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Are you looking for information such as address and phone number of mcdonalds corporate office headquarters. We have also provided toll free number of customer service so that you can contact them for any issues, complaint, review or suggestion about any services provided by mcdonald.

Mcdonald’s, headquarters located in Oak Brook, Illinois, is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants and it is located in more than 120 countries in the world and serves more than 70 million customers on daily basis and has more than 40000 outlets. It sells mainly their trademark hamburgers, chicken items, fast food, cheeseburgers, cold drinks, milkshakes, fish, fruit salad, breakfast items and desserts. It was established in the year 1940 as a barbecue restaurant by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California.  Its buisness model is based on franchise model where it gets its revenue from royalties, sale, rent and fees paid by the registered mcdonald’s franchisees all over the world.

Mcdonalds Corporate Office

McDonald’s Corporation,
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

mcdonalds corporate office phone number : 1-844-534-7211

When to Call

7 days a week 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST

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  1. Travis Snowden

    I have a fifteen year old step son that contacted his mother due to being in pain which doubled him over on the right side of his stomach. He told his mother that he was going to try to eat and see if that would help. The manager Loran told him that he is just going to tough it out, if his appendix were to rupture while on his shift it would not look good on the business.
    I wanted to reach out to you and see if you could handle the situation because this manager cusses and yells at the employees as well as not concerned for the health of the employees and the store is short handed because no one wants to work under this manager. The store location is located at 4125 W.Owen K Garriott Road in Enid,Oklahoma 73703.

  2. carl willson

    food posioning in stayton oregon 3 diff times lost me as customer im deaf so cant talk on phone yet all they ever want do is talk on phone grrrr to mcdonalds ref#:16466420

  3. Debra Jo Hamrick

    The McDonald’s at 589 South 30th Street in Heath OH 43056 was recently remodeled and there are some significant safety concerns that need to be addressed. The first concern is the smooth tile on the floor that has no texture for shoes to grip in order to guard against slipping/falling in inclement weather. Even tennis shoes do not navigate well on these tiles. If it hasn’t happened already, it will happen that one or more customers and maybe employees are going to fall. Today (Jul 22) before it began raining, the floor was visibly wet with condensation from the humid weather and the extremely cold temps at which the air conditioning was set. This is an accident waiting to happen.

    Secondly, their needs to be two separate heating and cooling units installed, one in the food prep area and one in the dining room. This time of year, the cooks are so hot with no relief, yet when they take their breaks in the dining room, they often wear sweatshirts due to the extreme temperature difference between food prep and the dining room. There are regular elderly customers, who are wearing sweatshirts, and in one case earmuffs, due to the 68 degree temps in the dining room. We have been told by the managers that they only have the ability to adjust the temps 4 degrees one way or the other. What’s up with that? And in winter, temperature control is no better.

    Lastly but not a safety issue, the doors on the restroom stalls need “door closers” installed, so each time someone enters or exits the stalls the doors do not slam shut. Very annoying and unnecessary.

  4. Dennis Guthrie

    Did you really stop your all day breakfast menu or just in Beatrice, Ne ? That’s the only reason i stop there.

  5. David Newman

    Hi McDonalds,
    I just read that hundreds of immigrant children are being held in horrific conditions. They lack basic necessities like food, water, sanitation, medical, and adult supervision. They are malnourished and diseased, according to inspectors who have been there. I don’t know if it is lack of funds, mismanagement, or deliperate malice, but it is a great opportunity for McDonald’s to step in and make a big difference. I would suggest that you select one item that the children desperately need, like food, and offer to donate maybe one Happy Meal per child each week until the administration can get things straightened out. The childred need the help now, and people will not soon forget your generosity.

    Thanks in advance,
    David Newman

  6. John Allen

    I spend many hundreds to thousands of dollars a year at the McDonald’s located at 13630 S CICERO AVE at CRESTWOOD IL 60445-1937 store 5714. I am at this location almost weekly to meet friends and prospective business clients. I never fail to purchase something at this location. Today, 05/19/2019, I met some friends, at 11:00 AM, I greeted them, and before 5 minutes passed, one of the workers said that her manger informed her to inform me there was no loitering at McDonald. I wasn’t even given ample time to place my order, and the manager is accusing me of loitering! I am there so often, so often spending my money on a weekly basis, they actually recognize me there as a regular. Loitering is a crime, and the manager at this location falsely accused me of this crime and slandered me in front of my friends and business associates. If this happens again, I will call the police on her and take the appropriate legal actions against both her and McDonald’s.

    1. Dwayne Taylor

      How are you Mr. John Allen, My name is Dwayne Taylor, and I am a Manager for McDonald’s, but in Georgia, after reading your post, I just want to say that at McDonald’s, we are committed to give you as the customer the best experience possible, no matter where you are in the world, when dining at McDonald’s, the experience should be the same, because of the McDonald’s brand promise, I’m sorry you had that experience at that McDonald’s. Next time you meet with your friends, could you possibly inform the GM of that store so she could be aware of it, safety is first at McDonald’s, for our customers and for ourselves. I don’t want you to take it the way you took it because the crew member was just doing what she was asked, and the Manager was also. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my reply, and I also want to thank you for choosing McDonald’s.
      Again my name is Dwayne Taylor, and if anything you could email me, thank you again.

  7. Linda Fenneman

    We NEVER have a good experience at your corporate owned store on Algonquin Rd. in Algonquin, IL. We lived within walking distance for many years and continued to frequent the store because of family who live nearby.
    This store is located close to area schools and often we and others would bring grandchildren there after picking them up from school, as well as following school programs, as was the case tonight. The store was recently remodeled but tonight and, for several years, the ice cream machine doesn’t work….WHY? Additionally, we were there during the week and the store was filthy. I mentioned to the young man at the counter that there were clumps of dirt on the customer side of the counter as well as under tables and tracked throughout the store. Clearly, training is lacking, and as is the case too often these days, nobody does anymore that they have to. He didn’t immediately send someone out to clean up, we have had to ask to have tables wiped down. It is really unacceptable and needs to be addressed. How do you remodel and STILL have a non functioning ice cream machine….so disappointing. Someone from your corporate office needs to stop by regularly, unannounced and see exactly what the customers see. It’s a disgrace.

  8. Patricia Taylor

    I went to McDonald’s at 531 W Baltimore Pike Clifton Heights Pa drive thru on 3/15/19 and ordered two egg McMuffin sandwiches with No CANADIAN bacon because I,m a vegetarian, that McDonald’s is not close to me. So when I arrived at my destination, I was going to eat my sandwich and it had SAUSAGES on both sandwiches and it was too far to drive back to fix the problem. They need to be careful when taking people orders because it can be very harmful to someone,s health.

  9. Chris Kephart

    My Husband and I were in the Mc.Donalds Store # 6733 in Milan IL on 2/22/2019 at 6:30 order number 266 ( I have my receipt) When we walked in we walked into an altercation between 2 employees. One was a female and one was a male. From what I could gather was that the male asked to use the restroom but instead was using his phone. The female started yelling at the male telling him he asked to use the restroom not to be on his phone. The Male said he needed to call his mom. The two were at this point yelling at each other and loud to the point that there was not an eye in the place that was not looking at them! While all this was going on the Female informed one of the 3 managers that was there and all that the manager could say was “I don’t know what is going on” and she went on with what ever she was doing, while the male and female were still yelling at each other. The yelling stopped when I approached the counter and said I don’t think this is the way to act in customer service. They did stop and the female did take our order. Now what you don’t see was that every last member of management and every last employee was just standing there watching this all and not doing a thing!!!! I was appalled by what I was seeing happening! I work in retail and this would not fly where I work or anywhere else. Also, why was the Female the one that felt she needed to confront the male about the problem? Why did management step up and do there job? Why was this boy on his phone on the clock in the store? He should have excused himself to out side or bathroom or managers office if it was an emergence. Not yelling with the female. This is one of the biggest problems I have seen at this store… there has been a lot of other little things that has happened. This is the store I go to bc it is by my house and the last fast food place b4 you go out to farm country…. I would say I would go to another store bc of this but why should I punish myself and drive out of my way for a problem that should have been taken care of b4 me the customer had to step in! please I think this store need to be looked at and evaluated! Changes need to be made! I have a family of 7 and we are on the move a lot so we do spend a lot of time and money with yall.

    1. T G

      I took my two granddaughters to the McDonald’s in Byram MS to spend a little time with them on this cold, damp winter day. We ordered our food and ate, then they played on the play equipment. I was so impressed by a young male employee! He was energetic, friendly, efficient, and moved around like he was on a mission. As I was leaving I asked another employee his name. She said, “Jeremy.” I assume he is the manager of the store. He acted more like he was sent from corporate headquarters to show them how to run the store! If he is not a manager or a trainer he should be. He had all the qualities needed. It was a pleasure to watch him! Give him a promotion!!

  10. Eric Ford

    Hi.. My wife went to a McDonalds in Manchester NH..waited..and waited almost a 1/2 hour for a simple order at the drive through. A store full of kids she said..a kindergarten. Her oder was tempid..not even warm. i asked her to go back in and let them know..,.as if they couldnt tell the time it took them to bring it out to her. They Told her to park in #1 spot ..a associate will bring it out..but in a really rude mannor.
    This is store #21582.. 907 Hanover Street Manchester NH 03103. Server code..21582-13730-22619-16124-00151-3..
    Was visited 02/26/2019/ 04:12PM KS#3 Was order 73..
    We wont be going back.. Will be telling others Not to go there..isnt run right. Employees are Rude!!

  11. Norma McDaneld

    my grand son asked me not to put down my last name as his is the same. My grand son had trip to go to Europe. Through his school as part of his grade around a month or so before he was to leave MANAGEMENT cut his hours drastically. When he returned from his trip he was not scheduled to work . THAT IS NOT THE WORDS I WANT TO USE. Im sure this is not your policy. It was the store on pacific in tacoma in washinton state

  12. John F.

    I went to the drive-thru at store # 27841 in Effingham, IL, on 2/17/2019, at 8:23 AM. I made my order and on the screen it was incorrect. I tried to correct the order and the young woman taking the order cut me off and told me to pull ahead. I was the only person in line so when I reached the window the young woman attendant yelled at me stating “I am giving you what you asked for” when I told her the order was incorrect. She fixed the order and rudely told me to pull ahead to receive my food. Less than a minute later a young man brought me my order. I never got rude or raised my voice. This young woman should not be dealing with the general public.

    Identifiers are KS#13, Order #27, and side1.

  13. Bob Beach

    I’m with Stillwater Septic Services
    Great to learn about Stillwater Septic Services :
    if there is a General Manager for Maryland area locations please email me his contact info.
    here are a few things we offer :
    * Grease trap Pumping .
    * Hydro Jetting Lines also main Sewer lines .
    * Storm Drains Cleaning
    please lets set up a meeting , to talk about becoming a Vendor

  14. Marty

    Firstly, you have the WRONG address here. The HQ moved to:
    110 North Carpenter Street
    Chicago, IL 60607

    Secondly, can someone PLEASE supply the email address and telephone number (not the free 800 one)
    of McDonalds HQ please?

  15. Brenda Ziolo

    Took my grandson to Bealeton VA McDoonalds to play on the equipment. The place was nasty after a bit I ask for a wash cloth and broom. Every table was dirty on top and under . It was every table. The Ben you throw your trash away in had ketchup all over the top of it along with trash that never made it in the bin. When I returned the broom and wash cloth not a thank you for cleaning half the restaurant. How nasty and at no time did I see anyone come out from the counter and they had a bunch of staff back there. Date 1/20/2019 between 3:00-4:30

  16. Glenn Field

    Ya I live in Kelowna and I’ve never felt so insulted or like a piece of garbage as I have when I walked into the location on Harvey accross from orchard park mall store # 3800 they are most of them have no experience for the position they are working there rude towards certain customers and they favor some more then others they openly make fun of the homeless and disrespect them in convo between one another store policy only applys to whom they choose I personally have had three bikes stolen from this location as someone removed the bolts and took the bike rack of them I think they should be paying the cost too replace this one but knowing them that will not happen I’m hoping that with me putting this review up that they contact me…… On a scale of one too ten I would rate this location a two…

  17. William Goodwin

    No automatic alt text available.
    Perry Morse
    16 hrs
    I live two blocks from McDonald’s store #2075 at 408 South Street in Front Royal, I’m a customer almost every day, as part of my daily walk, I stop in. I was there today around 4 PM, ordered food, and watched as another customer who had ordered food himself asked for a cup of water to take some medication, he was visibly shaking. As one of the people reached for a cup for him, a staff member, later identified as shift manager Erin Blum, snapped at her “we don’t give out water cups anymore!”. I was perplexed, I have often asked for a cup of water to go with my own order without much thought being given to it on either side of the counter.. I watched as the man struggled to get change out to buy a drink. I walked over and asked for the manager, Erin Blum identified herself such and explained when I asked that it was their new policy “because of all the teenagers”, this guy was clearly not a teenager and had more than an obvious need. I asked again if she was the manager, she then told me she was the shift manager, and I asked to speak to the manager, who I knew was in the back, I could see her. I watched Erin walk back to tell her, relay the story as they laughed, and as Erin came back to the counter, still laughing, she told me that the manager, Trish Roy, was “too busy to see me”. Again, she knows me, I’ve been in there every day for years. When I asked for the store information, Erin wrote down their names and the store information on a bag, and when I asked for the phone number, CRUSHED THE VERY SAME CUP SHE REFUSED TO GIVE A CUSTOMER WHO NEEDED WATER, so she could underline the phone number to call instead of being bothered to write it down. I’ve already called and relayed the story to the corporate office, and intend to share it with everyone, I certainly will never be a customer there again, I can’t in good conscience support a restaurant that would treat a paying customer the way that poor man was treated. Feel free to share this shameful story.

