Lowes Corporate Office Contact Details

Listed here is contact details, phone number, email, official website and address of Lowes Corporate Office headquarters. If you are facing any issues like refund, return, cancellation, repair or looking for a job opportunities or any issues or concern related with Lowes then you can reach them via using address given below.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc., headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, U.S., is a multi billion american retail chain which provides products for home improvement and sell appliances to its customers. It has more than 1600 stores in united States and also has stores in Canada and mexico. It is also the second largest hardware chain not only in united states but also in whole world. It was established in the year 1946.  It is very famous for selling vary cheap and inexpensive but good quality home improvement products. Lowe’s stores are known for being very grand and stylish. Lowe’s retail customers are mostly homeowners who want to improve their home and rentals who wants to repair  or they want to do it themselves.

Official Website : http://www.lowes.com/

Customer Service Number : 1-800-445-6937

Products & Sales: 1-877-465-6937

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Lowes Corporate Office

1000 Lowe’s Blvd.
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States


25 thoughts on “Lowes Corporate Office Contact Details

  1. gayle owen

    I am unable to find an email for corporate site. Does anyone have one.
    I am trying to get my installation done and gone thru the calling phase and now trying to get to installation .
    So far from customer service I was refered to email. Shawn.payne@ Lowe’s.com
    And I’ve tried small letter and other variations
    Does anyone have. A corporate email address???

  2. Robert Ballowe

    I am/was a employee for Lowe’s at store 1623 in south Kansas City, Missouri. Have been there 7 months plus and when I was hired on, they agreed too not make me work on Sundays. They then harassed me and continued to schedule me on Sundays till I finally was force to quit. Is this store anti God or anti Christian?
    My appliance manager continued to schedule me on Sunday’s after agreeing not too, but upper management supported his decision when I ask for help on this issue. Their response to me was to work this out with my immediate supervisor. Granger, my manager would not even speak with me about it after I addressed this issue with him many times.

  3. Shirley J Waldrop

    Lowes installed my Trex deck. I have been to the store in Springfield Ilinois 8 times. I went in starting in October of 2018 so it has been 9 months and I still have no results. The deck has boed and is sticking up at corners. I would very much appreciate if someone would get it fixed. I paid a lot of money for the deck and I want it redone and fixed properly. I have even giving them pictures of the problems. Still no results. Thank you for you assistance in this matter.

  4. ronald luczak

    what a shame! I live in port saint lucie florida! I went to the jenson beach store for some flowers to plant in my garden!!!! as I walked looking at all your plants , what a shame, most of them were so dry in need of water, I cant understand your employees walking around moving stuff and looking buisy but not one person in charge of watering your plants, everywere you look in your garden place !!! all the plants are so dry, so I dident buy any of your dry plants, and just a mile or less down the road is home depote! what a shame, wake up lowes and take car of your merchandise. no one wants to buy dry unhealthy plants, you would be surprised what a little water does for plants. shame shame!! like I said home depote just down the street on federal hyuwy. in jenson beach fla. truly Ron.

  5. Suzanne Thompson

    To Whom it May Concern, STORE #2405
    On March 28, 2019 Lowes, in Avondale, Pa had a walk in and interview on site. My son just turned 18 and went to apply for a job that day. He was the only one of 16 people that interviewed that was hired on the spot. Two managers argued over him to see who he would work under. He was offered a job and was to wait a week to hear from the store manager when orientation was to start. My son did not hear from anyone that week. He started calling and showing up to the store to find out when he was to start. No one ever got back to him. This went on for over a month. The manager set up orientation. When the day arrived the manager left for the day before seeing my son. The store put my son on the floor for an hour stocking with a promise that the manager would call him the following day. This went on for another week or two. My son was told that he was put on the schedule and then no one ever contacted him. We have an 18 year old that is very eager to work and knows more about the tools and equipment that any teenager knows that is his age. This is a huge disappointment to him and leaves a bad taste in your mouth about how management is run for Lowes. Lowes has lost a very dedicated employee that knows a lot about construction to gardening.
    Suzanne Thompson

  6. taenha

    That A disaster!

    I went to Lowes in Prescott! What A mess this store is. After spending 30 minutes trying to find help in the Tile department. A customer directed to the customer service desk. The entire store the grossly understaffed (one nice clerk told me they hire enough people, but half never show up).

