Lowes Corporate Office Contact Details

Listed here is contact details, phone number, email, official website and address of Lowes Corporate Office headquarters. If you are facing any issues like refund, return, cancellation, repair or looking for job opportunities or any issues or concerns related to Lowes then you can reach them via using the address given below.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc., headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, U.S., is a multi-billion American retail chain that provides products for home improvement and sells appliances to its customers. It has more than 1600 stores in the United States and also has stores in Canada and Mexico. It is also the second-largest hardware chain not only in the united states but also in the whole world. It was established in the year 1946.  It is very famous for selling vary cheap and inexpensive but good quality home improvement products. Lowe’s stores are known for being very grand and stylish. Lowe’s retail customers are mostly homeowners who want to improve their home and rentals who wants to repair or they want to do it themselves.

Official Website: http://www.lowes.com/

Customer Service Number: 1-800-445-6937

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Products & Sales: 1-877-465-6937

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Lowes Corporate Office

1000 Lowe’s Blvd.
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States


32 thoughts on “Lowes Corporate Office Contact Details

  1. JoDonna Boisvert

    BASIC and SIMPLE ..Water Heater purchased in 2017 WITH a 5 year extended warranty. April 28, 2021, NO HOT WATER.. 17 PEOPLE later…having an outside plumbing company of over 40 years in service come in (because Lowes said it was a plumbing issue NOT the water heater) and advising us that it was NOT a plumbing issue and seemed like a burner issue, we were given the run around again…with each of Bradley, IL Lowes depts as well as their dept manager and store manager playing the blame game with each other we still got nowhere. After 2 days without hot water we have called the plumbing center back to FIX the problem. Not only did we pay for an extended warranty that has proven USELESS..they have lost $6000 in an appliance sale we already had begun to finalize due to their inapt and NO CARING attitude. This will not end here I promise you.

  2. kubera seth

    LOWES WOW!!! I took a leave from work because at least 5 of my coworkers had COVID !! AFTER TALKING TO MY BOSS ‘S AND THEM TELLING ME KNOW ONE HAD COVID AND LYING TO MY FACE .I was granted the time off from

    Lowes HEAD-QUARTERS P-HONE NU-MBER-1’8O,’56O,8’54,’O6
    Lowes HEADQUARTERS-18’O5’6O’8’54’O’6

  3. marck hale

    LOWES WOW!!! I took a leave from work because at least 5 of my coworkers had COVID !! AFTER TALKING TO MY BOSS ‘S AND THEM TELLING ME KNOW ONE HAD COVID AND LYING TO MY FACE .I was granted the time off from 1-11-21 to 3-26-21 when i went to go back to work they said they fired me on my birth day 2-18-21 they said for JOB ABANDONMENT ..after calling over and over HR WHICH said I was GRANTED the time off .I am getting nowhere now ,I NEED TO GET A LAWYER TO SUE THEM FOR WRONGFUL TERMINATION…PLUS I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE / CUSTOMERS GOT COVID AT MY STORE IN RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA IN CALIF STORE 0758 since sick workers where working therefrom november 2020 on after 1st of year


    I have noticed that before this coronavirus thing that’s going around I was pricing a project that encluded 4x4x10′ treated post. The price at that time was just over $13. That was last of 2019. Then this coronavirus hit,

    Lowes HEADQUARTERS-18’O5’6O’8’54’O6
    Lowes CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER-1(8O5)(6O8)54O6

  5. Janet

    Dont waste your time with lowes, customer service is a joke, warranty department is ridiculous. Lost my business hope that washer was worth it 👌

  6. mike

    I can’t believe all the bad reviews for Lowes but i do believe all of them are true. I don’t know how they stay in business.

  7. Roger

    I have noticed that before this coronavirus thing that’s going around I was pricing a project that encluded 4x4x10′ treated post. The price at that time was just over $13. That was last of 2019. Then this coronavirus hit, all of your stock disappeared, and when you finally got more stock the price is just over $23. How is this not price gouging? Just want to see how you defend this before I go to the Attorney General.Oh, You actually changed the price before you got restocked. Hmmmm.