    The number to call the corporate office is 1 800 244 6225, the store number is 2075.

    McDonald’s McDonald’s

  18. mcdvoice survey

    looking for contact person that I can contact about computer repair. Abba Computers would like to become an authorized repair service center for McDonald’s.

  19. mcdvoice survey

    The worker was wiping it up with a towel and then using the same towel to wipe the area where the food is being prepared. I questioned the manager and she tried to blow it off. I asked her about safe serve conditions

    1. Marie

      I go to the McDonald’s in Richfield, N.C. That place is a joke. I already been there 3 times this week. First day Fapple machine wasn’t working. The very next day they couldn’t make Fapple didn’t have the stuff to make it with. Then today no food was cook to serve. Need new management… It’s all the time with this McDonald’s. And I was there at 6 this morning.


    hen as she throwing her pissy fit, tell the young lady how she gonna smack the woman at drive thru window. Im white, there black. Now if this was opposite I’d be crucified NOW! How dare she! My granddaughter was in the vehicle! Theres no reason for this behavior towards a customer, just cuz I wouldn’t take food from another car, only Gods knows if yhey could have done something to her food!

  21. Wanda Taylor

    My name is Ms Taylor, I went to the Mc Donald’s location #34918 at 7839 US Highway51 N in Millington, TN on this morning @ 6:43am. I purchased a large coffee and a Parfait. Upon receiving my coffee, the cashier did not secure the lid on the coffee which resulted in the coffee burning me on the hand. I told her to take the cup because it was burning my hand. She panicked\ took the cup & closed the window. I took then napkin out of the bag to get the coffee of me. Another lady, whom I assumed was the manager because her uniform was different; witnessed what was happening. She didn’t identify herself but she fixed me another cup and handed to me and closed the window.. The cashier or the lady above didn’t stop to ask if I was okay. I ask to speak to the supervisor and she came to the window and I told her what happened. She didn’t seem interested nor did she ask if I was okay. So I told her that I would call the corporate office to report the poor customer service that I received,

  22. Anthony Voisinet

    looking for contact person that I can contact about computer repair. Abba Computers would like to become an authorized repair service center for McDonald’s.

    We repair desktops, laptops, monitors and other electronic equipment.

  23. cheryl page

    i worked for the one on 291 north main street and I just recently left there I gave a 3 week notice and the GM did not put me on the schedule for my last week.there is a couple of reasons why I left,the opening manager should not be a manager she is late every morning and she is very useless and threatens her employees and the GM does nothing and also didn’t like getting yelled and swore at by the GM in front of coworkers and customers I also had to go out for surgery in july and September and got a hard time about that.i think something needs to be done about them and the GM’s brown noses I have already told my family and friends not to apply to that one as long as those 2 are still there

    1. cowboy

      McDonald’s CEO Chairman / president,
      On 1JUN2018 , at approx.8:50 A.M.,three(3) of us retired U.S.M.C. sitting in the dining area at the McDonald’s(#25452), located at 2250 Jacksboro Hwy , Fort Worth, Texas 76106 (ph. 817-625-4539). After saying my prayer to God before l have my breakfast morning meal of two(2) McDonald’s Pancakes Platters trays with milk and coffee, l got-up and approched the front counter in kindly requesting in asking for eight (8) more butter packs ( only a 1/4 TSP of butter in each) and four (4) more syrup packs( only three(3) TBS of syrup in each). Your manager ( Mexican female, around about 250LB’s weight, shoulder length black hair in a pony-tail behind the head) verbally refused with informing me that l must pay for any extra syrup, you just get only one(1) syrup with each Pancake Platter. I verbally responded, ” You got to be kidding me, l got to bring my own syrup”? She repeated her statement to me in again denying my said request forthwith. I then requested to refund my money back to me of what I had paid for both Pancake Platters if ” your not going to furnish me any syrup”. She refunded back to me of my money and she frist verbally pushed – it – off on to the owner of the McDonald’s to started-up a new policy in tell her to start charging for more then one(1) syrup pack . Then, when l mentioned my going to inform McDonald’s corporate office about this policy, then, she immediately changed horses and now pushed – it – off on to the McDonald’s corporate office to started-up a new policy to charge for more than one (1) syrup pack.
      All in all, this kind of management behavior clearly shows:
      (1)gross mismanagement to the extremese by :
      (a) failure to raise the $5.18 price up a nickle to cover cost of two(2)extra syrup packs be included in the already highly over priced Pancake Platter ( restaurants has a jar of syrup upon the table…. at no extra cost!):
      (b) embezzlement of money out of the cash register drawer(s) at this said My Donald’s—–sponsored by this said manager who thinks that everybody is that stupid. There is not any written policy by McDonald’s corporate office to start charging cash money to McDonald’s customers for each little syrup pack—-after the frist one(1) free with the McDonald’s Pancake Platter or consume your Pancakes dry without any syrup policy. $5.18 still isn’t enough money to enable McDonald’s to make a profit off pancake’s?
      All in all, l’ll have to buy my food elsewhere, because it’s clearly evident that McDonald’s corporate office are out of control of all of its McDonald restaurants, when a customer complains in not going alone with the McDonald’s employee’s unwritten law of the land enforcement policy. Did McDonald’s corporate office listoned and watched on live video and placed on U-TUBE and FACEBOOK last month in March 2018? It actually made my eyeballs to bug out – of – my – head watching a white female McDonald’s employee ( all other McDonald’s employee’s watched in sponsoring it and saying nothing) at the McDonald’s front counter verbally inform a McDonald’s customer that she would spit upon her hamburger, then, with her bare hands touching the food, she spit from her mouth a big’ol wad of spit upon top of the hamburger, then , very carefully with her bare hands again placed the bun back on top of the hamburger and slide it across the counter top with the word ,”HERE”!
      People, beware of McDonald’s. It is dirty and a UNGODLY work place that you cannot imagine! Watch it on the internet.


    My 17 year old son applied at Riverside CA branch. All documents needed were submitted and he was asked by the Manager Ms. Roscio to report for orientation at McDonald’s Glendale, 5pm May 24. Since I am a working Mom, I arranged a LYFT for him to be there on time coming from school. He arrived at 4:40. He informed the guy at the cashier that he is there for the orientation. The guy said, “wait for your peers”. Thats all i can say. So my son waited for a few more minutes and 2 more applicants arrived. Then someone informed them that the orientation was at 4pm and not 5pm. Definitely they were late. My son texted Ms. Roscio but no reply up to this time. I dont think this is right. I spent $22.00 for the Lyft for nothing . I called the manager today and she said she needed to see my son today at 6pm. What if I didnt call? She didnt even bother to text or call my son, apologize for the mistake and re schedule an orientation. I wanted a reimbursement for the Lyft that i paid for, because I will use the same amount on his next orientation. The Manager is unprofessional not to handle this well. Hoping to get feedback on this matter.

  25. Marvin eugene Byrd

    Marvin Eugene Byrd
    150 Sunburst Circle
    Winston Salem, NC

    Mc Donald’s Corporation
    1 McDonald, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

    Attn: Headaquaters Management

    I writing to let you know that I am very happy to work here at McDonalds #320 Hanes Mill rd Winston Salem NC. It’s a pleasure to work with Mrs. Linda She hired me as An crew workers to how me more of this operation And here Team and crew members Have been showing me The needs of McDonalds operation. Thank you for the opportunity and you couldn’t not have picked any one better than Miss Linda. I finally feel in place here Thank you again!

    Marvin Eugene Byrd

  26. taylor campbell

    My Moms house burned down in Nov 2017. She is now homeless and having a cup of coffee seems amazing to her.
    Below is a fundraiser I have been starting-please everyone share as much as you can. If everyone drops a ten she hopefully can start building. Also anyone with a empty trailer she can put on the property while building please let us know.
    Thanks McDonald’s for giving a place for my mom to go.
    Taylor Campbell

  27. mcdvoice survey

    My husband & I had a bad experience at McDonalds. We waited 15 + minutes for our order. The rolls were very stale.The fries were under cooked & too salty to even eat. Then they gave us the wrong sodas. My husband took his sandwich back. It was a awful lunch.

  28. Tom

    Spent 17 minutes in the drive thru, only to have to deal with a very rude young lady who told me to pull up to the railing to wait some more. I had a very simple order and replied to her that the food should be ready after 17 minutes wait. She then asked me what my problem was and slammed the window shut. She then came back and taunted me laughing with her co-workers at me. The manager was no help at all. I want the owner to respond to this. I will bring this up again.
    2610 S Green Bay Rd, Racine, WI 53406
    Cross Streets: Near the intersection of S Green Bay Rd and Regency West D

  29. Tammy

    Rest# 3388 is the ABSOLUTE worst fast food restaurant. When I asked the so called ignorant manager what the ingredients were in one of the products. He stood in front of us looking very ignorant. I asked him what constituted a serving of the same product again he is ignorant. I decided to go online to and check it out for myself. When I attempted to show him what the CORPORATE McDonald’s website said he told me that the CORPORATE McDonald’s website had inaccurate information and that he knew more than Corporate. Hmmm. I think that he was trying to play me for a stupid person. He even told me that McDonalds Corporate would not punish him for treating me and my family badly and for over selling an item on their menu. I will tell my friends and their friends and families. I am going to rip off reports and filing a complaint against McDonalds’ store #3388. The so called manager’s name is Oliver. He should be fired for the way he publicly disrespected us. He asked the staff to laugh and to make fun of us in Spanish. That is totally unprofessional, socially unacceptable behavior. He is a huge disgrace to McDonalds.

  30. JEAN


  31. Terry Rhodes

    I would like to know why the Corp.
    has changed the coffee you folks serve.
    In the beginning, and for a very long time,
    ir was the greatest ever run through a perk-
    a- tater…….Please, Please, Please, go back
    to the beginning and bring back the good

  32. Jay

    Currently work at McDonald’s in Lyons! Verbal abuse from managers and I believe people are being hired with fake social security and making more than a person with a real social security card, I have a family and bills to pay and no raises working for McDonald 5 years and no raise and these people make more than me not fair!they don’t say please when ask to do
    Something not professional and speaking about other raises that their lazy !no good

    1. RobbiLynn Bussiere

      I JUST want to get paid!! My first paycheck took 11 weeks! Now this one 11 days plus! Not one manager cares steps up my rents way overdue. My bills outta control and I have put in double shifts, shifts where I can’t punch in because I was there within 10 hours after prior shift. I JUST want to live and McDonald’s won’t allow. I work for free

    1. Sandy holmes

      By far the rude and worst store manager is crystal at the saint Joseph location she curse at her employees

      1. Sandy holmes

        Crystal hire all young dumb people so she can bully her employees someone needs to go check on that saint Joseph location some one professional like Jessica R

    2. Dorothy J. Senn

      I had a very unfortunate incident at the McDonald’s Restaurant #442, 5261 Library Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102.
      I took my nephew there because he really likes McDonald’s and requested we go there. The Manage of the store took our order. We ordered a 10 pc chicken nugget meal with fries and a drink and a fish filet meal which included fries and a drink. Instead of the drink that came with the meal I was willing to upgrade the meal to get a Shamrock Shake. My total bill came to $18.36. The manage took my money and gave me the change and then went back to the line to help make the meals that were ordered. I was looking at my receipt when one of the associates asked me if everything was OK. I said no, I think there was a mistake because the receipt showed that everything ordered was rung up separetely instead of as meals. The associate looked at the receipt and checked the register and agreed it was wrong. She called the manager up and explained what had happened and the manager said she was not going to give me a refund and that she would give me an extra order of fries which I did not want. She was very rude and went back on the line. After 35 minutes of waiting for my order to eat in I noticed my order was not on the screen anymore and I didn’t have my food. Apparently my order was given to someone else. The same associate that tried to help me earlier asked if I ever got my food and I said no. When it finally did come it was packed to go instead of eating in. My nephew and I sat down and when I opened the bag I found it was not correct. My nephew’s order was correct but mine was wrong. There were 2 fish filets, one with cheese and one without, a basket of fries which were cold and my shamrock shake was not there. I went back up to the counter and received my check but did not say anything about the wrong order and cold fries. I figured it would not get me anywhere. When I arrived home I went on and took the survey and gave a very poor rating for my experience. I also mentioned that I was reporting the service and the manager said so what. I will never step foot in that particular McDonald’s restaurant again. I like McDonald’s food and will go to a different one, any one other than this one. This incident happened on 3/14/2018 at 7:40 p.m.

