Walmart Corporate Office Contact Information

Listed here is the Important contact details like address, phone number, email, official website of Walmart Corporate Office headquarters. Do you have any complaints, suggestion, looking for jobs or reviews or any questions please contact them using the information given below.

Walmart, headquartered at Bentonville, Arkansas, United States, is a multi billion multinational retail chain of supermarkets, discount departmental stores, home and grocery stores and hypermarkets. It was established in the year 1962 and its founder is Sam Walton. the company is managed by Walton family which owns more than 50% of its holdings. It has more than 12000 stores in more than 28 countries under 72 banners. In USA and Canada this company act under the name Walmart. In mexico it is known as Walmart de México y Centroamérica, In UK it is called ASDA, In India it is known as best price and Seiyu in Japan. It is also in the list of Fortune Global 500 companies and is number one in the ranking of world largest company by revenue and also it is number one by market value. Walmart Chain is the biggest grocery retailer in United States and has generated more than 300 billion dollars per year. Walmart offers rebate costs on numerous significant items, garments and housewares brands, yet the organization additionally offers Walmart marked stock practically identical to real brands at a much more honed markdown. It is very famous in USA and you can find a store in nearly every cities and and towns.

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Official Website :

Walmart Corporate Office

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716
Telephone: 479-273-4000

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-WALMART (925-6278)

220 thoughts on “Walmart Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. Susan Kellam

    I was getting ready for my holiday baking and needed Solo Almond Paste. I went to the Neighborhood Market in Alabaster, Al to purchase it. They had it in stock, but every box was dated best if used by August 2017! The next day I went to the Walmart Supercenter in Alabaster, AL and they also had it in stock with the same expiration date of August 2017! I brought it to the attention of both stores for which I was thanked. However I am wondering since this is November 2018 how did such blatantly outdated product make it on the shelves at not just one store – but two! What kind of inventory control and employee supervision allows this to happen. I was very disappointed not to mention apprehensive to purchase any groceries at Walmart without checking every expiration date closely. Thank you for your prompt reply.

  2. John White

    ST# 04420 Pharmacy policies are making people, having to go to a different pharmacy to get a doctor’s prescriptions filled. If a doctor proscribes a amount of medication,, why is it Walmart puts a limit on the quantity..per YOUR POLICY, which they did had on hand, and after checking to make sure they could fill it.. waited thirty minute only to be told it could not be filled…. we have been mistreated twice with similar problems, by this pharmacy,,, so from now own we might as well go to other pharmacies,, that do fill the same prescription.. which was K-mart. We spent $150 dollars on groceries,, but I just might start going to BILO for them… K-mart for prescriptions and other everyday things,,with no need for Wal-mart anymore.

  3. Kim A Polonczyk

    I spoke with someone yesterday and I attempted to gain access to my Debit Card Information on line again. As Told I get the code to change my password and when I enter the code I am told it is not the correct number.3RE 181024-017819
    As I was told by the manager at the Walmart store If I do not wish toi pout up with this aggrevation I have to use someone else card!

    I even called the number the specialist told me to call if I was having difficulty and sat on the phine until the battery in my phone went out 35 minutes later!

  4. Kathryn Hunley

    file# 7905289
    I was injured in the Sam’s Club st#6405, Yuba City, California. I was called by CMI in NOW I CAN’T GET THEM TO ANSWER THE PHONE NOR HAVE THEY RETURNED ANY OF MY CALLS.
    I would like to be compensated for my out of pocket cost incurred because of one of your employees neglect to properly complete their job. I have had a headache everyday since my head slammed onto the concrete floor, my jaw was sore for weeks. A toe on my right foot is broke also , when I slipped my shoe flipped into the air.
    I think at least I could be reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses.
    Kathryn Hunley

  5. James Vogel

    ~ Here is a wake up call Corporate” I may start a Class action Lawsuit against Wal-Mart in Duncan Oklahoma, Store #01116 ~ My Wife and I are in our sixties and I am in poor health, We were trying to check out at 5am on a Sunday Morning at a 24 hour Superstore.(Joke of a claim) We had several hundred dollars of cold meat and frozen food. We were advised that no registers were open and If we won’t self check out” we could get lost! This coming from a woman doing nothing but standing around watching empty self check out lanes and playing like she was working”{ Wrong answer ~ I assure you.. So,, I guess in your merchandising brilliance, You are shedding the old? the poor? the challenged because they have only cash and don’t have or have the ability to do EFT’s.. I have Real news until you post proudly from the outside doors” that you won’t take cash or check people out in person this is not going to cut it.. How much did the self scanner as you enter fiasco cost you? I bet it would have covered several hundred overnite cashiers” You will not dictate how I spend our money or when” America is rolled over, not I, Failing Legal satisfaction, perhaps I will use flash mob tactics and social media to get a real depth of the American public’s feelings toward you. Delete this I don’t care, You people will be hearing from me soon… J Vogel Duncan , Ok

  6. Linda Simpkins

    so…I hate to say it but WalMart is now on the truckers boycott list….and I will join it. Sam Walton always said truckers would have a place to park and sleep. Well that aint so in Brea KY. the video about booting trucks is CRAZY and totally not a cool thing to do.. I hope it never happens but let me ask you what are you going to do when one of these tired drivers run over your family member and kill them cause they cant sleep. And to knock not loud enough to be heard, is crazy just so you can gain 600.00. let me tell you, drivers dont normally have that kind of money at hand and willing to just pay that much….you are making it to the point where we will be refusing to even deliver to WalMart corps. You people need to get a life and see what is going on..I wont shop at WalMart…anybody want my left over Walmart gift cards? I wont be using them…

  7. Carol Czak

    I am a disabled woman, I was using a motorized cart in Walmart in Mattoon IL. I accidentally bumped a clothes rack and when i started to back away from it. a big metal pole came down and smacked me in the cheek under my eye and i have a very large lump for almost over a week, plus a lot of pain…. My Doc, said there was nothing to do if there was a fracture, but he didn’t believe anything was broke…….

    So i filled out a claim with walmart at the time it happened, and they removed all the clothing from the clothes rack and they took the clothes rack that wasn’t put together properly or it would not have fallen on me. They took all the paraphernalia away and put the clothes on a different rack.

    The Insurance CO you deal with said they had to check into it. To see if Walmart was at fault.
    #1 the clothes rack was not put together properly or it would not have fallen on me
    #2 Walmart is in the middle of remodeling so everything is just shoved all over the place with no regard for the customers at all.
    #3. There was no way for walmart to prove anything……. because everything was removed after it happened. So they are just taking the assistant managers name over the lump on my cheek.
    #4. someone suggest they take photos, and the Assist Manager said NO I don’t need any photos.
    To say the least……… They did nothing to compensate me for my pain and suffering. They just acted like my pain didn’t matter….. I didn’t cause the accident…….. Their clothes rack did, if someone walked past it, and touched it , it still would have fallen. IT WAS NOT PUT TOGETHER PROPERLY……… or the nuts and bolts would have held it together, instead of falling all over me. When it fell apart I never saw a nut or a bolt that might have held it together…….

    Something needs to be done about this……….

  8. fotballdrakter barn

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  9. AnnaBrinkley

    yes this is annissa Brinkley social 259-557906 iwas inquiring about the 1991 incident at the Sandersville Georgia Walmart on harris street in Tennille when a white tractor trailer showed bigssnakes sa cow black and white and a bigwhale gray goodness my life has been a living hell the snakes has killed every where I shopped and lived my kids might have already been murder shadrika nad Brittany and my sister in law was the front end manager of the Walmart ion sandersvillegeorgia and Sophia Edwards was a employee to of the Walmart out here I think she is one at the Walmart in oracle in Tucson ariozona and a inspector in the red and black boy the murder rate andfound out my exfriend Jerold tucker was a truck driver in Mitchell Georgia he was haluling the snake to one of the ttruck might have been his or little herman snider and larry Williams might have been hauling the snakes to and my dads brother t w wiley turns to a big one or eat the embryos because of hunger one please the snakes spirt is sick and I have been putting up with it and the police busdrivers boy the wear it pay with it and I am here in Tucson Arizona and they same guy he had them in the fair to pima county fair grounds and living here and throwed them at me and living on my warp food purchases the white kkk knights little herman jr owner of sirjose boy it pitful I have putting up with it the police put it in my clothes and my body mokos to please when is I am goint to get compensateion money rewarded to me for me

  10. Brenda Barnett

    I am writing because of concern for a senior (age 87) who resides in a senior’s community in Florence South Carolina. He and his wife are not longer able to drive and they are experiencing great difficulty purchasing personal items and much needed medication from the Walmart Pharmacy. Therefore, I contacted the Walmart located in Florence and inquired regarding delivery and was informed that they do not offer such service. I think it would be a fantastic marketing tool if you did offer that type of convenince through an agreement possibley with the various Senior Communitied locally and perhaps nationwide.

    I am sure that a process can be created that the service would prove financially beneficial for Walmart and cost effective for the seniors community and others. Please consider this request and if I can assist with additional information please contact me.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Ms. Barnett

  11. Jesus Gonzales

    I am a former employee at your Superstore in Tracy Ca store #2025, I understand that Walmart is an At Wil Employer & can fire you for no reason at all. I was “Voluntarily Terminated” for trying to move up to an AP/LP position because of my Background. At first I was sent an email telling me I didn’t qualify for the position, so I left it at that. A couple days later I was called to the managers office where I was told the Corporate/Home Office wanted to do a Conference Call with myself and a Co-Manager to see about overlooking my charges, which I should’ve never did. When we did the Conference Call the lady I spoke with said “THIS CALL WILL BE RECORDED”, ok. Before she asked me questions she then said “WHATEVER COMES BACK ON YOUR BACKGROUND WILL NOT TERMINATE YOU FROM YOUR CURRENT POSITION JUST THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR” not once was this said but twice , I even asked the Co-Manager again “WILL I GET FIRED IF ANYTHING COMES BACK” she replied “NO”, so explain to me why the next day I go to work and i’m called to the Manager Office just for them to tell me i’m fired because of my Background. Like I said I understand the At Wil policy but from what i’ve been reading I do believe that’s “WRONGFUL TERMINATION” & with that i’m sure there’s more like “LOSS OF WAGES” etc. Your Home Office should have the recording. I don’t know why I got fired for trying to better myself & get passed the past. All I want is my job back which I loved doing, if not I will take LEGAL ACTION. If you people actually read these comments you can call me at (209)207-1356 or (209)379-6077

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    1. edward witbeck

      mr duke edward here in ak no help from walmart ?????????????? you call me them no help ?????????? claim 6525652 medicare fraud sir

  14. nagaraj

    I am from Puducherry in South India. From a long time I am dreaming to undertake W all mart – supermarket business In Puducheerry . I am a graduate and involved fully in one man spirituality . Ages 45. single. My kind approach is to create employment opportunities for some skilled labor through wall mart business in Puducherry..I assure you if I am considered, I will take full responsibility of your opportunity and provide you professionally high target.
    Hope the best. Waiting for your reply.



  15. B Crowell

    Just curious what constitutional article President Trump has violated? Your “Impeach 45” items will cost you much more than you will ever realize. Good bye.

    1. Robert Rudy

      I have $800 in my budget for food most of which I buy at Walmart. I am getting ready to go shopping but not to Walmart. You disrespected our President and I will stop shopping at Walmart. You are no better than the rich football players that disrespect our flag. I will tell as many folks as I can about my decision.

      1. Joyce lively

        Well said well said if I didn’t have to go to Walmart to get my cheap insulin that yes the state pays for I’m 58 years old I have no transportation on the verge of maybe with the grace of God getting approved for Social Security however after the way I was treated and disrespected at my local Walmart in Saint Roberts Missouri because they won’t fax paperwork that still legal for me to handle to Family Services to prove my medications that I take the only reason I go there so I can get my cuz I had to pay out of pocket and they pull down the process of me getting my Medicaid they won’t hire convicted felon in the state but they will in Texas hiring young dumb he’s working the registry that don’t know how to jot down a simple phone number you have to repeat it four times when you been a customer for years you been on the same medication since 91 I will not be disrespected by Walmart and by the way Dollar Store cheaper Dollar Tree is good product and that’s where I’ll do my shopping from now on Waynesville Missouri great people great Pharmacy good job Price Cutter good job zink’s Pharmacy screw Walmart and I don’t usually put people’s names out there to make them lose their job but I will not do their job for them by looking up a simple phone number when you live in the same damn County not my job his name was Robert Pharmacy manager don’t know the store manager’s name and I do not care I’ll have my position right me the name brand insulin two different kinds not rely on fault they need to move your product somewhere else besides Walmart it will cost the state of Missouri more money to fill my needs with the most expensive insulin because Walmart my brother-in-law work there in st. Roberts I had the most respect for that man God Rest his soul email me I will tell you his name my sister in Tennessee worked there for Walmart to I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life is I am at this Walmart here in Saint Roberts Missouri and I will not under no circumstance return ever and oh by the way I forgot one more thing my day thought for this country in World War II I was born before this company was founded by Mr. Walton a total disgrace need to close the stores down
        Make people who are handicapped work their butts off can’t sit down can’t do this can’t do that and how dare they judge anybody on Medicaid or talk Whispering amongst themselves Harrison quality people convicted felons would be better there’s some of the folks I’ve seen work at that Walmart make the world a better place not worse I’ve worked since I was 11 years old standing on a milk crate washing dishes outside of a little small town called Crocker Missouri thank you for your comment man I’m sorry that happened to you at your Walmart

    2. Helen

      Yes, that is an excellent question, B Crowell: just what Constitutional article has President Trump violated? We have a president who is simply working very hard and doing his job, cleaning up Obama’s immense mess. My goodness–this should be encouraging to our country! Instead we have constant political game-playing from the Left and the biased media, who jump on him for everything conceivable. Beyond ridiculous!! I am sorely disappointed that Wal-Mart would agree with this disrespect of our president by carrying these “Impeach 45” items, and hope they will stop selling them soon, or I, too, will be a former Wal-Mart shopper. Thank you.