  8. george t. harder

    On July 14, 2020 I wrote a letter to Ronda Harlow, Director Executive Customer Relations, described on the Lowe’s website as the Primary Contact with whom customers can resolve problems. It has been a month and I have not heard from Ms. Harlow by mail or telephone. Either she no longer works at Lowe’s or perhaps she is working at home and not receiving letters addressed to corporate headquarters. In any event, I would appreciate a response to my correspondence from any officer of the company including Marvin Ellison, President and Chief Executive Officer, William Edwards, Senior VP of Store Operations, or Donald Frieson, Vice President of Operations.
    I ordered a pair of bifold doors in early March 2020. The first delivery in the middle of May had one bifold door in a box with no damage and one just wrapped in shrink wrap with damage, so I rejected it. The replacement door delivered in the middle of June also arrived just shrink wrapped and it too had damage and was rejected. The second replacement door was somehow delivered two days later. It arrived in just shrink wrap and was damaged and rejected again. I have not heard from staff at the Glenmont, New York location since June 12, 2020 when I swore at the manager I had been dealing with all along and I still do not have one new, undamaged bifold door that I paid for many months ago.
    On August 11, 2020 I tried calling the Lowe’s Corporate Office Complaints telephone number, 1-800-445-6937, shown on the website. I was on hold from 1:25 pm until 2:10 pm at which time I hung up in disgust with the entire Lowe’s organization.

  9. Enrique

    Does anyone at Headquarters even read these comments??? Today I called the Customer Service desk at the Fairfax Virginia store three times trying ti get a status on a pending order… first time was on Hold for 11 minutes and hung up, second time for 6 minutes with the same result, and finally waited for only 4 minutes for a real person to answer. Is this what Lowe’s considers customer service??? Someone at headquarters should speak with the Fairfax store Manager and suggest that he needs to add attendants to the Customer Service desk so as to not disappoint your customers.

  10. Doris R Roberson

    I have spent 2 1/2 hours on HOLD on the phone today trying to get someone to answer. This concerns a major appliance that needs repair and is covered under your extended warranty program!


    1. Shawn Adkins

      I’ve been on hold a total of 15 hours over 3 days still no answer

  11. nancy sobolik

    i bought cabinets and countertops in feb. this is the middle of june. cabinets were 2 and a half months coming. they sent the wrongs ones. Contractor worked overtime to make the ones sent to fit and returned others. Now into middle of June….no countertops. Last week was told it wasnt in. I am old. Tired of doing dishes in bathtub and getting takeout. This is beyond bad. What do you plan on doing to compensate me?

    1. Larry Pollock

      On February 16 I purchased a designed Lowe’s kitchen and was on course to have the project completed around April 15 but because one base cabinet was incorrectly order we finished on June 16 this mistake cost me additional labor cost and we went without a kitchen sink all that time I call Belle Vernon Part Lowe’s and get a run around