  33. R

    I posted a review on yelp concerning the store located at 931 S Highway 17
    Murrells Inlet, SC 29576. I wonder if you know your store’s employees handle food as well as the cash register simultaneously BARE HANDED and generally don’t really care about the customer. If you wanted a smile you would have to pay extra and they would still get your order wrong. The only reason they stay in business is because it is in a tourist area. Boy I would like to see a WENDYS or BURGER KING spring up there, who knows it might with all the construction going on in the area and then Good Bye Mickie Dee! You really should check into this before it is reported to DHEC or a news source. I won’t be back anytime soon and btw I am a local and word of mouth sure travels fast here especially in the off season.

  34. Pam

    Yet another unhapppy customer…… I frequent a lot of mcdonalds locations, but I have to tell you the one near my house at 8177 Dani Dr. Ft. Myers, FL. is by far the worst one in the history of your company.
    In the last 2 years of this being my primary location, I can say that I have only received maybe 10 orders that were correct.
    I am so sick and tired of throwing my money at your company to receive so many orders wrong. I have spoke to the managers, I have spoke to the staff I have had them physically check my special orders at the drive thru only to find something else wrong.
    I have a child with allergies to tomatos…. we order mcdoubles plain every single time. Today I failed to check on my order, what happens when I get home? Ketchup. Ketchup on both mcdoubles and the dbl quarter pounder. Then my iced coffee was made wrong, I watched the girl make it and she had no clue. I told her to forget it, when she figured out how to make them that she could have the one I paid for. She laughed. Shame on me to continue to frequent your location, but wow, what are you doing in business with such poor customer service? I am so tired of the lazy staff you continue to hire in every location you have. They could care less if they could make someone severely ill by not doing the orders correct. Honestly, you don’t care. I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to write this review, it’s not going to change anything within your corporation.

    This review is being kind, There is no way to describe my unhappiness and dislike.

    1. Mama T

      You are absolutely correct, customer service is horrible and complaining does not work!!!! I live in Jacksonville, FL and experience the same treatment at McDonald’s at Wilson and Blanding. Managers are NOT professional and extremely rude. They don’t wear hair nets or gloves and can’t get your order correct even after repeating it and waiting. Owners are either not aware or just don’t care. What happened to training, responsibility and accountability?!?! When having a management title meant something. Now all you need is a pulse and know how to turn on a computer.

  35. clarence rogeres

    I l ive in Leicester nc I went to your store here 9-14-17 bought my food when I got home I relize I did not have my wallet there were credit card and a lot of money in it. I no it was there cause this was the last place I stop at before goin home did not relize my wallet was missing till the next morning 9-15-17 when I called the store they were less than willing to help and when I went to the store the store manger was very rude and would not talk to me. I no the wallet was left there, I would like for the store camera to be viewed to see who got the wallet thank you

  36. Syed Ali Harris

    Hello i want to complain about your Franchise in Pakistan is making a mockery of customer services every time either they missguide me or try to make a fool out of me this is too much i am writing this post after a long struggle of finding a way to let you guys know how in Pakistan this companys reputation is damaged everyday as we trust the brand but every time Management in Pakistan McDonalds is treating us like any local unkown brand so please take some action as your companies reputation is at stake please get back to me asap so i can give you the complete details of how they are playing woth your repute and our love for McDonalds

  37. Jerry Stowell

    Can anyone help me find correct ‘office’ where I used to work at 6876 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210? Thank you. I need more info about how long i worked there and pay rates.

  38. Patricia clarke

    I work in glengormley store Northern Ireland now I raing work to tell them that I would not be in work for I was sick. Well I do not do this very often like I have done this about 4 times in the 6 years I have work for McDonald’s. Well today 19th August 2017 they said to me well did you know that xxxx did a no show today I told them that i didn’t know that they said that I would have to speak to the manger and they would get him, well he did not come to the phone so I could not speak to him. They asked me was I to come in Sunday 20th August 2017 I said yes they told me that I was not to work for 48 hours and they asked me was I in Monday 21st August 2017 I said yes and they put the phone down on me. They have made me feel that I should come into work even if i am sick or not. Off all the years that I have worked I have never been treated like this. Well I could have done what other ones do not ring and not come into work.

  39. Mr Bey

    Im writing this in regards to a situation that happened to me a few minutes ago a the McDonald in Indianapolis on *^Th street college park address there is a black man there that claims to be an owner of the restaurant I move down here resitly and vist his store frequently he apporched me tody ater me and my wife order breakfast and coffee after I had gotton a single refill without ever having approached me before he pulled me to the side and said I notice you have been coming in here a lot I never came in his store without ordering food he told me he would refund my money because he didnot like me and asked me to never return to his store again I was polite as I could be without making a seen he tried to remove my tray and told me not to come back without explantion I seemly left and told him I would call the corporate office immediately

  40. Mrs BG

    MC Donald Dauphin Island Parkway Mobile Alabama is horrible, the service is terrible, i went there today my fries was terrible cold and didn’t taste good, i asked fro some fresh fries was told by one of the workers that’s the way all the fries was going to taste because the grease need changing, the lines are always long, and time consuming, the workers hang out the drive thru window holding up the line talking and giving dap to people they know, holding up the drive thru line, your order is made sloppy most of the time, i like bacon mcdouble as soon as i bite into it my bacon slides right off or sometime i have to take it back no bacon, something need to be done, there’s never any ice cream they say the machine is broke, it is terrible, i went there today for the first time in about four mos., its no better wont be going there anymore until it gets better. going back to Spanish Fort or Daphne Alabama the service at both places are great. mobile sucks, and i live with 10 to 20 minutes from all Mobile MC Donalds

    1. Call me Siracha

      This lady is 100% correct. The workers are too busy laughing and playing to get an order right. Fries…. nasty. Mine taste sweet that i am eating as I type this. Looking for the Franchise Owner because the EVENING SHIFT at this location IS LESS THAN DESIREABLE. Day shift… two thumbs up! They work, do their job. EVENING shift… JOKE!
      What makes me LOL is THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO WANT BIG MONEY TO WORK! If I was the franchise owner… I would go in and shit that thing down for about a week and clean it, FIRE all evening shift workers including that so called Nightshift Manager and start all anew!

  41. Brandon M. Jordan

    McDonald’s is supposed to be fast food, so why did my Girlfreind and i have to wait over an hour to get a cheese burger and a couple McChickens on a Sunday night. We got there at 9 and noone else was in line ahead of us and we waited over 10 minutes to place our order. Then we waited over 20 minutes before we asked about our order and during this time two or three large parties ordered and recieved thier order. When we asked the employee informed me that our order was wiped of the screen and we had wait while they cooked our food. Im a automotive mechanic and in the time i waited i could have completed 8 oil changes while doing two of them at the same time because you dont have to watch oil drain out of a motor because it’s like watching paint dry. This is the last time i will go to the McDonald’s on Bangor street in Augusta Maine because i have been their countless times and every time tbey screw up my order worse than the last. This company is losing countless customers due to incompetence from all their employees in the actual restaurants. The service i received isnt even worth minimum wage becuase why would you pay anyone to stand behind a counter and waste your time. This company is a complete joke and will not survive if people are willing to pay way more to go to an actual restaurant and have a pleasant experience in a shorter time than i spent at a failing fastfood joint.

    Your welcome for the last time i eat at any of your locations. You cannot pay me $1000 to consider eating your over proccesed meat on a soggy bun. Anyone with any sense should be appalled by thinking about eating at McDonald’s and your employees should honestly never think about getting a real job.

  42. Marie Stewart

    I called the Mc Donalds corporate office this morning to report that an employee has hepatitis. The person answered the phone claimed like they was taking my statement, but when I hung up I realized the rep didnt take down the employees name so I called back and he was saying things to upset me so I hung up. The statement I made was the complete truth and I feel like MC Donalds is trying to hide this information. But I can tell you one thing my family will never eat at that MC Donalds in Memphis, TN again!

    1. J. Brady

      7/28/2017 This website is on the AOL/ I’net this morning….Read this and you will never go to a McDonald’s again. and I have been a big fan. I just called headquarters about this site, but it seems no one cares. I’m so disappointed that a popular restaurant like this does not care about franchises and the people who buy the food. Shame on you, McDonald’!!!

  43. Bruce Gallihugh

    I’m so dam tired of MacDonalds hireing Mexicans who has no papers,all they have is fake IDS. The one on the corner of Belcher Road and Nursey Road,when I go in or drive thru they screw up my order. If they are not fired I will call immigration and it will cost you $10,000 dollars a person from fines. I say its about 10 of them there.

  44. Mark67

    Hello, do you allow guest posting on ? 🙂 Let me know on my e-mail

  45. Sandy Reyes

    I would like to take a moment to share my experience at this restaurant location (2350 N Central & Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60639). I am a nanny who visits this location often to pick-up lunch for my employer’s children and usually my visits are uneventful without any problems. This morning I experience the most rude, unprofessional and unacceptable behavior from both the drive-thru attendant and Veronica the Supervisor. As I placed my order as I usually do every other morning (1 order of 6 piece chicken nugget aside from other items) when I got to the window to make my payment, I asked the attendant that she had made a mistake with my order and instead of 2 orders of the 4 pc nuggets I wanted 1 order of 6 nuggets. She went on to tell me that my order had been corrected and would be given to me at the next window, however, when she gave me back my receipt I then realized that she had charged me the wrong amount and had not corrected the order. When I brought it to next window’s attendant’s attention, she called the supervisor (Veronica) and she questioned the issue. After I explained the mistake with the order, she called the attendant that had taken my order and questioned her about the order, the attendant then denied making the mistake and the conversation we had just had a moment prior to me reaching the next window. The supervisor (Veronica) then got very aggressive with me and told me that no mistake had been made on their end and there was nothing she could do to change my order and told me that I would need to pay the difference if I wanted to get what I initially had ordered. I told her that there was no need to be hostile and/or aggressive, all I needed was my order to be corrected. She then got very upset and raised her voice telling me that there was nothing they could do for me and that if I did not pay the difference, then I would need to take the order they were trying to hand me and leave. I understand that there may be difficult days at work sometimes and dealing with difficult customers can be challenging, but what I cannot accept is the fact that just like she was trying to do her job, I was trying to full fill my job in picking up a simple meal for my employers children. I would like to think that this is not the way McDonald’s operates and that their personnel are trained to treat their customers better. Due to such incident, I find myself now having to explain to these children’s how we were treated at the drive-thru was a BIG NO NO and to have to explain to my employer why I no longer am able to full fill some of my duties during her children’s lunch time. Due to such experience, I feel that now I am forced to inconvenience my employer by having to drive to either the closest competitive restaurant or having to drive to a location out of my way just to avoid going through the same experience. I would also like to think that while McDonald’s Co. and their representative(s) take pride in making the customers and their children’s experience the best while visiting the restaurant that they would also take such matter serious and would really love to see such behavior corrected in order to avoid a future incident… Not only with me, but with other customers. I wish that these children or I had not started our day this way and that a simple meal pick-up would not have ended this way. I appreciate in advance your cooperation in correcting this matter, and I would be more than happy to be contacted or answer any questions regarding this matter.

  46. ja

    McDonalds Restaurant #5944
    13000 Biscayne Blvd.
    Miami, Fl. 33181-2011
    Monday May 29, 2017 KS# 3 08:40PM

