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Providing here AT&T corporate office headquarters location in United States, phone number, mailing address, customer service, address, email, official website and other important details. If you are looking for how to raise a concern with AT&T, U-verse ,registering a complaint, career and job opportunities or want to give review or suggestion then please use the below details to contact them.

AT&T headquarters in Dallas, Texas is a multi billion American telecommunication, phone manufacturer and internet service provider company. AT&T is the second biggest supplier of cell phone and the biggest supplier of landline telephone in the United States of America , furthermore it gives broadband membership TV and subscription to its customers. It is one of the top three company in Texas and is considered as 23rd largest company in whole world in terms of profit generated, revenue create and assets and market value. It has more than 130 million subscribers and it ranks 18th in telecommunication company in whole world. Before 1995 it was known as SBC Communications, Inc.  Alexander Graham Bell is the founder of Bell Telephone Company which canbe called as parent company for AT and T. It provides streaming video, data services, landline, long distance phone, wireless internet, VOIP and other services to its customers.

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Website :

AT&T Corporate Office Headquarters Address

208 S Akard St
Ste 110
Dallas, TX 75202

AT&T Phone Number : 1800 288 2020


92 thoughts on “AT&T Corporate Office Contact Details

  1. Teresa

    I work for a small town in eastern Washington, and I was wondering why At &t doesn’t pay the 6% Utility tax.

  2. Sheila

    I turned my service off 6/7/2019 and returned my equipment the next day. The day in which the billing cycle started 6/7/2019. I was not under any contract. I was being charged $99.25 for 6/7/2019-7/6/2019. I disputed the bill on two different occasion the last time which I spent 1 hour on the phone doing, after being transferred to five different departments explaining I turned my service off and returned the equipment. I don’t fully understand how your company can charge someone for a service, they are not able to even use. I was a long time customer, and I have to be honest I will never do business with your company again no matter how low it cost or what free channels you are offering. Thank you for taking the time to hear my concern.

  3. Mary O

    I started att direct tv last month,as a new subscriber I was offered free hbo for 1 full year. The very first month I was charged $17.99 for HBO,I called and was told I’d be credited for it. Now it is the second month and I’m being charged $13.65 for HBO as a partical month service? I guess free for a year was just a lie?
    I got an e-mait stating I’d could have 1 free movie from direct movie but only had 14 days to get it. I missed the dead line and called to ask if I could still get one. I was told no but was offered free showtime and starz for 3 months. My next bill had a charge for $16.01 for my free starz and showtime 🙁

    What is wrong with AT+T? Have they become liars and crooks? Or just really BAD at what they do

    Another point,Direct tv’s on demand WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU BUY A HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE WITH UNLIMITED DATA or the picture stops/buffers or does not work at all . Would that be considered false advertising or is it in the fine print hidden somewhere?

    Does ATT have bad equipment? They charge $8.99/month for a service plan that only fixes their equipment. Which saves you a $49 service charge it you don’t have the insurance. So what I’m saying is for the insurance to save you month it has to fail every 5 months 🙁

  4. Michael Skolnicki

    AT&T have been screwing me over for years. They say buy one get one free. I paid xxx amount for the phone but the gave me back around $8 less each month. And then when I paid of the phone that was the buy one, they never reimbursed me for the free phone, They kept on charging me without any reimbursement. Now I went to make a claim on a phone that was on the Multi-Device Protection Pack – Insurance, I found out that they cancelled it after years of paying for it without my knowledge or permission. So now I have lost over $20k in real estate sales and losing more daily without the phone. Ready to contact an attorney for theft by deception, breech of contract, loss of income and duress.

    1. Cathy Lee Hoffmeyer

      I am having the same thing happening to me. I bought the promotion that AAt had last Nov. 2018. this was befor the Bobo deal stared. I bought the XR phone, added a 2nd line and you got a 2nd phone free, no payment at all. I had called one person that was able to read MY contrat, not Bobo so now I have to pay part on this phone I have been cheated. They raised my bill from 152.oo to 189.00. I have been a customer of att for over 20 years and this is how you treat me. I have emails of my order.

      1. Angela Fedak

        I am having the SAME issue. I have been a customer for 30+years. I also have the emails to back up everything. I have contacted AT&T about 12 times and each time I am told the BOGO will be honored, to no avail. opened a case after I asked them to pull the recordings of the conversations with their agents. supposedly they have opened a complaint on TWO occasions, only to be told when I call to follow up and the cases were closed with no resolution. they have turned into crooks. I am opening a case with the my Governor’s office of consumer affairs.

        1. Chris

          Oh WOW…I was already feeing like I would NEVER get my BOGO issue resolved, and now it seems even more desolate!! I called AT&T SEVEN times and kept being told they were working on it, they would escalate the case, etc. etc. Finally got to speak to manager Art Johnson on 5/7/19 who told me my case had been closed (without me being notified of course) and I had to go to my local AT&T store to get my issue fixed. He promised he would research all of my previous calls, and call me the next day which of course he did not. I’ve been to the local store twice now and get the same response. They can’t EVER find my case, although I have precise notes of dates and who I spoke with. Anyone EVER figure out how to get this issue resolved? Obviously their “deals’ look great, but if you NEVER get the credit its definitely not a deal at all!! EXTREMELY Frustrated!!

  5. Salome

    I was on a Sprint contract and had 4 leases phones my lease was up however I was told I don’t own the phone unless I paid a fee about 160.00 per phone to own them. I went to another carrier and got a cheaper monthly deal with 4 new phones so I canceled my contract. I was told to return the leases Sprint phones or I would be charged. I returned the phones INPERSON AT THE STORE A DAY AFTER I CANCELED MY CONTRACT. I then received a bill for the cost of the phones. I called Sprint they verified the phones had been turned in however the store returns them in bulk and they had not returned ours yet! A few weeks later Sprint charged my account for the phones (Thank God for BOA) they verified with me and then declined it. I called Sprint only to be placed on hold and eventually hung up on (TWICE) I was told I needed a receipt I asked the rep to verify and yep she put me on hold for about 20 minutes and hung up! Sprint is a joke I was a faithful customer and now my credit is in jeopardy! Does anyone have any advice! I worked hard to rebuild my credit and I refuse to allow them to rob me!