    3. Daniel Sterner

      It took me a long time to set foot in a Wal-Mart. There was a time when I vowed absolutely never. But….I decided to see what the hub bub was all about. Been in our local store 3 times. I was both apprehensive and regretful knowing that I was helping to fill China’s coffers . No more !!!! Impeach 45 ? Are you serious ? You did me a favor by reinforcing my first impressions about you clowns. Wal-Mart is a national disgrace. I bet old Sam is rolling in his grave. Please keep your political views to yourself.

  16. Haley

    My husband placed an order for a Honeywell Wi-Fi Visionpro 8000 Thermostat, White for $29.95. We received the wrong item because WALMART had the price marked incorrectly. Now the vendor nor Walmart is willing to assist me on a replacement or a appeasement gift card for their mistake. I spoke with Sean S, Laquitta M, and a supervisor Tiffany J. All very rude, not helpful at all… All they could do was apologize, offer a refund and a 20% off my next purchase. I will keep this going until something is done!!! Next is to BBB… Thank you for nothing!!

    1. edward witbeck

      6 29 2018 mr mcmillon sir i was hurt at store 4474 2012 all this time no help from walmart or c m i your ins comp they said let s s i pay all bills lol lol not it is medicare fruad i will not not break the law from walmart claim 6525652 walmart c m i has block me from calling you edward 907 598 1661

    2. Sarosh Z

      Hi Haley,

      Did your situation ever get resolved because I had a really bad experience at Walmart a couple days ago and so far no one has tried to reach out to me? I will be suing them because I have a case.

  17. Milton Cleveland

    BEWARE THE NEW QUALITY OF GREAT VALUE UNSWEETENED APPLESAUCE: For past 1+ years this product was far superior to any supermarket store brand. Past few months the quality of this item has become inferior in quality. The applesauce has gone from a normal consistency to an extremely watery product over the past 3-4 months. Either the manufacturer has intentionally watered the product down to increase their profit, or Walmart has turned their back on the Quality Control during the manufacturing process. My family has purchased 5-8 each of this item each month for more than 1+years, however, recently we have had to go back to Safeway and Smiths for their store brand natural applesauce. The Great Value Natural Unsweetened Applesauce 46 oz size is no longer a great value nor does it meet any normal standards of applesauce, due to its now watered down consistency. This applesauce now pours like water from its container. Shame on Walmart for letting this food product go from “the best in quality” to the “most inferior quality of natural unsweetened applesauce that is available in our community”.

  18. Vicki Booth

    I’m writing in regards to the carts provided for disabled people by Walmart. I shop at the store in Marysville, Ohio 43040, on Coleman Crossing. The store normally has around 7-8 carts and in the last month have only had 2 for the whole store. I brought this to the attention of one of the CSM there and he told me they had 16 carts and they were all being used at the time. He was lying right to me face because that store has never had 16 carts. I shop at that store 1-2 times a week and it’s going down hill. Another lady was asking a greeter about needing a cart when I was leaving. A lot of times the shelves are empty of product as well as coolers and freezers. I really think someone needs to remind these employees what their jobs are. If customers can’t get what they need at the store they’ll surely do their business elsewhere!

  19. Shawna mcclelland

    Every time I go in my local Wal-Mart. I have issues with security of some kind. Today the manager took a picture of my vehicle . I would like answers for why they would need pictures of my private vehicle.

    1. marion morriss

      i have a similar issue with security in my local walmart , everytime i look round this 1 security woman is there , it has been noticed by the cashier aswel , im starting to think shes gay and im her type lol

  20. Jane KLein


  21. jingle

    i have been buying items for my for my mother, who is living in assisted living situation. she does not come with me because i could not get her in the car. now i have to get her id to pick up her items. She does not live near me. she is 99 why can’t i use my id with her check. why do you change rules? boy help someone out. i help at brown bag and my church. i volunteer returning other peoples grocery carts where i live been there 12 yrs. i check the recycle containers because people put the wrong things in there that the city won’t take. i need a bed and had to get trade my car in . may need knee surgery. i got a cot someone donated it is not very comfortable. help me . do you know what arc is ? doing things for people just because it needs being done no questions asked.

  22. Patricia Hazelton

    I was scammed of $739.93 by a 3rd party seller (IHUBDEAL) on for an ice maker that only worked for 6 months and of $69.00 by selling a 3yr product care plan that they will not honor because I had to file a claim within 90 day of purchase – total $808.93

  23. Geraldine Tarter

    I had a pneumonia shot and the lady put there shot in the top of my shoulder and hit a nerve and I couldn’t work because of the severity of the pain and difficulty in movement

  24. Geraldine Tarter

    I got a pneumonia shot Sunday and the one who gave the shot gave the shot on top of my shoulder and hit a nerves and it’s all I can do is move my arm and fingers she really hurt me and I missed work because of it

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  27. Darren Snyder

    I worked at Walmart last year and didn’t get my W2 . Anybody know who I should talk to.

    1. J Vargas

      I don’t know about your w2
      But if Walmart is unable to resolve the shipping order department issues
      How good do you think there office is being run..
      If they don’t care about customers who buy online how do you expect them to try an employee whose standing in their front lines.
      It’s to bad corporate shys away for customer relations.
      Ever tried getting someone in corporate??? Ain’t none!

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  32. Donaldo Clarke

    A few weeks ago I sent an email to Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters in Bentonville, AR. I have not received a reply or acknowledgment of receipt of my email. I requested that whenever my electronic copy of my W2 form for 2017 or a hard copy is ready, that it be sent to: Attn: Evelyn Herrera or Leticia Sandoval at Ameritax at 14203 Coit Road, Ste 104, Dallas, TX 75254. Tel (972) 361-1040. They will be preparing my income tax for 2017. Please send me an electronic copy of the W2 form to [email protected] as soon as it becomes available. Thanks

    1. edward witbeck

      mr duke edward here in homer ak i been need help fell on ice snow in haddycap parking spot at store 4474 1 30 2012 6 years i am hurting no help from walmart you said let s.s.i. pay the bills that medicare fraud you now that 6 years you hurt me ?????????????? must see foot dr in anch ak. i will not break the law for walmart your ins comp c .m i dave at ex 58024 said let s.s.i. pay them he block my cell phone 907 598 1661 p o box 1890 homer ak 99603 3 29 2018

      1. Lisa

        Take em to court present Ur case to an accident and fall lawyer have them advise u

    2. edward witbeck

      4 11 2018 mr duke a man call me today and said walmart wants to make this go away give a new ex 57842 c m i no one has call me backmy cell is block i need to see foot dr . its been 6 years you are hurting me 6 years claim 6525652 907 598 1661

  33. Donaldo Clarke

    I am requesting the Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters to send an electronic or hard copy of my W2 form for 2017 to the following postal address or email address: Ameritax 14203 Coit Road, Suite 104 @ Spring Valley, Dallas, TX 75254. Tel. 972-361-1040 or 214-366-9500. Please send an electronic copy of the W2 form to: [email protected] whenever the W2 form is sent to Ameritax to the attention of Leticia Sandoval or Evelyn Herrera. Please acknowledge receipt of this email. Thanks

    P.S. I believe the W2 forms are normally distributed to Walmart employees at the end of January. Ameritax will be responsible for preparing my Income Tax for 2017.


      1 3 2018 sirs i edward witbeck was hurt at srote 4474 on 1 30 2012 claim 6525652 fell on ice and snow in haddycap parking spot row 8 need to see dr in anch ak foot dr. walmart and ins comp said FUC YOU WITBECK LET SSI PAY THAT MEDICARE FRAUD ISAID NO NO NO 907 598 1661 p o box 1890 homer ak 99603


      1 29 2018 edward witbeck here sir i was hurt 2012 at store 4474 fell on ice snow in haddycap pracking spot row8 claim 6525652 i am still hurt need help walmart and ins comp said FUC THE FEDS LET S.S.I. PAY ALL BILLS I SAID NO THAT MEDICARE FRAUD I WILL NOT BREAK THE LAW SO WALMART SAVE CASH 907 598 1661 P O BOX 1890 HOMER AK 99603

  34. Charles Heird

    I have a complaint about the auto service dept. on last two oil change services….I just had the oil changed on my 2015 Chrysler 200 and the mechanic left the door under the car (shield) unlocked or not completely locked and the door dropped down and broke half into when dragged on the road. I found the piece that broke but the latch knob was gone. They also marked on the service sheet that the air in the tires was checked and properly adjusted to correct at pressure. The indicator on the dash said otherwise. I pulled back in and they recheck the tire pressures and adjusted them, which I watched. I did not suspect the oil change access door to be a problem at that time…….However the service on the previous trip to the department they changed the oil and left the filter loose. So the next day my engine light came on and I was close to a dealer. They checked out the cause of the light and found the filter loose and a quart of oil had escaped. They added the oil and tighten the filter. That cost me approx. about $70.00 for labor and Oil, had it been out on the road out of town. I would have been much worse.
    I would like to have the door replaced under the car with an original part and cost of the labor for the first problem cost since that was not the only incident caused by the auto service department. The store is the one located in Hot Springs, AR-on Central Avenue. Do not know if you have had problems with this store before or not but it gives a bad report for customers just in that department of the store. If I have had problems, I know others have to also. At some point it will get expensive for Walmart for repairs.

    1. Aulbert West

      I can’t find a real email address for Wal-Mart. On Monday Dec. 4, 2017 I too took my car to Wal Mart in Lockhart, Texas for an oil change. I was given a choice between Castro and Pennzoil. I chose Castro, they put in Pennzoil. But more than that they ruined my car, broke the power steering and knocked off the engine mounts. This is a bill for at least $1,000 for repairs.

    2. Charles spaller

      To whom it may concern. We ordered a CD player only to find out it didnt have a connect to the car wwhich we thought it had. S o we wet to return it to no avail they said it was a 3rd party order therefore no deal. So I went and again cant do it . Therefore one cant help believe that WALMART makes a lot of money off people who order of your internet and then stuck with it if it didnt meet there expectations . So I ripped up our walmart credit card while you collect the money . LOOKS LIKE A SCAM TO ME GO AHEAD AND ORDER AND YOU GET THE MONEY WHILE WE GET THE SHAFT. So needless to say last time you will us in your store. the walmart is in New Hudson mich

      1. Wayne

        I think you have to return it to the company that they got it from to get a refund.
        Sometimes it’s not worth all the hassle.
        Good Luck.

  35. Angela

    I recently returned an item to wal mart and the refund was suppose to be transferred to my money card, needless to say it wasn’t. I have ran out of gas on the side of the road, and my children have had to skip more than one day of lunch. I my children and I have suffered because my money has not been on my card like it was supposed to be. We live from paycheck to paycheck and every penny counts. I hope I do not have to proceed any further, I have already talked to an online agent (twice) and a survey was sent to me to complete as soon as my question got answered, it was automatically deleted, my question never got answered and the email was deleted.


    My husband has worked at the Walmart store in Blair, NE as a greeter for about a year and before that in the meat department. He has always gone to work when scheduled. All of a sudden with NO COMMUNICATION he is not scheduled to work. He has gone to the store and talked to the person who does scheduling and they say that corporate now does the scheduling–sounds fishy to me! How can corporate do all the scheduling for all the stores???
    No one will give an answer—just passing the buck! If this doesn’t get straightened out REAL SOON you can bet social media will find out HOW WALMART COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES!!!!! WHAT A POOR EXCUSE FOR A COMPANY!!!

    1. heilwalton

      its called customer first scheduling. the schedule is made by the computer system. so if there aren’t hours or an employee doesn’t have completely open availability and multiple job codes they don’t get hours or their hours get cut. this is a fairly recent change.

  37. Vanessa Tibbs

    I have worked for walmart for abt 11 yrs I was out for a year and half so I came back and was there for 3 years this time, I worked for the Rayville Walmart .I got promoted to Department Manager last year. And the last few months was a living hell. Everything I sis was wrong or It wasn’t good enough, I feel like I was being targeted by my store manager, he would give me tasks upon tasks that no one by their selves could get done and one day and when I didn’t he would have my Asstitant point it out and get on me, I tried hard very hard to get it all done ,I’m a single mom so I had to have my job. Back in August 2017 my oldest son wife had their baby he was born with a heart disease ,so he had to be immediately air lifted to New Orleans ,he had 2 surgies, which is 4 hours from where I live, so when he would have he surgery ,I would asked to be taken off the schedule ,a cpl days were but not all bc store manager wanted me fired , prior and after that my youngest son and I had got a severe stomach virus , I had to call in bc no one took me off the schedule ,and then we end up getting the flu a cpl weeks after that I had Dr excuses but they wouldn’t except them but prior to that they Said if I didn’t provide a Drs excuse I would be fired , I have been told my just abt every employee there to watch my back bc Store manager wanted me fired and to put a new girl recently hired in my spot for abt 2 months or more I would go to work wandering and scared is this my last day, the day he’s gonna fire me ,it was so stressful, I couldn’t eat, sleep wasn’t myself bc I needed my job and did everything possible to keep it ..even as assistant manager had told me when my son and I was out with the flu he told her several times and days to fire me, she said she wouldn’t and couldn’t bc we was out with the flu had Drs excuse she couldn’t do that, well abt 2 weeks later I was abt 11 mins late ,I had to turn around and go home bc I had forgotten my vest and badge ,well bc of Him not allowing them to approve my days it was enough ,it was just what he needed to fire me ,and he did..i don’t like doing this and never called on him ,even tho I prob should had since he’s been targeting me for so long , need help what do I need to do

    1. deloris haywood

      I am going thru the same thing. I was terminated for a late break of a cashier. When there was a meeting stating breaks may be off at times Management always tells us to not let everyone go at once and talks down to us yet they are not reprimanded in the same way we are. I have been a target for months now, and it is real.

