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Providing here important information like address, phone number, contact details and other necessary information about Comcast Corporate Office Headquarters. If you want to register your complaints or want to give any suggestion or review you can reach out by using the contact information given below.

Comcast Corporation, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,United States, is an American multinational broad communications organization and is the biggest television and biggest cable broadcasting organization on the planet by income. Despite its best efforts it is still ranked low in customer satisfaction index in United States.Comcast’s services include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, cable tv , video, and data and phone service.

Comcast Corporate Office

Comcast Center
1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Website :

xfinity :

Customer service : 1-800-391-3000

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18 thoughts on “Comcast Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. Debbie Barbour

    When installing cable in someone’s house or apartment do your technicians ask for ID? Today with everything going on with everyone trying to hack someone I truly think that your technicians should ask for ID. My husband was hacked and it cost us $185.00. Shame on your people for not asking for ID. We have been and still are a customer of yours for a very long time and this is how we get treated. I feel this is your fault not ours for installing cable and not asking for ID. Maybe in the future it would help to ask for ID.

  2. Carla Hill

    For 20 year I have some many problem with comcast from them cutting my services off due a services
    provider just not know what he was doing so so many problems. their Rate are much much to high. but
    there are the only one’s ion mt rate that provides high speed Internet , but deal with them its a is the
    worst every time I call the my Blood presser go’s up please someone provide me with hight speed internet
    in my area so I do not have to deal with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Carlos Mojica

      Mi nombre es Carlos vivo en Rhode island ,soy un buen costumer de Walmart and North Smithfield mi dirijo a la oficina de corporate ya estoy cansado de de dos security que trabajan en la tienda yo no robo no soy un criminal tengo in buen trabajo y mi la pasan persiguiendome y tratando bien Mal a mi y mi familia eso me esta afectando mucho hable con El manger y me teatrataron bien Mal y hable con mi abogado y no esta nada de contento me pasan por El lado me dicen malos comentarios yo soy una persona enferma espero que corporate halga algo con esos racista o pongo una demanda no quiero llegar Caso legales por favor

  3. Rebecca

    DON”T order service from Xfinity OR Comcast! They double your rate after a year’s time, and have horrible customer service.
    When calling for customer service – you are put in a holding cue of over 45 minutes, and shuffled through options that do not allow you to speak with customer support – and then hang up. This has happened multiple times! They do this ON PURPOSE to not have to deal with the public.
    Do yourself a favor and seek internet or cable elsewhere!
    HORRIBLE service! Dishonest, and thievery!

  4. Sherman Brown

    Do not order a phone online if u get their mobile service, my phone got lost in the mail and I been dealing with this for two months, been lied too by call center reps and supervisors , still haven’t received a refund yet!!

  5. charles cleburn

    Wose eperience ive ever had trying to get service from anyone. I was on the phone 8 hours before they finally figured out i can get service at my address . I have no cables running to my house so they sceduled to do it,my wife took off work fpr the appointment . tje guy called and said he was only dropping off equipment, I told him I needrd wires ran. He said je would talk to his boss, he never showed up bit claims he did and I wanted to reschedule . and rescuduled for the next week on a say and time without even contacting me to see if it was convenient for me. Now my wife has to take off work again, I guess we’re made of money and can just take off work whenever we want… I have spent a total of 16 hours on the phone and every person gives me a different answer even the supervisors. All I know now is tje next appointment is to drop off equipment I still have no cables to my house , internet or cable, wose experience ive ever had……..

  6. Michael Leslie

    7yrs with them and now they decided to shut stuff down after taking our money .concast doesnt care .lets all do away with them


    We live 5.1 miles or 8 minutes from our Comcast store, yet we Comcast/Infinity is not an option for us.
    When we inquired we were sent a letter stating we would need to pay over $30,000 to get it to our home. However, our neighbor less than a mile away has Comcast service.
    Now with COVID times, we continue to hear all that Comcast is doing for those without internet service.
    I’m not sure how much closer we need live to for Comcast services to be a option. Thank you,

  8. Kimberly feusi

    That’s why all my call records automatically as soon as I push call or incoming call records automatically when answered so I always have proof and if they still dont abide by what they say I turn them in and it works they always follow what they say dur to me having the automatic recorded evidence.