    Ordered a coffee and casheir promptly informed me the $1 for all sized coffee promotion had ended. Was also informed that one refill was allowed on the small coffee. There were many people waiting in line and others waiting for their order so when I discovered the coffee was only filled about an inch under the fill line, I did not complain.
    Later when the refill was requested -(was reminded only one refill, yes I know that) I checked the level of coffee in the cup before leaving the counter. Again the coffee level was filled under the line. The manager was preforming the refill. Requested the coffee be filled to the fill line. The manager said the fill line, and I replied yes, the line in the cup is the fill line for coffee, and informed her the first cup was only filled slightly more than half way. She became angry for the re-work, but promptly filled the coffee cup to the line. Exclaiming you only get one refill, you’re not gonna get no more.
    I was not upset about the first cup, and did not request any thing for that. It was a simple error and relized that I should check the coffee level before I left the counter. So when refill was requested that is what I did. Also felt the responsibility to inform her this is an error that is consistantly reoccuring. I am sure it is in the training, and has probably been an issue, for simple fact that the McDonalds has a fill line in every cup.
    What stood my hair on end was her attitude. When she finished filling the coffee cup to the line. She said again- you only get one refill. I replied Yes I know , I can count. I was actually on my way out. and She walked away shouting in an accused , degradig manor about there being one refill and i could not be coming back again and again. She insulted me, put my hair on end and made me feel threatened.
    All I did was simply point out their negligence, only requesting corredtion on the current cup. I did not request any correction or any compensation on the origional cup. I only informed the manager, because she was the one preforming the duty. When I did inform her it was in a calm informative voice in good faith she would mearly fill the cup to the line, which she did. Although I have been a customer for many years, I rarely come to this McDonalds. On the average maybe once a month. I am not a criminal, nor do I receive disability.I have never lost my rights, in fact I worked at Clerk at the polling place during the last electiion. In Miami-Dade I have also paid many years of property tax, and have a college education. I am not the same race as the manager, and am probably at least 30 years older. I do have back problems and was once hospitalized for a rare spinal condition associated with polio.
    For these reasons I use a walker, however many people in their sixties do. I use the bus, and typically bring along my laptop in a computer bag, my purse and typically do stop at Publix and pick up a few things so usually have a shopping bag as well. I do like McDonalds coffee and find it refreshing to pick up a cup as I go about my business. This is not a homeless cart.
    As the manager walked away she taunted and exploited me with false accusations as if I were a volunable adult.
    All I said if you do this – you will get a report. Now I have to report this incident, as minor as it is. Now she has created a situation of accusing me as a bad customer to pass the busk of her neglecting simple things such as filling the coffee to the line. I am amazed she flew right off the handle at the simple request ot fill the coffee cup to the line. and she the manager walking away angry shouting at me is not finished business. What am I to expect the next time I enter this McDonalds?
    I have never had a problem at any other McDonalds. The name tag on her uniform mearly says Manager and she wears it under her breast in the waist line area. I asked two other employees what the Manager’s name was, and both said they did not know. When the manager saw me talking to the employee she rushed over and asked me what I wanted. Not wanting any confrontation with her since she was acting in a hostile manor, I simply said “just wanted to know what time you closed.” She replied 10PM, I responded oh, 10 O’Clock and she said “ya, 10 O’Clock” The loby of his store has always closed at 11PM. I do not know if they changed their hours or if she just said that.
    If this manager is there the next time/if there is a next time I enter. Is she going to horrass me. She did sound like she would or planned to “set me up” by her false accusations. The manager was a young african american Twenties, to early thirties. I am a senior causion woman. Is her intentions to show me up – pull the all time trump card to call police to have me banned from that store. I have heard other people (causion) complain that they were given a no trespass for no reason. The manager was making plans for me when she began false accusations. I did not demand refill after refill as she claimed. The McDonalds $1 price for all sizes of coffee had been in effect for a long time – at least six months. and it has been the policy of this store to give one refill for small coffee for years. I know and expect that. Now a days when I order a coffee I always ask if refills are allowed. I never asked for more than what is policy, and nor should I not accept less.
    That Manager (who would not give her name) attitude is ” You do not make any complaint against me “The Manager” – cuz if you do – this is what I will say about you and make big trouble for you.– but you know what I do not like you and I am the manager here -so I will just do it anyway HA HA HA”

  47. Carol Adams

    E. Michigan, Jackson, Michigan: I would like to report the manager at this location. She was a large African American female and I highly encourage you to verify this information with staff employees. My son and i spent 30 minutes in line. With no car in front of us, the cashier did not take our money for about 4 minutes due to the manager repremanding her at the drive thru window. We paid, pulled forward and this same manger handed us our food and drinks without saying a word. We pulled out and I saw that the order was missing a fry and had a small fry instead of regular, also the drinks were wrong. We came back and I entered the restaurant. I reported that the order was wrong but before I could finish the same woman(manager) snatched the bag out of my hand very rudely and said what is wrong! She took the receipt and I started to tell her that it was missing the fry and she read over the receipt interrupting me, and said no it is completely right, literally throwing the bag back at me. I again said “I know that it’s at least missing a fry”, and she said no and reread the receipt to me again. I then slowly said to her “two number twos a sandwich and a fry equals three fries”. She once again interrupted me took my food and put it on a back frigerator and told another employee very rudely to ” get her more fries.” The employee got me three fries which were still the wrong size and put it on the counter. I calmly asked where my food was. The manager yelled from the drive thru window “it’s on the back shelf” much louder than was necessay. I asked the employee woman giving my food if she were the manager that was treating me so rudely and the employee said yes and encouraged me to report it on the survey on the receipt. As I was walking out of the restaurant the manager was hanging her head out of the drive-thru window. I looked back at her and she very loudly said “what b****?” I calmly informed her I was going to call and report her and she said “for what, you treated me like I was slow”. This woman called me a bitch in front of my son. Never in my life have I been called a b**** by a McDonald’s employee, let alone a manager. Please review any footage. I am so angry and disturbed by this behavior I will never in my life return to this restaurant after 20 years of going there. I understand ppl can have a bad day, (Im a psychologist at the Parnell prison, and I have a speech disorder that slows my speech) but this was absolutely shocking and I truly feel this woman needs help. Please call me regarding this incident, I will be happy to discuss it. 517-xxc-xccc Cxxx Axxxs PsyD, LMSW, CCR,CAC2 Jackson, Mi. Feel free to google me.

  48. D. K. Willis

    Store location, 4435 Commerce Road, Richmond, Virginia 23234. Date visited, May 28, 2017. Time that I arrived at Drive Thru order station, 10:38pm. Time it took McDonalds to take the “2” cars orders in front of me, “4” minutes. All motorist in each vehicle complained that they could not hear through the speaker. I also complained. Employee did nothing to correct issue. After ordering, it has now been “6” minutes since I arrived. Drove around the corner, only to see “5” vehicles in front of me. The original vehicle that I saw when I drove into the parking lot was still at the window. After “16” minutes had elapsed, only “2” vehicles orders had been completed. After “17” minutes had elapsed, and only “3” vehicles orders had been completed, I pulled out of line and drove to work. I could not be late for work because of EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE from this branch. PLEASE LET ME STRONGLY RE-ITERATE, 17 MINUTES TO SERVE 3 VEHICLES, AND I STILL HAD 2 VEHICLES IN FRONT OF ME. THERE IS NO DOUGHT IN MY MIND THAT IF I HAD STAYED, IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN APPROXIMATELY 25 MINUTES TO COMPLETE MY ORDER! Pulled out of line and wanted to tell the order taker to cancel my order as I drove by, but, there was nobody at the Drive Thru window! This McDonalds is on an Interstate exit with hotels and a major industrial plant with-in walking distance to it. The profit potential should be incredible. Every person in the plant that I work with “HATES” the establishment. My co-workers asked me why I even stopped there. It ranks as one of the “WORST” branches for food delivery time and food quality, as I perceive its reputation at my plant. Have purchased food in the past that was in-edible and had to be thrown away. Food was either “COLD”, “RUBBERY”, or “TASTED BAD”. Service from the employees is rude/disrespectful at times. To be fair, there has been some employees that were “OUTSTANDING” with their customer service skills, but they moved on to better jobs. Outstanding employees appear to not stay at this branch very long. Considering its prime Interstate exit location, this should be one of the best performing branches in the company. I have decided, as most of the all most 2000 employees in the plant that I work at, to “NEVER” GO TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN”. As the old saying goes “H*LL WILL FREEZE OVER’ before I ever go to this McDonalds again. I WOULD RATHER GO “HUNGRY” THAN SUPPORT SUCH A POORLY RUN FRANCHISE. This has been a consistent, ongoing problem franchise for years. THIS FRANCHISE’S LICENSE SHOULD BE REVOKED. It is McDonalds inability to deal with it’s “POORLY OPERATED” franchise locations like this one that I believe gives McDonalds it’s perceived customer related problems, and POORLY performing profits, at the Corp level.

  49. Amy

    I have a complainant on brandon Gilbert he works at elletsville McDonald’s doing lobby he dont clean that great id like him fired or wrote up

  50. Leo


  51. Loice Downs

    We ate in the McDonald’s located in Lampasas, Texas Wednesday, May 9. I don’t even remember what we ordered, but the workers were outstandingly (for lack of a better word) friendly and helpful. We are always treated well at McDonald’s, but it is rare to be treated as friendly and welcomed as we were there.

  52. Concerned Parent and ex customers

    I thought McDonald’s in high point nc in the mall loop would be a great job first job for my son. It started good but they have no standard there. Yes my son works for you but he is still a Child living with his parent. When his grades are falling off and a parent tells you this and asked you to cut back on his hours and you don’t lesson. But I guess you forgot that’s my child and they are a child that is still in school and I can careless about him working. But yet when he or other young employees are in your store recording themselves playing around with customers food with out gloves on or in the bath room jerking themselves off in the work uniform and still messing with people food, or on facebook live still recording themselves with the manager in the video. I know its a problem. I will never eat or step foot in this McDonald’s again. I don’t want a young persons or older persons std etc in my food or drink and I hate going somewhere where the young kids seem to run everything on night shift. This store needs a new GM that can run a business and have his own pair of balls instead of his employees playing with there’s in the bathroom.

  53. Frustrated by Ignorance

    I just visited Store #23313 – 692 E BEACH BLVD on Hwy. 90, Biloxi, MS just wanting a cup of ice for my Son and myself. I drove through the drive thru and you would have thought my request was so foreign, it was an alternate language for aliens!

    First, the Cashier rang in 2 Medium cups of water, no ice. Then she rang in 1 Large cup of Ice.

    I said to the Cashier, “I’m not paying for a complimentary cup of ice.” She insisted I pay $1.07. I requested a Manager and this little woman, (one with a ponytail looking like she could be the age of my youngest son) commenced to tell me why I have to pay for a complimentary cup of ice because she had to have a way to charge for the cup.

    I told her, “I don’t need a cup. I have a cup of my own.”

    Then the Manager said to me, “Just come around!”

    I drove around and the Cashier told me, we can’t give you a free cup of ice. Once again, I said to her, “Doesn’t McDonald’s give courtesy cups of water?”

    The Cashier responded, “No!”

    Again, I asked for a Manager. The aforementioned Manager came to the window to commence to yell at me on why I can not get a courtesy cup of ice. Once again, I said to her, “Does not McDonald’s give courtesy cups of water? Then, why is it I can not have a courtesy cup of ice?”

    She commenced to tell me that “Even if you only wanted ice, I don’t have a way to put it in your cup. If I give it it to you, the courtesy cup won’t have a lid. Furthermore, you have to come inside, we don’t give water or ice through the drive-thru!”

    Then, after being chastised by your Cashier and two Managers, at this point (because by then, a second Manager chimed in) to tell me that Mississippi Health Department prevents her from putting ice in my cup and, “It’s against McDonald’s Policy to serve ice through the drive thru; you should have come inside!”

    It’s not often that I give any responses on the Internet, but when it comes to extremely poor leadership and ignorance, I can’t help but write a suitable, intelligible response in hopes that it may not happen to the next person who doesn’t have the knowledge or courage to speak up for a simple cup of ice.

    To begin with, “complimentary” is just that, free, free of charge, gratis, for nothing; courtesy; informal on the house. Furthermore, I’m in “sweltering hot–humid Mississippi,” a place that has approximately 17 days of inclement weather; otherwise sweltering heat, enough to encourage heat strokes.

    Furthermore, how is a driver to know that you can’t get a courtesy cup of ice through the drive-thru. Even though I can walk, I have been suffering from adema, a medical term for swelling caused by inflammation, and in my case other medical problems, (i.e a stroke I had in 2016). At the same time, my passenger, (my youngest Son) has Cerebral Palsy and had been in the car for days. We just needed a simple cup of ice which all of your staff refused complementary.

    With all of the medical conditions put aside, my concern is why your staff is not trained in accommodating the public with a simple accommodation as a cup of ice? As I said, I’m concerned not for myself, but for the many poor, homeless people wandering in this community in Mississippi who may or may not have cars, but also suffer from significant medical problems, (i.e. obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer, etc).

    I’m an Evangelist serving in this community, and I just happen to have 12 years of education, so policy and procedures are a familiar area. McDonald’s is a multi-trillion dollar industry particularly built on the backs of indigent populations and a labor industry targeting the indigent as well.

    Therefore, in my opinion, you and your staff should new bending over backwards to serve the indigent population! They pay your salaries! They are your bread and butter and your rude, disrespectful treatment, (particularly from Managers) is no longer acceptable! If you don’t do something about your leadership at this location, I promise you, you’re inviting liability, particularly from the downtrodden and the meek of the earth! They are God’s favorite and they deserve better! Gone are the days when we mistreat mankind! Gone are the days when you look down on the meek, poor and suffering! What if I couldn’t walk inside? What if the next person comes through the drive-thru and has health problems and can’t walk as well? It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to accommodate this need, but I’ll leave that up to you to figure out how to best accommodate that person.

    Furthermore, if it is Mississippi’s Health Department Policy to deny a cup of water, then it should be applicable to every restaurant, store, etc. with or without a drive-through along the Coast. But, since you can go to Starbucks and get a refillable cup of ice and/or coffee in the same cup, and the local gas station for a simple refillable cup of ice, particularly in your own cup, then the policy should be applicable to McDonald’s as well! And, if it’s not applicable, then you have those complimentary cups which are just for that very purpose!

    Finally, I am 52 years old and your staff lacks courteousness and humility! They treated me as if I was a little child! Humility is a familiar behavior where I learned in ministry mimicking Jesus. I also had some experience applying it in a service capacity earning $2.38/hours in one of the most famous country cooking restaurants in the world where their mission is simply to “please people!” I took that job to hone in on my humility! Your staff could use some honing in on humility as well, particularly your leadership! How then, shall you expect others to follow when your leadership doesn’t model humility? I challenge you to step up your game and stop taking this population and/or the community for granted for they are your bread and butter and the vessel in which Christ uses to bless you!