  38. Glenda Spears

    I am a cashier at Bryant, Arkansas store # 3230. I have worked for this store for over four years. During that time I have worked at self-check out numerous times. There are days that I have worked there when someone did not show up for work, when they did not have anybody who knew how to work there. I have given numerous breaks, lunches for them. I am hearing impaired and in all of these last four years no one has ever told me anything about complaints from customers that I do not hear them. No comment has ever been said to me. I have asked for the position to work in self check out on a permanent basis. The opening came up and I asked for the job. However, the job was given to a girl who had only been there for four days. I have been here for four years and have experience. The girl did not work out. I again asked for the job. My CSM came to me and said that they did not want me to be there because of my hearing disability. Then put another girl there that had only been there a week. After four years they are now telling me I cannot work self check out because of my disability? I am talking to a lawyer and will sue that store for discrimination. I do not ignore customers and am constantly walking around and watching the customers in order to anticipate their needs. Would like a response please. Thank You.

  39. Hanna

    I had a job interview with a manager at sams club…his name was Eddie. He kept me sitting in tbe pizza area 4t minutes before i even knew who he was…when he finally got there he said lets go hanna…and i followed him but he walked so fast i lost him to one of the rooms….next he turned on his computer ask me one question but never looked at me…when he turned around he told me used to be a dish washer a year ago…and said he just wanted to see what i looked like….and i will call on monday to let me know if i got the job. Monday came and went…i was very upset and still almost month later i still am…

  40. Karen Johnson

    On August 19th I went to Walmart located on 5001 McKinney Ranch McKinney, Texas. I was talking with a friend and suddenly passed out and hit the floor. I woke up with her at my side, she informed me what happened. A few minutes later a lady manger appeared. She asked what happened and then asked was I okay. My friend informed her that she called 911 due to the fact I had hit my head. She said okay and then left. Shortly after that a male manager came over. His first response was did I slip and fall. He then asked was I okay. My friend told him I did not slip however I did fall and hit the back of my head. She had called 911. He left as well. There was not one manager stayed to make sure I was okay, nor did they even wait until the paramedics to come. Their main concern was I didn’t slip. I’m so disappointed where was the customer service? I patronized that particular store at least 3 to 4 times a week. If this is the way customers are treated across the states that’s pretty sad. I hope that someone will contact that store as well as myself.

    1. Kelly M Jones

      It would not have mattered if she would of slipped. This company does not care about their customers. I slipped and hurt my hip in Villa Rica, GA store and have had to have surgery. The first time I talked to them, I was told they have the video. They then called me and said there was no video so they couldnt do anything because of that and their employees reported doing their safety walks that day, so they were not negligent. I know from personal experience that they do not do those safety walks. So now, I have had to have surgery, I am at of work, still will need physical therapy, and they dont give a crap because they have a million more customers to replace me. Someone should be held accountable, but of course nobody is, except me for making the mistake of ever shopping at walmart!!!

    2. Kelly M Jones

      It would not have mattered if she would of slipped. This company does not care about their customers. I slipped and hurt my hip in Villa Rica, GA store and have had to have surgery. The first time I talked to them, I was told they have the video. They then called me and said there was no video so they couldnt do anything because of that and their employees reported doing their safety walks that day, so they were not negligent. I bet you anything if I would of stolen something, they would have no problem finding a video. I know from personal experience that they do not do those safety walks. So now, I have had to have surgery, I am at of work, still will need physical therapy, and they dont give a crap because they have a million more customers to replace me. Someone should be held accountable, but of course nobody is, except me for making the mistake of ever shopping at walmart!!!

  41. Christy Donah

    Approximately 315 am I come into Hendersonville North Carolina Super Walmart period at a time they were waxing the floor. I need to go to the ATM machine which was on the edge of the wax. I felt with my hands that the wax was dry and I left no feet mark. The person that was doing the waxing yelled across to stay off his floor and called me a jerk. Embarrassing me in front of several people. I think it was rude and uncalled for especially to a mentally disabled person. I was purchasing a phone card. If nothing is done about this I will never shop at another Walmart again especially this store. I also spoke to the store manager at the time and he told me to do this thank you for your time. Please reach me at my phone 828-216-1410

  42. Frances

    “Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillan thinks we should all have “respect for the individual…” and that Walmart needs to help build “a more diverse and inclusive society…and we should stay engaged to try to influence decisions in a positive way and help bring people together….”

    Yet every store has “cracker” displayed very boldly.

    “Cracker, sometimes white cracker or “cracka”, is a usually derogatory and/or offensive term for white people, especially poor rural whites in the Southern United States.”

    Now if this were derogatory and offensive to black, muslims, or any other race it would have been done away with a long time ago. Seems Wal-Mart does not care about inclusive when it applies to white folks.

  43. Angelica Gonzalez

    Dear CEO Mcmillon,

    I have watched events unfold on television like many millions of Americans and I am dismayed. It is obvious that ultra-right neo-nazi, white supremists and other hate groups are emboldened by President Trump’s weak stance against them.

    Like many millions of Americans I shop at Walmart. Many colleagues at my previous jobs and students have shopped at Walmart. Also my family has shopped at Walmart. All of these Shoppers are of many nationalities, races and different languages.

    However I recently saw that you did not have the courage to resign from the president’s committee and so I feel offended to the point that I should no longer shop at Walmart but instead shop at your competitors.

    Former science educator
    U.S. Army veteran


    Communist China is tell us that we are not permitted to protect ourselves from attack by North Korea. They will strike us if we make a preemptive strike against NK. So, this is what I propose: I will not buy anything from Walmart because it’s the China outlet. We spend a lot of money in Walmart. The folks there know us on sight and greet us and we make small-talk with them. We go to Walmart first, even online! So, Walmart shoppers, there are two here in Jacksonville , Florida who will not purchase from Walmart unless and until China backs down. NEVER AGAIN! NO, NO, NO MORE 9-1-1!

  45. Kari Brown

    During the month of June I ordered online several barbie items from walmart, Springfield OR. Some items I could pickup at the store, others thru mail delivery. I live 60 miles from this walmart which is closest to me. The last pickup I made a fine gentleman and I discussed that many of my recent purchases (within 2 weeks) have gone on clearance and/or reduced prices. Store policy states I could bring the (9) items back in and receive the difference between what I recently paid. WELL I DID THIS YESTERDAY. I’M TALKING THE DIFFERENCE OF $89.00 savings. I’m up there at customer service with my phone showing them this info of the (9) items, Yes….SOLD AND SHIPPED BY WALMART. THEY WHIIPPED OUT THERE PHONES AND EVERYTIME I PRESENTED AN ITEM TO SHOW THEM THE CLEARANCE OR REDUCED PRICE THEY PRESSED A BUNCH OF BUTTONS AND SAID NO NO NO. I SHOW THIS PRICE WHICH WAS MORE THAN I PAID.

    1. heilwalton

      walmart does NOT price match anymore. whatever price it scans at In store is what you pay. they DO NOT even price match their own website.

  46. Bradley Sizemore

    Dear Walmart

    I went to your store in oak hill wv and got an eye exam they said I needed new glasses so I saw the dr he did his exam and give me prescription for glasses so the. I went into your store and they said my glasses would be $571 I paid they lady and left 2 weeks later they called I picked up my new glasses and they wer ok at first then after 5 months they wer so scratched up I could not see threw them it was awful so I go to pearl vision and had the same thing done they give me the best glasses I could have ask for for less than half of what I paid at Walmart I just thought u would like to know I will never be back in your store agin and I will tell everyone I know just how bad your product is I am sorry but you all can do better and you should thinks for your time if you won’t to talk to me about this I will be happy to answer any questions you would have 304-922-8621 is my home phone thanks and good day

  47. David Ciancaglione

    Why is it that your distrubution center, #6073 has taken 6 hours and counting to unload my trailer, and sign off on my bols, while I sit here un’paid for my time, for a load that was a cheap paying load to start with. How pathetic walmart, how can your DC associates, sleep at night?

  48. Costumer

    A couple days ago i went to that Walmart that is at 1622 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 and was treated like a common criminal which i am not. I’m a Retired Veteran and i felt like the reason that i was treated as such was cause of the color of my skin and i do not appreciate it at all. Next time i go to that store again and see the same thing, i will make the next move and call TV news and record to get as much proof as possible.

  49. Julie

    Can somone please contact me regarding loss prevention from 2010 please I have been reaching out for over a year trying to get answers please contact me 302 396 4567 Julie wyatt

  50. Regina

    I worked at Walmart store 03394 in 2016 until right at my 90 day point I was pulled from my work and was being questioned about stealing money from my register that someone turned me in for but I am underneath a camera 24/7 . The global ethics lady was rude and didn’t believe me but had not investigated evidence first and made me feel like crap so I decided if they think I’m a thief I don’t need to stay and work. Really hurt my income still till this day but tells a lot about how much they value people in small towns

  51. Ana Quiroz

    Please consider more vegan products on shelves such yogurts, cheeses,butter, icecream.
    I am vegan for sake of animals. Ouranimal advocate community iz huge and price wise ur the only ones who can make it affordable with a good producers.
    I hope to find way much more products in ur shelves.
    Ana, Porter Ranch, CA.

  52. Lindsi Bollenbach

    store 950 in bartlett Tennessee supercenter supposedly 24 hour. i called for 3 hours from 6pm til 8:30 pressing 0 to speak to an associate and never got an answer til 8:30 where i then was treated like crap for having a question i hate ignorance get a different job, i work in retail and have dealt qith numerousrude people but this hag really took the cake its people like this is a prime example what is wrong witb society walmart corporationis big enough that it will never hurt from losing a customer but without the customers youd be without a job

  53. Hazel DeLoach

    To whom it may concern,

    This is in reference to Walgreen in Jackson, Mississippi at Cooper, and Terry Road. I can tell that you have new employee (Pharmacy Techs) working in the pharmacy now. This young lady I do believe her name is Latoya is a very nasty young lady. On February the 3, 2017,. I called find out why my medication was a different color, because I didn’t know. I am 69 years of age, and I do believe in respecting your elders. Well, this yound lady answer the phone, and put me on hold for 25 minutes, she finally came back to the line, and I asked her to please not put me on hold again, well of course you know she did, and this time she kept me on hold 45 minutes, finally she pick the line up again, and politely hanged the phone up in my face. I called back, but not to the pharmacy I called the store, and asked who was working in the pharmacy , and I was told Latoya, Mark, and some other young lady. I asked who was the Supervisor and I was told Mark, so I asked to speak with him they transferred me back to the pharmacy, and he answered, well he was so rude. My Dr. called me in another prescription because I have Heart problem. this prescription which is Nitroglycerin around 1:30, I went by to pick it up at 3:30, and of course it was the same young lady that had hanged the phone up in my face, I asked her if Dr. Mohammad office had called in a prescription for me and she said know. I told her I know he did because I was on the line when his nurse called it in, so she kept looking at the computer, and finally told me yes he had and I could come back within an hour or 2 and pick it up or they would send me a message, well it’s 5:10 here in Jackson, Mississippi (Central Standard Time) and I still don’t have my prescription.. I said all of this to say this. The people that was working in Walgreen’s Pharmacy February 3, 2017 are some nasty people, and if they don’t change their attitude Walgreen on Cooper and Terry Road are going to loose a lot of customers.. I really didn’t appreciate the service. I do hope somebody will follow up on this complaint. Thank you

    1. Elaine Stretch

      The Walmart in Hesperia California on Main and Escondido last night Saturday the 15th a fight broke out between two to four customers your employees were filmed by many people with cameras and some of those employees were cheering on the fight they need to be fired immediately you need to get control over that store I will never go back there again and I are others to ban Walmart you suck

    2. Annie C

      Do you realize you are complaining about WalGREEN’S Pharmacy on a WalMART Web page? I was amused reading your post because I confuse the names often too 🙂

  54. Bill Hines

    I have a problem with one of your store’s store #05445 I don’t know if you need this or not op#009048 TE#48 TR#05153, it is on Elm street in Erie, Pa, Store Manager Charles Cuneo, I was in there today to get a 10# of potato’s and a bottle of Coke, well let me tell you, the potato racks were crap, there were 4 bin’s for the 10# potato’s and there was only 1 bag in it, you know this is not the first time, and for it being Friday the busy day it should be stocked up and I can’t believe that they are out of it I have been in this store many of time’s and its the same thing, when I go to get something the shelves are empty I go out to your other Walmart in HarborCreek on Buffalo Rd. I have no problem the shelves are all full and it don’t matter what day it is, I hope this matter will be taken care of, ( my E-Mail is down so you won’t be able to send me anything) but if you do need to get a hold of me my # is 814-572-7880, Thank You

    1. Bella

      What are you saying, man? I realize everyones got their own vipenoiwt, but really? Listen, your web log is cool. I like the energy you put into it, specially with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like most people here is stupid!

