Facebook Corporate Office address, Phone Number and Email

Below you can find the Contact details of Facebook Corporate Office Address, Mailing and Postal Office address along with the contact information like the toll free phone number, Email, website details, fax number which will help you to contact Facebook. The Customer Service of Facebook is one of the best in its industry and they look after every customer concern and inquiry quickly and efficiently. Customer service is available normally during working hours and some emergency number are available 24*7. They can be contacted after the usual business hours via postal mail, email address, or calling the toll free number or contact the live person via help support chat. Many Customers are looking for the Facebook Corporate Office address or trying to search for customer service phone number of Facebook, Facebook toll free phone number, customer service helpline number and customer support contact number.

Are you searching for more information on various types of services and brands provided by Facebook such as Facebook Corporate office, toll free 24 hours phone number of Facebook Availability, Official working customer service number, Headquarters Office address of Facebook. Good news is that you can get all important information from this website and use this contact details to contact the customer service executive and support center and they will help you in resolving your issue fast, quick and efficiently.

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We have given here Facebook Phone Number, and using this number you will be able to contact Facebook corporate office and customer service support department. You will be able to reach a live person at Facebook Customer Care Support in the given below Facebook Contact phone number and will be able to get all the main points of Facebook services or able to get facilitate and acquire your concern correctly self-addressed by proper authorities.

Facebook Corporate Office Contact Information

You can find here Facebook mailing and postal address, corporate office address, customer service help number, corporate headquarters address of Facebook, Customer service support phone number, corporate office HQ Address.

Facebook Customer Service Phone Number:

  • Customer Service Support Phone Number: 1-650-308-7300

The number given above may not be a toll free phone number and you may get charged while calling this number at the usual calling prices. This customer support number of Facebook is available on normal working hours and may be closed during some official holidays.

Facebook Customer Support Email Address: 

Below is that the listed official email address of Facebook. they supply the e-mail support 24 hours all day year along and that they typically reply inside 24 hours. typically, you may expect a delay back in response.

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Facebook Corporate Office Address and Phone Number:

The official mailing/postal address, payment office, Headquarters and location address of Facebook. People can use this contact details to contact them and get their concern or query answered quickly.

Facebook Corporate Office Address: Facebook 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States

Facebook Corporate Office Phone Number Toll Free: 1-650-308-7300

Facebook Corporate Office Fax Number Details: NA

Facebook Corporate Office Email Address: NA

Website: www.facebook.com

Facebook Social Media Links:

Facebook Online Resources:


18 thoughts on “Facebook Corporate Office address, Phone Number and Email

  1. Keith Lucas

    I’ve been attacked for being Jewish by a Palestinian bitch over them shooting rockets at Israel, and I get “red flagged”.
    Next as a retired LEO and posting facts listed on our government websites regarding the “disproportionate amount of blacks committing crimes vs other demographic groups” I get suspended for three days. The very next day after “appealing” it, I get a message saying my post was reinstated and they apologized, yet I cannot still use my account until after the three days are up. According to federal law as long as they are a “publisher” in the public sector they can be broken up for being a “monopoly” and practicing discrimination against certain groups. I pray the next lotto winner uses their money to start another “website” to challenge them and sue the ever loving piss out of Zuckerberg.

  2. Vicki Woodard

    hello Fb….I’m having issues with my fb….I went to open fb and my icon wouldn’t load. I opened another fb app and its all different and doesn’t show page address and will not let me cut and paste and pictures to save to my desktop like I have don’t with my previous fb app. my messenger is different and I see my friends but I cant see if they are online…..im very frustrated….Can you please help me?

  3. James Simonds

    My FB account has been hacked. Probably by David LLoyd. Works for Canada computers in Richmond Hill Ontario Canada. How so, hacked? Friends who were there two days ago were gone last night. So sometime in the past 3 days. I want him stopped and more than his account suspended. Do what you can to help me on this….. James

  4. James Simonds

    bsawb2@gmail.com. Cell 613 876 4157. I have a very serious allegation against one of your users, David LLoyd he hacked my account and deleted 4 of my contacts. Gary Barker, Terry Barker and Jessica Wilson. All friends who were there one minute gone the next. Look into it and you have proof that LLoyd did this, because I did not, I want him prosecuted if possible

    1. James Simonds

      You may also want to follow David Lloyds activity in Kaitlyn Trickey FB page, Jessica Kincaid FB page, Debbie Simonds FB page, Terry Barker FB page, Gary Barker FB page. All from Kingston ONT. All friends of my wide Debbie and I