    1. Stephanie

      McDonald’s is not a charity. It’s a restaurant. If you want something you pay for it. I think it’s ridiculous for you to expect things for free. I can’t believe you went to the drive through to ask for something for free held up the line and then had the nerve to get mad and complain about it on the internet. Do you think that cups are free?? They aren’t. What about the water, and the electricity it takes to make the ice? How about the wage they pay the employee to serve PAYING CUSTOMERS? As for your medical condition, edema is swelling. It would probably be good for you and your son to get out of the car and get your circulation going. Your entitled, holier than thou attitude is what is wrong with this world.

      1. ja

        Stephanie do you work for McDonalds?
        I live in Miami FL and know all too well about health problems related to heat.

        Consider this. If the customer obeyed the cashier and while walking to lobby fell / hurt herself there would have been a very large law suit in favor of the customer..

  54. Dawn M ZRINSKI

    today I went to McDonald’s in Anaheim located on State College and Katella and I ordered a 2 cheeseburger meal I brought it home I open up the cheeseburger and when I open up the cheeseburger package A fly flew out of my hamburger package that was the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced in my entire life I know that that particular McDonalds has been shut down by the health department and had to do whatever they have to do to pass inspection now I know why I’m so disgusted I will probably never eat there again.

  55. Linda

    I went into the McDonald’s in Hamilton and ordered 2 hot fudge sundaes. I asked for cherries to go with them and was told there was a 35 cent charge for each sundaes. When did McDonald’s start charging for cherries? Everybody knows cherries go with sundaes.

  56. Concerned buisness owner

    I would like to inform you of two experiences I had on March 27. At around 3:00A.M. I went through the drive-thru, and placed my order for (3) double cheeseburgers, hold the ketchup and mustard, add mac sauce, (2) McChickens, (3) value fries, a 20 pc McNugget, and two lg cokes. The computers were malfunctioning, so the “new” employee was writing the order down on paper, so I didn’t get a copy. I understand as a buisness owner that sometimes you have no choice but to improvise. A guy also quit, and stormed out while I was in the drive thru. I’m sure the anger, and stress leval rose in the other employees. I know from experences how situations go from bad to worse, and the effects it has on other employees. I arrived home, which is around 26 miles from the resturant, and all of the double cheeseburgers had an extreme amount of ketchup, and mustard on them, which I told them to hold, and a dime size amount of mac sauce that appeared to be strategacly placed on the edge of the bun running off. The McChickens were cold, the value fries literaly had 6-8 fries in the containers, and the McNuggets were ice cold, and had to be microwaved finished. I know customer feedback is very important for a company to excell. I quickly called the resturant, to inform them of the issue, before the hand written order was lost or discarded. I spoke to the shift manager, Daisey. I informed her of the situation, and she told me that the girl was new, why a brand new employee was alone in this situation is beyond me. She told me she would replace the food that was incorrect. That was all I asked. She asked about the order amount, but I wasn’t sure on the exact amount since she could not print me a copy, so i estimated about $25? She said that she couldn’t replace the whole order because it was alot of money, I know it’s alot, I spent the money there, and I wasn’t asking for a whole comp anyway. This did upset me because I informed her that I didn’t live close to the resturant, and she smartly commented that she couldn’t reinburse me for gas, which was both rediculous, and insulting, basicaly saying that my money, and time were irrelevent. I asked for the next higher up, and Daisey gave me Jessicas’ name, she would be in at 2:00p.m. I went there to speak with Jessica, employees informed me that she wasn’t even scheduled to work. Luckily mngr DeAundre waas present. I explained the situaion to him, and he Daisey had never put the comp order in for the food that was wrong. He then asked me what the whole order was only to reply “Ob no, my boss would be upset, that’s alot of money”. Rememer, i had never asked for a full comp, only the food that was incorrect. Twice in a 24 hr. period two different mngrs in the same store disrespected me, my time, and the money that i spent there. I am doing this to make sure the owner is aware of this. Last night I was just one person, but today I’m a boss, with 6 employees, who are, and have been coming there as a group at least 3 days out of a 5 day work week. We can walk a half a block from our work site to the resturant, and had been doing for several months already with another 4 months left to build. I told my crew about the situation, and they were surprised, 3because we had never had an issue. Needless to say, that the Newport McDonalds lost 7 dedicated customers today. My emplyees are dedicated. My only regret was that Jessica wasn’t there today. I’ve met her on a few occasions, and she is always smiling, and very people oriented. I know if she would have been there today the issue wouldv’e been resolved.
    Thank you for your time.


    t Hello, Dear sir/Madam This is mr belal Ahmed, i applied for job vacancy couple of days before to following restauraint 201/217 Commercial Rd, London E1 2BT, 7:03:2017 afternoon i went to restaueaint to know about job that i applied, when resrauraint was quiet i went to business manager to know my job application, the business manager was so rude with me , he was from bangladesh i think, he said to me i m looks ugly, he straigtway tell me he will not give me job like rudely,he is kind of racist and hater that time i feel i should punch him face but did not cause my little son was with me and i feel so shy to my son and other i feel i am death, and business manager made nestrey comment infront of his crew member, when i ask him can i speak with assistant manager shiplu assistant manager he said to me **** off shiplu, and business manager said i hate sylheti, there is not any job for sylheti, i feel i am death, i feel more guilty by applying this job, it was my first assult in my life infront of public, i feel shame on company how they choice unqualified person as a business manager for mcdonalds, the busipness manager remove his name badge, he is the one business manager, i will visit restauraint and sent name of this person, even i feel so shame when my child wanted to order Happy meal nugget, business manager refuse his crew member not to serve, i had different experience in mcdonalds,how in great britain an unqualified person is selected from mcdonalds head office recruitement process. In my honest opinion those manager should be tested by head office of company to identify their attitude and intention, if needed remove them or if needed warn them, but the person who did misbehabe as a business mabager he should be remove from his role else my next visit will be dangerous for him, cause in my great britain i dont want racist stuff as a manager, who discriminate with recruitment process and assult me infront of his stuff. I feel death, i promise i will never apply for mcdonalds stop telking my relative not to apply for mcdonalds….i feel so shitt. I believe drunk people even will not do that How following mcdonalds business manager did with me 07/03/2017 201/217 Commercial Rd, London E1 2BT, More interesting when i come back to home check my application status i saw not selected , think how this manager is…..please do something. Yours faithfully

  58. Lisa parker

    I work for McDonald’s have been since 2010 night shifts mostly and at first I alway over looked things cause I loved my job but lately things have been happening and the more you try to tell the owner it never gets to him or her but one night back in August 2016 I wasn’t feeling well so I went to the er and they told me my blood pressure was up so they kept me for a hour until it went down sent me home with a doctor’s note so I called my GM told him ivwant feeling well and that I had a doctor’s not he told me I still had to come to work or be fired so I went to work sick scared I would lose my job so I got over that and now I’m feeling like these please really don’t care about us cause 6 months later I’m not feeling myself i called to let them know and they say well you will need a doctor note ok that’s fine I was getting ready to go to the doctor anyway then they tell me no you have to come in now am I wrong for feeling the way I do this is why I say these people just care about money and not their employees

  59. Margo frischmann

    During the summer of 2016 me and my daughter went to the McDonald’s in our town. We purchased a happy meal. Like we normally do. My daughter did not want to open and play with the toy then so we got home and I put it up with the rest of her toys. A few days ago she decided to open it and play with it. She took it to her bedroom and began to play with it. She comes out of her room saying “what the f***” and “I’ll be dam***”. When questioned about the dirty language she brought me the toy, and sure enough the toy was saying exactly what she was saying. So needless to say, thank you for teaching my 5 year old daughter this dirty language and I’ll be posting the video online warning parents about toys from your franchise.

  60. Cynthia Brown

    Just wanted to take time to say Thank You. I am very impressed with you involvement with the 360 in the African American communities. I have attended some of your concerts that you give for free. Also would like to say I think it is very commendable that you offer scholarship opportunities for your teen employees for college. As we know to be factual, most children from homes of low- socioeconomic status do not have the funds to send their children to school. The way to get ahead and out of the vicious cycle of poverty is through education. Programs such as yours helps to even the playing field somewhat that has been very uneven for a long time. For these very reasons, I look for a Mcdonald’s first to patronize amongst all your competitors. I also refer teens to seek employment. Thank you again for all you do in the African American community. As well as providing assistance to help educate qualified, deserving children that may not be able to afford the soring cost to attend college. Peace and Blessings upon your business.

  61. Kenny stawasz

    I am a McDonald’s employee and have been for over a year and a half now. For most of that time I have degraded, disrespected , under appreciated, and most of all I can’t afford to live. I’m getting paid over 10$ an hour but they only work me less than 20 hours a week when I applied and got hired in for full time hours. I only made 8000$ last year because YOUR employees that run the MICHIGAN WESTLAND STORE ON WAYNE ROAD AND PALMER ROAD tell me and have for the past year, that they CAN NOT give me more hours and everytime it’s a different excuse. New employees get 8-9 hours 5 days a week, older employees get 8-9 hours 5 days a week. They play favorites all the time, they put people who work on the complete opposite shift as me, instead of giving me more hours, they give them more hours. It’s getting to the point to where I WANT TO GET MY LAWYER INVOLVED!!! I can’t afford to move out, I can’t afford, a car, bills, medical expenses.

    They even suspended me for literally breaking my foot and suspended to ” prove a point ” to the other employees and scare them.

    The ex store manager shatia was racist against white people. She promoted every body that was at a crew manager meeting except me because I am white and all her friends are African American.

    This store is unfair and a lie. The oil is never change and is months upon months old. The new store manager Jake tells us to clean things, ” the cheat way” they don’t check the request off log book. I have had countless times where I took a day off and came back to not having the day off and still being on the schedule. I got told before my hours where being cut because I kept going to the hospital. I can go on and on about this place but I just want something done.

    Even though I know this post is completely pointless, this is how desperate I am to reach out to the corporation to help me.


    1. F Mcdonalds

      Contact your labor commission office. Sounds like a racial problem. You can file a retaliation form.

      1. sonjia

        Real good reply for such a INCOMPETENT business, Don’t ya think ? You must be racist too. Seems to me your wouldn’t want this reputation so you would correct it.

    2. Dylan Stewart

      @Kenny Stawasz, If they are working you for less than 20 hours a week, then here’s a bright idea: Get A Second Job!

      There’s no rules prohibiting you from working more than 1 job.
      I mean, jeez man! What have you been doing when you aren’t working? Sitting at home, complaining, I suppose?

      McDonald’s is a business that is about making profits, that is, after all, what the purpose of a business is. Thus may come as a shock to you, but McDonald’s can’t exactly afford to work all their employees at full capacity, while still keeping the price of a Big Mac down.
      You make $10 an hour after only working there for a year and a half?? You sound pretty overpaid to me.
      When I started working on a construction site for a company that my father is a Vice President of, I was only making $11 an hour.

      Grow up and start taking some responsibility for your financial situation. Do some freelance work, or even work another part time job when you aren’t scheduled for your McDonald’s shift. Apply yourself, and stop playing victim.

      1. Tina Windholz

        FYI: Why should they (McD’s) be allowed to charge $1.07 for a cup of ice, when Dairy Queen only charges $0.15 for a cup, WHAT A RIP OFF CORP, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE $$$!!! But do agree the woman should’ve gone inside, but maybe next time she’ll visit a local DAIRY QUEEN. Sincerely, Tina W. (Tx)
        *PS. I usually only get breakfast if & when I eat at a McD’s, but tried the new Buttermilk Grilled Chicken Burger & it had ROTTEN VEGS ON IT, SICKENING!!!

        1. sonjia

          You think that’s BAD let me tell all of your something. I went to one the other day was charged $6.77 for the big mac meal. A few days later down the street I went to the other one. I was charged $7.3 there for the same meal and size. . Then another 5 days later, I was by my daughters house and stopped at her McDonald’s I got the same meal there for $ 7.30 . NOW tell me how they can charge different prices for the same meal ? OH and By the way, I asked they are corporate ran businesses. I was told by one manager that the independent ran McDonalds can charge what they want. Really ? SO I guess before you order you need to ask , “are you independently owned ” and what are the REAL prices ? Then find the nearest Independently owner one or better yet, I got a better solution, DO NOT GO TO MCDONALDS, THERE IS A BURGER KING AND A TACO BELL VERY CLOSE , FIND THEM !!!! You don’t get the lies and you Will get better service. BOYCOTT MCDONALDS !!! Until they decide EVERYONE has to have the same prices !!!!!!! They may think it is about making money but at what cost do you get to scam your customers into paying more for the same thing ?