  55. Susan Hall

    Shipping Pass… Not happy about you revoking my Shipping Pass!!!! I am handicapped and it’s near impossible to get inside my local store. Out of the 10 or so handicap carts they have, at least 6 are broken on a constant basis. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven to your store only to turn around and drive back home because no cart available. I bought your Shipping Pass to avoid having to make a minimum purchase. If I need toothpaste and a bottle of shampoo –– I don’t want to have to buy other stuff I don’t need to get free shipping. I have Amazon Prime too. Looks like they will be getting the Lion’s share of my money instead of you. I think you are shooting yourself in the foot with this. Why not at least offer the option to keep Shipping Pass. I’m not interested in getting my money back for it –– I’d rather keep it. When you reconsider and realize you will be losing customers instead of gaining them, let me know. I hope somebody in your corporate arena reads all these social media posts. It’s the only way you will really know how people feel.

  56. Mr. & Mrs. Tirone

    We shopped today, 1/26/17, at the Walmart store at 901 Unser Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, N.M. 87124, store manager, Anita Trejo, and had the worst experience. The store is close to our home, but after today, we will never go there again. We were ready to check out, and only 3 check out lines were open, one of which was 20 items or less. The lines were very long and people were complaining including us, but no-one else opened another register. The person in front of us had a problem with their credit card, and that did it. The cashier tried to cancel the order and ran into a problem. She called repeatedly for the store manager and they could not reach her. She never did show up at the register, and never answered their call. After waiting in line for 25 min. we left the store without groceries, along with about 3 other people behind us. It’s pretty bad when the store manager is no where to be found, and doesn’t even return their call. This person obviously does not do their job, nor doesn’t seem to need it. We will never go to that Walmart again. We did go to the Walmart at 460 NM Highway #528, and must tell you, it was a pleasure there.


      , 501 w 9th st, kalamazoo, purses being stolen, my aunt lost 4 , plus wallet, my purse was too, no help at all, dead ends on phone, called multi times.

      same results. I’ve been insulted, I feel like a victim over and over.

  57. Ronda Carter

    I bought a Remington Hero 200 MPH/430 CFM thru Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart. It was broke my daughter took it to Wal-Mart in Duncan OK. My daughter was told it would be credited back to my credit card. I am still waiting.

  58. Lance

    I started at the Walmart in Bristol Va right before Christmas. Got decent hours at first. Now they’ve cut hours so bad we are lucky to get 8 or 12 hours a week. Some don’t get that. We have availability anytime too. My cousin works at another Walmart and said he heard you’re suppose to get 16 hours a week part time

  59. t

    I would like to say this about the Walmart store in Wyoming WalMart West Casper Wy . The way they treat there employees and the customers is very wrong . I worked there and was treated wrong and not . I don’t feel there point system is right . The Manager of that store is never around and other managers wont even take the time to talk to there cashiers about whats going on . I was told to clock out and go home one day early and lost a point .That to me was wrong . I had Dr excuses and could’nt work and got points for that as well . They knew about my health before hire and I got fired because of health reasons and there point system . That point system is so wrong and to treat customers and employees like they do is so wrong at that store I thought I would enjoy a job there but now. I see how come they go through so many people its because of who they have working there.

    1. Lauren

      If they fired you due to your attendance caused by personal health reasons and you even gave them Dr’s notes, you need to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them. That is illegal. They cannot fire because you had health issues.

      1. Bonnie

        I agree,
        I was fired for the same reason and now ( for some reason) I am having trouble getting my W2. I am still seeing the doctors and having surgeries and need the money.

        1. Magda

          Hi, i believe that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to “go back the deÂ.ieâ€srI am trying to find issues to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to make use of a few of your ideas!!

      2. Joyce

        Walmart’s policy is if you miss 8 days in a 6 month period you are terminated. No doctors statement is excepted. That is told during orientation. I am sure they have checked the laws to make everything they do to their employees is legal!

      3. Tina

        I’m a Walmart employee and we have so many things wrong with our store 02945 ! The CSM’s told us in a cashier meeting that we now have to scam 800 items per minute THATS NOT POSSIBLE! I’m fighting anxiety and depression so I’m going to transfer to another area of the store ,a lot of cashiers and CSM’s are leaving the front because of so much crap!

    2. Lance

      Contact attorney. That point system favors certain people. In my store they dismiss their favorite people’s points and fire others

      1. Jay

        for real. In my store points mwan nothing. Its how well your liked. I had 10 points and the only reason im not still qorkijg is cause i quit. But my buddy hired samw time as me got fired within thw first month for four points.

    3. Bonnie

      You are so right the people in the corporate office need to change their work policy because they are losing good worker.

    4. heilwalton

      that’s why LOAs exist. if you missed 9 days in 6 months, take a leave. don’t waste your time on a lawyer. walmart is not at fault here.

  60. 97Sadie

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    1. ed witbeck

      i was hurt at store 4474 on 1 30 2012 fell on snow ice row 9 claim 6525652 walmart said ins comp said let s.s.i. pay all bills F THE FEDS mr witbeck said no thats MEDICARE FRUAD walmart in bentonville and ins comp said F F F THE FEDS no no no said mr witbeck i need foot dr in anch ak . today is 1 6 2017.

  61. Georgine Webber

    I am in total shock that Walmart is carrying “Black Lives Matter” items but you said that anything with “All Lives Matter” and the Confederate Flag would not be sold because it is offensive. Really? You are supporting Black Lives Matter? I am a Sam Club member and have been for many years, I also do all my shopping at your local store because you are the only department/grocery store in our town. I will now have to go an hour to get anything I need. I spend over $600.00 a month for groceries at the Walmart/Sam’s store alone. I will no longer. I will do my best to let every consumer I can reach know that you are supporting Black Lives Matter and to boycott you.

    Disgusted Customer

    1. D

      Are you saying black lives don’t matter? If you are than your a sad person all lives matter and the Confederate flag does not stand for racism or hate do your history you are a sorry racist your argument holds no sufficient points except your against black lives

  62. Gwendolyn Culverson

    Same problems here n Chicago Illinois location Bedford pk between 72nd n 71 Cicero horrible service,walmarts back in the day uses to care about their customers and prospects but i see now they really don’t, we the customer need to stop shopping there until we see a change in their behavior toward us money talks bull crap walks

    1. Georgine Webber

      I just found and I am in total shock that Walmart is carrying “Black Lives Matter” items but said that anything with “All Lives Matter” and the Confederate Flag would not be sold because it is offensive. I am a Sam Club member and have been for many years, I also do all my shopping at the local store because they are the only department/grocery store in our town. I will now have to go an hour to get anything I need. I spend over $600.00 a month for groceries at the Walmart/Sam’s store alone. I will no longer. I will do my best to let every consumer I can reach know they are supporting Black Lives Matter and am boycotting them. Would you help to get the word out about this and boycott them?

        1. Dennis


        2. Janice

          She isn’t saying black lives don’t matter! She is saying if they are going to carry that merchandise then the other two items should be carried as well! People need to comprehend what they are reading and not jump to conclusions!

  63. Jenny

    I stopped shopping at walmart years ago. The store in Benton Harbor MICHIGAN is so poorly managed, help is NEVER helpful. Even the greeter is usually half asleep. Had to use the restroom once, YUCK! FILTHY! Management sucks. So I stopped walking in. Meijer is right across the street. So much better in every way. I shop there.

    BUT…. a new one opened in Paw Paw mi. And…
    I have been buying
    nonnis biscottis for awhile now. And not one store around me will carry the lemon ones. Walmart doesn’t stock them either BUT I can order on line and do free in store pick up. So did that a few times. Some 60.00 worth, stock up, plus go shopping when I get there.
    However…. the last time…. your site is shit. Has been for some time. Pure shit. Navigating is hell and most of it won’t work at all with safari.
    But I found my items, put a few in the cart, was looking for feedback to suggest one flavor be sold in the same small boxes as all the others and not in a box of 60. But there is NO WAY to contact anyone. Click contact us only to be sent in endless dead end circles. Giving up, went to check out only for some reason suddenly my cart would not even open.

    I somehow managed to find live chat. (If my life depended on it I can’t tell you how.) And as always, USELESS!
    First they say clear your cookies. HELL NO. I USE them every day. Every site saving my password would be cleared. And for what? This never fixes your broken site. Then it’s well try chrome. Listen, Chrome is owned by google and they have even LESS support than walmart. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!
    I did try firefox and was able to load my cart only now all the items are marked out of stock.
    WTH? All this took less than a half hour and suddenly items IN my cart are out of stock? Seriously?
    Does walmart have people in the store pulling items out of people carts before they check out?
    So fine, I called the 800 number, and AS EXPECTED I have to sit through endless god awful voice mail shit.
    MY GOD! A company the size of walmart can’t hire PEOPLE TO PICK UP THE GOD DAMN PHONE????????
    Was told sure enough the items are out of stock. In stock when I selected them, suddenly out by the time I could pay. That’s just bullshit.

    Know what? Screw it. Pinterest has TONS of recipes and I started just making my own. Better, cheaper, easier than screwing around on your broken site, worthless help, driving out to the store. Just screw it. Local stores have all the ingredients and that’s that.

    Then…. ha. Get this. I start getting emails that my items are waiting for me to check out. Really? Out of stock one second and suddenly you want me to check out? DAYS LATER?

    Walmart, I’m done with you. That was the single last item no one else around had. I can live without it. Homemade is better anyway.

    1. Dale

      Unfortunately sadly some devoted customers are treated unfairly like store #1406…in va…its very true each store is different but the company doesnt want to address these rogue stores….they just look at us customers as crazy…even sicking loss prevention on you if you complain to much….last time i checked store 1406 as well as your store should be and offer excellent service especially the mgrs are prob paid well and should go beyond the call to make and keep us happy but unfortunately some of us are falling thru the cracks of this billion dollar company…but good luck …best of luck to you jenny

  64. Amanda Morrison

    My 8 year old son helped his uncle on a small job and earned some money,something he had been wanting was a drone,it was the most money he had ever earned on his own at $45. I found a drone for that amount on and thought that was great,he could buy it himself as he wanted to and it was affordable. So I place the order and explain to him briefly how ordering online works, I should receive an email it usually will take a few days and I would know more when they ship it out I explained.I placed the order which stayed in processing for 6 days. On the sixth day I called and inquired about why it had not moved to shipped yet, it was due to be here the following day and was still in processing,they didn’t have much information themselves other than trying to contact the company for me and moving my situation to the marketing department for them to contact Best Choice products on what was going on with my shipment. My son had asked me everyday did I know where it was at ,when was it coming?I had no answer! I found out after sitting on the phone for 40 minutes the first time with best choice products on a Monday morning, 7 days after I placed the order that it had been out of stock the entire time and wouldn’t even ship out for another two days, it would be another week before I got my order with no apology .When I stated that was unacceptable and bad business and asked for a refund, I was placed on hold for 3 to 5 minutes and hung up on. I called back immediately and was placed on hold again for 1 hour and 4 minutes ,then told that I would receive a refund, I was offered $10 off for my frustrations and it still ship, I declined because I chose not to do business with this company after the way they handled my order and situation. I also called and inquired on why they could be absolutely no help when this was a company that they are somewhat partnered with and wanted to speak with someone that could take my complaint on this company and look into some of the other reviews and other situations that people have dealt with like us that I don’t think have been seen or heard. After several minutes of the girl trying to figure out where to send me to talk to someone, I spoke with her manager and someone that could be in better contact with corporate (this was the corporate number and for, she was very sweet, she seemed confused herself on what was going on with the shipment and the company ,she said that she was actually really glad to hear my concerns so that they can work on things that need to be fixed and that she had a meeting the next day that she was going to take my situation into to try to help explain possible better communication with some of their vendors.I explained to her I understood that Walmart as they stated couldn’t give me a refund, it wasn’t their product and thus far butt they do work with this company and this company obviously is not very good business-wise and has a lot of bad reviews and complaints all along the same lines,a lot of people that have ordered through Walmart from this company and even though Walmart doesn’t take any of the blame for what this company does or doesn’t do it was through them that I and others were introduced to this company by purchasing through them .In my personal opinion it does not look good on Walmart to work with a company that’s not very trustworthy and doesn’t do good business. I do think she understood what I was saying and I explained to her,I am just one person but I have read some of the reviews on this company after my experience and understood being in this situation ,there are many others who have had terrible experiences with this company but they’re(BCP) still involved with some major retailers that I think should review BCP, I felt personally that I trusted Walmart, I had already made and received several orders without any problems until I came upon this company through Walmart and I believe  there are many others who purchase through other companies that feel the same way.After a long morning & about three hours of dealing with this very stressful,frustrating situation I immediately got online and found a drone that I could afford ,ordered and did a same-day pickup and surprised my son! I’m still frustrated and still really wanting this company to take more responsibility with its customers than what I feel it does and did! The only satisfaction today was with my son getting what he had worked for and waited for. (Which was by a completely different store,I couldn’t even bring myself to order another one from walmart after what happened).The same evening I check my email from where I emailed best choice products the evening before and got replies back between 5 p.m. and 5:40pm the same evening ,several hours after I had already spoke with the representative & confirmed a refund.The emails saying (finally a week later)why my shipment has not been sent out yet and that they just got more in and it would be coming very shortly and then they apologized.(???) At this point I do believe that they are going to continue to process and ship out the drone and charge me and put me through more frustration and aggravation to have to ship it back and wait through the sending shipping back and processing a refund right here at Christmas time. The next few days will tell butt I have not received a confirmation email or any other contact after I spoke with the representative who was obviously annoyed and the emails I received this evening only confirmed that they are still preparing a shipment.I am so frustrated and this has caused me so much stress. I will not ever do business with this company again,I really do appreciate my local Walmart stores and have used quite regularly but I am very disappointed and frustrated to be introduced to this company ,especially after the many problems that have been expressed and the reviews and the things that have been reported.I feel very deeply about this because I was personally stressed and affected by this as to how I was treated and also I feel terrible as a mother who lied to her child because this company did not do their job. As a customer,I feel I should have a voice,these people should really care more that people are spending their hard-earned money and trusting them with their products for the people that they love or themselves and it seems so unfair to me as a customer. I have lost so much faith and some of these companies and retail stores to where customer service is just out the window and it’s all about taking people’s money and this needs to change. I really hope not to have any more issues that I don’t receive the shipment and I don’t receive any charges because this company has really affected my outlook ,as a mom and as a customer with the level of disrespect and non caring they have shown. This was way more than I intended to go into but I’m hoping that if somebody steps up and starts to give a voice and ask the other people to push a little harder than just writing a short review or getting upset and giving up,like I wanted to today and I really did! I did not have the 3 hours to spare to deal with this and shouldn’t have had to but it became a personal mission, to try to make this right for my son regardless of the company and BECAUSE of this company.We have a voice and a choice!