    1. Michael Skolnicki

      AT&T have been screwing me over for years. They say buy one get one free. I paid xxx amount for the phone but the gave me back around $8 less each month. And then when I paid of the phone that was the buy one, they never reimbursed me for the free phone, They kept on charging me without any reimbursement. Now I went to make a claim on a phone that was on the Multi-Device Protection Pack – Insurance, I found out that they cancelled it after years of paying for it without my knowledge or permission. So now I have lost over $20k in real estate sales and losing more daily without the phone. Ready to contact an attorney for theft by deception, breech of contract, loss of income and duress.

  6. Kathleen A Landon

    I”M Getting Private Call’s? And Spams. Now I”M Getting A Call From GA. The Number Is 229-632-3088. I Have A Block On Unwanted Call’s? I Want It Stopped. I? Did Every Thing To Have Them Stop Calling Me. IT? Is! Having My! Use Of Data? Go’s? Up? And! I”M? Not! On The Phone! Every Day.

  7. Elwood Brown

    Absolutely unbelieve able service in deland florida, I moved to new home in the same small town and they tell me it will take 17 days to transfer my service. I am so ready to cancel account due to this lack of respect for paying customer. If I didn’t pay my bill at due date they will cut my service off! I truly can not believe they cant schedule a service tech for 20 mins .

  8. Isoline Simon

    I wish I had read these complaints before trying to bundle my TV, home phone and internet series. I was promised X amount and now am being charged for individual services. Was told I can cancel my services but would be stuck with $20.00 monthly until $300 is paid off.

  9. Tonya Cross

    Absolutely the WORST customer service along with DIRECT TV.. AT&T has been debiting my account for combined billing for Direct TV Cable and AT&T internet since 7/2017 however Direct TV indicates they have not received a payment since 1/11/2018 and I am in disconnect status however AT&T has been taking the money out of my account and no one can tell me where my money is going and no one seems to be able to assist me and I am being put in the middle. Direct TV tells me to contact AT&T and AT&T tells me to contact Direct TV!!!!

  10. Daniel Cuevas

    Absolutely ridiculous service! I’ve taken 2 half days off work to get internet service installed with “no shows” or courtesy calls on both occasions. After the first time, I called in and a supervisor was able to sway or convince me to re-schedule installation appointment by offering me a $100 Visa card. But after second time and only after I called in to inquire on install appointment, Rep. told me they could reschedule next week because there was an open ticket for issue in area of install. What does that mean? Who knows?

    I will be cancelling installation request and sticking with my current internet provider especially after reading all horror stories above.

    I’d actually considered writing to AT & T corporate office but not certain it would do much good since it seems that same issue I’ve had have already been expressed numerous times.

    1. Mildred Rebecca Litton or Rebecca J". Litton

      Who is your new TV/Internet/phone bundle service – I am absolutely so frustrated have been with them on same account number and bill is $116.88 per month for over 10 yrs. Gor an email SHOWING “NEW ORDER CONFIRMATION AND DATED 1/8/2017 – have been with over 25 tears and already have an active account which is $116.88 mo and is scurrently paid – went to the ATT store in Memphis TN on Union Ave today – twice – was told they could not assist me as it wasn’t made thru their store – tried to explain NOT MINE HAVE NEVER PLACED ANY ORDER ON 1/8/2007 and asked the m to call ATT to resoslve this and was told WE CAN’T DO THAT – ATT IS A HORRIBLE SERVICE – NEVER GETS BILKL CORRECT – SENDS EMAIL SHOWING WHAT I STATED AND NO HELP!!!!!!!!

  11. nifty tips

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  12. Anne Daniels

    AT&T is INFAMOUS for CUSTOMER SERVICES. AT&T’s toll-free customer service has THREE SEPARATE PHONE NUMBERS FOR wireless services, TV services and landline phone… AND ANOTHER SEPARATE NUMBER for questions about your bill… AND ANOTHER SEPARATE NUMBER for technical support for each of the three services. So when you call one of the numbers you’re placed on hold for 30 minutes at a time. When you finally speak to someone they don’t know the answer to your question, usually because you got routed to the wrong department then, you get transferred and put on hold again for another 30 minutes. The company encourages users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website, which are useless because you’re placed on hold for 30 minutes at a time and when you finally get someone there’s often a language barrier because they’re outside the U.S. so you have to start all over again. I finally called the corporate office and got the usual apologies, followed by “thank you for calling AT&T”. BBB & Consumer Affairs will be hearing from me next.

    1. Mildred Rebecca Litton or Rebecca J". Litton

      Please forward to my email all three numbers you mentioned – have absolutely been denied any assistance by att store here in Memphis Tn

  13. Krishan Nagpal

    I have been AT&T customer for more than 40 years and paid all my bills on time and faithfully. Recently I had to relocate my office in same town and asked for AT&T help. Boy did I get run around I still have no full service of five lines I will have to pay. I am guided from one phone to other and they say it is not there deparment and tell me buy this equipment and call this number and that number. I am at a complete los what to do. If I did not have a cotract with them I will have jumped ship and now I am stuck with no help and no guidanc. I wish they will hhelp customers in stead of spending money on advertising. Let us see what happens and I will post comments again.

  14. andres fernandez

    We have been having dropped internet since Jan 10 2017. Today is March 8 and it is still happening. My wife who is a work at home mom lost her job because if this!!!! We have had 8 techs out and even the Tech manager. No one can figure out what is happening!!! I have called the Tech manager Doug and left a message stating it is still happening with an update last week and he had not return our call!!! I try to leave another message but his VM full. I called tech service ask to speak to a supervisor after 30 something min waiting I ask to have the supervisor call me back and guess what that was last week and still no call! Unfortunately we don’t have another internet reliable provider in our area so we are stick with you. We want to come to a resolution to this on going issue! We work in customer service and we always were thought to follow up and keep our promise to our customers. What are you teaching your employees? Contact us ASAP to come up with a solution! This all started when we called At&t on Jan 9 and asked to send a refresher signal to our modem.