  12. Elma M Adams

    I am writing to you because I have exhausted every other level of Lowes contacts that we had. Apparently no one in your company returns calls or follows up with customers. We purchased new quartz counter tops from the Strongsville, Ohio store for our kitchen and bath on Feb, 13, 2020. We went through the whole process of having the template made and then we waited for our counter tops. We were patient because of the pandemic and really didn’t want anyone coming into our house.Finally the end of April we were contacted about setting up an appt to have the installation done.That date was set for May 7th. The bathroom went fine, but after the installers tore out our old counter tops, they told us they couldn’t install our new ones because the cabinets needed to be leveled and that we would need a steel bar above our dishwasher installed!!! No one ever mentioned any of this in the 3 months that we waited for our counter tops to be made. I contacted the installers and they sent me a quote of $1200 additional dollars for the leveling and a hundred for this steel bar we had never heard about before. We went to Lowes on May 8th to pay for these extras because they would not reschedule installation till we paid for it. now we are over $6000 and still no counters and no water in kitchen. Leveling was done on May 12th and counters to be installed on May 13th. They brought them in and after putting a hole in my newly painted kitchen wall told us that they didn’t fit and would have to be returned to be cut again. they thought the the equipment used for the template was faulty . My beautiful new counters are reloaded onto the the side of a truck for the 4th time , and I am still without water or counters in my kitchen. The same man who did the first template came out on the 14th and said his measurements and template were exactly right and that the installers screwed up. I have tried to reach the project manager, the store manager of the Strongsville store, and your corporate number, that kept me on hold for 26 minutes and never answeredThen I tried your customer service number that kept me on hold another 15 minutes , and never answered. None of this is acceptable. We are a 65 year old couple , one with diabetes and don’t have running water in our kitchen to wash our hands during a pandemic. We have to take our dishes to the basement laundry room to wash them because we have no sink! Then we carry them back up in a laundry basket. We have to bring water in large pitchers from the bathroom to cook our meals. If you think this is acceptable, you are in the wrong job! I have never been treated so poorly by a company that is taking so much of our money. My next call will be to the BBB and then to our attorney.

  13. Alma Forton

    I visited your store in Chesterfield, Michigan on May 18th for garden supplies. I bought 7 bags of soil, I drove up to the pick up area and waited for help. Finally, after they finished loading two trucks that came after me, one came to ask me if I needed help. I told him I need to pick up the 7 bags of soil I just paid. He told me that since I had an SUV that they CANNOT load them in my car. They can hand them to me but not load them. They said they can load trucks but not SUVs due to the coronavirus. I told him that I’m near 70 years old, had shoulder surgery last year, there’s no way I can load up 7 (40 pound ) bags in my car. He said that’s the rule and walked away. Fortunately, some other driver saw me struggling and came and help me load the last 4 bags. I was so upset that I started crying. How can you treat people like this? I understand about the coronavirus issue, I was wearing an N95 mask, he was wearing a mask, we were out in the open, why won’t they help people like me? I called the store manager when I got home, but he didn’t help much, in fact all he said was sorry and he hang up. I’m so so disappointed with your store, and we’ve been a loyal customers for over 25 years. Pretty much everything in our house is from Lowes. I guess, it’s time to go to Home Depot across the street. I’d appreciate a callback @ 586-822-5950. Thank you!

  14. Cody Cheatwood

    I ordered a Craftsman rear time tiller online (order #416991115) to be picked up at Monroe, La. store as they were showing 12 in stock. Over the past two and one half days, we have repeatedly attempted to contact Monroe store about order. When they did answer (only twice out of 50-60 calls), they were VERY RUDE! Today, I received a call from Monroe store saying that they could not fill order as it was a non stock item. I immediately check store website and it indicated 10 in stock. I have done a lot of business with Lowe’s, but after this, I will take my business elsewhere.

  15. kathleen r fennell

    I was givin a claim number for an injury i had in lowes near me , and i dont know where to go to look it up . C you help me please as its been a long time since ive heard any thing from lowes .. T HANK YOU

  16. Duane Partusch

    I recently bought materials from Lowes in Farmville Va order no 411032546 i was scheduled for delivery on Friday April 3rd .
    I waited all day and had people in place to help install the materials. Well we waited all day making calls to the delivery service that said delivery was going to be on time. At around 4:00 in the afternoon I called the store to see just when I should expect my delivery. I spoke to asst. Manager Kim Boswell he said it wouldnt be delivered on the day in Question. The part that made me upset was I had the whole side of my house fully exposed and rain was predicted for Friday night. I sent my help home at 4:15 when delivery wasnt going to happen. Mu delivery didnt come until Monday April 6th. Mr. Kim Boswell waived the delivery charge. BUT when I got my delivery it wasnt correct I called the store and it was corrected and a second delivery was made to fulfill my order. Then I had to start painting trim on April 15 th. I opened the first can and the paint was clear. I opened a second can and it was also clear. I called the store to find out the wrong paint was sent it was a base 4 it should have been a base 1 white. SO I had to drive 50 miles round trip to return the wrong paint and get the correct paint. Needless my experience wasnt a good one. But through this you have 2 employees at this store that saved the day. Dawn in customer service and Jennifer in the paint dept. If it werent for these 2 people I dont know what I would have done. They worked to correct the wrongs calling me back to make sure everything was good. Please give these 2 employees some kind of recognition. They know what customer service is all about. Be greatfull you have them on your team.

