Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

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Have you been searching for the phone number, email, contact details and address of Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters then you have arrived at the right place where you can get answers for all of your queries.

We have listed all the important contact information and address of Kroger corporate office headquarters which you can use it to reach them quickly and easily. Do you have any issues or complaints or want to give suggestion or report a bad service to a higher executive or CEO then you can reach them at the address details given below.

Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters

Kroger Corporate Office

The Kroger Company, headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the world’s largest retail grocery, multi-department stores. Its products and services include convenience stores, fine jewelry stores, department stores, and supermarkets.

The Kroger Co.
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Kroger aims to be the most loved retailer in every community we serve. The company is committed to delivering the finest quality in what we sell, how we sell and how we live. Kroger strives to create a culture that values opportunities for growth and development, nutritional education and employee engagement throughout the company.

Kroger Corporate Phone Number

To speak with a Kroger customer service agent, you can call 1 800-576-4377 or if you prefer, contact Kroger via email. The Kroger website provides useful information and guidance on many shopping topics, such as recipes and food recalls.

Kroger Customer Service phone Number :  1-513-762-4000

(Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST)

Kroger Corporate Phone Number : (513) 762-4000

For Inquiry Please call : 1-800-576-4377

Kroger Official Website : Click here

If you’re looking for an easy way to get in touch with Kroger and discuss concerns or give compliments, you can dial this corporate phone number to get in touch with a real human.

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Kroger Support twitter

Kroger Support takes care of customer concerns and questions on Twitter, fielding hundreds of messages every day — but they get dozens more requests than they can handle.

Kroger has one of the most well-known customer support Twitter accounts and it’s been consistently ranked as a top Twitter account in various online sources since its creation. The brand is constantly tweeting out updates, responding to questions with empathy and providing customers with a wide variety of support. They even respond to typo corrections.

Twitter : @kroger

Facebook : Link

Kroger Pharmacy Corporate Office

Kroger Pharmacy is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States and Canada, offering a full line of prescription and OTC drugs, health and Beauty products, and photo processing.

Kroger owns one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, with more than 800 pharmacies opening every year. With this level of scale comes a sense of corporate responsibility, which is why Kroger employees are trained to be empathetic and generous with their customers.

Kroger Cincinnati Headquarters

Kroger’s Cincinnati headquarters is a hub of innovation and a hive of activity, from the more than 400 in-house team members to the 3,300 employees across 32 states. Focused on leadership and innovation, the headquarters is not only home to Kroger’s Global Business Services, but also includes The Ideas Factory and chef demonstrations by local foodie favorites.

Kroger Corporate Office Cincinnati Ohio

Kroger’s corporate headquarter is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger has stores across the United States and Virginia, it has 595 supermarkets and multi-department stores. Kroger Associates is over 350,000 people.

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Kroger is one of the world’s largest retail companies with more than $108 billion in sales. Kroger is committed to superior quality, choice and value.

How Do I Contact Kroger Corporate?

Contacting Kroger is easy. In fact, you can do it in several ways. The first thing to do is go to the Customer Care page at and click “Help.” From there, you can contact the company by email, phone or live chat from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Customers can also find information about Kroger Cares by following the social media links on the corporate website.

About Kroger

Kroger is a supermarket chain located in the United States. It was established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The company offers general merchandise, food, & beverage and pharmaceutical products. The slogan of the company is “Kroger Value & Savings”. In this year, Kroger employed roughly 323,000 people with 2600 store locations. The corporate headquarters are located in downtown Cincinnati.

The company serves about 9 million customers daily. Kroger operates a number of subsidiary companies including Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fry’s and Smith’s Food and Drug.

Please use the above contact resources to reach the quickly and easily for your complaints or inquiry. Please do let us know for any suggestions.

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  1. baithen

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  2. asuisb

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  3. Bo Brown

    I have decided that Kroger needs the attention of millions of people regarding the horrific treatment of Evan Seyfried. Just like all the attention the 4 University of Idaho student murders and Shanquilla Robinson murder, this man and his family need justice. Yes, managers can drive people to suicide!!
    First my campaign will be to call a Boycott of Kroger stores. Please don’t forget that people have the option of shopping anywhere, it is the customer service that makes the difference. What do you think will happens to Krogers billions when million of us decide to shop elsewhere. Shame on you Kroger for your shameful response to this man’s family.

  4. Doyle selman

    Another company listening to the woke mob.I’ve traded with Kroger for years..Not anymore and I’m not the only one.Taking patriotic items off the shelf is going to cost you.

  5. JenniferTilford

    I walked in get something heard a manager and employee talking about they let go because of some mental health issues are serious right. That’s not okay has issues you just let them go and this is not first time this has happened standing in middle of sale floor talk about something they can’t help this upset me so much and don’t work there just wow

  6. Tracey Wheldon

    Will be avoiding Krogers for awhile. Due to being mischarged and the store manager not willing to make things right. Said it was my fault

  7. Carolene Jackson

    I am an ex-customer of Kroger I use to love to shop at Kroger until Kroger became a woke company who is now demanding that their employees take the vaccine that is not even working all because Kroger refuses to go against the agenda of the government and the new world order and the unelected so-called elites of the world who want to run the world like a mad scientist. We the people will fight all of them and this include woke companies who want the money of the customer but want to help oppress them at the same time I am sending you notice from one organization that we will Boycott Kroger stores there may be a few now but in time there will be thousands. either Corporate is for the government or the corporation or the people and without the people, there is no Corporation.

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