          1. sonjia

            correction ; $7.03; for the second meal then $7.20 for the third

      2. Sherry

        Well maybe he was like me when I was starting out. My restaurant was a 15 min drive by car but 90 minutes by bus so even when I worked 5 hours, it took up at least 8 hours plus walk time, showering and dressing. I put an additional four hours into every shift just to get there and only get four hours . I eventually did quit but it was not possible of feasible to work two separate jobs and travel by bus. Everyone is so quick to judge. Maybe its a small town and the only place within walking distance. Who knows? Not me , not you. But every employee in America has certain rights and I see nothing wrong with him wanting his. Not all of us have parents who give us jobs and I’m sure you had a vehicle to get there. I’m sorry but I don’t think that you probably are in touch with problems that face people different from yourself. You know nothing about that person and make assumptions that they are lazy . I’m sure you have a good education and know the saying about assumptions far too well

      3. Sherry

        Seriously every time I look at your comment I’m amazed. ” The lazy worker is sitting home complaining and not applying himself. See sweetheart what you need to do is go out work hard, apply yourself and find a rich family. That way you won’t have to complain or struggle anymore. I’m sure your dad made you work hard and earn a place in that company. But in order to work hard and prove yourself you have to first be given a decent opportunity. Most of us don’t have things handed to us, now I’m a hippocrit because I said you shouldn’t judge him, but now I’m kinda judging you. Unless you have walked a mile in another man’s shoes you can’t possibly judge him, that’s God’s job, he doesn’t need your help

  62. L

    Last night I had the worst experience ever at McDonald’s 921 in Reading, PA. It was after 2 in the morning. I drove up to the outside bay ro order. Nobody acknowledged me. Meanwhile the other lane kept moving. I waited and kept asking for someone. But nobody came. After over 8 cars wenrt in the other lane I went around the store to go into the lane that was moving. The minute I left the car behind me and several other cars had their order taken. The new line I was in was moving until I was ready to give my order. Then nobody answered. The other line moved but then stopped. I waited and then drove around there was only 1 car at the window and 1 behind it. I waited and told my storey the person could have cared less. I had to go to another McDonalds to get service. Todsy, I called and talked to the manager, he , too cared less. He said I could contact corporate and write as many reviews as I wanted, so here I go.

  63. French Fry Lover

    All Day Fries please.
    French fries for breakfast
    French Fries with my sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle woud be love.
    All day French Fries.

  64. Yoanet

    Hi today I went to the store#35874 Fort Myers fl have the worst experience of my life I stop by more than 4 times of week to ear breakfast I always order same thing yesterday past I proved I order same plate today the general Manager Maria wasn’t my to give the order the way I do all the time for many year she said they have new regulations when I asked when this start she wasn’t answer she keep going tell me she is the G M I say to her I only ask u when this start because yesterday I order same thing she was un respectfully screaming of me really loud in front the customer make big deal something simple she doesn’t know how to handle customer services she yet act like she own the restaurant she can do wherever she want I even tell her I know the owner she even tell me u don’t like u can leave the restaurant I can give u money back honest never have so bad unprofessional and un respectfully services her name is Maria them my order was to eat inside they give to me bad handle like trash she was keep talking loud un respectfull thing to me walk way to enjoy with my family she was arrasment me I said back up or I will call the cop honest I hope someone take this teach her how to handle customer for simple thing she made big deal because she want to proud she is Store Manager

  65. Mandy

    I think the Chicago McDonald’s should do something for the mentally disabled man that got brutally attacked in January of 2017. McDonald’s was his favorite place to eat.

  66. Paul Rippy

    My wife has worked for McDonald’s in okc for 5yrs she had to go to work I had four heart attacks and was diagnosed with a termal lung disease some where around 3yrs ago I have 5 I have gotten worse than when she started she has become a manager she needed to cut her hours by one day week we have 2small kids and I needed help their was a big blow out because I got involved ex Marine little head strong they gave her 4days a week sun night to wed night they didn’t like it but it was working she got a new GM and 6weeks later she’s fired because I had a MRI and it didn’t go well I was put in the hospital for 3days I have had to prove my illness to hr the GM the dist manager and his boss that was just to get one more day off had to prove it again because they suspended her for a week went back and worked a week she was schedule for 5days again she said she couldn’t work it the gm went off saying not her problem don’t care never had a manager with a set schedule .then suspended again then she gets ready to go back the gm calls her and Tell’s her she’s fired week later we still can’t her separation papers so we can’t get food stamps unemployment anything thanks McDonald’s corporation

    1. F Mcdonalds

      She needs to file with the labor commission in your state. That is against the law. You have family leave for emergencies. Sounds like a emergency to me. It’s a wrongfully determination. McDonald’s needs to screen employee’s for mental capability. I hear stories like this all the time of jealous GMs who think they have power. File file file

    2. Kat

      You must file with Labor & Industries in ur state. Don’t wait too long. There’s a timeline-

  67. Abdolah Siavashi

    My Idea, people are tired of Round Burger, they want something new. make them Long burger, then later Extra long, super long.
    For Advertising also you need some good looking people which say, we want it long.
    If you like my Idea please don`t forget me !!!!!

    Abdolah Siavashi

    1. sonjia

      Disgraceful… We have jail cells for people who like to sexually abuse others.. Want a cell ?

  68. Kerri

    I work at a store in Rogers arkansas. One of the managers is not likes much by any of the employees. I open almost every morning. And never get gripped at. Unless she is working. I am about to walk out of this store. I can’t ever do anything right when she works.

  69. Hayli

    I had an interview at McDonald’s in Arcata California for which I applied for a department manager position. The OWNER of this McDonald’s informed me that they hire mostly “YOUNG PEOPLE” and that she would like for me to replace her 80 year old who does prep and washes dishes in the back. I know I’m not young but I’m ONLY 40!! I’ve NEVER been discriminated against before especially because of MY AGE!! I’m a very hard worker and I’ve worked for McDonald’s before. I was so appalled that the owner would discriminate and make comments about my age. It’s ridiculous!!

    1. Kat

      I hope you filed with Labor & Industries in your state. These actions needs to be recorded not just posted on complaints sites.

  70. Ishmael Logan

    Hello my name is Ishmael Logan I work for your company for 2 mths working 10 hrs shift and 11 hrs shift working with no break in they are still taking money out my check and those so call team leader Jasmine ask me to bring a note from the hospital yesterday when my son had a seiger n they want me to bring a note for me bcuz of my son this is unorganized n not respectful I know if that was her family member she would of took off today with no regrets I work at MC Donald’s on greens Rd. Store num 255

  71. Ishmael Logan

    Hello my name is Ishmael Logan I work for your company for 2 mths working 10 hrs shift and 11 hrs shift working with no break in they are still taking money out my check and those so call team leader Jasmine ask me to bring a note from the hospital yesterday when my son had a seiger n they want me to bring a note for me bcuz of my son this is unorganized n not respectful I know if that was her family member she would of took off today with no regrets I work at MC Donald’s on greens Rd. Store num 255

  72. Ashley

    McDonalds staff is getting ridiculous, I went to go return one of the toys that was recalled and get a new one for my oldest son and a group of people called me racist for no reason and started throwing things at me and i had my youngest son who is only six months with me and im pregnant and the McDonalds staff who saw did absolutly nothing about it. very upset and may never go again

    1. Annette

      Okay. Hopefully this is noticed by the RIGHT person….

      I am so upset 🙁 Just saw an ad for seasonal waffle fries ONLY available in CANADA!

      WAFFLE FRIES, McDonald’s WAFFLE FRIES! When can we expect them in the US? I need them now, that is genius! I love Chic-Fil-A waffle fries but I love the flavor of McDonald’s fries better! Oh and one more thing. Yall’s chicken nuggets have been my favor food since I was a child but about two years ago I became a vegetarian. They are the only thing I still CRAVE. Have you guys ever though about making SOY NUGGETS! Come on, think about it! OH, love the Hash Attack request below. Just make with egg and hash brown for me though!!!

    2. Nigel Ciera

      It would seem and appear YOU would have more to be believed if you had put in much more information to this claim. I would personally take YOU much more seriously if you had the date, time, city location, store number and the name of the employee who did these things against you. I doubt all of things you wrote above especially the part where you wrote, “…the McDonalds staff who saw did absolutely nothing about it”. To make this even more of a joke and not to be taken seriously, you ended with “very upset and may never go again”. Are YOU kidding me? Are YOU serious? All of that happened to you and you “may never go again”? Who would ever go back to a place where they were treated so badly they felt they had to write to the corporate office? YOU’RE PATHETIC!

  73. Robert Jerel Hernandez

    This is a verbal complaint against McDonald’s and the company that has overrun my cell phone with adds. You should be paying my bill for the past 3 months, im charging 75% interest each day in the past and future .When the class action lawsuit comes out I have my documentation and you agree by continuing to interrupt my cell phone service. Thank you sincerely Robert Jerel Hernandez 702-986-3350 Metro PCS.

  74. Chris Russell

    Greetings, I pray this message finds you well. I have a new menu suggestion. Use your breakfast hash browns and place a sausage patty or burger between two hash browns. Add cheese or egg depending your choice. Call it the “hash attack

  75. Adam Fiechtner Hallier

    my name is Fiechtner on the 7th i was strong armed in the store 23311 7th van buren MC donald’s i have the receipt, for that morning ask for it and or ful it up! other people think they are me even for Crimes, Capital Means, al;l Ready due to Russia, Using there Computer on american soil! have corrupt police phoenix az report # (1586201612/7 have phone calls to bank and to captain Micheal 856-488-0080 )all ready had Criminal Civil Liablity Corporate under violence crimes act to Other agency all ready filed lic to Be pulled Due to Co- complicity conspirator, on othere criminal civil lawsuits i have know some of MCdonald person 1970 nj i am Also Worth Infinity i am Under poverty due to things like what happen to in the store. liver cyst, etc have dr form Other state’s liver problems warren used Other CTsan up in Montana. check under Ronald MCDonald House!

  76. Doe

    I will be contacting the corporate office first thing in the morning.

    My husband currently works for your company. We have 2 kids 1 of which has a poor immune system. This evening he became sick we gave him meds put him to bed he woke up 3 hours ago vomiting with bloody diaherea and pulling at his ears (I believe he has an ear infection) I called the mcdonalds he works at to have him come home to take our son to the emergency room. His manager said if he left he was suspended. I will not let my child continue to vomit and bleed because your managers can’t “allow” my husband to take his son to the hospital! We have 1 vehicle which he takes to work. I have had to call 911 wake my other child up and get her dressed on top of trying to tend to him vomiting. Your management has pulled this two different times the first time I WAS IN LABOR!!!!!!! I almost had my daughter on the kitchen floor called 911 but couldn’t go any where because I had my son here also! We have no family nor friends in these types of situations he’s never missed a day of work unless he had a doctors note and has never been suspended given any warning or yelled at for anything. You will be here from me 1st thing tomorrow and if my son has another ear infection (which by the way he has them frequently for unknown causes and is losing his hearing due to them) I will demand she loses her job!!!!!!

    1. Robert

      I really hope you called the Corporate office !!!! This so called manager, should be fired ! The Manager could and should have filled in for your husband, so he could get your child to the emergency room !!!!
      She lacks in compassion and professionalism and isn’t fit for a management position !!!

  77. Shane

    185 west rd
    There’s this manager her name is Xiomara and I have seen her treat employees so bad multiple times. She’s always yelling at them she’s always going to the back and only comes to the front to yell at everyone she’s a horrible manager she should get fired because she’s disrespectful to customers and employees. She also constantly makes fun of her employees that don’t speak Spanish. Please fire her or maybe relocate her or something she’s the rudest person I’ve ever met.

  78. Pink Slime Producer

    your use of ammoniated pink slime meat by product makes you criminals who have broken the bond of trust between chef and consumer – you are the parasite of the globe and your food cost is a low 5% – lower than what it costs to create animal food

    1. Randy

      By the way – Im a Veteran, and an officer for the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. This video will be going out to 1,700,000 members today with a request to boycott all McDonals until this problem has been resolved.

    2. Debra G

      I had a gay guy spit in my orange juice in Silloam Springs Ar. And noe zi have to worry everytime I go and get a blood test, its rxtrmely fteigjtening
      I trportrf it to the msnagr to no avail. They also gave me fremch fries the other day that i did not order and I took them back today i left the receipt in bag and it got greasy, she said i dont see no ftenvh fries and refused to rdgjrn mh 2.79 + tax
      What did she think i was returning ftench fries ftom… lousy worker’a nd majority r rude and obnoxious And I know how to boycott very well.

  79. jessica walker

    Everytime i go here they are always getting my food wrong. I went thru drive thru the first time and ordered 3 orders of chicken nuggets, 2 holiday pies, 1 plain double cheeseburger, mc chicken, 2 mc doubles, 5 large drinks, and 5 orders of fries for my family. First thing i did was checked my food BEFORE i left drive thru…and they got my little boys burger wrong [which was suppose to be plain] so I immediately let the guy know at the window. He took the burger back and gave me my food. I figured that it would of been fine. So i pulled up and rechecked the bag. He gave me a sausage biscuit. So once again I had to go BACK thru the drive and tell them they got my order wrong once again…He took the sausage biscuit back and while I waited for my burger i opened my pie and took a bite, there was NO FILLING INSIDE! I showed him and he took it. SO i grabbed the other pie to check the time and it was 3 hours old. The filling had dried out. I was so upset because they couldn’t seem to get my food right. He was getting aggravated and told me to pull up and it would be 12 minutes for my pies. My food was cold. My kids had to eat cold food. Well it acutally got wasted.

    1. Lisa

      Damn!!! That’s alot of food to be ordering just for you & the kid’s! I agree about the biscuit and all, but if you would have walked in with ALL your wrong order’s, all your kid’s could’ve gotten a free toy!?

