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About Kroger

Kroger is a multi billion American retailer which is headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is considered as the largest supermarket chain by revenue in United States and second largest retail store chain in U.S. just behind Walmart. It has more than 3000 department stores and supermarket situated at many locations all across the country. It was established in the year 1883 by Bernard Kroger and its founder name is Bernard Kroger.

Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters

The Kroger Co.
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Kroger Customer Service phone Number : 1-866-221-4141

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(Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST)

Kroger Corporate Phone Number : (513) 762-4000

For Inquiry Please call : 1-800-576-4377

Kroger Official Website : Click here

Twitter : @kroger

Facebook : Link

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16 thoughts on “Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. Andrea Brown

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I believe the Kroger Store needs management attention. 1227 Rockbridge Rd SW, Stone Mountain, GA 30087.
    The store is being run by young adults that don’t know how to manage or be available to Customers. There is a lot of times, I am looking for a manager and can’t find one. I even ask the clerks and they don’t know where they are at? They are letting valuable older Cashiers/Deli Clerks go or firing them, and they are very customer service oriented. Since the CEO has retired, there seems to be a lack in Management. A lot of time, they are out of stock on several items, store aisle are full of pallets of products, and the Click Carts are in the way, and at times are hard to get around. I will not use this service due to this. Many times I have to leave my cart in a different aisle to get my groceries in the clog aisle. Carts pile up outside the store, and there are no carts to be available shoppers inside. I really don’t think this is the customer’s job to get a cart. This location has the upper hand, due to there are not many groceries stories available. Also many of these younger people who are hired are working and talking or texting on their phones. I would be fired if I would be talking on my phone during work hours.
    Also, people are parking in the Fire zone lane, leaving their cars parked while they go inside and get a Starbucks or shop? What makes them so special? One time they did have a security car driving around, but no more. I hear complaints from other customers on the lack of management and customer service. I know a couple of years back it won the award for the best Kroger store in the nation. It’s gone downhill since.
    Let’s get Kroger back to being customer oriented and getting management more accessible. Train these young adults, so they can be better managers.


    I went to Kroger’s Wesleyan Park Plaza in Owensboro, KY. It was about 930 or 10 pm on Sat may 18th. I shopped for my families groceries and went to check out. Not one register was open. I asked the bagger if anyone was going to be open soon and he rudely pointed to the self-checkout. I had 70 items and over 200.00 in groceries. Ice cream, etc. and other cold items. This bagger then picked up a dust mop and started to dust mop the floor, not once at least asking if he could help me at least sack my groceries.

    There was one lady at the entrance, I am not sure what she was doing, but she did not offer any assistance either. At this point, I am pretty furious. I had to put small amounts of my groceries on the very small area to self-check. Then I had to sit some items on the floor, so I could bag and have room to fit back into my cart. It took me 30 minutes to check out. My ice cream had melted and several of my cold objects were warm by the time I got home.

    I know you can’t control all of your employees all the time, believe me, I deal with it as well. But their “I really don’t care” attitude to me was what really upset me. Good customer service is a thing of the past. Employers can’t demand anything of their employees without them quitting. You can’t find anyone who cares about their job and their customers anymore. But , I know, if any of my employees behaved this way to my customers, I would want to know.

    I have never sent anything like this before, because most of the time, I just don’t go back. For some reason, though, I believe Kroger’s will actually address this. Please prove me right. I f you can’t offer even adequate customer service after 10pm, please don’t be open.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Connie Enix

      I live in a community called Owensville, OH. Our town has a major thoroughfare through it called Rt. 50. Lots of traffic through here….we are in desperate need of a Kroger Store here. Our Hometown IGA closed a couple of years ago. The only thing we have is a Dollar General & a UDF! The closest Kroger is 15 minutes away in Milford, OH which has “2” Kroger stores. I think it would be in the best interest & profitable for Kroger corporate to build in Owensville, OH. Your only competition is Dollar General & UDF. There’s plenty of available properties for sale in Owensville, OH…CHECK IT OUT!!!
      Thank you for taking the time to read this plea!?