  65. Bettye Chisley

    I have sent this complaint several times already—no response!!!!

    1. Eureca

      Sorry to have to reply on your complaint I have a complaint as well and trying to get corporate email address and send them the screenshot of the sales and the response in email I got back over a 24 inch TV that states in store for 35.00 and they are not honouring the price match . Makes me really hate shopping in there !!!

    2. jackie

      they don’t give a sh**! I have emailed walmart corporate offices and never…i mean NEVER even had a response for my problem….ALL I SAY IS TAKE UR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE BECAUSE I’VE COME TO THE CONCLUSION…EE HAVE UR MONEY AND F*** U..KISS OUR A**!

    3. Lina

      VÃ¥rt svar pÃ¥ den där Borg – Magdalena – vÃ¥r nästa fitinsminasner anser helt korrekt att sänkt bolagsskatt inte skapar nÃ¥gra jobb i Sverige. Genom att föreslÃ¥ motsatsen – att höja bolagsskatten – kommer ju en massa jobb skapas. Partiet har här verkligen en god chans att dribbla bort Alliansen som det enda sanna jobbskapande alternativet i svensk politik. Nu har vi chansen att Ã¥ter bli ett parti över 50 %.

  66. Bettye Chisley

    November 27, 2016
    To whom it may concern:
    I am an avid WalMart shopper—sometimes 3-5 time a week. I even braved the crowd on Thursday–Thanksgiving evening. While I was shopping this morning (Sunday), I noticed several bins filled with items just as on Thursday evening with the same price! Oh Great!!!—I can still get some of those great bargains!!! After about 20 minutes of scrambling through the bins, I was lucky enough to find a set of –size Large/navy -ladies Fruit of the Loons sweat suit. I was elated to get this set for the same price ($4.00 each) that I paid for a set on Thursday evening. However, at check out, the cashier stated that those items were $5.97 each–and that they were NOT for that price today. I understand that they were on sale for $4.00 each on Thursday—my problem is if they were not on sale for that SAME PRICE TODAY—THEN–why weren’t ALL the items PUT BACK ON THE SHELVES IN THEIR PERSPECTIVE PLACES!!! Then, there wouldn’t have been a problem—-The bins were MARKED a $4.00—-Is this because someone was too lazy to restock the merchandise or false advertising? I was very disappointed in WalMart for doing this to me or anyone else. I feel that I should have gotten the items for that price since it was their mistake for not restocking the items.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience for some clarity in this situation.
    Thank you kindly,
    Bettye J. Chisley–a loyal customer

  67. John Kirk

    Tonight at around 5:45pm Dec 4th 2016; my girlfriend went to walmart Chambers rd. Macon, GA to get her over the counter $25 insulin. We are like many familys that can not afford health insurance. She was informed that she could not buy the medicine because she did not have insurance. They were low on it and save it for those that have insurance. Why is that? To me this is unethical to deny one a medication because you can profit more by holding it for another that you can bill more for the same medication.

    1. jackie


  68. Amy Watson

    Someone had purchased an item for me and I still have the receipt and no where on this receipt does it say I have 90 days to return but the nasty mouthed customer service rep at Conway Walmart said it doesn’t matter that you have the receipt you only get 90 days and then pointed at a sign behind her.. She then made it a point to say that my receipt said 2015 on it therefore she couldn’t give me the money back regardless.. I really don’t give a flying rats behind if the receipt said 2013 it’s still a receipt and a proof of purchase and customers shouldn’t be talked to like they are stupid by a smart mouth employee. I still have the receipt and left the item there because I don’t need it and I sure in heck didn’t need all that attitude from an employee.

  69. SALENA

    I was harassed by a customer for two weeks with management being aware and they did nothing. Then a night shift manager was making me do other jobs and having other shifts just shove overstock on the shelves just for me to go back and have to fix it all. When I went to the main manager at the store saying other people had seen him mistreat me on the sales floor and in the back room he said it was my word against his and he refused to watch the video. Shortly after I was fired for missing too many days but I worked a day they had me marked no show and it was 20 days after the supposedly last day I missed.

  70. Walmart assoxiat

    I think it’s awful we work for a billion dollar company and yall can’t even give holiday pay to the ones that work the holiday. I mean really you would rather hire 500 part time associates than a good full time person it pisses

    1. Joyce

      We only get paid for Christmas Day, but they take it from you PTO days. If no PTO days, no pay for that day.

  71. Tunisha Patterson

    Hi am highly upset I went and brought my grand baby a swing from Walmart and get home to only find out its the wrong swing in the box…….. So I take it back to get a exchange for the right one and they turn me down I had my receipt it was only brought 2 days ago manager was unprofessional they just walked away….. I wasn’t asking for my money back just wanted what I paid for

  72. Kimberly Elder

    Really annoyed I spent 4 hours waiting in line almost one of the first customers for a Nintendo 3ds that said at least 10 in each stores only to find out they didn’t get any. Coorperate offered no assistance for their false printed add therefor I will be shopping at target. They just lost a big customer!

    1. Ronda Ntirugelegwa

      I feel you. I ordered a television, they cancelled my order due to a price error. CSR wanted to offer me 10% off an order that was previously paid for. Had 2 orders processing, I told him to cancel both. WALMART has lost a dedicated/loyal customer.

  73. Tiffany

    I currently work as a cap 2 associate and I think it’s absolute b.s. that I have to spend my whole day working instead of being with my kids and family on thanksgiving. Black Friday is called black Friday for a reason, not let’s start black Friday at 6pm and let most of our associates not get to spend time with there family. I’m sure the corporate office employees get to spend time with their families instead of workin on Thanksgiving. For a somewhat family oriented place this corporation sure does think about money instead of how their employees feel about working on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve.

    1. Tiffany

      Lots of grammer errors but to upset and in tears to spellchecker before I pressing send.

  74. Kathy Ramirez

    I am extremely irritated with! After 3 hours on the phone trying to get an order placed and customer service jumping around on their advertised price and not wanting to honor it….they sent me an email canceling the order after they said it was placed? I called them back and they told me there was a security hold placed by Wal-Mart on my credit card. I called the credit card and funds were processed. They lied. When I called back they gave me another story. I am fed up this to the point of canceling any further purchases thru and canceling my credit card with Wal-Mart if this is how they treat their good customers. I REALIZE I AM A SMALL FISH IN WALMARTS POND BUT THERE ARE MORE FISH LIKE ME! I have better things to do with my time. It’s a shame…this was my husband’s anniversary present….

    1. Eanthony

      My comment is about this false Black Friday because is not any more even you guys need to stop doing this this people they can’t enjoy the holiday for the hours they has also they don’t pay any overtime or extra time just all that hard work and those hours just for regular time is not fair plus a lot of store has to many specials before like amazon just think about it thank you

    2. Slord

      Yes the same thing happened to me as well. Because of price error. They cancelled both of my orders. I have a receipt to show orders will be shipped. This is so frustrating and very inconvenient. I could of taken my business some where else that had great deals as well. I never had any problem with Walmart online purchases before. This is so disappointing !!! If i was alerted ahead of time. I could of bought other items while supplies were available. A Really excited feeling regarding my purchases, only to be let down. What happened to the quality of customer service?

  75. Kevin

    I currently service the Wal-Mart located off Algonquin in Rolling Meadows IL.
    The bakery company that I work for has a Scan Based Account.
    As I understand this we are able to bypass the Receiver since we go directly up with product and it is not scanned in
    inventory. I have difficulties with servicing this store due to Janet the store receiver.
    Continually rude, and always blames it on Wal-Mart corporate policy. It could be raining, snowing or just plain
    miserable outside and waiting outside for anywhere from 5 min to 30 min. She continually hides behind 1 vendor at a time. All I’m asking is to have a bit of heart and commons scents. Let me in, I sign sheet and press on.
    Thank you for your time, and I would like to request a copy of said DSD Vendor rules.

  76. Bobby Willoughby

    I currently work at a grocery D.C. My job title is RSR, but am currently working on the dry racking reprofile project. My question is why there isn’t a paygrade for such a project.
    Myself and one other associate have been tasked with changing the racks (adding 10/20 slots, building in roller primes, and making changes to the reserve slots in the air to reflect the corporate mapping. As well as moving all of the product around in the building to meet the new compliance measures. One other associate is tasked with keying in all the product moves and changing the racking in our inhouse system. We are a 3 person team that takes pride in what we’re doing, but don’t feel like we’re being compensated for the actual work we are doing. We are all working outside our normal roles, but when we have asked about some type of compensation, we are told that since this is a “special project” no extra compensation is deemed necessary.
    I disagree. The work myself and coworker is doing is dangerous, difficult and extremely physically demanding. It is WAY out of our normal work duties and my third coworker had to spend days learning the inside outs of the system and how to manipulate pallet movements and the rack building. Although not as physically demanding, intellectually demanding.
    Any feedback or information you could give would be greatly appreciated.

  77. Taffy E.

    The Savings Catcher Rewards program is a scam. My balance recently disappeared. I have sent several requests for assistance over the last 2 weeks and have yet to receive a response.

  78. Angry associate

    I currently work at a Walmart store and my grandfather just passed away. I asked my store manager if I could have a week off to spread my grandfather’s ashes in another state. He said request the days and he would accept them. Then I find out several days later that he rejected them and wants me to call another number to make a claim for bereavement. Failing to tell me that they would only accept 3 days paid and doesn’t tell me it could take a while for them to give me an answer. Which I needed off the 24th to the 30th paid. I have the pto hours to cover it but he says he doesn’t want to accept it that way.

  79. Frustrated Nana

    WALMART HOLDING BACK MERCHANDISE!!! I am having a problem with your store policy on the HATCHIMALS. I have 3 granddaughters who are dying to get one. I have honestly been trying for WEEKS to get one. HOWEVER, the stores have been told to hold what they have in stock for BLACK FRIDAY. I know this because I have called every store every day for the last couple of weeks. I have been to several and have been told the same.
    One store showed having two Hatchimals. The associate was young, and obviously didn’t know what a Hatchimal was. He said computer shows we have two and I see them on the shelf, but i need to check with my manager as to why they are there and not on shelf. He goes back and then comes out. Says OH WE ARE HOLDING THEM FOR BLACK FRIDAY. I said What? So you are not able to sell to a person who is IN THE STORE, BUYING OTHER ITEMS? He said no, that’s what they told me. I didn’t press the issue I didn’t want to get him in trouble.
    BUT…now when I call the stores I usually can’t get to talk to someone in TOYS but the clerk will say NO WE WON’T HAVE ANY UNTIL BLACK FRIDAY. IT’S OBVIOUS THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD WHAT TO SAY.

    I just don’t think it is fair to everyone, especially handicapped people for Walmart to hold a toy that is as sought after as the Hatchimal and for me to know I have no chance to get for my granddaughters. EVERY DAY, I hear them talking about them. Hoping they get one from SANTA.

    AND I HEAR IT it from every store. Even if they don’t say it I”ll say oh are they holding them for Black Friday and they will indicate they are. Not only is Black Friday bad for the fact of the commotion it creates but also for the family holiday. SO MY QUESTION IS……WHAT DOES A HANDICAPPED GRANDMOTHER DO?? HOW DO MY GRANDDAUGHTERS GET ONE ON CHRISTMAS MORNING????? IT’S NOT FAIR PRACTICE…ALMOST DISCRIMINATING. WELL ACTUALLY IT IS DISCRIMINATION!! TO HAVE ITEMS A PERSON IS NOT ABLE TO GET TO AND PURCHASE 🙁

  80. Susan Rademacher

    Hello my name is Susan. On June 3rd,2016 I was walking out of the Port Orchard, Washington Walmart. I was pushing my cart, and on the way out I slipped and fell to the ground on water from the bagged ice Box. Immediately, Several people came running over and helped me up and I went and sat down waiting for the Manager to come over and check on me and fill out a report. I had a huge gash on my right shin and a cut on my foot and my hip was hurting really bad. No one ever offered to call an ambulance. So after the manager filled out report I slowly made it back to my car and drove home. As the day progressed my whole body begun to really start aching. I went to bed and hoped it would get to feeling better. The next day, someone from the store called me to see how I was doing? I told them that I was pretty banged up and sore but I should be fine. I did not go to Dr.’s because I do not have Insurance. I am a live in care giver and it was hard to perform my day to day duties. I hoped that it was going to be a injury that would get better with time. Well, fast forward 5 months and I have been in sever pain. I did look into what options I had at this time, and I was contacted by many attorneys wanting to file a law suit and fight this in court. I am not able to take all the time that is required going back and forth to Seattle and numerous Dr.’s appointments. Getting seen by specialists and just dealing with a lawsuit. My question is, Would I be able to go to a Dr. that you refer me too so that I can be examined to find out exactly what I injured when I feel. I have constant knee pain and right hip pain. It is not getting better. I would appreciate a phone call back ASAP so that I can decide what needs to be done so that I can move on and not have to deal with courts and Attorneys. All I am asking for is to be made whole. Back to the condition I was in before falling in a puddle of water in your store.

