Sprint Corporate Office Contact Information

Listed here is the contact number, headquarter address, email, customer service and other important contact details of Sprint Corporate Office. If you have any issues regarding their service, looking for career opportunities, refund, or simply have a complaint or suggestion you can reach via address given below.

Sprint Corporation, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas USA, is a Multi billion American Telecommunication and internet service provider company which provides many services to its customer like phone services, broadband, wireless voice and messaging, and wireless services. It is one of the biggest Internet Carrier Company.Virgin mobile, boost mobile and assurance wireless companies are its major subsidiaries. It was established in the year 1899 by  Cleyson Brown and Jacob Brown as a telephone provider company. In the year 2004, Sprint Corporation and Nextel Communications joined hands and merged to form Sprint Nextel Corporation.

Website : www.sprint.com

Sprint Contact Number : 1-800-829-0965

Sprint Corporate Office Address

6200 Sprint Pkwy,
Overland Park,
KS 66211


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17 thoughts on “Sprint Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. Kendra

    On Dec. 15,2020 I called Sprint customer service. My reason for the call was to ensure I did not pay on my least twice because I paid my bill off the day the same day my bill was due. I spoke with two agents and two managers. The agents were very unknowledgeable and the Managers were very rude. I was cut off before I could finish a sentence. All I was looking for was clarifications and a resolution. Edgar (manager) was so rude and disrespectful to the point I had to hang up he cut me off and would not allow me to ask a question his whole demeanor was arrogant and down right nasty. So, I ended the call. I called back and spoke to another Manager by the name of Carol, same attitude without even listening he said and I quote “I’m going to tell you the same thing Edgar told you.” I replied well he never listened to the question so how can you give me the same response when he never allowed me to ask the question. Carol basically did the same thing talked over me she was very rude and disrespectful. I have been a customer for over five years. I have spent thousands of dollars and I cant even ask a question or get clarification without being disrespected. The sad part is there is no one in the cooperate office you can make direct contact with to report these rude and disrespectful MANAGERS. Here is some coaching advice below;
    L- Listen (This is so important because everyone deserves to be heard)
    A- Apologize ( There is nothing wrong with showing empathy)
    S- Solve ( Make sure the problem is resolved professionally. Make sure you and customer are on common ground before you end the call.
    T- Thank the customer no matter what always remain humble and thank them.

  2. Kaylie Slater

    I have had poor service, more often than not, with Sprint. Lately, it takes minutes for a page to load. I can’t use GPS most of the time when I need it due to not having service, I can’t look things up. Sometimes it cuts out completely and shows “NO SERVICE” in my service bar area in upper left hand corner. Leaves me without a phone. My kids can’t contact me if needed when an emergency. I am paying for a phone monthly for service I am not receiving. I have talked to several people on 8/27 all to which could not help me. I was told to “sit tight” while the tower works the issue out. I asked if they were going to continue taking my money for service I am not receiving, and asked if something serious happened to my kids and they weren’t able to get a hold of me…would it fall on their shoulder. To which I was refused to give an answer. I have the entire email transcript of this as well. Which will be posted publicly for all to see.

  3. Tony Burks

    My wife dropped her phone and she paid money through asurion for a replacement phone.  We got phone in mail and then in her off day after working 60 something hrs goes to sprint store to have it activated and things switched over. Well 2 hrs later 2 different workers said phone was bad and to call back and tell them phone is bad and to send her another one. Well 5hrs laters and qyite a few different stories and no help and now we are out mobey and stuck with 2 bad phones.  We have less than 5 days to mail her old ohine in or we will be charge a $1000. She needs her phone for work she has to have it so cant mail back till gets her new phone.  Rhen they want us to drive 6hrs to an apple store to see if they will give her a phone. As I am writing she still is on phone with supposedly a supervisior that is now trying to do a conference call with asurion. We have been with Sprint for 16yrs and I am about ready to cancle my service over this bull!

    1. Tony Burks

      Sorry for bad spelling! But we are very upset and now saying oh out systems down call back tonight at 10.

  4. Matthew hermann

    Najeen B is the best customer service rep that I have ever spoken to. He deserves to be honored. I was treated very poorly at the sprint store in my town but he was able to help me. I switched phone carriers because of the customer service at the sprint store in my town.

  5. James McCormick

    Had a young man knock on my door at 2pm. He claims to be a employee of Srint. How am I to be able to identify him as one of your salespersons or a thief?

    Bad idea to have knock on door when most workers are not at home.

  6. Michelle Mesiano

    I would like some kind of positive response since I have had NO success in the several phone calls I have made to Sprint. I have been promised several things and phone calls and resolutions – but have gotten NONE of them. I was a faithful customer on a family plan for over ten years. I was given incorrect information FROM Sprint and just want the $500 back that I was promised. This has been a very frustrating process and I have wasted hours of my time. Most of the representatives I have spoken to – several of them supervisors – have been very rude and unhelpful. I’m sure this is not the representation you want your company to reflect. I would appreciate a response and for you to please look into my account (803) 348-2142. My pin is 7678688.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Mesiano

  7. Tiesha Fenwick

    Hello! I have been a member of Sprint since 2016 holding a family plan with your company that embody five lines. Our initial problem begin when one line got off the plan and it was paid the necessary amount to leave and the phone was returned also. I have had several issues with payments being added and upgrade to my account without me being notified or changing anything. I have to check my bill every month to ensure that it is correct. My sprint experience has become overly expensive and inconvenient.