  3. Amber Griffith

    I would like to report an incident that happened in kroger store in shelbyville indiana.I Amber Griffith am a very loyal customer.I attended the store last night to get dinner and purchuse tobacco products.As i was tryimg to help an employee with her job bc she wasnt capable or didnt comprehemd after she scanned my id that she would physcially have put my uear of bith onto the computer screen.As im tryimg be nice and helped she battered me she was rude angry very violent her name is ennette an older black woman.Im not sure what was going on with her but she physcically grabbed my arm and pulled it back very hard amd forceful.I was in total shock at tbat point i had told her do not touch me and id like the manager i will purchuse the tabbacco from him.As i domt want to see anyome loose there job i tried give her the benefit of the doubt n just cash me out i was totally in shock amd ready to leave.Then she just wanted continue call manager which i thought was great tp resolvw the matter and she was gettimg more angry louder.As the mamager approaches shes litterally yelling at him.His name was stephen his name tag said he was store manager i clearly asked him n he stated he was not then in return i ask for krogers cooperate number which he gave me faslse phone number.He continues walk me down to another isle wherw another employee could check me out.Then as he keeps apologizing to me shes yellimg across store and laughimg ect and pure harrassimg me until i leave.Stephen the supposly mamager never saod anythimg to her.So as mornimg approaches i call to talk to someone in cgarge its not right an employee anyone for that matter put therw hands on someone very violent and aggressive.I am a disabled person anyways and i feel violated threatemed and fearful to ever shop at lroger again.O spoke to devan lambert a store manager this morning he advised i meeded talk to mark and hed be in later so would theady employee enette that had attacked me amd that they would appremend her as in sayimg write her up.So needless to say i call back later and the manager mark didmt come in.I filed police report to press battery charges on kroger employee enette as well had go er.My arm felt as tho she pulled out of socket.I had recently talled with a lady at cooperate she told me the store manager needs to fill out a report and he can tell me where to go from there such as medical bills ect.I feel as though iam gettimg nowhere with people that are suppose to be in charge and responsible for the way this buisness is supppose to be ran.Im not sure what to do next but hire an attorney because ive never been in this tupe situation.I know its wrong ive been assulted and harrassed and now i have medical issues as a result not to mention my mental state of awaremess that i have been a victim of such crime that i cannot attend a grocery store ive been going to for years.Someone in a higher position of krogers cooperate chain please help get this resolved take care of and hope and pray it never happens to anyone else.Thankyou very much.Amber Griffith 404
    Shelbyville in 46176

  4. Frances D. Solomon

    I am writing to complain about the store located on GA Highway 85 located in Riverdale, GA. I have been shopping at this location for 16 years. It has gotten worse over the years. I think it is this way because the customers are mostly people of color and working class Caucasians.
    The parking lot and entrance to the store is often littered with debris. It is messy and disorganized inside the store. The dairy case is smelly and stained. So many of the shelves are bare. How can you run a grocery store without food on the shelves? The lights in the produce department are dimmed after 11:00 PM. The cashier did not know why. It is like shopping by candlelight.
    I was in the Riverdale store yesterday to make a return. There were 14 customers in line at the customer service counter. There was one person working that counter. A customer requested to speak to a manager but the manager never came out. I left without doing my return. This store is actually poorly stocked with food and poorly staffed.
    This store needs to close its door for a few days and clean it from top to bottom. Hire and train people to serve customers. Show the public you care about serving people of color and working class folks.
    Send managers to the Buckhead Kroger in Atlanta to see how a Kroger Store should look and function. You might also send them to a Publix Grocery Store. I have never seen a poorly run Publix EVER!!

  5. Virginia Evans

    I just returned from Kroger on Old Canton Road in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I have been a Kroger customer since I moved to Jackson some 30 years ago. I went to a doctor this morning and left between 11:00 and 11:30. I left work early this afternoon at 4:10 to pick up my prescriptions and then go home before the crowd. When I got there, they were working on them. I picked up some groceries and went back. The young man at check out (only one cashier open) said 2 of the 4 prescriptions were ready, they were working on it. I sat down in the pharmacy. Finally, at 5:10, with a car of groceries, which had probably melted, I left and went home without my prescriptions. The pharmacy workers work hard, everyone was busy, there just are not enough people to staff this big of a store. One check out in pharmacy with 10 people in line.