    Thank you,
    Susan Rademacher

    1. jackie


  81. wal-mart bum

    wow by reading all the comments you all dont care and wont take care of issues. so i would say i hope you take notice to this because it is getting out of hand . i go to a store in springfield ohio on n bechtle av. i see alot and i mean alot . there are csm`s haveing afairs and thretning other csm`s and there is steeling rite out the back door . the two csm`s are sammy and logan. he shows up drunk and she can never be found when needed , there are many cashiers and a couple csm`s that will tell you the same . the person they have targeted is name della .she goes to work every day and never calls off wile the other 2 call off ALOT and people hate to work with them in a few of there words they say it`s cayoss when sammy and logan work . they have been caught doing things at work to each other . i think you should nip this in the butt before they do something that will cost you as a com. if you dont and they get away with doing what they are doing to her hmmmmm might have to go to court . o and i think that della keeps a book of what goes on .

    1. jackie


  82. debra harris

    i worked at walmart on a week night . an the managers have no communication one manager told me to do one thing an the other told me no so i told him you have no communication around here. it was arcadia florida store the managers name was jayce. i walked out an didnt even get paid for the time i worked and my friend that rode with me didnt either.

  83. Alexander swart

    Good evening
    My name is Alexander swart ( cart pusher) and I’m contacting you in regards of my friend, store #02351, Catskill New york ,he has epilepsy and he told our manager the one who puts him on the schedule that he has epilepsy and he also put it in his application that he did and told a few other store managers that he does and that our manager ( Joe) keeps putting him on the night shift ( 2 to 11) and he keeps having seizures and we have told him to take him off and he states its not his problem to deal with that he should be able to control it. Also on Halloween of 2016 4/5 cart pushers had all assigned that day off and approved it, our manager (Joe) stated he that he called all of us on holloween , but yet none of us got a phone call. Point being he stated cause we didn’t answer the phone he did the cart pushing outside and did his managerial job that we only need 1 to 2 cart pushers a day, 1 morning and 1 closer, also none of us employees are getting correct schedules , we keep getting scheduled for different hourly shifts every other day and its killing our body’s and our routine system…. You can contact me at 518-945-2027 or my cell at 518-653-6826 thank you and have a great day
    Sincerely….. AJ

  84. Priscilla Lettice

    Hi, i was a Walmart employee until yesterday when got fired for no apparent reason. They said I missed 6 days when I only missed 1 and I left early 2 times. At orientation they said a new employee has a total of 4 days they can miss. I am really upset about this and I demand something be done to fix this problem. Either give my job back in the department I want or I will go find a lawyer and get this resolved myself. I would like someone to call me for more information and my number is (980)439-6454. thanks

  85. Kyle Blackburn

    Good morning,

    My name is Kyle Blackburn and i work at the Walmart Neighborhood market #03084 in Escondido, CA. I have recieved multiple letters to the president about my customer service towards my customers and i was hoping that you may be able to send copies to me. All letters were high praise of me and i would like to have copies so i can reflect and remember why i love what i do so much. My only goal is to give my customers the best and safest experience possible, and seeing their smiles and how happy i made them makes me feel like im making a difference in my community. So if you have those letters on file i would appreciate so much if i could get copies.

    Thank you so much,
    Kyle W. Blackburn

  86. luis

    how to get my hotdog cart in front of walmart? I called corporate,I Emailed as well and not getting any reply back.Someone please please help me…(I’d prefer an employee or someone who can really help thanks:)

  87. Jean

    I think , know I know Walmart employees work very hard. I think the Walton’s should give each employee in the first week of December a bonus of 100.00 so these employees who are struggling in their lives can feel like the company gives a hoot and that the employees can get things for their children for Christmas! Please I’m begging you, the Walton family give this to them they deserve it so much.
    One very satisfied customer

  88. Lucy H. Grillo

    Walmart at Greylang Place in Lexington,Ky. is the worst place in the world.I did demos for Advantage Sales in their store for almost a year.We have a contract to rent out a space to put our carts. We could never get to our carts because Walmart threw anything on them that they were too lazy to put up. This is the way this store stays a nasty mess. If the Fire or Health Department came in, they would shut them down for being so nasty. I tried to lift heavy junk off the cart to get it out and hurt my back. I saw a rude young kid named Terry-supposed to be assistant manager and asked him to move the junk. He smarted off to me that he didn’t have to do anything. The first time that I told him that a customer needed help, he smarted off and stated that he didn’t have to help anyone. These rude brats are what you hire. He then went crying to his manager Jim and this jerk told me to leave my job and store because I spoke to this kid that showed me disrespect. Both of them should be fired I talked to this Teresa, who stated that she had worked there 35 years, who by the way, makes sure that her daddy get special treatment. When they cut his hours, she made sure that he got them back. It’s against the law and discrimenation to have relatives, working in same store. I have contacted your call centers numerous times to have this brat Terry and RUDE Jim fired and they keep telling me that they will have this taken care of and someone will call you back. Last time, they stated that they had sent an email to corporate office and they will get back to me. I was there, Friday and the jerks were there doing nothing, but being rude to people and running off instead of helping customers. I will contacting you until the are gone. There are too many hard working people, needing a job that would be better than them. At least ,they would work and be nice. New Manager, Jared has been there maybe a month. Such a big turnover. Nobody wants to work for the rude jerks. In fact, you need to come in and train Jared, before Walmart has no business. Theresa likes to brag that she has been there 35 years. Stated that she does the training Needs to be gone, because the training that she is doing, must be telling them all to be rude.

  89. Private

    Hello, I am not impressed with the Personnel Department/Human Resource Office at the Walmart in San Bernardino County. It’s an open room with a table of four computors, two desk and people in and out while the personnel staff conduct business with people listening. Yesterday 8-10 people where called into this open office to be inform of issues with there time cards. A line formed where the person in front of you was being advised that she was receiving a write-up. This information was private to that individual and was not to the 15 staff that was in this open office set up. I’ve never seen a personnel office conduct business in the form. People’s privacy is being violated and they don’t even know or seen to care.

  90. Bonnie Durtschi

    Going on for weeks, and I am no longer patient at being ignored. I want this taken care of NOW, today! At this point after waiting for a response, be it Quality Sourced Products, or Walmart, I want a prepaid RA sent via email. I trusted a Walmart order to go smoothly, and it has been anything but that. If you are going to offer an item, then it is YOU who should stand behind it, rather than put your customers through the hell that I’m dealing with.

    What brought me to this abrupt irritation, was my call moments ago to a Walmart representative to once again look into this (call reference #161110-020122)… while I was talking, I began to hear air… your rep actually hung up on me! How’s that for customer service!! He did say at the beginning that the call was being recorded… I urge you to listen to that recording.

    Sales Order ID: 5621663098993
    Item ID: 50389637
    Item: Melissa & Doug Alphabet Lacing Cards DEFECTIVE
    Message: I ordered product code MDG9490 Alphabet Lacing Cards as an intended gift for 2 little girls. Upon arrival, it was clearly visible through your clear plastic wrap that I had received a defective product. It should never have left your warehouse in that condition. It is ready to return to you, plastic wrap still intact just as received, but I do need to obtain an RMA#. Being defective, I expect this to be a prepaid RMA label.
    Thanks much.

    After chatting online with a very helpful gal last Friday morning;
    Hi Bonnie Durtschi, We’ve contacted Reliable Healthcare Solutions, Inc. on your behalf. Someone from their team will contact you within 1 business day.
    Sales Order ID: 5621663098993 Item ID: 50389637 Item: Melissa & Doug Alphabet Lacing Cards. It now nearly 1 week later, and nothing has materialized.

    For these reasons, I will expect Walmart to send this prepaid RA# TODAY, 11/10/16, so that I can post it tomorrow. Walmart can deal with your inattentive outsource companies directly, as should be. If this does not happen today, I can assure you of regret.

  91. Joanne S Wood

    I’m wondering how to contact JB Howard in Rochester, NY regarding a QA Engineer position. I am a 7-8 year SQA Engineer, and I would like to setup a phone interview with JB Howard, who is the Senior Technology Recruiter for WalMart. I currently work at WalMart in North Smithfield, RI, but would prefer to be employed in my field (SQA Engineering). Would it be possible to get his phone number? Or at the very least have him contact me? In the mean time, I will attempt to call the corporate office tomorrow and see if I can gain his phone number. Please strongly and fairly consider me for the QA Engineer role you have available in Bentonville, AR. Thank you, I look forward to speaking with JB. Have a pleasant day. 🙂


  92. Julie

    Hi I was wondering who I contact u have not been allowed in Wal-Mart since 2010 for a shoplifting charge , I would really like to shop the store ahlgin a lot has changed since then I have 2 children that would love to shop the store w mom they don’t understand why mommy can’t go in . I am extremely sorry for my past behaviors and mistakes I live a completely different life now , I shop online but it’s nothing like shopping in the store , I jus wanna be able to shop again I live literally 5 min from Wal-Mart u have been trying to get in contact w someone for a couple months now on what can I do to be able to gain my trust back and become a customer again . I love the store I love everything it , yes I made bad decisions but that was the past please please please give me another chance

    1. Ericka Stevens

      Same thing with me since June of this year only their telling me different stories when I call asking why I was banned. I called the corporate office and they wanted me to talk to asset protection. So I’m about to call our store here and tell them they can tell me why I’m banned and unban me or they can deal with a lawsuit for discrimination against someone with a disability.

  93. Walt Gogan

    I like a lot of other customers I got nothing but a bullshit run around when I gave one of your clerks at your Puyallup store. I was asked for a picture ID and I gave her one issued buy the US Veterans Administration and that was’n good enough for then. I got the same treatment when I came home from Viet Nam, If I don’t like it get screw. What a way to treat a veteran the day after Veterans Day. What a way to run a company I think yours is all FUCK UP and if I didn’t need the socks that you sale I would never step in one of your fucken stores.

  94. jeannene gomes

    Walmart is not a good place to work. We have to work on Thanksgiving instead of spending it with family. Used to be closed on Thanksgiving. I bet all the big important people will be home with their families. Thanks Walmart for not staying closed!

      1. jackie



  95. Andrew Shapiro

    Your corporate office has one hell of a nerve staying open 24 hours at the store in Oneonta on Thanksgiving.
    I am going upstate to visit my Fiance and her family and I was told by her who happens to be one of your employees that she has to work from 4 PM to Midnight. I think that its really ridiculous and insulting that she has to work those hours when she should be spending it with her family and having Thanks giving dinner together.
    What kind of Americans are you and your corporate company you run . Just think of all you Corporate and upper management in Arkansas who are home with all your families while your employees from the different stores have to work on this important holiday. I would like to thank you for that . I guess all your retail employees are just numbers to all of the corporate people. Once again I would like to thank you for ruining this family holiday for us.( Note : Your employee in that store knows nothing about this email.)
    Non -Respectfully
    An angry family member.

    1. Paige Furlong

      I just got hired with Walmart DC in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. They have yet to give me my ID badge let alone train me on my real job. I call corporate this morning and they told me HR has to call on our behalfs they can’t speak to us on our issues even if they are with HR. Plus my thanksgiving schedule is 7 pm to 530 am. Trust me I know your struggle.

  96. Teresa F

    Walmart, you all accept my money for products in the store, I have ordered 5 times, everytime my orders get cancelled, I was told I return to many items, laughing at this, one time I returned a product, turn around and repurchase more items than intended. Now said cancelled order, twice in a row and money is being held, over $300 your site is a joke, if I had other choices I sure wouldn’t shop or spend my money with a company who flagged my online purchases because I supposedly return to many items. This is so untrue and rude, how customers are being treated. I may quit shopping at your store all together, you have put me threw hell. I think I deserve my refund and an apology, and a free gift card for your lousy customer service.

  97. Donna Kinghorn

    We have found this ALL ALONG the East Coast!!!!!   How dare your company policy tought otherwise!!!  Here in Alexandria, VA. We weren’t even allowed to park here to Shop!!!  Two men in parking lot yelled at me because we needed to stop & get MILK first my CHILDREN!!!!
    NOT only are we THROUGH with you, a new personal mission on our YEAR LONG RV Cross America trip will be to share this photo & the hostilities we faced with every RV -Trucker we can!!!  Whether we are in an RV park, truck stop, Cabelas or McDonald’s!!!!   

    Your email does not allow me to share photo with you..but no worries, I can still share with EVERYONE ELSE…

    1. jackie

      they’re a bunch of assholes! u can’t change Frick end dtupid..ya kmow?