  8. Frederick Jicha

    I been trying for months to speak to someone in the corporate office and get the run around I’ve put in claims because of being over charged and get nowhere all I get told on one of the claims is they fixed the problem but wont give the money back for the charges and over charge on three phones (1) for 14 months the (2) for 7 months and (3) for for months (4) the taxes and 911 for a state I dont live in

  9. Charity Porter

    We were lied to about a package deal with an upgrade and are now being charged. The store manager told us via messages that he would give us a credit of $30 each month to cover the $23.35 being charged. We got a one time charge of $90 but have yet to see any more credits on my monthly bills. The sales rep we spoke with charged us and lied to us about the charges. The store manager refuses to answer our calls to discuss his negotiation back in august. This company has been very disrespectful and unprofessional since I have switched from Verizon.

  10. Mark Russell

    As a sprint customer. Your customer service is one of the worst I’ve ever had to deal with today. I’ve tried to talk to them via text message and on the phone. I’ve gotten nothing but a run around. I was trying to upgrade to a new phone. I’ve spent more then a hour on the phone. I’ve ask for better deal. Considering All the deal that your offering online and on tv. Wasn’t expecting the same deal but never hurts to ask . Told by one person via text chat to call the 1 800 number. So I did. Was told no kinda deals could be offered to me. And if I want to upgrade I would have to pay $100 to $150 dollars to do so. When I told him my sprint app said different. He told me otherwise. I call back and talked to a another sprint representative And was told something else. The transferred to a different department and again was told something else. As of right now I feel the sprint is just crapping on existing customers and could care less about the service or experiences that we have . I’ve had service with sprint for over 10 yrs. but it only show for about 6 yrs. I’m not expecting anything but to be treated like a loyal customer that I have been . But after today I see where ur customer service is.

  11. Susan Kostilnik

    Good morning,
    I couldn’t wait to go on line and post my ‘best-ever’ customer experience from last evening September 30th. I took my 80 year old brother for a new cell phone. We went to the Sprint Store at the Waterfront located in Homestead, Pennsylvania. Two gentlemen took care of us. First was Jerome Long, Lead Retail Consultant. He set us up with a new phone and also fixed an iPad that needed reset and my brother did not know how to do. Second gentleman was Antonio Whitmore, Manager who finished the tasks. Both of these individuals were beyond knowledgeable, patient and made sure every last detail was taken care of before we left the store. I never experienced such dedicated professionals who really took care of their customers. We seriously were there a few hours and never did they make us feel like we were taking up too much of their time. I noticed their same professionalism when dealing with other customers in the store. I truly hope there is some way they can be acknowledged at a Corporate level. I made sure I got their business cards so I could properly identify them. Way to go Sprint! Many thanks, Susie.

  12. Lana Turner-Reed

    This is for Sprint. Why in the heck can’t I get a Real person on the phone? Someone on the fraud department?
    Someone I’m assuming my troublemaking 36 year old daughter or her boyfriend called and got a sprint phone in my deceased husbands name and social security number. The phone did NOT come to our home address I would like to know where it was mailed to and how eventually the bill after the fact months later came to our addresdnwe have lived at for 20 years. I don’t know and would like to. Know. But I went to 3 sprint stores with the bill and death certificate. And have not received any more sproont bills. I have been with att for 20
    Years and had a second phone with att for my husband. Who was Frederick J Reed. I would like a copy of thst boll sent to me because my daughter stole my library card and ran up a bill over $200 and got electric in my husbands social security number. So I have contacted department of family and children or rather elderly abuse explortsyipn. And need a copy of the phone bill from Sprint. His social security number is 285-38-0946 and our address is 1663 Bearskin Lane. Jacksonville Florida 32225. Of possible tell me where the phone you mailed what was the addredd ? Thank you. Mrs Turner-Reed

  13. gennadiy krivopishchenko

    Hello, im contacting you in regards of my bill. my cell was with 7735014591. we had moved to 33596 on july 01. we didnt have a service with sprint here no coverage. i had to cancel my account and return 2 devices. you still charging me for early lease termination .ive been calling many times but no one is assisting me, besides i was on autopay you charging me the whole amount even thou i called many times !!!!! im disputing your charges with my bank and go far as i need to if you cant assist me! i was your customer for many years and was satisfied would not make changes if would have a service at my zip! Called today again and a customer service manager said that you do have a service NOW! i dont need it now i needed when i moved july !!!. if i dont hear from corporate office willing to take you to the court

  14. CheYenne jordan

    Sad, when you can only speak to someone who has a bad English comprehension. Tired to talking to people from the Philippians.

  15. Breeanna Whitt

    I need to speak with someone in headquarters immediately. Sprint has been irresponsible, lazy, and unprofessional my entire time with them. Your manger who signed me up for my “buy back plan” was so stoned (and offered to me as well over the counter in your store) while doing my paperwork. I now apparently owe Verizon 2,000.00 for over due bills I was unaware of because of your managers poor lack of service. I have had my phone cut off multiple times for “late fees” when I’ve paid a month in advance and you all still cut my phone off claiming it is hidden fees. Your employees in both the Blacksburg VA and Radford VA sprints have been extremely lazy with little to no help, and absolutely no results. I was promised a clean slate, no bills or late fees and credit applied to my account. As well as regular updates about you all fixing the buy back plan screw up. You all have failed. You now say I owe 256.00 for the month of September after promising to take it down to the original monthly fee because of YOUR companies mess ups. I am contacting the better business bureau, I am contacting my lawyer, I am contacting the NSAA, and whoever else I will have to. I am sick and tired of your company treating me like a joke and not a person with life problems I already have to deal with. I don’t know if all your employees are this lazy and careless but this is absolutely ridiculous.


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