    Also, any time I have been to Kroger in the past month, there are only two check out lines open. This is a very busy store. Not enough people working! You have to plan on waiting at least an hour just to get out of the store. They want you to use selfcheck out to save them money, but I do not work there and don’t get paid, so I am not checking myself out. There are enough local grocery stores in town and enough local pharmacies that if something doesn’t change soon, I will not be back. HIRE MORE PEOPLE IN THE PHARMACY AND TO CHECK OUT PLEASE!

  6. Lori Wagner

    I have purchased 4 loaves of whole clove garlic loaf bread. I’m so mad! Only 1loaf had a piece of garlic in it. One piece in the entire loaf! The other 3 had NONE. That is false advertising. What a rip off. It’s from the Erlanger Kentucky store. I’ve tried emailing them a couple months ago when I first had a problem with no reply. It’s not a decent store to begin with. I think if you sell garlic loaf it should at least have garlic in it!

  7. Jack Spearing

    I am an “every day” customer at the Orland Park Mariano’s store. My first observation: employees don’t remain employed but for only a few months? To me that means something is a real problem. As a customer I too have problems with that store: It is so close to me that I even make “bread and milk” runs there. ) (maybe that’s why the place angers me.) It seemed to operate well after opening but now, YEOW! It seems to me like a manager or a corporate change has happened. (AND, it AIN”T for BETTER!) I’m trying to be helpful and I think the only reason I care, is the store is in the area beside us. Otherwise, I’d go to Jewel. First, I want to tell you what aggravates me most. The shelves are constantly empty of product. Many products are in confusing illogical places such as everyday noodles in a “foreign foods isle”. There are price tags in the deli that cover the product name/kind so people must ask what’s under tag or just pass ‘it” by. Even milk products are arrange in a confusing manner, disjointed from each other. (Example: various 1/2 &1/2 products are spread throughout the cooler area. (I don’t, but I want to scream) I think someone needs to follow regular customers and see what frustrations they have. (FORGET THE DAMN CUSTOMER SURVEYS TO TAME FEELINGS BY REWARD) Opinion: Just more corporate BS. Last opinion: Maybe it’s time to hire a manager who has power to walk the store to observe/correct situations including maybe lack of employees to get the job done or supplies to keep the store filled. The employees have been consistently pleasant to customers, even if not employed long.
    To me, just be a well arranged and well run store not dependent on gimmick bonus points to survive.

  8. Elizabeth Swanson

    I will add to the list of complaints. Kroger used to be a wonderful chain, but it is no longer. I have been going to the store on Alps Rd in Athens, GA for many years, The Manager is a Mr. Hatchit. He insists on micromanaging, but pays no attention to problems. The employees are poorly trained, yet when they make a mistake they are not offered encouragement and info on how to avoid doing it again, instead the solution is termination. Unless they are at a management level, in which case they can do whatever they like. As an example, being caught having sex with an employee in the office. The credit card readers were defective for a long time, causing some customers to be charged twice while others just had to keep trying before the card was accepted. I know of one instance when this was happening and another customer came ip and asked a question. The cashier took time to answer and when he turned back to the customers who had been checking out, they had left without paying. The amount was $20.83 and for this the cashier was fired.
    The store has been able to keep a few good employees while the economy was bad and jobs hard to find. Now that is no longer true and this store is desperate to hire more…. but Hatchit insists on OKing all hires and won’t allow the “Hiring Manager” to rehire the hardworking honest cashier who was fired for helping a customer and thus lost $20.83. The result of this policy is the store is a mess, shelves not restocked as needed, cooling equipment not checked so thousands of dollars worth of food is spoiled… but the manager on duty who should have been responsible was not fired.
    In a good company the employees are taught that the customer is right, but at Kroger the employees are terminated if helping a customer winds up costing the company. I worked at Rite Aid for over 10 years… if my drawer was short at the end of the day, the difference was taken out of my paycheck. At Kroger, the cashier is fired!.
    Your priorities are clearly not what they should be. I’m thinking of having a sign made for my car that says:
    “Kroger unfair to employees, Please boycott”

  9. tim crowder

    who it may concern,my wife works at kroger at number 367.but i am her husband and i was told not to come back in because i had people too lie on me. my wife has been their for 10 years and is one of the best workers there,i would like to get this matter resolve my wife name is june crowder,i buy grocies there for four differt please let me face my accuser.please let me hear from you.