    Finally after another 20 minutes, a “Manager” tried to help me. SO we go to the tile isle (He cannot fine any Slate tile), but at least I found a few tiles I liked for kitchen area. As I am looking at the tile I ask him to find some white with green accents, and, get this! He tells me he is colors blind and only “Goes off the color name” Which is of course is useless. I wanted sample of two different tiles and he has the balls to charge me after I waited 45 minutes for a color blind employee to help me.

    He seems a bit slow and bored with his job as did almost every employee.

    Lowes just lost a customer to wanted to buy

    A pellet stove
    Tile flooring
    2 ceiling fans
    2 toilets

    Home depot in Prescott Valley has superb employees! S that is where I will go!!!!

  7. Simon Lawson

    I came to the realization that most Lowe’s stores have terrible service and terrible people.

    1. They never answer their phone and when they Do decide to stop staring at the phone and answer it, they are very rude and not helpful.

    2. Customer service is just not there and seem to shrug off customers. Did I mention the Lowe’s associates are very rude on AND off the phone?

    3. When you need to look for someone for assistance, you would literally have to walk around the whole store looking for assistance. Just makes it seem like everyone is slacking off on the job.

    Overall, I will now take my business to Home Depot and rather them make money off of me.

  8. James Gibson

    My experience with Lowes. Bought E110 John Deere mower ran it for 4.5 hours deck belt keeps falling off and eventually cut the belt. I call Jon Deere for warranty service because Lowes told me that John Deere is to be responsible. John Deere stats that lowes is responsible for warranty work on a product I bought from them roughly 2 months earlier. So I call Lowes in Longview Tx. I get hung up on 4 times! I call back 6 more times and they can not even get me to lawn and garden so that I can start the process of getting the mower taken care of. Finally they tell me I have to contact Service Advantage to process setting up a work order for the mower. I contact Service Advantage of Lowes they take all my info which they already had in their system because there was a warranty plan entered the day I bought my mower on March 16th. They tell me I will have to contact a sub contractor of theirs to set up a pick up of the mower, because I am going to give them the address of where I work so that I’m not waiting around all day and loosing income to get a mower I just spent $1800 on. I contact their sub contractor at a location in Henderson tell Michael what is going on and that the operator at Service Advantage said I had to contact him myself for a pick up because the address will be different than my home address. Michael says that fine Mr. Gibson but we need a work order from LACK of Service DISAdvantage inorder to process this and pick up your mower. This was approximatley at 9:30 am. I told him they should be sending him a work order as I was told by Service Advantage. At 5:00 pm when I called Service DISadvantage they had not processed a work order nor did they have any of the info for the pick up that I had given them earlier in the am.
    So I went to the Longview Tx Lowes store and they are refusing to service the mower without more payment and they already have $1800 of my money. Their response is that it is John Deere’s responsibility and John Deere is saying its Lowes responsibility. The outcome is there is no service after they take your money from either company. This really sucks because I’m not a big fan of Home Depot and have spent around $7000 in the longview Lowes store since November of last year. I even have a $700+ carpet order that is pending for carpet bought at this same store. NO SERVICE what so ever after the sale after all this. Once they have your money they don’t give a crap. You have lost a long time customer. I expect a full refund and will not be back.

  9. Rebecca Ayers

    I had a horrible experience at Lowe’s in Olathe Kansas. We went with Lowe’s for a new roof because we thought they would provide quality work as they advertise. They said it would be at least a 2-day job. But instead they crammed everything into one day had no supervision of the job and killed plants and left hundreds of nails all over our yard. . They hadn’t even pulled the proper permit. Had to get permit after roof was on. We had one leak after a heavy rain a few months after the new roof was installed. They came back and supposedly fixed it but it’s leaking again. Even worse than before. Trying to get it fixed before our year workmanship runs out. I could go on and on but bottom line. Beware of Lowe’s roofers. They are subcontracted and dissapointing.

  10. Shadwicks 2 Day Service

    I will be taking my business to Home Depot from now on. I applied for a Lowes Business account recently and was turned down. I spend, on average, about $14,000 per month on materials and supplies and this is verified with them as I am a veteran and always use my discount. Home Depot gives me the same discount. I rarely go into Lowes and have anyone ask if they can help me. Being a contractor and having done so much business with Lowes, I usually know where to find what I need. But on the rare occasion that I do need guidance, an associate is virtually impossible to find and when one is found, they are usually assisting someone else. One associate per department? Give me a break. I have been a die hard Lowes fan for many years but I’m fed up with their highfalutin ways and arrogance. I’ll take my business to where it is more appreciated. Home Depot, here I come!