    1. Michelle Woods

      Comecast is horrible. The wifi in our house has been gong out at least twice a week for over a month. We have been calling Comcast sine 6/16/2020 about this and have been told we need to unplug the box. Finally we were told me need a new modem so we made an appt. The tech did not show up and then we were told we would get a new appt for the next day but it would not be until 3-5. That does not work because we need wifi to work due to covid 19 we are working from home. I spoke to 4 different people in a span of an hour. It took me asking 3 people if I could speak to a supervisor before I got 1. Comcast is horrible and does not care about there customer.

  9. Jeff Dodson

    During this time when customers are either laid off or hours cut back, I don’t know why movies can’t be priced the same as Redbox or movie stores. All movie stores are closed so it leaves comcast the only way to watch movies at this time. New releases start at $5.99. Movie stores and Red Box charge $1.99 Nice to see comcast show their care about people in times of need.

  10. Sheena weaver

    I have been a customer with comcast off and on since 2002 and the reason I have left a few times is usually the same reason. Comcast hikes the prices up tremendously after the 1st or 2nd year. I have been working from home since 2013 and have almost lost my job due to their services not working consistently. The tech will come out to fix a problem but never fix it. I have had to have several techs come out just to know that the issues was out doors. Recently they have been working on the internet services for almost a month during the day verse evenings or the wee hours of the morning. By them doing this I have been unable to work for hours out the day and ALL they offer to credit my acct is $2. I feel this company is a thief and will rob us blind without having to offer their best service to us but if we do not pay our bill they will shut us off. I hate that they are the only cable company in my area and I am stuck dealing with their poor service with no consistency.



  12. John Keefer

    I have NEVER seen a company with such lousy customer support. I have been lied to and screwed over on a regular basis by the customer support. I am as of Monday going to find a new internet and cable provider. I was told I would have a appt at 7 a.m. to 8 a.m on and now recieved a conformation email that the apt would be Sunday 2 Feb between 1 and 3 p.m. I am going out of town and whwn called to explain this was told would expitate the ticket and get a call back. Still waiting for the call back. I have had your company for over 10yrs and in the past 3 or 4 yrs the service has gone so far down hiii its unreal. I am on the phone right now with customer support and figure if anything gets done it will be a miracale. I also intend to file a FORMAL complaint with the F.C.C. and see if Fox news and CNN will go anywhere with this. And as usually was just disconnected AGAIN. The normal experience with your customer support.

  13. Williams James
    James Williams
    January 19, 2019

    It is amazing that Comcast charges on people for next flex and you even don’t have Comcast cable and then don’t want to reverse the charges because the customer don’t even have it

  14. justin ragozine

    I would like to know why I have to subscribe to watch LGBTQ movies or TV series and if they are free I am forced to watch them on my laptop and not on live TV?

  15. Mary Giovanetti

    Dear Madam or Sir,
    I was a loyal xfinity user for years, This year my wifi usage changed and I started to pay over use charges . I contacted Xfinity and you offered an unlimited plan for over $100 per month . Therefore I shopped, the competition and was able to find a carrier for less than half price of what you company offered. This happened in the spring of 2019. I recently moved and when I was changing my electric with Duke Energy. Your representative offered me a unlimited service with Xfinity for $40 per month. My husband was involved in the conversation and was skeptical . So I made sure that the Duke/Xfinity representative repeated the offer on the phone with him . So we switched back to Xfinity.
    The home we moved into had several lines running into the home so we called Xfinity to show us what line was active. My son installed the wifi device after we found what cable connection was live.
    My first bill came in and there was a charge of $70 for an installation charge.. I contacted Xfinity to see why because we have agreed for self installation. The rep agreed to remove the charge from our bill. At that time we asked your rep if the service was for unlimited data . They said it was not , but I had more than enough data available to service our needs. I asked to speak with supervisor . I was told that the supervisor would contact me back . This never happened . I repeated the same phone call two other times to no avail. NO ONE WOULD CALL ME BACK..
    The new bill arrived with the $70 charge for installation as well as over data charge usage. Again I repeated my calls , and AGAIN to no avail.
    All I want is what was promised to me Unlimited data on wifi and No installation charges. The rep with Xfinity claims the Duke Energy made a mistake. Your company will not do anything about this and a supervisor won’t even talk to me. You employed Duke to sell your product therefore it is your responsibility to honor the agreement.
    Please contact me ASAP to clear up this matter


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