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Providing here AT&T corporate office headquarters location in United States, phone number, mailing address, customer service, address, email, official website and other important details. If you are looking for how to raise a concern with AT&T, U-verse ,registering a complaint, career and job opportunities or want to give review or suggestion then please use the below details to contact them.

AT&T headquarters in Dallas, Texas is a multi billion American telecommunication, phone manufacturer and internet service provider company. AT&T is the second biggest supplier of cell phone and the biggest supplier of landline telephone in the United States of America , furthermore it gives broadband membership TV and subscription to its customers. It is one of the top three company in Texas and is considered as 23rd largest company in whole world in terms of profit generated, revenue create and assets and market value. It has more than 130 million subscribers and it ranks 18th in telecommunication company in whole world. Before 1995 it was known as SBC Communications, Inc.  Alexander Graham Bell is the founder of Bell Telephone Company which canbe called as parent company for AT and T. It provides streaming video, data services, landline, long distance phone, wireless internet, VOIP and other services to its customers.

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Website :

AT&T Corporate Office Headquarters Address

208 S Akard St
Ste 110
Dallas, TX 75202

AT&T Phone Number : 1800 288 2020


2 thoughts on “AT&T Corporate Office Contact Details

  1. ana A-S

    I am beyond disappointed with ATT!!!! My sons phone is not properly working, I go to the ATT store in Belmont CA they tell me the current phone has to be in PERFECT condition to use insurance, so I have to pay 319.99 to pay off the remaining billing cycle… fine he is 16 and careless with the phone so I pay because he needs a new phone.. we wanted the iPhone 11 and as I am going to pay the system will not take my payment. And no one at the store knows why (or is not telling me) I call the loyalty program, they say they can take the payment over phone and I can take the phone home… that doesn’t work… I call again and loyalty dept says that because I had 3 late payments therefore I am not eligible until 1/2020! However ATT takes my money without telling about the late payments punishment… RIDICULOUS I paid yet have to be punished I spoke to an Ingrid manager att loyalty who said “how many people does it have to take to tell you so you understand you cannot do anything until January” you can pull the call that she made to me on Saturday 12/7. You can also pull the call that I made to loyalty on 12/6 when they told me I would have no problem coming back to TT store on Saturday 12/7 to get the phone. Yet I couldn’t get the phone and spend HOURS on the phone getting run around and being hung up on. The manager at the ATT Belmont store gives me a shame look as if I broke the law it’s a stupid late cell phone payment and in front of the entire stores say “yea you had suspensions” now everyone in the store has to know about it??? Seriously ATT punishes the customers without even having the courtesy to tell me BUT you take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then say I have to wait 3-5 days to get it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I spent over 24 hours trying to solve this problem. One person says you can take the phone the other says no people are “disconnecting” the call I had to call back so many times explain my story over and over and over. I still can’t get a phone without having to pay the full price that not customer friendly at all!!!! Why punish customers I paid late fees and what not when I forgot to pay, seriously so disappointed I left my other cell carrier to be with a “better” carrier, I paid over 1,000 to my other cell carrier as my contract was not over-We wanted att that bad! And yet you cant simply give me an upgrade. WORSE SERVICE EVER!!!! I ONLY WANTED A PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dropping att as soon as my contract ends I will not pay out of your contract!

  2. Dawn Heffelfinger

    I live in pineville South Carolina and we have the worst att reception because there is not enough cell towers in our area I have been a loyal AT&T customer for over ten years and I would hate to change companies please can y’all put some more towers in the pineville area thank you


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