    1. Solecita

      What do you expect from a company that even the CEO sends you to gtf off on Messenger when you’re giving him a complaint and asking him what’s he’s going to do about it and is no lie. I got the evidence because the man is so stupid to write things down for getting that we have capture on our phones that can capture every single thing that he does even if he erases it.

  11. Larry Thomason

    This is one sorry store!!!!!
    They will never answer the PHONE
    Store #: 1151


    PORT ARTHUR, TX 77640
    (409) 729-8851

  12. Brian Snowball

    Hello Andrew,
    I wanted to thank you for the interview on March 26,2019 at Lowe’s inEagle Idaho.
    It was a pleasure to consider joining a team and to have an opportunity to be employed by a great
    There are a few things I’d like to share just as a helpful tool for interviewing.

    * It’s always nice to great an applicant by introducing yourself, your title as being the interviewer and even maybe a handshake.
    * When I arrived you called me and as I extended my hand you turned and said follow me. Again this is not a dig, simply a way to develop as a tool for professionalism.
    * When a co-worker is reprimanded with a new individual close it’s usually not a healthy message sent.
    * The interview was what most reviewers error with. It seemed you were pre-occupied and did not have the time for the interview. It sends a message that reflects the interviewers position as being less than helpful.
    While these points are shared they may help the next person that you entertain for any position either at Lowe’s or other organization you are with.

    Thank you again and hope your career will grow with customer/employee service as being be strengthened by this note.

    Sincerely thankful,
    Brian D. Snowball Sr.

  13. Eric Okada

    We purchased a new refrigerator from Lowe’s and had it delivered about 2 months ago. When the delivery was made they broke my screen doors hinge and ripped it right off the door itself. We have filed complaints with the store and was told they would replace it. We haven’t heard back from anyone within the company. Why has customer service been forgotten by all of the big companies? No wonder everyone prefers to shop online nowadays.

  14. George Hair

    I purchased a Troy-Bilt TB280-ES lawn mower 10 months ago from the Lowes store in Norcross GA. Recently while operating just fine it stopped and would not restart. Completed all the user maintenance with no results. Last week I went to Lowes and was told by Customer Service Rep to bring the mower in and Lowes would sent to their service center for repair. Today I took the mower to Lowes as instructed but their CS said they could do nothing and I would have to work it out thru Troy-Bilt. This is unreasonable as I purchased it from Lowes less than a year ago, and followed Lowes instructions. Why does Lowes make it so difficult for customers who want to do business with them. I want my mower repaired or reimbursed the full purchase price. Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks George Hair.

  15. David

    Mr. Niblock,

    I am David of Wetumpka, Alabama. I am writing to you in regards to a continuing issue with your Wetumpka Alabama Lowes store. The Wetumpka store subcontractor a service for plumbing with a James Bishop. Mr. Bishop has given the Wetumpka store an old phone that he had at one time. This phone number of 334-478—— is my number and has been for years. I have received many phone calls from Lowes customer requesting service or when will Mr. Bishop perform services that they have paid for. I have tried on many occasions to talk to the store and have not had that conversation. I have been put on hold or disconnected. Once, I was told that my phone had to be removed from Lowes corporate office. 2018, I did talk with a corporate executive and ensure the issue for the removable of my phone was taken care of. On February 14, 2019; I received a phone call from a Lowes customer name Wendy who left a message on my answering machine asking for me to call her. I returned the phone call and she asks me about plumping job from Lowes and if I was Mr. Bishop. I explained that he did not have this phone number and I was not Mr. Bishop. I called the Wetumpka Lowes to speak to the manager, again disconnected and hung up on. I am now communicating with you to resolve this issue to have the Wetumpka Lowes stop giving out my phone number and Mr. Bishop give his own phone. Mr. Bishop is also giving the phone number of 334-657-4123 as his number in-which belongs to the State of Alabama. It appears that Mr. Bishop working under the table and not meeting state requirements.