      1. jackie

        they’re a bunch of assholes! u can’t change Frick end dtupid..ya kmow?notice the way I spelled it…DUH…LOL

  98. Robert T Land

    I would like to know what the policy is for break time in your stores for the employee’s and what it is for the employee’s and the manager’s for helping manager’s and employee’s that come from other Walmart stores to help that store out because they are so far behind in stocking and short on employee’s? I know of a store in Jacksonville, Fl. and one in Palatka, Fl. that their stock is a mess and they ask other store managers to send them some of their employee’s to help fix it but then don’t give them a lot of assistance and are rude to the other store’s employee’s. The Palatka store manager goes on smoke breaks while the other store managers bust their butt helping their store. And the employee’s go on break to the break room where they have a couch and go to sleep. Just what is the policy for these kind of action? I think there should be some manager and employee changes. Or at least a manger change, one that knows how to run a business and correct it’s employee’s on rudeness to other employee’s and what a break room is used for. If you can’t do this, then you don’t belong at Walmart’s.
    Thank you
    A very Concerned Shopper

  99. Stacy Stines

    I went in the walmart in lexington tennessee to return a box of huggies diapers that were unopened an I had a receipt the customer service lady opened the box an then said she couldn’t return them I asked for a manager an I got the asset manager he tells me he isn’t going to accept them his name is John valley he proceeds to escorts me an my daughter an 6 month old grandson out of the store an threatens to ban me from the store I didn’t realize walmart allowed such practices fo go on at their store an how rude they are to their customers. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with Mr.Valley an he has no reason to talk to me that way or threaten me with banning me when I’ve done nothing wrong I will find somewhere else to shop if this kind of thing is going to be done at walmart!

  100. t3ch guru

    fuck walmart they treat you like shit work you to death and corporate refuses to do anything they tell you to talk to the store manager well if you cant get him what the fuck do you do I bet if I steal from your ass you would do something but im going to get me a lawyer and sue the fuck out of you for pain and suffering and making me do things that was not on my application they just put you on whatever the fuck they want to

  101. Edward Lumm

    Can you get SWAGGARTY sausage at our NeighborHood gro. in Las Vegas on Hollywood/Lake Mead store. They are the best sausage ive eaten. They would be a best seller.

  102. Nevin Norris

    Worked for walmart for about two weeks excited about being a part of the Walmart company. They sent me a letter in the mail about 401k retirement plan was looking forward to being a part of this team went into work the next night told me I was to slow they didn’t even give me a chance to prove my self . Walmart has a high turnover rate for employees this should throw up a red flag to the company if you want people to work for you you need to work with them . This was my first real job what a disappointment all ready to go to work my mom and dad was so proud and now this. Thank you walmart in columbia ky in Adair co.



  104. Carrie Ann Martin

    I think its pretty crappy that I bought a set of 4 dining room chairs for the price listed on and I received an email saying there was a glitch in the system and the glitch is now fixed here is your money back. The glitch in the system was that the price I paid was the wrong price now your trying to charge me almost 200.00 more than what I paid. How can you keep customers this way. This is false advertising and I am extremely ticked off so word of mouth will not be good.

  105. ISRAFIL

    Dear sir,
    For your kind information, I am ISRAFIL candidate for IT officer for WALMART BANGLADESH.I have finished your INDIA office exam by cell phone.Bangladesh office inform to me, exam date 24.10.16, at 12:15 pm by Video confarance to CHINA OFFICE, not inform to me (need physically present you) insite office or outsite office. I guess that,exam system same as INDIA OFFICE system, just video confarance in my current office but WALMART BANGLADESH office not confirm to me for this exam loction and office address.

    Plese help me for solve this issue ASAP.

    Best regards


  106. Suzanne

    I live in Kapuskasing Ontario Canada and we have a Walmart store in our town. I always shopped there but for some reason, now some the employees seem to be very dissatisfy with the store…I noticed that there is less choice and varieties with almost everything. Very disappointed. And now, for the second time in less than a week I asked for two different thing and the employees answer…sorry we don’t carry this no more and I don’t know when it’s going to come in. You should try the Dollar store. WHAT? So being told twice to go to the Dollar I went. Very disappointed….

  107. maria

    Hi i have a few complaints regarding an employee. i was harrassed and also witnessed another customer being accused and harrassed for stealing. I am going to file a law suit against walmart. the customer that was harrassed and accessed will also file a law suit.

  108. Joyce A Michael

    I would like to know if WalMart Corporate supports their employees and stores who are supporting Black Lives Matters but don’t support everyone else. Various stores won’t even let others shop who show support of All Lives Matter and our Law Enforcement, because “THEY MAKE OUR EMPLOYEES UNCOMFORTABLE”? Some of your clerks have literally REFUSED to check out police officers while being rudely disrespectful. Who are the first people your stores have called when your BLM mobs decide to destroy your stores and merchandise? Those same police officers that were disrespected, because they love their jobs and want aren’t afraid to serve and protect even those who disrespect them and their profession. Personally, I wouldn’t blame them if they stood outside and laughed while protecting customers and their cars.

    If Corporate does not support these stores and employees in these actions, why do they feel secure enough to do this hateful act? All we’ve heard is that maybe they get reprimanded or, occasionally one clerk is fired.

    I am a long time customer of WalMart, as most of America is. However, I cannot support an organization that believes this is the right way to go. Better to not show support for any and be courteous and respectful to all than to show obvious support only for a violent organization such as BLM. I realize a HUGE portion of your employees are black, but I know from working with decent blacks my whole life that the majority of them do not support BLM because of their actions. Most people believe ALM.

    This is the second time I’ve tried to get a response from WalMart Corporate, because I believe, at this time, that WalMart really cares about its customers and would be more than happy to give me an answer.

  109. Rose Fowler

    I was in Walmart employee for two years in Monroe New York the store cannot help me please tell me how I change my address from New York to North Carolina I tried to walk into a service which I once used before and they directed me into Personnel can you supply me with a number of who I can call so I can legally change my number they told me at my Walmart I just have it forwarded that they will send it to your old address and it will get through this somehow bullshit okay I’m not trying to be rude I’m just letting you know that I have enough for this okay please contact me

  110. Rose Fowler

    I was employed by Walmart in Monroe New York 109 5-0 for almost 2 years I retired in July of 2016 I have tried to change my address as I am moving to North Carolina and I want my W2’s to be sent there nobody at the store can help me I originally called the Arkansas restore a while back and they told me no problem just call us back when you’re ready to move now the prompts are ridiculous and I can’t get the number to payroll can you please help me because I’m getting really upset with not no responses from Walmart ever I wasn’t employee I don’t

  111. Jennifer Luck

    I’m having issues as well with Customer Service and my local store. I purchased a DVD player for my friend’s daughter. First one was damaged when they tried to use it. Took the replacememt back to the store, once that was done they shipped out a new one. Which also was damaged. She returned that one to the store. AND guess what… one at the local store can find it AFTER they refunded her the money using a gift card. The store manager was called with no help at all. I later got a call back saying the Customer Service employee would be calling the claims department at 7am the following morning. Apparently the ball has been dropped. I have sent emails and gotten NO response. I had one day of contact with them. I don’t know what else to do other than to call Corporate. Being as MY bank card cannot be used until this is resolved, due to the fact they may charge me again. I am not a happy person right now. I shop at Wal-Mart a lot and use on some occasions. This issue may not be a big deal to them but when you have a limited income every dime counts. Any advice??

  112. Francine Zemotel

    I was injured at your store 6998 in East Point GA on Aug 7, 2016. I was referred to your CMI third part administrator and with no results on ANYTHING. More importantly, and this is NOT about money, i am totally insulted that a store where I spend thousands of dollars a year, cannot even return my calls or take the time to discuss their processes and procedures when someone is injured. I have called the store directly and asked for the manager to return my call 5 times. I have personally gone INTO the store and asked for him and he is never available and again, I get treated like a third world citizen. When i was injured i bled in this store, from back to front and not one employee would help me! This is my neighborhood Walmart which i do love shopping at but am now afraid to go there due to this type of treatment. Please, reach out to me about this incident or I shall take this to the local and Atlanta media about Walmart practices in East Point.

  113. Casandra Monta

    I am a former associate and I had money taken out of my account through the Wal-Mart money network card provided when I was hired and it was withdrawn on the 20th of October 2016 and as of right now it’s still the 19th of October 2016 so explain that to me

  114. Jennifer Bolter

    I went to my local Walmart on 73rd Street in Des Moines Iowa at About 10:30pm. I started by getting all the items I needed that were not food items. I had a hard time finding one item due to all the isles being moved around, so I asked an employee who then referred me to another employee and then I was referred to a third employee. I did not end up finding the item I needed. Disappointed I headed over to the food section as I got there I discovered it was blocked off ,and looked like they were starting to wax the floors. I understand certain work needs to be done but, couldn’t someone have made an announcement that they were going to block off that area and given customers a chance to get the items they needed instead. It’s unusual to me that I will hear an announcement that they are closing one of their doors but I don’t get an announcement when their entire food section is going to be closed.I came there looking for one specialty item and food for the next day and I didn’t get either. I’m going to have to shop somewhere else where they care about their customers

  115. Leandro Gamon

    I wanted to know if my email was received. I had a very disturbing experience at your Saddle Brook NJ store saturday night October 15.


    On 8/15/16 I called the Asurion #. Claim # 96957489. I spoke The DVD player quit working in Drake, he told to trouble shoot the DVD player. It did not correct it. 8/16/16 I spoke to Diana, explained to her the trouble shoot did not work. She ordered a box to send the TV in to be repaired. On 8/27/16 I called Alex, we still had not received the box which was to be delivered in 3 to 5 business days. On 9/6/16 I spoke to Omar, not TV box received, the box was ordered again. Same procedure. On 9/8/16 I called and spoke to John and ask to speak to a supervisor, name Richard. I asked him if he could track the tv box and he could not. I explained to him how many times I ordered the tv box. After I had a heated chat with that I had better receive the tv box I finally received it on 10/13/16. The box that I received the shipping label said 7th box. I still have the shipping box.
    To shorten this complaint, the TV was shipped to be repaired. When we received the tv back the screen was messed up. When plugged up it looked like a spider cob web.. I called Asurion again and explained the damage to tv. I was given a email address and was told to take 3 pictures, one of tv screen, and picture of front and back of the box. The box has absolutely no damage to it. I called 10/11/16 to check on the status of tv, I was told they were doing a buyback for the purchase price to be sent in a email form.
    Friday Oct 14,16 I received a voice mail telling me I had to go through this channel and sent picture again. The claim would be reviewed and I should receive a answer in 2 to 3 business days.
    My question is this, I have been given the run around on this claim from the get go starting with a box. This claim is over 2 months old.
    I would like HOME OFFICE to realize their product warranty plan is not what the contract says. How long should it take to get a claim taken care of.
    Waiting for a answer.

  117. Joyce and Martin

    I go in the Holly spring store in North Carolina quite often I thought that the Associates at customer service desk especially Tammy and uJeannie are very argumental with their managers and very disrespectful they talk about them in front of customers and also I can’t understand the many different ways one of them will cash your check the other one won’t one will give everybody the other room won’t as if they make up their own rules and regulations as I go along anyone can go buy a set of rules but it seems like everyone at this Walmart that works a customer service has their own rules even when we ask for a manager to come up they tried to overrule the manager and have it their way they do not back off and let the manager know do what they want to do or let us talk to the manager this issue has been going on a while mostly with these two people at that front end training needs to be done so that everybody at the customer service desk is on the same page also they need to learn to respect their csss and device manager so I can come up and get the same service and the service that I know Sam Walton would have wanted me to get and his family very disappointed in the management at the Holly Springs door and the customer service I know a lot of my friends are saying they will drive the extra mile to go to Garner store and a lot of it is because of the management at the Holly Springs store just thought you might need to know that’s why you were losing a lot of business also we need to have some more cashiers in the evening hours at Holly Springs most of the time they’ll have three registers open when they’re supposed to have a six or more according to one of the csss that was talking one evening at the podium and I overheard her that they had 3 when I was supposed to have six maybe corporate needs to look into the store a little better before he goes bankrupt due to poor management and lack of help and lack of training

  118. Martin Banks jr

    I go in the Holly spring store in North Carolina quite often I thought that the Associates at customer service desk especially Tammy and Jeannie are very argumental with their managers and very disrespectful they talk about them in front of customers and also I can’t understand the many different ways one of them will cash your check the other one won’t one will give everybody the other room won’t as if they make up their own rules and regulations as I go along anyone can go buy a set of rules but it seems like everyone at this Walmart that works a customer service has their own rules even when we ask for a manager to come up they tried to overrule the manager and have it their way they do not back off and let the manager know do what they want to do or let us talk to the manager this issue has been going on a while mostly with these two people at that front end Surrey training needs to be done so that everybody at the customer service desk is on the same page also they need to learn to respect their csss and device manager so I can come up and get the same service and the service that I know Sam Walton would have wanted me to get and his family very disappointed in the management at the Holly Springs door and the customer service I know a lot of my friends are saying they will drive the extra mile to go to Garner store and a lot of it is because of the management at the Holly Springs store just thought you might need to know that’s why you were losing a lot of business also we need to have some more cashiers in the evening hours at Holly Springs most of the time they’ll have three registers open when they’re supposed to have a six or more according to one of the systems that was talking one evening at the podium and I overheard her that they had 3 when I was supposed to have sex maybe corporate needs to look into the store a little better before he goes bankrupt due to poor management and lack of help and lack of training


    dear walmart as a person who has the skills needed in 2 stores in torrance ca after having a nice talk to see if a person can come to work at walmart none of the stores have made any more contact as i do have the skills to do the job we need to get my foot into the door may i get answers thank you JAY STAMMERJOHAN

  120. Jerry Brandt

    I am in Missouri.
    After 8 months of YOUR run around HIDING to keep from trying to help me receive the money Walmart owes me, I have decided to file a Small Claims Action here in Lewis County Mo for the Maximum amount of $5000.
    Jerry Brandt
    610 Webster St
    La Grange, Mo. 63448

  121. Carole Morrison

    How do I go about setting up a charge account for Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency, Inc. Salisbury, NC Please call 704 216-2474 as soon as possible. We serve a six county service area: Cabarrus,. Davidson, Rowan, Stanly, Montgomery and Moore. Would appreciate a call back. Thanks you.

