FPL Customer Service Phone Number

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Are you looking for FPL Customer Service Phone Number then you are at right place. Listed here is the FPL phone number, contact address, corporate office headquarters, mailing address, email, official website and other important contact details. FPL customer service phone number has shortest wait time and you can reach live person at FPL very easily. If you have any issues like power outage, pay by phone, making a payment, cancellation, refund or any related issues or complaint then just reach them via below mention FPL phone numbers.

About FPL

FPL, full name Florida Power and Light Company is an American Power provider company based in Florida. It serves more than 5 million customers annually and handles power distribution operations in more than 30 states in United States and also handles operation in Canada. Nexra Energy for which FPL is a subsidiary. Florida Power and Light Company was established in the year 1925 after many smaller power companies merged to form FPL in Jacksonville. It is headquarters in Juno Beach, Florida, United States. Florida Power and Light company is one of the largest employer in Florida stat with more than 11000 employees. Its main objective is to provide uninterrupted power supply to its consumers. It has generated revenue of more than 15 billion dollars annually and generated more than 50000 MW of power.

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FPL Customer Service Phone Number


FPL Bill pay phone number –> 1-800-226-3545

When to Call : Monday – Friday ( weekdays ) from 7:30 am – 7:30 pm and Saturday from 8 am-5 pm. Closed on Sundays.

You can easily bill pay online by calling the above number. It saves time, very easy and its free to use as it is a toll free FPL phone number.

FPL Customer Service Phone Number

FPL Official Website Contact Resource –> Link

FPL Mailing Address

General Mail Facility
Miami, FL 33188-0001

FPL Corporate Office Headquarters Address

Florida Power and Light Company
Juno Beach, Florida
United States

We hope that now you are able to reach the customer service of FPL by using the above listed phone numbers and address. You can also check customer support number of other companies like Amazon Prime and GEICO here. Please do comment for any suggestion or complaints.

8 thoughts on “FPL Customer Service Phone Number

  1. Milagros Perez

    Why is there not a number that you could speak to a actual person, I have been trying all morning to get in touch with someone and no luck!!!!! very up setting

  2. Barbara G White

    I have been trying to get through to a real person at FPL and having been a customer pretty consistently for over 60 years am appalled that this is not an option anymore.

  3. Ari

    I’ve been trying to speak to a human customer service agent haven’t been able to do so you have the worst customer service I hate your company you all suck

  4. jerphanion

    ik heb 12 maart een koffer bij U gekocht in het filiaal hoogstraten maar bij het eerste gebruik zijn de wielen kapot gegaan aangezien ik na mijn reis naar Cuba direct opgenomen ben in het ziekenhuis waar ik afgelopen vrijdag ontslagen ben ,ben ik terug gegaan naar uw filiaal waar men mij te kennen gaf dat ik geen garantie meer had aangezien ik te laat was en werd mij medegedeeld dat ik het hoofdkantoor moest raadplegen in Rijckevorsel om alsnog mijn geld of een nieuwe koffer te bekomen.

  5. nathan menzano

    Cancelled “Home Service” on 4/6/18. Charged 3.99 on my last bill. I called this company 4 times for a confirmation of cancellation. They said the service not in effect until 4/27/18. Why am I being charged? Please cancel this ASAP……………………………….Thank you, Nathan Menzano

  6. Hope Ziffer

    I have been trying to find a phone number for customer service where I can talk to a live person. Every phone number goes to the automated call center and when I ask to talk to an agent, it says that is not an option. So what phone number should I use to talk with a live agent?

    1. norma rubin

      I want to talk to a real person I did not authorize to go paperless I want my statement to come in mail


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