    1. Paul K.

      Dear Sir,

      DO you use WIFI internet with most of your internet use?

      Have you had them look into WIFI inteference from possibly a stronger WIFI network in your vicinity. ? That could be one issue. I have been having issues with a competitor with using public wifi open access to private tenants in my apt complex. If the signals are strong enough they can attenuate or even knock out your wifi with brief momentary connects and disconnects. I had to get my modem replaced to a newer one with the new WIFI and internet connection speeds. Apparently I was getting network errors from the older modem. IN any case strong WIFI transmissions in close proximity can cause loss or disconnects to WIFI connects and even at time landline connections where the strong WIFI signal couldbe getting into the utility rooms or your own location. Also close strong WIFI signals are not healthy to be exposed as well.

  15. Melissa Tibbetts

    I have been an att customer for years and I do not know what has happened but they are no longer a good, reliable, trustworthy company now! I moved and got uverse and combined bills and nothing has been right since then. My bill was running around 475 so I called last month to see what I could do to lower my bill. Oh I was told of a new plan unlimited data , alot cheaper. Bull! My new bill was over 600.00 but I got a 69.00 credit so now I only have to pay 536.00! They lied or “omitted to tell me” as one of the representatives claimed that instead of 15.00 per phone I would now be paying 40! Then when asked for the number of corporate office I was told I would have to google it! I have been a teacher for 32 years. I would have been fired from my job long ago if I performed my job as poorly as these people do! I have been with att for over ten years but I think it is now time to look elsewhere .

  16. Kelly

    AT&T Complaint regarding missed appointments & customer service:

    I ordered the Directv bundle with AT&T Internet & phone. AT&T was to come out between 1-3 last Thursday (2/9/17) to do the install but they never showed up or called. Directv did come and they did an awesome job. I called early Friday morning 2/10/17), only to be bounced around many times, told to call different numbers, the reps were hard to understand (broken English). They talked over me, would not listen, and pretty much just talked in a scripted fashion. They said the reason they couldn’t install last Thursday was because there was an “outage in my area”and then he said “there were some issues with Charter Spectrum”, finally, and the third reason was because we had an open AT&T Business phone account that needed to be closed. We just closed that business account on 1/31/17 but it was still showing as active, so they couldn’t set up our new residential account if the business account is still open. Ron transferred me to the Business department to close the account and said he would call me back in a half hour to set up the new residential account. I paid our final bill just to make sure they would close it out right then and there so there wouldn’t be any more problems, which the rep said the final bill was mailed just recently. I asked the rep to close the account immediately because I’m trying to open up a residential account and can’t because this one was still open. She gave me confirmation number . Ron called me back and said the account is still showing open, even after giving him the confirmation number. He said he would call the business department to confirm and call me back. He never called me back. I spent one and a half hours Friday morning being transferred, cut-off, placed on hold, explaining the same problem with 5 different reps, etc. I had enough for the day. I can’t turn in my Charter Spectrum DVR’s & internet equipment until I have AT&T install the internet, so I’m basically paying for Charter cable, internet and phone and Directv at the same time. Who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T shows up as active service on my first bill when it wasn’t even installed. This wasn’t the first time we scheduled with AT&T and they were a no show for the appointment. We had had Directv for years so we were going to bundle it with AT&T since they merged. They never showed or called so my husband went with Charter Spectrum. We went back to Directv because Charter Spectrum has outdated DVR’s and their guide is terrible.

    Today (Monday, 2/13/17), I decided to give it another try and told the whole story again to a new person, who put me on hold while he discussed my issue with his “teammates” to see what they could do. After 40 minutes of that, he said he needed to hand me over to his supervisor Joe. After explaining it all over again to Joe, he put me on hold and came back to say that what he needs to do is “process an order for installation”, and that he was going to call that department and explain what the situation is before he transferred me over to that department. He put me on hold again while he talked to them, then suddenly the automated robotic AT&T guy came on the phone. The one you hear when you first call in. I don’t know what happened but that’s another 40 minutes of my life I will never get back because each time you call in, it’s a different call center, so you have to start all over. The funny part about all of this is that these reps have my phone number and they don’t even call me back. Who does that? At this point I’m almost on the verge of tears due to the frustration. I decide to call back again and get a woman who is in Alabama, and told her I’m about ready to have a melt down and could I please talk to a supervisor who can help me? She put me on hold and came back to say her supervisor is walking over right now, she just needs to put on her headset and then I will transfer you. She goes to transfer me and it just rings and rings and rings. Nobody ever picked up. I let it ring for a while. At this point I’ve had it so I called the number again, for which a male answered. I told him I am not explaining everything again, only to get transferred and cut off, etc. I asked to speak with a real supervisor who will listen to my story, one last time, take my phone number down in case we get disconnected, and work with me to resolve this issue. He said he needed to understand what the issue was. I told him again I wasn’t going to explain it again. I asked him if AT&T has a corporate office or a direct line for customer complaints which need to be resolved immediately, and he said there is not a number for that. I again asked to talk to a supervisor and he said his supervisor is on the phone helping other people and that I need to explain the problem to him before he could transfer me to his supervisor. I asked if he could take my name and number down for a supervisor to call me and he said he could not until I explain the problem. I then just told him I’m not going through this again. I will look for another avenue. I looked up the corporate office for phone numbers and I couldn’t believe the consumers reviews. Almost every complaint was exactly what I’ve been experiencing, word for word. It’s good to know it’s not just me that is going through this. If I didn’t bundle with Directv, I would not be going through this AT&T. But I’m forced to deal with AT&T.

    1. Stephen K

      I have experienced the same things. I have been calling at&t for the last week. I am on hold now while typing this note. Waiting on someone. This company’s customer service is rates 0% with me.

  17. Jill Seale

    I was guaranteed a price for for 24 months for a Direct TV, internet and home phone bundle. The price has never been correct on my bill, which means a call for 45 min. to 2 hours every single month. Every customer service agent and their supervisor can see in the notes what I was told and insure me that it will be right on the next bill. This has been going on since May of 2016. Last night I was on a call with the “supervisor in charge” and she would only apologize for the misinformation stated in ATT employees notes and would not fix the bill. I told her to cancel the service and she said I would have to pay an early cancellation fee for not upholding the contract. Tell me how this can be, if ATT says they can make any changes once you sign a paper for them. I would lika phone call from corporate IMMEDIATELY !