    Week after Christmas I tried to return a toilet seat to Lowes that didn’t fit the commode and had a nasty experience. First, the return desk clerk couldn’t find the item. Second she called an Asia/oriental woman to assist. That women was rude and snappy. She said this box has been opened. Duh! How else would I know the fittings were wrong? Second she said she had to count the bolts and screws. Then third she decided the seat had been used. Then she called over another clerk who was just as rude and hateful and she was. (I think her name was Melanie but not sure). Then in the middle of all this the Asian/oriental woman starts running from behind the counter and takes off out of the store after a shoplifter. She finally returned and was just a incompetent as before. I finally became so fed up with these two dolts that I told them to keep the damned toilet seat. And now to add more to this story: An assistant manager came over and had a taser in his hand. The people who watched the shoplifter chase said that he actually fired off the taser several times in the parking lot but not onto any person. He was reported saying, “I’m so tired of these shoplifters” as he was firing. You don’t have a customer service department at Lowes…you have a get rid of all the customers you can.” Suggest you find support staff that has the ability to represent your company appropriately. I have a Home Depot just about equal distance from my house and I’ll be heading over there.

  17. Darlene Oliphant

    I purchased a microwave two years ago with a warranty. The microwave sparked out on November 30th. I called the warranty department on December 1, 2018 see verify if the warranty was still valid and they informed me it is valid until March 2019 and informed me to take the microwave back to the store.. The clerk at the counter was having a difficult time returning the item so she call the manager Jason.

    Jason coming over and states that I needed to take the microwave back home and contact the service department. I proceeded to information Jason of the call that I placed to the warranty department prior to arriving at the store. Mind you I had the original receipt with me. Jason looked at the receipt and them proceeded to contact the warranty department to verify if in fact the warranty was valid. They informed him that yes they warranty was still valid and he still questioned them on it as if he did not believe them.

    I believe I was being radically profiled. It took him over 45 minutes to give me a credit on my account. He advised me that I could go and purchase another one. I told him after what had just transpired that I would not be purchasing anything from Lowes again and proceeded to go home a cancel out my credit card with them. I contacted the credit department and was informed that once I cancel my credit I can never open an account with them again. My money spends elsewhere, not just Lowes and they don’t have to worry about me shopping with them again. I feel like the manager thought I was bringing back an item and trying to get money for it when in fact I had my receipt from 2016 with me.

  18. Lorraine Blevins

    I went to lowes in whelersburg ohio today 7/8/2018. Looking for some building supply,and there waa a bundle of lumber outside in markdowns . so i looked for price an asked a cashier how much it was she come outside an showed me the price an so i said i wanted it.so i went to get more supply. When i got back to pay. The cashier had took the straps off of the lumber an adding it all up an said it was not right price … the price was 42.00 right on it…so she said it would be 400.00 some dollars…so i asked for manager…( Tyler)he come an told me the same thing…then he said well i will take 120.00 for it. I contacted corporate.. waiting on a call within 24 hours…if not i will be contacting my attorney…. don’t shope lows …go to Menards

  19. p wright

    Dont see the email address you mention at the beginning that will be given. We will NEVER shop at Lowes again & someone from customer service had better answer my email as no one else can tell us why you double dipped in our bank account for over 1300.00. They are telling us to file a police report but we wanted to do it this way but we see thats not happening. So guess we will just let them find out why.

  20. xin

    I had carpet installation a few weeks ago and it was a horrible experience to say the least. They messed up my computer desk, walls, left a mess, left the old carpet outside my house. All I want is to be compensated for my computer desk, time, paint, headache. Or the manager can come paint my walls and we can move on from this horrific experience but every time I call the pro help desk the associate Robin always said she will talk to her manager and it has been over 2 weeks. I called the Syracuse Lowe Store directly 315-350-2801 and spoke to the manager and explain to him the situation he said he will have the pro help desk contact me. Can somebody please help with this issue. Thank you

  21. Don riddle

    I bought some 82480 cellulose blow in insulation . on 11-6-16 10 bags. it cost me 66.88 I put it in the machine . and it was junk. and I live 20 away from lowes one way . it done a shitty job . I’m not very happy with the way it looks. I was wondering if i could get some of my money back if not all. we buy a lot of building supply from lowes

  22. Dawn rouse

    I have a suggestion my older grandchildren really like that building for kids and I buy them those little building for kids kits but my suggestion is how about developing kids kits for children under the age of 5 that don’t have nails but maybe dowel rod pegs thank you


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