      1. James Simonds

        plus cell phone activity tampering on my wife’s phone (613)888 6300 and on Jessica Wilsons phone Pass that on to who you may, Ontario Provincial Police probably

  5. Sophia Tucker

    For some reason you have blocked me for the first time and I would like to know why?I have not talked bad about anyone other than my family.I do not comment on current events in the world.i would like an answer please.also I have not harrested anyone family or friends. Please Email me at sophiatucker4#Aol.com If this is for Something stupid and I do not like your reason than I can deleted the account I tried ti do that today. T will be looking forward to reading your reason. Sincerely MS.Sophia Tucker

  6. Helen Knight

    For two weeks I have been having problems to log on to Facebook on my desk top , it keeps popping me off , and telling me to log in , I keep logging in and someone else name and photo pops up once oe twice then mine come up , then I get to my page and it pops me off again

  7. Alan Rockman

    I would also recommend sending copies or the actual letter to the Executive Secretary’s office at

    1601 Willow Rd.
    Menlo Park, CA. 94025

    As I believe it stands a better chance of getting to Zuckerberg himself than going through a clear-all address, for after all, we don’t even get a decent, courteous response from a person when we’re accused of violating their so-called “community standards”.

    I just got blocked again (over a dozen times in the past six years or more)for a post from seven years ago when I described Islamists as “Muzzies”. Seems FB Community Standards can allow anyone urging the extermination of Jews or the persecution of Christians to post, but not us. And something seven years old?

    Senator Cruz, Jay Sekulow, Mark Levin, and Hannity need to go after Facebook, and go after it now.

  8. Kathleen Victoria

    What happens to an individual who sends nude photos of themselves to other Facebook users?

  9. jack lapoint

    I was blocked for 30 days.The 30 days was up three days ago.Now it says that I am blocked for another 28 days.Why? Obviously since I have been blocked from posting for 33 days I have not posted anything that is against Facebook standards.What is going on???

  10. Gregory Cruz

    Hi Google staff, this is my 4th request to Google, and no Google staff has answered back concerning my prior (3) Google complaint requests for assistance. My Google, type in, manual search hasn’t been working for about a week, only my Google, talk in, microphone search works, how can Google correct my Google, type in search is not working at all? Google you have my email address, so please respond back. Thank you. Greg

  11. M L Hast

    Hey Google, you don’t have the RIGHT to my personal information so DON’T send me programs on my phone to access that. Or I will go to the FBI and fair trade commission and FCC and BBC I’m not playing games with you all. Stop downloading update Ed shit. On a daily basis. I pay for the phone not you. Oh 1 other thing your games. You call free to play. QUIT making them so difficult to play unless you pay for worthless things to pass the levels. That’s extortion and it’s against the law .

  12. Joan Molinaro

    So I get blocked for telling the truth about illegal aliens? Don’t you believe in Free Speech? Oh, right; free speech is okay as long as it’s LIBERAL LEFT WING LOONS SPEECH! They can call for someone to Kill the President, they call post about vaginas, and they can and post pictures of people holding the severed head of our President. You have no right to stop Free Speech just because you don’t like what I have to say.

  13. Paula Weiss

    You all sent me more than 7 hours ago that you were wrong about my post and I still can’t post to my face book, why am I still blocked? Also check out law of 1952.You all took your wrong about my post off my little bell, but I have it saved else where.

    1. nick

      we need to start a class action lawsuit against them regarding our first amendment rights,getting sick of this shit

      1. Tim Young

        Why is there no way to contact Facebook support or a complaint desk ,,,,the help desk message system is always down and messages can not go through . Why am I being bullied for my post , for being a Christian ,and loving America ?

    2. Alan Rockman

      They did that to me too, it is as if one of the faceless automons there can say you’re ok but gets overruled by another faceless automon. I decided enough is enough and have written to Zuckerberg, I suggest you and the rest do so too.

      The so-called Community Standards police needs to be drastically overhauled, there needs to be an ombudsman on site there with a name that one can write directly too, with an appeals process going to a real human being, not a “big brother is watching you” or Facebook should be taken to court*. There have been lawsuits placed against Facebook in Europe, why hasn’t there been one initiated here?

      p.s. my latest suspension is over a post I made SEVEN YEARS AGO IN 2012! What the hell is going on here?


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