Lowes Corporate Office Address Contact Information

Listed here are contact details, phone number, email, official website and address of Lowes Corporate Office headquarters. If you are facing any issues like refund, return, cancellation, repair, or looking for job opportunities or any issues or concerns related to Lowes then you can reach them via using the address given below.

These are the best ways to contact Lowes. You can call them, or visit them in person at their corporate office to address your issue directly with a member of staff. Plus you’ll find all the details you need, including email addresses and phone numbers.

Lowes Corporate Office Address

Lowe’s corporate office is located in Mooresville, North Carolina. The company was founded by Richard Lowe in 1946. Lowe’s opened their first store in 1979 and now has 8,000 locations across the United States.

Lowes Corporate Office

Lowe’s corporate office, based in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States, is one of the largest home improvement companies and second largest retail home improvement company in the world. Its stock price is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LOW.

Lowes Headquarters
1000 Lowe’s Blvd.
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States


Lowes Corporate Phone Number

If a customer has a problem with a Lowe’s product, he or she can reach out to the company’s top-notch customer support agents by calling 1-704-758-1000. Lowe’s customer service agents are available 24/7 and are ready to assist customers in any way they can.

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Official Website: http://www.lowes.com/

Customer Service Number: 1-800-445-6937

Products & Sales: 1-877-465-6937

Lowes Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win Money: Click Here.

Lowe’s offers a means to contact them online, via phone, and via social media. While the company’s phone number is listed on its website (1-800-445-6937), customers can also contact the store directly through Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM by searching @lowes.

Lowes Twitter Support

Lowes has a Twitter account for customer support, which is a great feature. If you need to get in touch with the company, you can tweet them, and they’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

Lowes cares about their customers, and they’re extra friendly on Twitter to boot. I’m in the middle of a big home improvement project and they’ve been super helpful. Wouldn’t recommend them otherwise, but if you want some seriously easy and accessible customer service, I can’t recommend Lowes enough.

Lowes Corporate Office Mooresville Nc

Lowe’s has stores across the United States and Canada, with more than 200 in the United States alone. These stores host thousands of products and sell everything from tools to appliances to irrigation systems.

Lowe’s Corporate Office Headquarters is in Mooresville, North Carolina. The company has more than 2,400 home improvement and hardware stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

How Do I Make A Complaint To Lowes Corporate Office?

When you have a complaint at the Lowes, there are several options that can work for you. The first thing you want to do is talk to a store manager in person to see if they can fix the problem. If they are not able to fix it, you may want to file a formal complaint with the help of an associate. Your complaint will go directly to the Lowe’s customer service department. Issues are resolved faster that way.

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About Lowes

Lowe’s Companies, Inc., headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, U.S., is a multi-billion American retail chain that provides products for home improvement and sells appliances to its customers. It has more than 1600 stores in the United States and also has stores in Canada and Mexico. It is also the second-largest hardware chain not only in the united states but also in the whole world. It was established in the year 1946.  It is very famous for selling vary cheap and inexpensive but good quality home improvement products.

Lowe’s stores are known for being very grand and stylish. Lowe’s retail customers are mostly homeowners who want to improve their home and rentals who wants to repair or they want to do it themselves.

23 thoughts on “Lowes Corporate Office Address Contact Information

  1. fun4mocpl

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  2. Tabitha Vann

    I have been waiting for a door installation since late August/early September. I have paid and I feel like noone cares, I call in to check the status of it and everyone lies about calling me back with updates. I have never in my life experienced such horrible service at a supposed to be major company.

  3. Mary

    i wanted to report that I was at your store in Waxhaw Saturday, Oct 8th around 10am in the garden center. There was an employee wearing a “Lets Go Brandon” jacket at the checkout.

    A customer and his wife commented about how she was wearing a 4 letter word on her jacket and didn’t that bother her? She said no. I was right outside and heard this comment. They engaged a bit but I didn’t hear anything further other than her getting loud while talking at him. When I checked out I refused to go to her line despite her asking me to.

    No matter your politics, this is a very inappropriate piece of clothing for an employee of any company much less one the size of Lowes. I realize you can’t police every employee but there should, and I hope there is, a policy against wearing anything political.

    Unless or until I’m satisfied this is addressed, I will not shop this store.
    Thank you

  4. j4k5005

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  6. Jerry Weisner

    Have been holding for 3 hours going on four…….they publish a number but no customer service..
    have called: these numbers at Lowes and no answer 336 248 2300…..704 758 1000…..800 445 6937
    877 817 6750…..it is pitiful that a so called local company has no one that cares.

  7. Richelle Mendenhall

    I purchased a washer, pedestal washer and dryer and paid thousands of dollars for Lowes horrible service.

    Delivery company rang my door bell, left my heavy merchandise outside/left, damaged my property (washing machine values) when they installed my washer. I sent emails and called corporate several times. I have escalated to store manager, but no response. Lowes has toggled me back and forth from Lowes Orange Park to Spirit delivery company. Lowes has the worse service and still has not reimbursed me for the repairs or installed my pedestal washer.

    Lowes Orange Park store has horrible customer service.

    I will be seeking legal action.