  80. scott

    My 14yr old daughter and Me went through the drive thru at the McDonald’s in Gainesville ga on hwy 53 and ordered a big mac combo with No onions and clearly specified Not scraped off because she is allergic to onions and I repeated No onions ! Long story short,got home and she started eating it and instantly was gasping for air and swelling up ,so I rushed her to urgent care where we stayed for several hours.
    While there I called the restaurant and asked for the manager ,told her the major problem and all she says was I can give you your money back. Ok my daughter cant breath because you’re screw up n u think thats not a issue ? So I told her I took pics of the receipt and of the burger and the onions and also rapped the onions in sarahn wrap ,and she told me that she would have the head honcho call me ,which he has yet to do a day later, so now I am taking all the bils and pics and proof to my attorney and lets see if they think a child’s life is important enough to reply now.

    1. Thaddeus Buttmunch MD

      Protest Trump stealing the White House!! Try not to eat out at ANY Restaurant from just after New Year’s 2017 until April. Then-after a ten day “Honeymoon” period-do the same until about July 4th. Ditto for Barista places like Starbucks (and Dunkin Donuts) and drinking at Bars.


      As Reagan would have said “It’s the Service ECONOMY-Mommy!” If all those places Close: 25 million are out of work and Off the Plantation. The Donald will Not be able to reemploy them. Also-I will either buy a new car before the First of the Year, or buy a used one or Lease if I do so after January 1. Cars are a Leading Economic Indicator. We need to make the Republicans look as BAD as Possible. Mickey D’s CEO-are you Listening?? I’m writing Other companies, Too. Forget Fighting in the Streets. If this election is not overturned-we will Hit you in your wallets!

      1. Trish

        That hurts the economy and puts families out of work. Even if you hate Trump, how can you justify what the domino effect would be for all the millions that depend on that income to feed their children? It doesn’t hit Trumps wallet, but the lower class already struggling in poverty.. This is just ridiculous and doesn’t change the fact that Trump was VOTED IN BY THE MAJORITY.. it’s how our democracy works.. Now, stop whining about the fact that your vote wasn’t part of the majority and find a productive way to make change

    2. Kev

      Maybe u should have checked the fucking burger first. You’re a bad mom. And call 911 if your daughter can’t breath, not the McDonald’s store idiot.

      1. Doe

        Excuse me but your a douche they where told NO ONIONS as a human being and employee they should be intellegent enough to do what the customer asks! And fyi a mother panicking drives much faster than an ambulance.

      2. Hayli

        You obviously DONT HAVE CHILDREN… When you order food a certain way you EXPECT TO RECEIVE IT the way YOU ORDERED IT. A mother shouldn’t have to check food if she requested NO ONIONS!! HOW DARE YOU SAY SHE IS A BAD MOTHER!!! YES MCDONALDS IS AT FAULT FOR NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ORDER!!

    3. Angela Allen

      Onions are in the Mac sauce. Not a meal to choose if you’re allergic .

    4. Robert

      The Manager should be fired ! Also, as any Attorney or Judge will tell you, McDonald’s is responsible for all your daughters medical bills !!!!! You need to get to an Attorney as fast as you can. !!! Run !!!! Don’t walk !!!!
      McDonald’s has a reputation for hiring kids and these kids don’t care about you and those kids are there just to get enough money for their beer, cigarettes and drugs !!!!!!

      1. Hayli

        I completely agree Robert. They hire LAZY KIDS THAT WOULD RATHER BE ON THEIR CELL PHONES THEN DO THEIR JOBS!!! Us older people who NEED the jobs get turned away.. I applied for a MANAGEMENT POSITION at my local McDonald’s and the OWNER discriminated against me due to my AGE! She made it very clear they hire YOUNG PEOPLE..

    5. Robert

      Scott…..RUN ! RUN! RUN! To the Police and Attoney as fast as you can !!! Sue McDonald’s for highest amount the courts will allow in your state ! Please don’t expect that Moron, the Manager to call you…he could care less !!! As long as it’s not himself looking at deaths door, he doesn’t give a rats behind if your daughter had died ! We ought to put some rat poison in the next hamburger he steals from McDonald’s !!!

  81. Alan Shaw

    McDonalds, 11840 Balboa, Granada Hills, CA 91344 location.
    AVOID showing up Monday thru Friday around mid afternoon (3 to 4pm or so). There are about 20-25, 10-12 year old students running around trashing the place. And the staff does nothing about it. Apparently they wait there for their parents to pick them up after they get out of school. They are climbing on the tables and chairs, bringing in food and drink from the outside, and just leaving garbage everywhere. After they leave it looks like a war zone. I have had to clean my own table, seat and floor so I can simply have room to sit.
    The kids are also loud and obnoxious, horsing around like kids do, but it should be in a playground, not in a public establishment. One time I asked the cashier why you let these kids take over and basically scare away paying customers; he just shook his head. These kids have no manners and they will never learn to be respectable of others unless the McDonald’s staff instills some degree of control. And what really gets me is, once the kids leave, there is no immediate effort to clean up the garbage. It sits for other paying “mature” customers to have to deal with.

    1. Robert

      Sounds to me the Manager needs to be fired !! Call the Police..they’ll take them down to Headquarters and call their parents !! Those kid have no right being there unsupervised !! Also turn on your phone video and film them….and there’s your proof of what’s going on and how the Manager does nothing about it !!!!
      McDonald’s is not a babysitting service, so perhaps the parents need to be fined or arrested as well !

    2. Kat

      Wow! They could at least call the cops & have the kids talen away for loittering. That’s exactly what they’re doing. Charge their parents with the amount of damages. They wont be there hanging around next time.

  82. Patrick O.' O'Donnell

    On 11/04/2016 my wife fell and broke her hip, surgery was required. A police car came an EMT unit came, an ambulance also came and put her in the unit and taken to the hospital . Not one the employs came too see what was going on. She lay their on the cold concrete from 20 too 30 min. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!

    1. Robert

      Patrick….get on the phone now to an attorney…..I have a feeling that McDonald’s needs to be investigated as to why she fell ….was there a pot hole, or ice or what ? And why wasn’t the Manager out there helping you to make her comfortable and warm while she laid there ? Sounds to me this Manager needs to be fired !!! Don’t expect any of those thoughtless kids to come out and help you….they are there only for their beer and drug money !!! That’s the type characters McDonald’s always employs !!,

  83. Corine C.

    Halloween 10/31/16 11:59pm doors were locked prior to 12:00am (please check your cameras) and what appeared to be customers (which were in fact the “managers” friends) unlocked the door and let me in. What started as a chance to get some food faster than the 15-20 minute wait through the drive-thru of an astronomical amount of vehicles totaling UP TO a whopping 5 cars seemed to be the way to go turned out into a sneak peak behind the scenes of a business no one would ever wish to have seen. As I approached the cash register the manager was sitting down stuffing his mouth with French fries and told me with food in his mouth “Um yeah we’re closed” I replied “I made it in before 12am you’re open you locked the doors early had it not been for your friends I wouldn’t have been let in” he replied “well all the registers are closed” I replied well I see it’s still on”. I said let me speak to the manager he had a Sam name tag but insisted his name was Jerry. Nonetheless after a lot of smart remarks, I left without any food. Advice any Holiday please be correctly staffed, follow proper protocol and drug tests, marijuana was definitely a key factor, Sam/Jerry looked high and incompetent. Managers need to take their jobs seriously and must understand that this is a food chain, you work directly with food and people, 100% needs to go in making an efficient and effective operation.

    1. Corine C.


      2020 W BEVERLY BLVD
      MONTEBELLO, CA 90640-3939

    2. Robert

      What city and state and street address did this happen at ??? Need to get some cops and attorneys on top of this….investigation of the manager is now mandatory ! Like I’ve said before, McDonald’s is very well noted for hiring the lowest of lives I’ve ever seen !!!! They are there for their beer and drug money only !!!

  84. Ben Wilmot

    The McDonald’s in Charlestown In
    Has a problem the restroom is out of toilet paper… I have told the management and seems that they don’t care….

  85. Donna

    I would like to make a complaint against Ben Williams he works as a manger at airport rd in Jackson mi McDonalds he is very rude does not have any management skills talks about his employees to other employees, rude to customers has zero people skills unfit for a management position

    1. Robert


      He needs to be fired and the sooner, the better !!! McDonald’s is very well noted for hiring these low lives…..Call Corporate Headquarters as soon as possible ! I’m sure there are tons of complaints on that moron !!!

  86. Victoria Richtofen

    I’ve been going to the Mcdonald’s on 26471 Carl Boyer Drive inside the Walmart #3523 for 2 years and never had any problems with them until recently they hired 5 new associates which were 3 managers and 2 associates who are very rude towards me and others for no apparent reason and one of them is Hispanic and has blond/brown hair and it’s always up in a bun and she wears glasses. For some reason she has been rude to me and is always walking away from the register each time I come to order and she takes her name tag off so I can’t see her name, I kid you not she has spit in my food (which I have a picture of) and even tells the cooks to screw up my order purposely in Spanish which I understand quite well and she pushes my change into my hand roughly and I’ve told her to be more respectful and she laughs it off and goes to her managers to talk about me and I have footage of her in action too. The other associate is a young kid who instigates and always laughs at me and points to me when I come so he can notify the managers, I don’t know his name since he has no tag and never puts his name on the printed receipt. The other 2 managers who are very rude and talk about me as well and make jokes to me that make me uneasy are named Lisseth and Eleazar who don’t deserve to work there and recently when I went to order breakfast which was on October 22 at 10:44 am they both tried bribing me into saying a good review about them and their associates in order to make my next meal free and they said that they would be watching for my review, which makes no sense since they know that I don’t like their service and have issues with them and for them to think that I’m stupid enough to lie is really low of them to do. They need to be fired all 5 of them or else I’ll be bringing groups of friends to record and get them to leave. Family members of mine have also watched them talk about me as they ate their food and texted me what they said which is childish. So please take care of this and here is a shout out to the associates.


    1. Robert

      It’s time for you to get proof…if you have a phone with video , I highly recommend you use it….! These people need to go……call McDonald s corporate office right away ! Won’t hurt to bring the police and Attorneys in on this ! These people should not be working for the public, nor do they belong in this country !!!

  87. Wanda Williams

    To whom it may concern,
    I am in possession of one of your original flyers from 1975 advertising the new drive-thrus. I am curious as to whether or not your establishment would be interested in obtaining this antique flyer for posterity sake.

    1. Becki

      If you feel so strongly about this, why aren’t you making these changes NOW?

  88. k austin

    kids run mcdonald on maryland pkwy las vegas! very bad service to senior citzens1

  89. k austin

    will somebody do something about the terrible service at the mcdonalds at: 4855 south maryland pkwy, las vegas,nevada 89119. i am a senior citzen and employees will not do their work between the the hours of noon to 6pm. my wife went through drive threw and blow the horn and they still ignored her, so she just left. this being the second time now. they give wrong food many time! i have complainted many times about this and nothing has changed!!!

  90. David

    10/28/2016 I decided to stop by 1503 Woodward Ave., Muscle Shoals, AL, 35661 to get something to eat and use my app for the free medium fries on fridays. I almost never eat at McD’s, maybe once every few years. Tonight about 7:20-7:25 I was waiting in line and a few seconds before I was able to order I noticed the girl at the fry station stopped to change out a trashcan bag. The problem I had was that she didn’t wash her hands after touching a filthy trashcan. She went straight from the trashcan to the fry station. I said something to her about it and that it was a health violation and she threw up her hands so I asked the male cashier if he would eat food after someone had touched a trash can and he said: “I don’t care” and shrugged his shoulders. I said is this normal to handle trash and then food immediately he said: “I don’t care, may I take your order?” I said no thank you, not now, I don’t want to get sick. Right before I walked out of the store I asked several customers if they would eat food after someone touched a trash can and they just shrugged and said “yeah”. I will never ever eat food from McDonalds ever again in my life and I will tell every single person I meet about my experience. What should have happened is that employees should be trained to be more sanitary. I have worked in the food industry for years, I have run kitchens and have maintained 99% health rating. All she would have had to do was apologize and say, you’re right, let me go wash my hands. The same with the cashier, just apologize and try to make it right. They acted like they were offended and that they could not care less. The last time I was there, they were handling money and then food immediately afterward. Never again McDonalds, never again will I visit. I am calling corporate tomorrow if this message doesn’t make it there first.

  91. Shae Bock

    Hello , I was a former employee for ms. Jackie Johnson. During the time I worked for Jackie things went ok , there were problems with employees at work – over time I adapted to becoming a team member at mc donalds. Thru that time I felt constantly pressured like people wanted me to quit , I was thrown in lines for drive thru and wasn’t trained by sheena. Jackie screwed with me and kept telling me I couldn’t do the time log ins. I went with a previous employee named lena , tjay Johnson was her husband at the time. There was a drug lie – that said I bought lena hard drugs and I was never involved with her drug sales. I was harassed and had frequent visits from employees to every job and was threatened at wingstop because I called cooperate office on Jackie. On social media I have friends , Jackie has her employees stalk me and I reacieved a phone call from a previous job joking around about how I put in an application and never did for the company I previously worked for. Mrs Johnson needs to stop bothering me. I have reported her to Rosenberg PD for harassment. Please do NOT have anymore employees come at any of my jobs. Thank you.
    Mrs sheena also threatened to key my car at the beginning on the first day of employment.
    I did enjoy the experiences at mc donalds , however your management is absolutely terrible at the cottonwood location.