  122. Marie Costello

    I am sick to my stomach still not hearing back from corporate about commack, ny Walmart on crooked hill rd. I have given a complaint in person to there store manager Flavia ( but she brushed it off like it was nothing) and a detailed review online. I was in the store earlier this week in the apparel section and asked an associate In apparel a question right off from the start I get an attitude. Keep in mind I have my children with me, & this associate named PAOLA is nasty as can be to me and my kids then in Spanish I hear her speaking to another associate named gabby about my children saying ” they belong on leashes ” & ” they look like dirty Monkies” they both laugh like it’s nothing to them. Her not knowing I speak Spanish, I confront her in English she denies it all but then as I speak her exact words she said about my beautiful son and daughter, the look on her face was complete shock as in ” oh shit I’m caught ” . I didn’t get an apology she just walked away like she was the boss of the store . Now I’m thinking if she did this to me who else does she do it to customer & associate as well. This is disgusting behavior especially from a women of her higher age who should have respect for a mother & her kids. It was hard for me to not lay my hands on her. I’m waiting to see if corporate will do anything because the store manager flavia sure as hell didn’t . Once again her name is PAOLA I believe she is a manager & she deserves to be fired ! ! !

  123. Tammy R Cox

    Hello I’m the president of a non profit club. The Golden Age Club in Klamath Falls Oregon. This year we have teamed up with our local food bank. Through them we have adopted a family of seven. Their two yr old is fighting Bone Marrow Cancer. The family is struggling just to make it, due to having to drive to Portland for their daughters surgies. We were wondering if our local walmart might be able to help with bedding. Or clothes for the family. Anything you could help us with would be a blessing!!! We do have a tax ID # 140297618. Our club is ran through the senior center. P O Box 1496 Klamath Falls Or 97603. We would deeply appreciate any help you could give us. Thank you for your time. President Tammy Cox. (541)-363-2312.

  124. Aaron Brucker

    First off I want you to know this is not a complaint or negative experience. Life is funny at times and brings us to our knees on occasion reminding us we are all still human. Eighteen months ago I was a director of logistics for one of the richest technological companies in the world. I had just passed my 25 years of service and started thinking about retirement. April 17 I lost my beloved wife of 15 years to a massive stroke. She held on for over 3 weeks but her little body just finally gave out. July 3rd, 2015 the Pennsylvania State Police informed me that they found my daughters body in a field in Westchester. She had been killed over her car. She would have graduated with her PhD in Psychology and was preparing to help children in a school district in Pennsylvania. August 1st 2015 my father passed away from cancer. They had just diagnosed it not 3 weeks before. We spoke for hours the night before he died and he told me that he had no regrets in his life. Many can say that but few can actually mean it. He was a teacher, mentor and my friend. The day before Thanksgiving 2015 I woke up early as usual and my cat Jake whom I had raised from a kitten was sleeping in the crook of my shoulder was cold and dead. He was almost 22 years old and was one of the few reasons I had kept my sanity through the previous 6 months of total and utter mayhem. I am finally getting my feet back under me and am gainfully employed expecting my first pay check in over a year this Friday. I have been we’ll say camping out under a bridge the last 3 weeks in Reno Nv and two days ago a small stray cat found me. He/she is 3/4 starved so I fed him/her my last two cans of tuna fish until Friday’s pay. Tonight I walked into store #2106 picked up 2 cans of cat food which cost .48 cents each. I asked to see a manager which I never saw and was told to leave the store. All I asked was for the cat food costing less than a dollar which I said I could pay for on Friday. I could have easily put them into my pocket and walked out no one being the wiser except I would know. I do not steal and try to be honest and upfront with everyone no matter what there social or economic status is. I have not eaten in days but that is by my choice of trying to help this poor kitten. I dont understand why I was told to leave when all I was searching for was some compassion for this littke creature. He or she is sleeping next to me but I can tell the hunger may do it in. I’m not sure about alot of things still but I do know it was wrong to treat me this way. I would like an answer by phone call or email explaining why to me. Its so simple a concept to be humane but most of us keep screwing it up. I sincerely hope whoever reads this has a good Monday and passes this on to someone who will give me the answer I ask for.



    1. Jayden

      china (including ip blocking of foreign web…sites or search engine filtering), we present here the first large-scale analysis of political content censorship in social media, i.e., the active deletion of messages published by ina&diduvls.i#8221;now then, if you’re in china, i certainly wouldn’t rec…

  125. Elizabeth Euson

    I would like for someone to contact me ASAP about a Hatfield 12 gauge SAS GUN that was purchased at your Fredericksburg Massaponax Walmart store. My husband bought this shotgun in September and went out for the first time on Friday the 7th of October to sight it in when it blew up in his hand. He could have been KILLED! I would hope that this is important enough for someone to contact me IMMEDIATELY. Thank you for your assistance with this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  126. No Answer

    Store #886 in Fort Dodge IA is in having some serious management issues and for the sake of the customers and employees there…this needs to be dealt with. They just don’t care about anything or anyone.

  127. Diane

    I believed with all my heart Wal-Mart sincerely cared about there employees. I come to find out the hard way. There AP team framed me because they were afraid I was going to expose them of missing cash out of our office and them sending iinnocent people to jail, by adding things to there 9 action code receipt. I wouldn’t play along so they gave my position to a girl who worked in the cash office. I’ve opened doored but nothing has happened. I’ve made several calls to my market manager. Still nothing. What is it gonna take for Wal-Mart to care about there honest employees?

  128. Karen goss

    I would like you to be aware of the way your Walmart on Cortez Blvd, brooksville Florida does there interview with people, I went in May and the person asked me one question (how long have I been a cashier) and when I told him 16 years he said thank you and nothing else came of it then I called to talk to a manager and he but me back to the hiring people and she also was very rude and said that’s how they do there hiring, so I was very upset and wanted to inform you, I very disappointed about it because I’m a very friendly person and I like meeting people. So I asked her if I could reapply and have another interview and she said you could try but I really don’t think they will hire you, and they had there reason they didn’t ask any other questions or the didn’t hire you well there are three other walmarts maybe one of them would like to hire me.

  129. sandra padmore lewis

    This store has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
    Every Customer Service Rep gives a different response to your questions

  130. Vickie Bragg

    My husband slipped on the waxed floor of the Lumberton Texas walmart. We filled out accident report. Went today and what do you know they can’t find it.. there is nothing saying it happen.. Contacting corporate office NOW..


    We are creating a Whatsapp group for the export /import /selling /buying of organic wheat, rice, pulses, oil seed, sugar and gurdh in bulk quantity. If you are interested or you are willing to do please send your name and details on our whatsapp number- +91 9452807366 so that we can add you to our group. Note: Only serious buyers can take part in this otherwise our company will take serious action against fake people. Awadhesh Kumar Sharma (MD AKS Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.)

  132. Susan Loll

    To whom it may concern:
    This email is to bring your attention to a problem with your technical department across all avenues of your stores that offer layaways. My mother and I went to Wal-Mart Store #1230 in Show Low, Arizona 85901. Although the store was quite busy, as were the associates trying to get electronics for customers, or just answer general questions. Once we made our choices on the laptop computers, we went into the back of the store, where the layaway dept. is located, as is the Application to work there, and people are going in and out all the time, it leads to the time clocks, lunch break room and offices. Plus layaways are back there. Customer ID # 60064331220622606, Patsy Loll 6635 Avanti Way, Show Low, AZ 85901, phone 928-899-7451. Mine is the next one in the line, and I am not sure how the customer numbers are set up. Susan Loll, 1901 W Deuce of Clubs #132, Show Low, AZ 85901, phone 928-207-7765. The issue is that you cannot make a payment on-line for your layaway. Why is that? It would seem that in this day and age where computers are prevalent in everyday use, your stores would have something set up that allows you to do this. Even K-Mart lets you do a layaway on-line. It just makes no sense to me at all. I do hope you are able to get this resolved, because I will just keep bothering you until it is resolved. Thank you for reading this.

  133. James Adkins

    I’m a owner operator trying to find out who I would need to talk to about pulling Walmart freight.

  134. Frederick alan starnes

    Hello Walmart team i am a tractor trailer drive i have a load that is to be delivered by 6AM 09/23/2016 but i had made good time bringing the load from Greensboro, nc. It’s only 3 pallets of hot sauce but the guards at the gate said no bring it back at 6AM plus I’ll be out of hours if i leave . But now im in the rest area until 5AM too make it back too be on time for delivery. At Walmart distribution center in Smyrna Delaware see if im involved in an accident the first thing the state police is going to want to see is my log book and by 5:30 in the morning heading to Walmart for delivery technically I’m out of hours so I asked the security guard could you please call over and see if they will take the Load. Please remember it is only 3 pallets of hot sauce. My cell is 215-989-5609 i drive for harbor house seafood out of seaford Delaware. Thank you.

  135. Sarah

    I was at the Walmart on US Highway 98 in North Lakeland Florida. I arrived at the Auto department at 813 am on Sept 20th 2016. I told the man I wanted the basic oil change and balance and rotation( which I had warrenty on my tires with hazard.)He replied with it was going to be about 45 to 1 hours before they began on my dodge Journey. I said that was fine. After the hour was up I continued to ask about my vehicle and looked to see if It was going to be done. It stilled wasn’t in the bay. Around 945 The scanner said it was complete so I went and paid. As I walked out with my son I noticed that my Vehicle was still in the bay awaiting a tire rotation and balance. (When I had just paid and was to be completed.) I then went back into the store and asked how long it was going to be. As then my son who had been rather patient began to act up. My Vehicle was then finally completed 2 and a half hours from which I had gotten there. Finally had my keys at 1040am. There was only two men working in the auto department. There needs to be more to help. One women came in and said that she waited 15 min and no one came to see what service she wanted. Please respond to this email.

  136. Mr David Scott McCartney

    Got word from a friend that it took management at the Laguna Nagiell store inCa 45mins to respond to a code white empollyee neding help due to chest pain and shortness of breath. The employee had to call EMS or her cell phone after ther was no response from management which had been paged via raidio and phone. Shame on Wamart for agin endangering the people who run the front lines. Do you care when someone is in deress, at your stores that they might need help and at times and in the case of someone having trouble breathing it is always G.P. to render aid or seek help as soon as possible. The lack of help from management could be considered nengulgent as well as bad store relations.

  137. Louis Castellano

    Your request Return baseball L screen has been updated.

    Darnell Clark Jr, Sep 7, 3:36 PM EDT:

    Thank you,

    Darnell C
    Customer Service Specialist

    Castellano13, Sep 7, 1:49 PM EDT:
    Further more I will not use the Walmart card again.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Customer Service
    To: Castellano13
    Sent: Wed, Sep 7, 2016 1:20 pm
    Subject: [Customer Service] Re: Return baseball L screen

    Castellano13, Sep 7, 1:46 PM EDT:
    Okay, I am not able to pay my bill then .
    Thank you

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Customer Service
    To: Castellano13
    Sent: Wed, Sep 7, 2016 1:20 pm
    Subject: [Customer Service] Re: Return baseball L screen

    Darnell Clark Jr, Sep 7, 1:20 PM EDT:
    Your item was shipped brand new and prepackaged from the manufacturer. It sounds like your package was damaged in transit. In cases like these, we would file a UPS damage claim on your behalf. However, since you threw away the packaging, UPS will not initiate a claim for an item without the packaging. At this point, we are not able to further assist you with the order.

    Thank you,

    Darnell C
    Customer Service Specialist

    Castellano13, Sep 6, 6:31 PM EDT:
    How can it be returned in original packaging when the cardboard was all taped up and in pieces. I do not want the product pick it up at the house it was delivered to
    that was done before.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Customer Service
    To: Castellano13
    Sent: Tue, Sep 6, 2016 5:11 pm
    Subject: [Customer Service] Re: Return baseball L screen

    Darnell Clark Jr, Sep 6, 5:11 PM EDT:
    PLEASE BE ADVISE All items must be returned in the original packaging. If returned without the original packaging, the product will not be accepted and will be returned to you. Because your purchase is currently under warranty, we recommend contacting Rawlings at 1-800-729-5464 for repair or replacement assistance.

    Thank you,

    Darnell C
    Customer Service Specialist

    Castellano13, Sep 5, 11:33 AM EDT:
    I want to Return baseball folding Lscreen bought with my walmart credit card.Metal sleeves do not slide into other parts to keep the screen up.
    I do not want this .Box it came in was all taped together and in pieces.Threw it away did not come with a receipt.To heavy to carry to store.
    Order #5131638-241260
    Thank you
    Louis C

    1. heilwalton

      lol so by not paying your walmart credit card you will just ruin your own credit. walmart doesn’t care.

  138. Cathy Seeley

    I need to register a complaint about a store I worked for. About breaks … lack of proper equipment for employees

  139. Earl Philbrook

    i sent an email yesterday about video of an employee at the worc, mass store smoking dope at 12:30 and thought it would be of interest to the company but have not recieved a responce. obviously it is not important enough for a email or call.

    1. Kell

      It seems as if they dont like to deal with any issues. If its not a good compliment on one of the stores they seem no ignore the issue. But they sure like it when you spend your hard earned money at the store. Its just BS Im going to start going to Meijers

    2. Bruce Barrett



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