Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

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Have you been searching for the phone number, email, contact details and address of Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters then you have arrived at right place where you can get answers for all of your queries. We have listed all the important contact information and address of Kroger corporate office headquarters which you can use it to reach them quick and easily. Do you have any issues or complaints or want to give suggestion or report a bad service to higher executive or CEO then you can reach them by address details given below.

About Kroger

Kroger is a multi billion American retailer which is headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is considered as the largest supermarket chain by revenue in United States and second largest retail store chain in U.S. just behind Walmart. It has more than 3000 department stores and supermarket situated at many locations all across the country. It was established in the year 1883 by Bernard Kroger and its founder name is Bernard Kroger.

Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters

The Kroger Co.
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Kroger Customer Service phone Number : 1-866-221-4141

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(Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST)

Kroger Corporate Phone Number : (513) 762-4000

For Inquiry Please call : 1-800-576-4377

Kroger Official Website : Click here

Twitter : @kroger

Facebook : Link

Please use the above contact resources to reach the quicly and easily for your complaints or inquiry. Please do let us know for any suggestions.

9 thoughts on “Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

  1. yujiro

    I am resigning from ever shopping at any Frys location in Arizona.
    A fee for cash back.
    Cashless policy

    Kroger HEADQUARTERS-18,O5’6O’8’54’O6
    Kroger CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER-1(8O5)(6O8),54O6

  2. Kathy

    I am resigning from ever shopping at any Frys location in Arizona.

    A fee for cash back.
    Cashless policy


  3. Mary Shaddox

    Dallas County (Texas) has passed an ordinance that ALL businesses will ensure that all employee and customers are wearing masks. This began on 7/20/2020. I was in there yesterday and all employees were wearing masks. I saw a few who were not wearing them correctly, and the front end manager assured me she would speak to them. I then asked about the few customers that were NOT wearings masks. She said that corporate would not allow them, the store, to stand at the front and refuse entry to someone not wearing a mask. Now this business can be fined $500. I have emailed and called the judge who is enforcing this order. Please ensure that all of the store in Dallas county are doing the right thing.

  4. Laura WALKER

    Why has Kroger not implemented precautions against COVD-19. Front end working without protection ie(gloves, mask, etc}

  5. Carol Thors

    I am writing on behalf of my son, he does not use a computer. His name is Scott DeVito and he is an employee at your Buffalo Grove, IL store.
    On October the 31st Scott fell in the store. His right knee was compromised and he could hardly walk. This is something that you can check into without my going into all the details. Scott was off for about a week, saw two doctors and did all the necessary paperwork in the store.
    I know that Sedgwick and Met Life are involved with this claim. In the meantime Scott has not been paid yet and he certainly needs the money. This is out of the store’s hands as we’ve been told, so therefore I am writing to you for the first three days pay from the time of the accident. Sedgwick told this to me and I was appalled. Why shouldn’t Scott get paid? I think it would behoove the corporate office of a multi billion dollar company to pay the small amount that Sedgwick doesn’t pay.
    Everyday my son gets carts for 7 hours a day, no matter what the weather. He is never late and has a wonderful work ethic. Be nice to your loyal employees and pay.

    1. Angel

      I didn’t know that was a thing. To get paid for 3 days after. I was alsohurt. Twice. The first time I was made to come to work before I was even released

  6. Nick Ferry

    Yeah i work at 989 kroger indianapols IN i wanna why i havent got paid this total bull

  7. Shirley Thomas

    This is the second time I have complained about the same issue. I was at the Kroger store at 3731 Riley Fuzzel, Spring, Texas right before noon today. Again only two full service registers available. All the express lanes were closed. I will not, absolutely not, check myself out which is what stores want. I don’t work for you. If this happens again, I will quit going to Kroger’s. There are too many other stores available. I know I’m wasting my time because nothing was done when I complained.

  8. James Goans Sr.

    do to the support you give to no guns allowed in your stores,I will do my shopping some where else.You are making your stores a gun free zone. Do you think the bad guys wiil follow this rule.I hope you will never need our support I know when this happens you will cry the loudest. where are the police.Think about the respondest time for the police. A man entered a Mcdonalds with a knifegoing to hurt people and a man with a gun stoped him. How many people did he save . ALL OF THEM, before police came. I hope all people with a CCW will shop else where.


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