    1. cathy harmon

      I’m in the same boat. Were you able to get someone to help? Do you have a contact name and or number? Next month will be one year since I’ve been dealing with this. They owe me at least $300. I could write pages of scenario’s as to what has happened. I NEED A MANAGER TO CONTACT ME!!

  18. Anetta

    I have sick child at home who just came back from the hospital, also a very elderly mother here. My phone and my internet went dead today. We cannot contact emergency department at all! Customer service told me they could send a technician in 2 days only!!!!!! This should be illegal! They know we cannot have any other service here in the apartment building but the AT@t and that is why they are not in a hurry. I think I will brake my lease on the apartment and move somewhere else because this company is DANGEROUS! If my sick child or my mother cannot contact emergency provider this can be fatal!!! This reminds me of a State of War time back in my old country where people were dying because the leader turned off phone lines. If a company this big cannot provide a prompt service for the citizens them I say it is worse than Cuba.

  19. Linda Gibbany

    I have been trying to get a charge for a bill on att uverse off of my account for months. You are transfered to many people asking the same details and they tranfer you on……………………………….. Weeks after weeks this money have not been taken off my account. I have talked to some very rude people as well, the last one saying even if the service was not fully operational that i had to pay the bill. OMG
    Who do I need to talk to , to get this 476 dollars off of my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Khrissy

    Paid$100 for a uverse interest 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Well after a week pass I decided to go back to the at&t store to see why I haven’t never received my uverse I was told that it was coming in the mail..any day now and it was being ship from a warehouse in any state from me..I said OK thinking it should be here before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving pass and I decided to just go back up there and cancel my order tht I never received and 2 manager’s and 3 Reps tht I had talk to incurred me it will come. I asked one of the Rep’s if I could have the number to there corporate office and was told they don’t have a corporate offices so I went home and Google the corporate number .I was told tht I will get reimburse my $100 back i was thinking because I paid $100 cash tht I would get $100 cash reimbursement back …oh but no I was told tht they have to send me a check I was confused cuz I didn’t pay them with a check, money order, or with a credit card..after arguing with the fuck lady I said oky.. it’s now December 31,2016 and I’m still waiting on a $100dollar check in mail tht was told should be there Friday December 29,2016 the sad part bout all this is its going to cost me $5dollars to cash this $100dollar check and I have to wait 60 days till they mail the shit out..they are lier’s and after I talk to a manager and explain my situation she told me there’s nothing that she could do and 60 days was the only thing that could be done..she went on to tell me if I would have paid with a card or check then they could have given it back to me..I went on to tell her tht I paid $100dollars cash but they took my credit card information and put it in the computer and I was told tht they do tht just in case u don’t pay a bill and they can charge Ur card . I ask the lady why they can’t just put the money back on the card tht I had to give them to put on file and the manager lady said because u didn’t pay with a card u paid cash and I can’t put it on a card because it was a cash payment .the information tht u gave the rep at the at&t store was to just put on file or if u have a late payment we can charge the card we have on file for u.know I’m like wht the fuck do I need to get my lawyer involved

  21. Stan J

    I have been a loyal customer at AT&T for many years. However, whenever I go into the Hiram ATT Retail Store, 4272 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy, Suite E, Hiram, GA 30141, (770) 222-1001, the service is ALWAYS unprofessional and inept. And, on December 28, 2016, I was – again – met with slip-shoddy service by the ATT staff there.

    Each time I go into that store, the ATT staff has always performed unprofessionally inadequate and EXTREMELY inept to perform the basic of customer-service activities.

    For example, after signing in, I had to call the corporate offices to get my business name changed over to my personal name on my account before they would wait on me. After that was done, NO ONE in the store would wait on me.

    The original ATT male rep who was waiting on me, stated that he had to leave immediately to “….go look at a house…” and he left me hanging without service. He stated that I would have to sign in again and get behind again a list of customers in order for someone else to wait on me. Then he whispered something in the assistant manager’s ear (a Caucasian male) and walked out.

    What’s worse, a very over-weight African-American light-skinned female ATT rep got loud and proceeded to use unprofessional aggressive language to me while I was on the phone with an ATT corporate representative. As a matter of fact, she could be heard all over the store.

    During the three-plus hours of trying to get service at that location after signing in and being ignored over and over by ATT reps there, there was a time when I observed two ATT employees standing around talking – waiting on no one.

    The assistant manager (a Caucasian male) also seemed extremely unprofessional:

    He NEVER inquired about what was happening.
    He NEVER asked if I were being waited on.
    He IGNORED me the entire time that I was trying to get service.
    And, once I got service after being in the store for over 3-hours, he glared at the ATT female rep as if to say “….I wish he’d get the f….ck out of this store…”

    The assistant manager was EXTREMELY unprofessional, and sent a VERY clear message that he ABSOLUTELY do not give a dam about ATT customers.

    I was in that store for over 3-hours before I received adequate service. However, this is common at that location. As a matter of record and after doing research, there is a website dedicated to the EXTREME inadequate and slip-shoddy service that customers consistently receive at that location. That is why I do not think that the service at that location will ever change; because ATT continues to hire inept employees and keep people (ESPECIALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND INEPT MANAGERS) in their employment who are not qualified to be positions to service the public

    1. Kayo

      Merci Kiki pour cette vidéo car j&qa;uorétsis présente au moment o๠Hervé a lu le livre mais trop loin pour entendre. C’est un régal et sa dernière réflexion m’a bien amusée!

  22. s. anfuso

    When you tell AT&T that you cant afford more than this # and they are good enough to give it to you for that price, then WHY do they always give you another deal and make it look like they are doing you a favor when all I keep asking for is what I’m paying for. Dont understand this deal, is it because they extent the time and then stick it in your face when you are negotiation again? I hate all these companies, they are all the same.