  17. James Ryan

    The Lowe’s manager at LaVale, Maryland has stated that if you get a contractor bulk buying discount on trees and shrubs that the Lowe’s one year warranty is not included. I bought 40 trees and in less than the prescribed year 9 of them died. I returned them to LaVale, Maryland Lowe’s and was informed that the manager said that if you get a discount then there is no warranty. This was not told to me at time of purchase. In fact I was told at time of purchase that they were in fact covered by the Lowe’s one year warranty. Contractors be advised that the LaVale MD manager will not uphold the warranty on trees and shrubs.

  18. Bonnie

    May I suggest a Home Depot buy-out of all the Lowe’s stores nationwide, so customers around the US can get decent customer service? How can Lowe’s continue to compete in this market with the poor customer service they provide, starting at their nasty”Customer Service” desk all the way up to their worthless “Management”?
    I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have a Home Depot in their hometown, so they are at the mercy of shopping at Lowe’s for their home improvement supplies. So I speak for those poor souls that still shop at Lowe’s out of need. Here is a message for Lowe’s elusive “Corporate Office” and CEO- if you actually read customer feedback , or even care for that matter, there’s this thing called CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING . It’s simple and the training outline goes a little something like this: Smile, return calls, follow-up with the customer in a timely manner when there’s an issue, provide more staffing at the customer service desk so they aren’t so angry and nasty to people because they hate their jobs, train your managers to be MANAGERS. The issue obviously starts with management since they are the ones that never return calls as promised. Long story short, this comes down to the run around I have received after ordering a $9,000 appliance package from Lowe’s over two months ago and it has yet to all arrive at the store. NOBODY can seem to resolve the issue after multiple calls, store drop-ins, and a call to the customer service department at the number provided on this website.
    Moral of the story- go to Home Depot if you can.

  19. Donna McDonald

    Lowe’s Companies, Inc.,
    1000 Lowe Blvd.,
    Mooresville, NC 28117, United States

    To whom it concerns, I tried to purchase 4 counter tops on the January 26 2020. I was told that I could only purchase it online and be charged a hefty delivery didn’t like the fee but went along with it. Then I got a call the next day say it would be delivered that Tuesday on Tuesday I get a call from the delivery service saying that the store (Conyers) didn’t have the items. I called the store in Conyers and was told that an Administrator had canceled the order and that they couldn’t tell me anything else so they put me on hold for a manager then the line went dead call back put on hold again for 45 min know one ever came back to the phone then I called your 1800 number the auto attendant would be in circle and the call wouldn’t get to anyone. Finally, I get through to a Rep and she said she would find out what was going on and call me back that was three weeks ago and I have yet to hear from her.

    So I called the store back again and was told the order was no longer at the Conyers store now at (Lilburn) store was put on hold several times there with no results tried again the next day finally got a manager by the name of Mitze who said I would receive my refund in 2-3 day’s it has been two weeks I’m so disappointed with Lowes. This is the second incident where your company has with held monies not belonging to you, I want my refund of $162.66 this has gone on long enough there is no customer service with this company.