  10. Catherine

    I have never in my 59 years seen such a worthless union and company as Kroger. The Union is worthless and doesn’t have the ability to help a single employee they drain union dues out of. The St Joe Center Store in Fort Wayne, Has Management as a Union Rep and they do what ever they want to the employees. The managers in the store are worthless and wouldn’t know a people skill if it bit them in the ass. Employees that go to work every day and do there job are treated like the scum of the earth but if you consistently call in or go home sick and leave messes upon messes you are treated with dignity. My daughter worked for your company for 6 years she went to work everyday. She requested 3 days off to go to a concert in Chicago and they wouldn’t give her the 3rd day so when she was ready to come home she got sick and couldn’t drive back. She called in and told them she was sick. So the next day when she felt better she came back home and went to work and she got wrote up for calling in sick (she never misses work maybe 4 days in 6 years). She had no reason to be wrote up and no Union Representation when she was wrote up the manager told her that she had lied and that she was at the concert and that was why she was being wrote up. Then after consistently harassing her concerning this they wrote her up for temp logs. I can understand the fact that these need done and she had missed a couple but she got not only the write up but suspended as well. However the dirty nasty girl that works in there deli bistro undercooked 29 whole chickens and never got anything my daughter on the other hand was taking the phone calls from irate customers who had bought raw chickens…They checked the chickens and they were in fact raw. This girl got NOTHING!!!!! Had it been my daughter you can bet your ass she would have got a write up and or suspended.
    The girl with the half cooked chickens is a dirty nasty pig. Her kids had head lice and she wouldn’t even get the shampoo to take care of them her sister had to do it. Then she had or still has BED BUGS and doesn’t take care of them either but she parades around the St Joe store like she is something special and believe me she is not. Everyone that works in the Bistro hates working with her or after her because she doesn’t clean anything and leaves big messes for everyone else to clean up but that is acceptable as well. They had mold growing in the ovens after my daughter left that store because no one cleans…Your worthless management team as that store lets those things go by…
    My daughter was one of the best chicken fryers in the Kroger stores. Some customer said that they had bought a chicken sandwich that was cold in the middle and guess what somehow it supposedly had my daughters initials on it so with a Manager Union rep she got suspended again for a week. She put in her transfer to transfer to the South Bend store since that is where we are moving to….She started at the South Bend store and now she is going through more shit…First she is informed after the transfer that she isn’t getting her raise to 13.20 an hour. Then when she gets her pay check she finds out they cut her pay 1.00 an hour with no warning. She is making 10.40 an hour after 6 years of service with this company. She contacted the Union and the Union rep wouldn’t call her back so she sent an email. When they finally contacted her back they told her to bad for you. She transferred to the South Bend store and now they told her that since she got suspended from St Joe that she was considered part time and took all her personal days away. THIS COMPANY AND IT’S UNION IS WRONG AND SUCKS IT’S NO WONDER YOU CAN’T KEEP HELP. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work for such an underhanded company I am contacting my Attorney to see if there is some kind of recourse since no one else will assist her… SUCH A SAD STATE FOR A RETAIL COMPANY!!!!

  11. Mia vang

    Just wanted to let you know that the Kroger at 576 is racist thing just because I am not their color. All the managers including the store manager doesn’t care about whatever happened to the stored. I am a cashier there I don’t think it’s fair that some of them can have more seniority than me. Which it’s doesn’t matter about it. For me trying to raise my kids with the little money it’s sure not worth it. Especially with my situation that I am and now.