  23. Gary Prevost

    I have recently been solicited to come back to AT&T with a promo. I thought it was a good promo and I would try it. I did call in and they pick up right away when they are trying to get new business. I spoke to a nice Julius and he connected me back in the system and told me the whole spill of what I would be getting and pricing. Well, low and behold this did not come to fruition when I got my summary in the mail. The pricing was totally different, not contractual in what I signed up for. I immediately gave them at&t a call, call the same number and they can’t asset me. I then got transferred for 2 hours being on hold on for about 20 mins each and was not able to reach the right dept to get help. I then got a dept with a Rep name Sarah in sales. She told me that my call would be pulled and a Manager would call me back within 24 to 48 hours. Its been over a week and a couple of day and no call. I clearly wrote down everything and had the agent verify my agreement. They knew the agent was right in the information they gave me and don’t want to step up to the plate and honor my agreement which is contractual. How can I get someone in upper management to call me back to rectify my situation. The service I have been giving is frustrating to say the least and aggravating at most to deal with. I am really trying to make this situation work but AT&T will not give me the proper service and contractual agreement the young man signed me up for.

    1. Carol

      I’m having a similar issue. Did you get your issue resolved? If so, how?

  24. james zoll

    after two separate phone calls the last one lasted 1hr and 45 min i finally spoke to a girl melissa in the greenwood service center8669750217 who solved all my billing problems in less than 5 mins. stop trying to save pennies by out sourcing to foreign lands you wasted my time. melissa was smart fast some body should thank her be sides me james zoll

    1. Kayo

      My wife and I absolutely love Las Vegas. We&8;217#ve been six times. But we could never understand how people could bring young children. We always stay on the strip and we’ve done most of the touristy things that are offered – Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock etc.. SO know that we have Malaia and baby#2 on the way. I look forward to reading about the other more family oriented things Las Vegas has to offer.

  25. Cindy

    There is NO TECH support here in the USA, IT IS ALL OVERSEAS. I have spent 5 hours on the phone and a guy in India went on my computer to try and fix it supposedly, he NEVER ask for my security code. He did ask for my email password which I would not give but he was on my computer. He caused my computer to crash, deleted stuff off of it and now I have gotten 3 texts & emails saying I am changing my password or have added services.

  26. Andrea Rogers

    I’ve been with AT&T for almost 3 years. I’ve never not paid my bill, I’ve been a good and loyal customer. I upgraded my phone this past May and the woman who I dealt with while upgrading basically lied to me exactly 4 times during our conversation. I’d lost my job, I was due for an upgrade at no cost so I decided to upgrade. I explained to this woman that I’d lost my job and if I couldn’t keep my monthly bill in the same area that it was then I didn’t want to upgrade. She assured me FOUR TIMES – FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES – that my bill would not be that much different and suggested a phone. I followed her suggestions and ordered the phone. About 2 weeks after getting the phone I get a bill that was $60 MORE than what I’d been paying. After thinking about it I decided to keep the phone. I notified At&T that I was keeping the phone. I notified them more than once and each time was told it was fine, it’d be on a monthly payment plan, etc. Then I get a text and an email saying I owed $500 and would lose my service if it wasn’t paid immediately. I chatted with someone on their chat help line and was told by this man that everything on my account was “fine” and that he’d made “all the necessary changes” so that this huge amount would be back on the monthly plan. I kept the transcripts of this chat. A day or so later I get another text with the same message – pay $500 or lose my service. I called AT&T at 10 am that morning. I did not get off the phone until 4:30 that afternoon. Everyone I spoke with gave me different details but everyone ended by saying there was nothing I could do, it was a “valid charge” and I had to pay the $500. I explained what had happened, what I’d been told to do, and that I’d lost my job and needed my cell phone service because I have a terminally ill parent. I did NOT have $500 to spend. They did not care. One person passed me on to another, then to another, then to another – I was told there was nothing that AT&T would do to help me, then I was told to sign back into the chat session because they “have the records” and I was told that THEY would be able to fix this. Of course back on the chat line I was told they would do NOTHING about this, and a so-called “manager” actually told me that I should have known I was being given the wrong information when everyone was telling me my account was fixed and I’d be paying on the monthly schedule. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THEY WERE GIVING ME FALSE INFORMATION. He actually told me this – I have those chat transcripts also. I was also told that AT&T does not monitor anything that goes on on their chat lines, they have no records, they are separated from the chat line. Of course this was a lie – and I was told later by ANOTHER employee that I’d been lied to about that, that AT&T does have control over the chat line, they do have records, and they can access those records. I finally ended up scheduling to pay that $500 in 2 payments and it just made me sick to my stomach. I don’t have a steady job right now, I’m paying all of my mom’s bills right now, I’d had some unexpected medical costs hit me at that same time, PLUS it’s this close to Christmas. The money I thought I had to spend on my kids for Christmas went instead to AT&T.Even though I set up the scheduled payment and gave my bank info, a few weeks later I get another threatening email saying I’d “missed” a scheduled payment and they shut off my cell phone service. I only knew they had done this because my son was trying to reach me on a Sunday evening and couldn’t. My service was shut off. So that following Monday again I’m back on the phone, and this time was told that I was NOT to have the payments taken out of my account automatically, even though the woman who set up the plan told me the payments WOULD BE taken out automatically. So I had to set up ANOTHER payment plan. They’ve now taken over $500 from me, and when I logged on tonight to check my balance I see ANOTHER “past due” notice and a demand for $180.00 instead of the monthly amount I was told ORIGINALLY, BACK IN MAY, I’d be paying. I also was told there is no one at AT&T who would be interested in the chat transcripts I had saved – they wouldn’t even give me the name or contact info of ANYONE I could send them to. Why the hell do they have the option to save transcripts if those transcripts cannot be used in case of a dispute? Do they think they’re interesting reading or something??

    To make it even worse, the phone SUCKS.

