Vice President and President of Multichannel Retail

Corie Barry – Chief Financial Officer

Matt Furman – Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer

Mike Mohan – Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer

Keith Nelsen – General Counsel

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Asheesh Saksena – Chief Strategic Growth Officer

Kamy Scarlett – Chief Human Resources Officer

Trish Walker – President, Services

Ron Wilson – President and Chief Operating Officer, Best Buy Canada Ltd.

Best Buy Board of Directors

HUBERT JOLY – Chairman & CEO, Best Buy Co., Inc.

LISA M. CAPUTO – EVP of Marketing & Communications, The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Former CEO of Citigroup Women & Co.

J. PATRICK DOYLE – President & CEO, Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

RUSSELL P. FRADIN – Lead Independent Director, Best Buy Co., Inc.
Operating Partner, Clayton, Dubilier, & Rice

Best Buy Headquarters Brands

Best Buy offers wide range of Brands which it sells through its websites and stores. Some of the brand includes Insignia, Rocketfish, Geek squad, Dynex, Init etc. The company also introduced many private brands so that it can defeat Walmart to number one position. One such label brand was VPR matrix but now it is defunct since 2003.

We hope that above information has greatly helped you in reaching Best Buy Corporate office and raising your concern with them.

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5 thoughts on “Best Buy Headquarters Information and Contact

  1. doris cosgrove

    I have been trying to contact my store in riverhead ,New York it has been over a week trying to get help.
    I have tried their headquarters and they are not available every phone call i have gets disconnected their is no help at all with BestBuy they should have better contact numbers . If there is anyone that can help contact me

  2. Melissa Fryer

    I ordered a set of dolls for my daughter for 12.99 it was a small set of 7. I received one of them probably worth 2.00 total. Where are the rest of them? Your hold time is currently 1 hour I would like a full refund on my purchase. Not happy at all with this purchase. 2 shopping experiences that were terrible. I will not be returning as a client.

  3. Dr. Vaughn A. Wallace

    Dear Corporate,
    I am a long time Best Buy Customer. It appears that each time that I do a major installation project, the service at the store level and selecting equipment is awesome. It is not until I get the installation portion that the delivery and communication is horrible. I purchased the ~200 service plan and would like to cancel for fear that it is a rip off and not designed to be responsive. My first install was 10K and this one is 5k. This should not be a factor for good service, however, I should expect for this level of out put, I would receive maybe 3 star. Please see my message to Mr. Nowlin below. If you cant help me, please direct me to the COO or senior exec that can. My number 240-286-9068

    My Message to Mr. Nowlin from the Magnolia System Designer: Springfield
    I am getting frustrated with the lack of attention. I have reached out on multiple occasions to resolve some of the installation issues. I have contacted the store in person, left several messages, contacted the Bowie store (on hold for more than 30 min) got disconnected twice. I am now taking my inquiry to the corporate level. I was excited about the level of service initially, but it appears it is about the sale and not the follow through. Secondly, we discussed the clarity that needed to be in place with the installers and that was not successful. My first experience the 10K installation was dismal due to lack of communication with the install team. The second experience was ~ 5K and more of the same. I would like to cancel the geek squad $200 … service plan because I am not confidence in the level of response nor the since of urgency (lack) that I may receive. Please contact me within 24hrs. This will be part of my discussion with the corporate level.

    Frustrated Customer (2X)

  4. Eric Christensen

    Why are you contacting the corporate office for faulty equipment instead of going to the store from which is was purchased?
    Your best bet would have been–even if purchased online–to visit one of the nearby stores for assistance.

    That said, I’m sure you can appreciate corporate HQ of any business (Target, Stetson, et al) generally doesn’t have a Customer Service call center. If so, you would have been directed to call that center via the paperwork/reciept given at time of purchase/delivery.

  5. Cindy Greco

    I am about ready to never buy from Best Buy again. For 2 days I’ve waited on hold at the Brookfield store for over 30 minutes multiple times. Same thing with the online chat and the same thing when calling the Corporate office. I’ve never had a worse experience in trying to reach someone. I bought a laptop and the price went down and I’m trying to get a credit they promised if that happened. The hold line said it could be done through chat but as I said – I can’t get through that way either. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY ALL


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