  12. Robert Dickens

    I need to speak to district manager that is over the Kroger’s Marketplace in Gallatin Tennessee

  13. Steven Day

    I applied to work at Kroger 36430 Ford Rd Westland, MI 48185 and the application wants me to have a resume and this would be my first job

  14. Scott Krenzke

    I am from La Porte, Indiana and have shopped at the Kroger there for YEARS. This is the surprise capital letter announcement that I got on my receipt yesterday. THE SENIOR DISCOUNT IS RETIRING! So first you hit us a few years back with a 50% cut from 10% to 5%. Then we were mailed 1000 fuel bonus points for switching any prescription to Krogers pharmacy. However, as seniors, we were DENIED these points because we were on Medicare-Medicaid. And now you are cutting off the entire senior discount. You are all just a bunch of corporate greedy moneyhogs. Its not enough that you top 5 in the corporate structure make over $4,000, 000 in salary, over $8,000,000 in bonuses and over $17,500,000 in stocks and options a year. I mean I’m sure you have trouble making ends meet on your combined $29,500,000 per year. Here is reality to you heads in the clouds executives. Most of us seniors are living on limited/fixed incomes consisting of social security. We actually do live paycheck to paycheck. Every single thing that we buy is an essential to live on. In La Porte and the area there is a family owned grocery chain known as Al’s Thriftimart. YES, FAMILY OWNED! They continue to give seniors a 10% discount on Tuesdays. But you at Krogers, who gave stockholders $385,000,000 in dividends in 2015, are SO GREEDY as to completely alienate your very loyal senior customers to add dollars to your stockholders bottom lines. You have COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about what put you in this position in the first place. That is the loyalty of your shoppers of which seniors are a huge per cent. You just don’t care any more about your senior customers. It is painful and pathetic to see what you have done to crush senior citizens. All in the name of unmitigated corporate greed. You completely disgust me and I will NEVER SET FOOT IN ANOTHER KROGERS IN MY LIFE!

  15. Felisa Victrum

    To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is Felisa Victrum and I would like to lodge a complaint against one of your employers who supervises the front end at the Lawrenceville Hwy in Tucker GA. Location. On 11/23/16 Wednesday I visited the store to purchase some groceries to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. I checkout at a cashier name Jessica’s register. I was using an EBT card but unfortunately after she scanned all the groceries the total was higher than my available funds on the card. Ms. Jessica assumed I was going to pay cash for the difference so she processed all that was left on the EBT card and requested for the difference in cash. I told her I didn’t have any cash on hand and that I would like to put some items back. Jessica started removing items to bring the total down the $25.24 the amount available on the card. During the process something happened so she called for some assistance. Jessica mentioned to me that the money did not transfer back to my card like it should have. The person who came over to assistance was name Tisha Holt. Her approach was not very friendly, she had a look of frustration on her face. Ms. Holt stated to Jessica that she needed to void the entire transaction and re-scan the groceries. I asked Ms. Holt at that time would she like for me to take the groceries out of my buggy and place them back on the belt. Ms. Holt ignored me so I asked again thinking maybe she didn’t hear me. She didn’t respond. I looked at her without her giving me any eye contact and I said…that was a question. Ms. Holt replied yes we need to re-scan the groceries. I brushed it off thinking maybe she is frustrated due to the holiday madness. Ms. Holt decided to grab the groceries that were already on the belt and put them back into my buggy, and stated let’s go the customer service counter and I will ring your groceries up again. When we walked over to customer service she told me that she didn’t want to put my business out in front of everybody but the money was refunded back to me on another card. I told her I only have one card and it was in Jessica and her hand the entire time, because the strip on the back of the card wasn’t legible for me to swipe through the machine. Ms. Holt stated there is nothing more she could do because she knows for a fact that the money was refunded to another card and she demanded for me to give her another card. I told her that is impossible because the card was in their possession the entire time. Ms. Holt told me she wasn’t going to argue with me, she wasn’t going to allow me to take any groceries, she would not give me a copy of the receipts, and that she was done with me. I told her not before she tells me what card my money had been transferred to. I asked for a store manager 10 times before she was willing to get some additional assistance. Finally, a man named Jim approach me seemingly with the same attitude until I explained to him what had transpired, and that I was not leaving with a zero balance on the card and no groceries. Jim agreed to give me a copy of the receipts. I also expressed my disappointment in Ms. Holt for disrespecting me as a customer in front of other customer’s. Mr. Jim was nonchalant, it was unbelievable and I will not let this go with some type of recourse of action even if I have to hire an attorney. I walked into your store as a customer with $25.24 on my card; however, I left with nothing. I need to speak to someone immediately about this situation to ensure that my complaint get acted on. Thank you kindly for your attention and assistance to this matter. My contact number is 404-747-4827.

    Best regards,

    Felisa Victrum


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