    I hate this company now. I tell everyone what they’ve done to me, and I will never refer anyone to AT&T unless they’re someone I dislike. I have sent a complaint but they never responded. The employee who told me I’d been lied to about the chat line gave me a corporate address to contact, which I’m in the process of doing. I’m also going to the BBB and actually any other site I can find to post a complaint and this story I will use. I want nothing more to do with AT&T and am looking now for another cell phone company to go to. I frankly do not care if AT&T tells me I cant leave, that I am under contract. All they’ve done is lie to me, mislead me, and take my money.

    And my son found on the internet info about a huge lawsuit they just recently lost for doing similar things to customers. They LOST that lawsuit. You’d think they’d be wanting to be pretty careful to NOT do the same crap to customers again but there you have it….and reading thru these other complaints I see this is not an aberration – this is par for the course for AT&T. Obviously they treat all of their customers like this. When I mention to anyone who my cell service is thru I get the exact same reaction every time: “Oh I HATE AT&T, you need to dump them” and “I’ve had the exact same problems with AT&T” and “AT&T is well known for screwing their customers” and etc and etc.

    I just want out and I want to NEVER have to deal with these clueless, ignorant AT&T employees again.

    1. Dp

      Disgusting! I’m willing to form a military if everyone else is. We can storm corporate headquarters and take them all out of power and break their thoughts that they can’t be touched.

      1. Tina

        I have to agree. I have liked and supported every design YouTube has came out with. But this one looks cheap and looks Google-ish. Also, I don't like that there is no envelope symbol for the inbox. I don't like that the buttons for videos, etc. tab are not surrounded by a box. With the box button surrounding the videos,etc. it had more area to click, making it easier to click.- N/A (aka: yoi.mbetcom/uovue3891)

  27. Cheryl Knapp


    1. Irish

      There are many aspects of this article on which I concur with you. You have gerneated synapses in my brain not used often. Thank you for getting my neurons jumping.

  28. Cheryl Knapp

    I also, like almost 100% of the reviews am horrified about the customer service I have received. They do not speak English, almost 100% of the time, and they completely lie, when questioned about their promise they put me on hold and never returned. This billing error could have easily been taken care of. It has taken me almost 2 hours to get done. I will go to annother carrier.



  30. Deana Juergens

    How does AT&T stay in business? They do not care one ounce for their customers. The customer service department is never helpful and they lie. They tell you the issue will be resolved and it never is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom is 88 years old and has been in and out of the hospital for the last year. We were told by the doctors she has about six months left to live. I wanted to have her enjoy her tv shows in her final months and called to get phone service/cable package for her. When the technician failed to show up, we decided to go with Charter Communications. I called AT&T to cancel the order and of course they tell me it will be taken care of and cancelled . Again, they are dishonest and lie. We have received several bills for service we didn’t even receive!!! And, now they are threatening collections because we have not paid the bills for something we do not have and I have called them about this several times and again told they will take care of but they never do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We never received the service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is FRAUD. My 88 year old mother does not need to spend her last days dealing with frauds and dishonesty. After many phone calls, still not resolved. This company needs every last customer to go to their competitor. They do NOT CARE.

  31. Kathleen Thompson

    Moved from one house to another on October 18th still waiting for phone service. Keep telling us it will happen every day since the 18th. I want to complain to Chairman office about the terrible treatment we are receiving and still no phone.

  32. Bonnie Blackman Baron

    My parents have been without computer service in Jacksonville Florida, for two weeks. They are 85 years old, and do their bills online. No one has been able to help them, they have wires on their driveway following the recent hurricane. Trucks have been out, and the service men, seem to know not what to do. Their names are Mary and Homer Blackman, you can email me for their phone number.

  33. Carol Atkins

    I hate at and t due to failure in maintaining their phone lines we had 5 phones,modem,router,and printer/copier/faxed and security panel fried all to the tune of $573.inside wiring protection doesn’t cover that.filed co with FCC and FTC.At and T insurance co denied claim.they said they called me and emailed me kind of hard when you have no working phone or that the phone is working Robinson is demanding payment threatening to shut phone off.called them said go for it I am caring for my spouse with Alzheimer’s and on SSI and you are a multi billion dollar co.disgusted!

  34. done with it

    at&t is the reason that scammers have our info…they don’t know what theses people in other countries that they have working for them are doing with our info.

  35. Mackenzie

    Not only are the people who handle customer service rude, the supervisors are rude too. They’re not helpful at all they just repeat the same thing over and over again. Ever since we switched to AT&T I have to call ever single month because they have screwed something up or charged us with something that we shouldn’t have been charged with.