    Not Happy

    Donna McDonald

  20. Skyler

    Do they have the 2006-2014 Lowe’s ceiling fan catalogs for delivery to 10337 glen oaks dr Chester va 23831

  21. Michael Lusch

    My wife and I ordered cabinets and granite countertops in store. My wife changed the selection of the countertops when she hand selected the slab and we have the paperwork to prove it. My wife had conversations with specifics as to the copper tones desired in the island. After the granite was installed, she comes home and immediately says it’s wrong. She calls and asks ‘What type of granite should I be getting installed? ‘ They admitted that Sienna Beige should have been installed! All of the phone calls have been recorded, as well as my wives visit to the supply house by video camera. For 2 weeks I have presented the paperwork to Lowe’s, and nothing has been done. No amount of time will make me happy with the wrong granite installed. My patience is worn thin and need the matter to be resolved. The lack of communication is unprofessional and upsetting.



  23. Leah m Munoz

    I bought a lawnmower a few months back from Lowe’s and Lowe’s is not honoring my warranty they are saying it’s not covered due to no oil in it my husband has been a landscaper since 1981 and checks the oil in every machine each time he cuts a lawn the lawnmower was full of oil when he started cutting the grass 3/4 in it started to smoke and seize up it had burned through a full tank of oil in just 1 yard so obviously it is some kind of defect to burn that much oil that quickly now I cant even get my broken lawnmower back without paying fees that I was never told about we live on 789. A month we have no extra money for these fees we count on him cutting my neighbor’s yard just to pay our water bill every month I was never told there would be any fees involved I was told if repairs were to exceed 120. That I would have to pay the difference but I also crossed that part out and wrote on the work order that to contact me if that were the case because I do not have any extra money to pay I should have been notified if there where to be any fees involved and I was not nor did anyone tell me I had to pay to get my broken lawnmower back no one told me there were going to be a charge if it was not covered not the service repersitived from lowes that instructed me to take it to my local Lowe’s nor the sales person that received the lawnmower at the store

  24. Dana Marie Hagerman

    I need to find out a question can Lowe’s resign you if you applied for another position in the same store. Be

  25. Adrian Paramo

    I’m trying to get a hold of the Lowe’s restitution center can anyone provide me the there contact information PLEASE!

  26. Denny coy

    We had a fence put up by the Lowes store in Chambersburg pa in August 2019 they did a really bad job and someone did call and ask how was the service And I had to leave a voce mail I told the lady that they did a bad job the fence is not level hills and valleys the fence is not square it’s not a very good job and I’m so displeased they did do us a little favor and put it up a couple weeks early ! But every time I look at it really makes me mad Maybe I should have told the Installers before the left but they had to see what they did I hope you can help Thank you Mr. Coy

  27. Janet M. Bendann

    Does Lowe’s, Suffolk, VA, have a Human Resource Manager?
    If so, may I have that person’s name and contact information?
    Thank you

  28. Shirl Keith Tinsley

    Lowe’s doesn’t have a clue as to what customer service associates should be. Lowe’s DOESN’T stand behind Kobalt life time warranty for hand tools at all. The life time warranty is only good until you walk out the door. I bought a Kobalt 1/4” drive set and the first time I used it in a 7/16 bolt the gears slipped. I took it back to Lowe’s on Peach Orchard Rd. In Augusta Ga and the refused to give me a replacement. Said I had to take it up with Kobalt. I called Kobalt and told them the problem. They emailed the store manager last week informing him of the problem with the ratchet and his customer service people. Today, I went back to see the manager. At 14:15, a customer service rep, ignored me while she played with her computer and finally said can I help you. I told her I wanted to see the store manager. She said he ain’t here. I said I wanted to speak with the store ass manager then. She kept pecking on her computer. Three minutes later, I asked her if she was going to page him for me? She just gave me a dumb look. I then said, never mind, I’ll call corporate about this. Not realizing corporate customer was as bad as the Lowe’s store. Two wasted trips, two customer service calls, and I still have a defective 1/4” ratchet and the run a round. I’ve spent my last penny at Lowe’s. It is now the principle of how I have been treated by Lowe’s and their “sorry” employees.


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