  8. makika

    My first order went well. The second order I tried to place for delivery was a nightmare. The card I have used to pay for just about all of my Walmart purchases is now considered suspicious and flagged. I called my bank prior to calling the nightmare customer service call center based in Columbia. My bank advised me that they did not flag the account for suspicious activity. I then call Walmart’s customer service number. I spoke with a rep that I could barely understand due to the language barrier between us. I tried at first to explain to her that I wasn’t fully understanding her. I asked to speak with someone else that I could possibly understand better. That request was of course was denied. The rep tried at first to tell me it was my bank who flagged the payment. When I advised her that was not the case I received a story that I really had an issue following due to the language barrier between us. I asked her to connect me to a manager and advised her not to leave me on hold for 20 minutes only to come back and say one is not available. I explained to her I worked in corporate in the past and that tactic is taught to customer service reps. Needless to say I was put on a brief hold and advised the manager wasn’t available. No surprise there. I gave my phone number to the rep and waited a short period of time. Knowing that if the manager even got my message, I wouldn’t be receiving a call anytime soon, I called back. In hopes of getting a rep that I may understand better. The second reps accent was worse. I then asked to speak to a rep that speaks English. Allegedly I was finally connect to the manager. Who was understandable but equally useless. He advised that my card was flagged and would be flagged permanently due to the suspicious activity of me adding to my order with my own card. Imagine that. I asked if he could have my account unflagged. According to him it was not in his managerial capabilities to do so. Or he just didn’t want to be bothered who knows. I was advised billing handled the issue. My issue was I wanted a refund with in 24 hours not days due to their incompetence. There was no way t for canceling my order, expecting me to pay for the order (if I want to receive it) twice until refunded, for having reps that are hard to understand since English isn’t their primary language, as well as the major inconvenience, your convient service is supposed to provide. nnmmn

  9. Bonnie

    I have been receiving letters from Synchrony Bank regarding Lowe’s application for credit. The letters are addressed to me (first name) and a totally different last name however, my street address. It has been frustrating since I seem to get nothing but the run around from Synchrony Bank as well as Lowe’s credit center. The latest this morning, provided my actual last name, last four of my social, address and was told that yes there is a credit application but the last four and the last name are different. Pretty certain that’s what I had already told them. Point being, no real outcome on this one but I was told that it would not affect my credit history. Seriously??? It shouldn’t because of the name difference as well as the social security number. So very frustrating that this continues. So far, three letters of credit denial. I have never applied at Lowe’s and never will. Just need this to stop and people who work for Lowe’s credit to listen to the problem that continues to happen.

  10. B.B

    Your Rocky Mount, NC store has the worst customer service anywhere I have tried to do business. Once they get your money they are done with you
    If you pay for extended warranty they will not honor. That is just extra money in their pocket. Go to Home Depot even if you have to drive extra miles.
    You ask to speak to the store manager they call a floor worker.
    Everyone should buy where your business is appreciated.
    IT SURE US NOT HERE.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bill Quigley

    I have been trying to speak to some one in the credit department about non stop phone calls for payment and it is not me . I do not have an account and the name is a women . Worst customer service !!!!!!!!.

  12. Debbie

    My husband is disabled and can’t walk. We have been to the Lowe’s in our town 4 or 5 times and their motorized carts are broken. We have had to leave. Have spoken to management and they say they have submitted several work orders for repair but they are not considered a priority by upper management. It is the law to be ADA compliant!

  13. David Kauffman

    I am a veteran and tried to purchase a product that was on sale. After checkout they said they can not take a 10 percent discount off the product. After getting back home I ordered the product online from Lowe’s and got the 10 percent discount on the product. So tell me what is the difference between online and at the register.

    If there was a Home Depot near me I would take all of my business there.

    So veterans and active duty PLEASE check your receipts for the correct prices

  14. Roger R Hernandez

    I agree… A family member recently was hired there and they do not receive any type of formal training.

    My daughter was asked what she knew in prior employment. She stated cash register and she was put in that position. No breaks… She is 105lbs and there is no help when a large item comes through. She and customer must struggle with item.

    Advised her if the manager doesn’t care about employees then it’s time to move on and find a company that cares about their employees.

  15. Jason

    Lowe’s has done went ghetto. None of the employees knows where anything is. All they do is constantly rearrange the store where the customers don’t know where anything is. I tried to get one of the employees attention to help me find something but as he walked by me I realize he did not hear me because he had earbuds in his ears talking on the phone. I called Lowe’s corporate and it said that they were not open and I should call back Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., today is Wednesday and the time is 3:35 p.m. There Is Not a Home Depot in my town but I will be going around taking signatures and begging Home Depot to put a store in my town. If they would Lowe’s would be put out of business in Tifton Georgia.

  16. Sam Smith

    Don’t answer phone
    Don’t answer emails
    Don’t provide any customer service
    Don’t provide support
    Good luck cause they will take your money

  17. Courtney

    I’ve been on hold over 3 hours with corporate, attempting to reach a customer service rep. Livingston Lowe’s lied to me after taking my money. I will be contacting the BBB. Was supposed to have a refrigerator delivered today. Paid in full 2 days ago. Suddenly it’s not in stock and/or my delivery address is too far (after being verified it was not). All my groceries are on ice. 3-7 business days for a refund. Corporate is no better than the store. What a mess. Area manager won’t talk to me.

  18. JoDonna Boisvert

    BASIC and SIMPLE ..Water Heater purchased in 2017 WITH a 5 year extended warranty. April 28, 2021, NO HOT WATER.. 17 PEOPLE later…having an outside plumbing company of over 40 years in service come in (because Lowes said it was a plumbing issue NOT the water heater) and advising us that it was NOT a plumbing issue and seemed like a burner issue, we were given the run around again…with each of Bradley, IL Lowes depts as well as their dept manager and store manager playing the blame game with each other we still got nowhere. After 2 days without hot water we have called the plumbing center back to FIX the problem. Not only did we pay for an extended warranty that has proven USELESS..they have lost $6000 in an appliance sale we already had begun to finalize due to their inapt and NO CARING attitude. This will not end here I promise you.


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