  36. CARLY

    I should start out by saying I didn’t grown up with AT&T. I grew up with BellSouth. I enjoyed standing in the hallway with the wall phone cord stretched out as far as possible from the kitchen chatting with my friends from school. I could dial 0 and a sweet voice happily assisted me with looking up a phone number or connecting me to friend or business. I remember it being called CUSTOMER SERVICE. Years later when I started college cell phones were available and AT&T was carrier. When I got married with children our house phone along with cell phones were all AT&T but things change. People change. Companies change. Say goodbye to CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    I don’t know if AT&T just got too big too fast and forgot that once upon a time BellSouth was a household name. I don’t know if greed and fortune paved the path for this company that no longer has a friendly voice that offers assistance but automated recordings that send you in circles. I don’t know who the puppet master for this once loved family friendly company that is now a living breathing horror movie is but I can tell you this…… If I have to spend the rest of my life without phone service just to keep from having to do business with AT&T, I will. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    I have had a cellphone with Verizon for years now and have had zero issues besides the occasional lack of service because of a lack of towers. My husband and I purchased a home in Etta, MS and moved in first part of 2016. We had questioned previous owners (last name White) about phone service and internet and they assured us that their AT&T internet was top notch. Shortly after settling in we tried contacting AT&T to set up our own landline and internet services just to be told that the area was at capacity………….At capacity??? How is this possible when the Whites cancelled their account? Couldn’t we just replace them? NO CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE EITHER.
    An AT&T representative suggested that the Whites reopen their account and then we transfer the landline and internet service to our name. Sounds easy but assure you this took a ridiculous amount of time and effort to make this happen. If the inconvenience wasn’t enough we were left with their 260.00 bill left by previous owners. The only way to continue this service was to pay the burden so we could all move on because as you well know that AT&T isn’t about customer service but the almighty dollar. I transferred said numbers and services over to Carly Tate and waited for the box to arrive with the secret to the internet in it. It arrived but doesn’t work. We have lived at 1082 State Road Etta, MS for 8 months now and not once have we had internet thanks to that box we were mailed because according to AT&T records the account was cancelled. Yes, the Whites cancelled then called to reopen. There is even proof that the box for the internet was ordered but no one put the order in for the account to be reopened. So AT&T was more than happy to accept my payment of behalf of The Whites but wasn’t able to keep the account open so we could have internet as well. 5 phone calls later NO ONE can open account or help in this matter. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    Nothing left for me to do but cancel this entire travesty and try to find internet elsewhere. I call. I cancel and was told I couldn’t get any of the monies back for anything that we paid for and NEVER used. I was told our account would receive a credit and when the credit ‘’ran out’’ the account would be canceled. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    I have received several bill for the month of August when this account was cancelled way before then for 166.48. 166.48? For what? A landline that was used to call AT&T to set up internet that was never used because someone at AT&T dropped the ball. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    I work nightshift which makes talking to a real person on your 1-800-288-2020 near impossible and when I finally do get a warm body to speak to they can’t help me. The recording tells me over and over and over and over I can get help online. THAT IS A LIE. BOLDFACE LIE. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I even attempted to “chat” online with AT&T representative who promised me that my issue would be resolved only to be told to call 1-800-288-2020. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    So I get transferred after being on phone for nearly an hour. Then low and behold that department can’t help either but before they get a chance to pawn me off to someone else the call gets cut off……….every time. Every time? All 6 times. It just so happens my call gets cut off at 6pm CST. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Regretful I bothered giving AT&T a second chance and done with your lies,
    Tate, Carly

  37. Martha Herbert

    To whom it may concern:I wish to send a complaint to your company about the way a rude sales person at your Atand T in Radcliff Ky.I wanted to pay my grandsons phone bill because he had to work until 8pm.and it was due today 10/1/2016.He informed me that he wouldn’t take a check for the bill I informed him I payed last month with a check and he was anything but polite.I said it will be turned off if I don’t pay today and he shook his head like who cares. I don’t know his name but there was several people in the store and it gave him pleasure to be rude.My husband and I were there around 1pm.I can tell you one thing I will never buy a phone from them and if I have anything to do with no one else in my family will either.I am not a rude person and don’t like being treated that way.Its not good for business.

  38. Cynthia Flewwelling

    I have been a customer of ATT for a long time I just wanted to tell some one about how wonderful it was to go to the ATT store in Flint Michigan. Every time I go to that store I am treated very professionally. Steve Brandt helped me yesterday 09-29-2016. He is A wonderful emloyee for your company. He helped me with my phone so now im back to normal…….well as normal as i could be. This is the reason I am still with ATT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Keep it up. and Thank you Again

  39. Anthony Mennitto

    I had two email addresses:, which was my ID only used to pay AT@T bills and was my business email. Ninety seven percent of business is conducted by emails.

    Last August 31, both emails addresses just disappeared; vanished form my computer.
    I immediately called AT@T 800-288-2020 several times. I spoke to three different people and after waiting and waiting for hours no one was capable of giving a positive answer to solve my problem. Besides that, I chatted online with AT@T twice on different occasions and they could not give a positive answer too. In fact, no one knew how to correct this matter.

    I made more phone calls to the same number and requested a technician to assist me in person. On September 5, 2016, an AT@T technician Mr. Gregory Albert (561) 601-8625 arrived. He spent approximately three hours and could not retrieve my emails. He spoke to his manager Mr. Wander Joseph and it was useless.

    Finally, Mr. Albert informed me that the problem was that AT@T was fixing his network and I had to wait until it came back to normal. I have a good knowledge of computer systems, and I attempted to re-install many times. Each time I received the same message the provider (AT@T) would not accept my ID neither my Password. I tried to change the password and received the same negative response.

    On September 07, 2016, I hired one technician from a local computer repair store (Allstate Computers – Jupiter, Florida). He was working over two hours and no success!

    Meanwhile, I received a card by mail from AT@T, which I transcribe here:

    “We’ve temporarily locked your AT@T access ID.”
    “Dear Mr. Anthony Mennitto:

    For your security, we’ve temporarily locked your Access ID. To unlock it, either reset your password online at or call 877.285.0144. Visit and for more tips on how to keep your account and Access ID safe
    Thank you,
    At@T Online Services”
    Immediately I called the number 877.285.0144 and to be honest, who answered the phone had no idea what I was talking about it! They informed that they did not find any email address as
    On September 16, 2016, I decided to go to an AT@T store located in the Palm Beach Gardens Mall. I explained the whole situation to one of the attendants (Mr. Will). After I answered all the questions, he called 877.285.0144 in order to unlock my email address.
    To my surprise, they also informed that the email address never existed. The store manager came to our support and was ineffective. It is impossible to unlock because they had the same information from AT@T (877.285.0144) that I previously had. The email address never existed!
    In the view of the situation Mr. Will set up a new email address using an “a” before my last name,, which I could temporarily sign in to pay my AT@T bills.
    I want to inform you that when my email address was wiped out, it also erased 106 folders bearing 2,476 customer’s emails. Those folders and emails were unrecoverable – total loss. Consequently, AT@T literally closed my business. Those emails were the backbone of my business operation. Thus, Mennitto & Associates, Inc. is inoperative since last August 31.
    Therefore, I am holding AT@T accountable for my losses. I am asking you to reimbursement me for this irreparable damage, before I look for legal steps. I have more than an adequate amount of documentation to support this claim.

  40. Claude Bergeron

    I have the Digital life alarm. Don’t do it the installer drilled 7 1 1/4 holes throughly my walls out side and know one ever came to fix them! It cost me 1749.00 to repainted my house because we could not match the paint. I have been trying to resolve this for five months now. I just call them and they said my claim was declined because the equipment was moved. It never was! The supervisor told me that! I have been a customer with AT&T for 17 year and will cancel everything I have with them over this! There customer service sucks!!!!!!! I really hope someone calls me!

  41. frank lewandowski

    My account # 128459728 P/W 7171

    08/03/16 Called AT&T about a billing increase on my Uverse Acct. and was offered Direct TV for a monthly bill (including taxes) for $134.22) Needless to say I accepted it.

    08/09/16 Direct TV installed.

    08/23/16 Received an order confirmation for the $134.22 monthly billing which I was told would not change for 2 years.

    09/03/16 Received another confirmation for $153.56 – an increase of $19.34.

    Why did AT&T violate the agreement which I trusted they would honor? Can they arbitrarily change the billing whenever they want?

    Please satisfy me why I’m not paying the $134.22 as originally I agreed to?

    Frank Lewandowski

  42. Bettye Elkins

    I have been trying to get my Fiber Optics cable hooked up for several weeks. To no avail no one with your company has been successful at doing so. At this point I am ready to cancel my service with you and go to one of competitors. I am so tired of the stories and lies I have received over the last few months. It took almost 3 months, with no internet, just to hook up a temporary line for u-verse. Would you please have someone contact me so I can get issue resolved.

  43. Charles Stoll

    I am not certain whom to contact, but am seeking to lease space on our condominium roof for cell towers to gain extra income for our new roof. Condo is 50 ft high in mainland Ormond Beach approximately where US1 meets Nova Rd. If you could give me a contact person, I would be greatly appreciative.

  44. Laura Travis

    to whom it may concern:

    i talked to customer service august19th about my bill I had a due date on the 21st and called to extend the person i talked to extended ( I thought) till august 26th then the new bill till sept 5th on august 23rd my phone was disconnected. i drove to a at&t store called and was told the person i talked to put in the wrong date for payment of $100. 00 I explained i could not pay until today august 26th they said as soon a i paid the $100. my phone will be turned back on and the new bill is for september 5th i paid the 100. dollars this morning and after I paid they said my payment set for sept 5th was cancelled to have my phone turned back on i had to pay the sept 5th bill now. I was not told that on aug 23rd the person I talked to AND a supervisor that my phone would be turned on as soon as they receive the payment of $100. even when i explained to them I could pay on aug 26th the supervisor said yes when they receive the payment my phone will be turned on i do not understand how different supervisors can tell me different. I recently retired and only get paid once a month when I was working I was paid weekly, and have to adjust i did not intend for this to happen (661) 3614798




  45. SAM COOK

    i would like to talk with someone about got online this morning I wanted 2 iPhone 6s phones, was flat told lies that I printed out in chat form please email me with info how to contact supervisor of the company, I have been with att 20 yrs plus

    1. JD Straw

      Good luck with getting a legitimate telephone number for AT&T. These evil people does not want their customers to have access to their corporate office’s telephone number because several thousand customers are dissatisfied and they don’t want all those calls to flood their headquarters, bunch of incompetent A-holes! I’ve been trying to get a telephone number for several years to the monopoly’s headquarters, but if you’ll notice, they only provide a telephone number to the regular customer service offices and not to their headquarters. What a bunch of greedy creeps! They want to remain anonymous to their numerous irate customers which is not just a few people, again, but tens of thousands of angry, disgusted, helpless people. I HATE AT&T!!!

      1. JD Straw

        Please pardon my typographical errors which I almost always make when I’m angry. I meant to type, “These people DO not want,” not “These people DOES not want.” There may be other typos or grammatical errors that I missed. Please forgive me. I know better.

        1. JD Straw

          Well, I did find a number that may be a direct telephone number to the headquarters in Texas, ??? 202-821-4105 ???

  46. Mrs Cooper

    I have been a loyal customer of at&t for over 10 years. I have always paid my bill promptly. I have been on direct pay for years. Yesterday, at&t deducted $600 out of my checking account . When I called inquiring why, I was told that there was a mixup in my deduction a couple of months ago because I combined my at&t bill with my directv bill. I am extremely disappointed. I should have been notified by e-mail or called. That amount of money should not have been deducted from my checking account. This action has caused me great inconvenience and embarrassment with my other creditors. I would appreciate someone contacting me to discuss this situation.

  47. Marcia Lang

    I have an ATT calling card. I am an American in America. When I dial the 800 number I am met with “for instructions in English press 1”. I resent this! We are in AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Mike Johnson

    I feel compelled to raise your awareness the poor customer support I have experienced over the past week plus. I am a long time ATT Uverse subscriber and have generally had good service. My recent support experience can only be described as a fiasco.

    It started with a failed piece of equipment.

    July 26th – A call to AT&T and they shipped me a new wireless receiver along with a new router.
    July 29th – I diligently followed the enclosed instructions but was unable to make the new receiver connect. Called AT&T back and they sent a technician out to investigate.
    July 31st – Technician said the new wireless receiver was not compatible with my old access point. The technician didn’t have a modern access point that would work with the new receiver. The technician swaps the new (better receiver ) out for older equipment.
    July 31st – Equipment not working again. Call ATT and get a new appointment with technician and supervisor.
    August 4th – Second technician and supervisor arrive. Change out the router stating that the one just mailed to me is being phased out. While working, they lose a cover plate behind a built in cabinet and just close the door to the cabinet and say nothing. When I ask what the bolt on the floor goes to, they fess up to the lost plate. I then feel compelled to check behind the technician and find that he pulled the drywall off the wall near another cover plate and just pushed a bed back to cover up the mistake.
    August 5th – Both of my wireless receivers not working. Apparently, ATT shut them off during the 5 day shipping period for replacement equipment.
    August 5th evening – After 2 hours on the phone with ATT they are unable to restore the wireless receivers.

    Total phone time for the issue exceeds 12 hours. Total time spent waiting for technicians over 6 hours. On site technician time approximately 4 hours.

    August 8th – Only one of my three TV’s is working for over 12 days now and ATT offers a $20 dollar credit for the wireless receiver (that don’t work) rental.

    I have been a long time ATT customer and generally like the Uverse service, but this experience has me looking at other options.

    1. KATHY


      1. sherry

        they are lying now while I am on the phone with them been on phone 1 hr that is why I have time to comment the lies they tell


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