    Mrs. Shae bock

    Current location is :
    Mc donalds cottonwood near beaslely in Rosenberg texas

  92. carmon daily

    I just wanted to let you know the managers and long term employees of McDonalds of gainesville especially the one on east university steal and blame the stealing on newer or better employees the customers have become accustomed to it and the crew and customers steal I have witnessed this having been a former employee of a number 2 rated franchise owned store but i have found that by the complaints on this site corporate doesnt seem to care how trashed the reputation of their name becomes because of the gm’s and swing shift operators who operate their stores in this manner they have also stolen from the registers and blamed money issues on new employees to terminate them for no reason the bucket system is very tainted as they are never cleaned at these resturants, and the equipment is constantly broken the owner has been told of this the owner of the franchise seems to care about people but doesn’t seem to understand she is losing product to theft and money to theft and the manager of one store i have seen take home cleaning supplies for the store by giving them to her husband

  93. dave fins

    hi, i been going to MacDonald for years, when i go golfing we stop at the one in downey ca. most places will do this for me. i get the deluxe breakfast, but i ask then to substitute the sausage for a hashbrown , never had a problem, last Wednesday stopped at same place, asked to substitute, the manager told me we never do that, but they have, also the way she talked was terrible i told her she was a very bad manager. you need to train more as far as pr. i hope to hear from someone soon, by the way im a senior. thank you Mr. fins

    1. Robert

      That manager needs to be fired ! The manager needs to be investigated…time for you to pull out your phone and get the video going…there’s your proof of the abuse and unprofessionalism you’ve put up with !

      1. Ai

        Dude seriously. Robert! Not everyone who works there is horrible. I work there and at the moment I’m saving up so after I graduate this next quarter I can move out and get my own place. I feel like it does more harm than good to generalize about stuff like this. I know there are some bad people but I don’t think all of them are so bad. Working at mcdonalds is really difficult and it’s hard physically. I always do what I can to give the customer the best service possible.

  94. Shannon

    The McDonalds in Elkhart IN, on Main St. disappoints me everytime. I love to take m two 3.5 year old nephews there when I can, they love the happy meals and getting a toy. We usually dine in, I have taken them 3 times now. The first time there, was a mess. The client and woman working the register were arguing, then cursing, making a huge deal, attitude and throwing things. My boys were so scared, hiding behind me. All the manager did was say sorry, AND STUCK UP FOR THE GIRL WORKING THERE, when she was absolutely the one in the wrong. The second time, the place was filthy, zero service, we waited forever, I didn’t get my cup, I asked for two identical boy toys, got two different toys, and were girly toys. I asked for yogurt and received apples.
    This last time was just the other day. I asked for honey, and got honey mustard, no juice, and horrible service once again. I don’t feel safe going in there anymore. This last time, the male manager was so rude to his staff, yelling, loud, obnoxious. The employees had a lot of their friends there, the employees were all sitting around eating. Nobody seems to care about their job. They are there for them, and everything is on their time. I hate that I don’t even feel safe going in there, my boys are constantly sad and disappointed because I have to make multiple trips to the counter to get the correct stuff. I remember growing up and never having problems like this before. The work ethic is awful, and I really hope that I get a reply, and that something is done to take care of this.

  95. Judy Appel

    Yes I am leaving a message in regards to the Lititz McDonalds at kissel hill villages Lititz PA . I am a reg. customer and have been going every morning and lunch and supper sometimes but after today I will never go again. I have talked with you before on the this matter of poor management and the manager does not care. I go the computers don’t work, get differ. sizes of coffee when I always ask for a large, maded differ each time not get my food I ordered people standing around doing nothing or etc. This is a food business and if that is the way it is going to operate a business in Lititz then I will spreed the word in Lititz and let everyone aware of the problems with the management. I would think that as a business you would be more concerned by the manager you have incharge there but I quess you don’t care about it so I will be going to starbucks which I hate but better business and nicer service

  96. Demitrius

    Very poor service and the employees don’t listen very well to customers I’m done with McDonald’s I ordered a 6 piece chicken MC nugget and I asked for BBQ sauce at the drive thru and didn’t get my sauce when I asked for a BBQ sauce I was told they will have to charge me 60 cents after I just spent $12.08 on a double quarter meal and a six piece chicken MC nugget happy meal the mcdonalds is located at 4320 n cicero Ave Chicago il 60651 phone number 773 657-3550 the employee who gave me a hard time is KARINA BOLOWSKI. I am very serious about my complaint I already filed a complaint with BBB and atternoy general and I will go higher if this matter is not taken care of

  97. Ales

    Sir, my experience in your San Marcos, CA location, off of the El Norte Rd., was very upsetting. The incident occurred after 9 p m on a Monday 10/17/2016. The employees are all Mexican women who are extremely rude and disrespectful to me. When I walked in the woman Melissa said out loud, in Spanish, “OH she’s back.” Then the cooks and drive thru woman all began to laugh and began commenting about me in Spanish. I understood everything they said. It was horrible. I asked for the manager and he never came. I waited a while for him then let after he never came. This is the WORST McDonald’s. These women should not ever work together. They are bullies and racist.

  98. Customer

    Attn: Daytime Overweight Manager who served me and argued with me on 10/16/2016. Learn the mcdonalds menu and website and the meaning of a Double CheeseBurger before you speak as an uneducated employee!…..This is off of every Mcdonalds website and restaurant , Copied and Pasted. Meatier and cheesier.
    Two 100% pure beef patties with absolutely no fillers, additives or preservatives, simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, and topped with tangy pickles, chopped onions, ketchup, mustard and two slices of melty American cheese. (Read— TWO Patties not one!!!!!!!!)It’s no wonder Mcdonalds of store # 7888 has gone down hill with food quality and service because of people like you and people like you who poorly trains others with that lazy rude poor attitude towards customers even when you were in the wrong, arguing with me saying a double cheeseburger means one patty and not two. You should not even have the title or pay of a manager. Are you kidding me.!!! Learn… If store # 7888 doesnt change regarding food quality and service then this business in this area should just closed down. If not then get trained the proper way!!!!!!!!!!! We are all tired of the poor attitude this place gives when the employees themselves mess up the orders but then treat the customers as if its their fault and treat customers as if we are bothering them if ask to correct their mistakes, tired of burnt cold fries, cold patties, and so much more. This place is nothing more then a place that just wanted to fill the place with bodies working there and not being trained in a professional working manner for a food establishment.

  99. Jill

    Members of my family & I were on a trip to California the end of September. We drove up the coast during our time there and stopped for lunch at the Mc Donald’s located at 29161 Canwood St., Agoura Hills, CA. It is by far THE MOST FILTHY Mc Donald’s I’ve ever visited: leftover food on tops of garbage area; several dirty paper towels on counter in men’s restroom; tables not cleaned off; food on the floor; and to top it off the service VERY slow. Thank goodness the food was edible as we were all starving. So unfortunate for the Mc Donald’s chain. …

  100. Tishawn Reid

    I worked for the McDonalds on Upper falls in Rochester, NY, and one of the managers don’t like me and she told people that work there that she didn’t and she has been trying to get me fired since I started there back in June. This past Saturday she wrote me up because I didn’t give her my phone after I said I was putting it on the charger. I WASNT USING MY PHONE AT ALL EITHER. It fell out of my pocket and I was putting the battery back in it and she asked for it, so of course I tell her no I was going to charger it but she didn’t care. She told me to clock out. Now I’m terminated because of her. It’s alot of African Americans and Hispanics that work there and she only fires or pick problems with the African Americans nobody else. I think it’s discrimination on us because a worker was using her phone while making people’s food, mind you the young lady was on her cell phone for 45 minutes and other people seen it and she hasn’t gotten a write up or suspended. They’re doing favoritism and I don’t think that’s fair. Her name is Tiffany Jeter.

    1. kayla

      I had the same issue where I worked on rd68 managers were cruel talked about u in Spanish which I can understand got yelled at for being told to put pies in the oven 2 seconds later the manger came and yelled at me and said what are u doing I told u to make these 20 min ago when she just told me 2 min before she came back an yelled they always treated the employees and customers like crap ever since they got the new store manager Tami everything went down hill


    I have to tell you how displeased I was at my local McDonald’s located on Sheridan and Delaware Avenue. I arrived at the drive thru at 10:07 pm, was asked to wait a minute, after waiting 5 minutes, gave my order, not once but twice. Pulled up and was asked if my order was a smoothie, I proceeded to repeat my order, and wait. Very disorganized, not apologetic. SO FINALLY at 10:25 I received my
    order and had to ask for an item they forgot. Drive thru is suppose to be just that quick, easy service. 🙁

  102. maranda

    I work for mcdonalds an have a family memeber tht works at another one under the same private owner. It seems tht he dont care tht one of his stores is going to crap. He also dont seem to care that the Hispanics r running thm even if there is a store manager and they r jus regular managers. The one store is at 96th an olio indiana and it has gone so far down hill. Thy r making cashiers not kitchen but cashiers stay over an telling thm if thy leave on time thy could loose thier job. Sometimes thy dont even get a break. So if u come in at 4am and work til 3pm with no break, wouldnt tht pose a problem. Also Thy r making thier cashiers pay for food while kitchen crew eat free, alday, and in front of customers. Also thy have a manager tht dont even understand english tht well nor speaks it tht well an shes rude. The GM knws but thy aren’t doing anything about it. I don’t understand why they are allowing people to become managers tht dont even understand nor speak english. And another big issue i c with this owner is he will complain to high heaven about over time an people clocking in early an geting off late but still allow this. At my store the Hispanics come in an hour early an work til over thier time to leave an whn we want to do tht we aint allowed too. …… Who would i talk to about this bc i think it needs to stop its unfair……

  103. Kathleen Kay Willis

    I sent an e-mail more that 3 weeks ago to the corporate office describing an experience I had at the McDonalds at 8951 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX. I gave a detailed account of the events before and after my car was towed. I described the emergency with my car rendering it undriveable at about 9:30 PM on 8/31/2016. The McDonald’s was the closest place I could pull Everman Parkway after I struck a large rock in the middle of the road. Because it was late, I talked with an employee to relate my issue and pointed out my car in the parking lot. I said that I would be back early in am to meet the tow truck to take it to the service center. The employee saw where my car was and said she would inform her manager. This employee related no concern about me leaving my car. When I left the car that evening I thought I had taken the appropriate steps to safeguard my car’s location until 8 am the next morning, but when I arrived at that time to meet the tow truck, I learned that my car had been towed by ExcaliburTowing at 2:07 am on 9/1/2016. When I went inside the store to talk with the person in charge, they pointed out the signage that warns patrons of the possibility of towing under defined circumstances. I acknowledge the signage, but pointed out that I had informed an employee, and, based on their response, believed that I had consent to leave my car. The signage stipulates towing will occur if a vehicle is “inoperable or under repair without prior consent”. I incurred a charge of $298.30 to Avalon Storage Services, where it was impounded, and then had it towed to the service center.
    I got a response after I submitted my initial e-mail that indicated someone from the management of the store would be in touch, but , to date, no one has contacted me. Would you please advise as to how I can resolve the issue I brought to your attention?

  104. Chris Dobrowolski

    Four Weeks ago I went to the Linda Vista Road Mcdonalds for the hot fudge Sundae and a large Lemondade and there was notices on the door, the week after I came back buy bus and they were closed for construction. For them not putting any signs up for the construction and for the inconvience I would either like a coupon for a free Hot Fudge Sunday, or a coupon for a Large Coke. By the way I emailed the resturant over a week ago and go no response.

  105. Tammy Chaney

    My family and I often visit the McDonald’s in Chatham, Virginia but will never go back. After seeing several employees using drugs in the parking lot and returning to work. One working on the grill was extremely high. The manager and workers at the front counter were cursing at customers in the presence of children. This has not been the first Time I observed these activities but rest assured it is the last time. I will be calling OSHA to report the substance issues. I have tried calling the store to report but to no avail nothing has been done. The service has declined in the last year, the store is always nasty and the food is not of very good quality as it used to be.

  106. Sara Bates

    My husband and I have loved your sweet tea but… Now it’s terrible. I contacted the location where we go thinking it was their fault but was informed this new liquid sugar ( that tastes old and bitter ) is mandated by the Corperation. Please consider bringing back the old tea. My coworkers also dislike the sweet tea and we were all fans before. Feeling disappointed in Ohio.

  107. GG

    Could someone please comment back if the complaints are addressed or will I just be wasting my time.

    1. GG

      What I need assistance with does not have time for moderation. I will just drive to the corporate office it will be quicker.

      1. Steve

        The piss poor service you get from the employees is a reflection from the manager’s piss poor attitude toward the company that once was an awesome place to eat, but they ruined that for everybody. I asked for an orange pop with my #7 value meal and she told me that they don’t have orange pop. Hmmmm!!!!! I also ordered 2 cheese burgers with ketchup and mustard only, they got the ticket right but the burgers had everything on them. Very frustrating, especially when minimum wage keeps going up. You don’t deserve a raise if you can’t put 100% into everything you do. Come on people, care a little.

  108. Dianne Cowan

    I have a complaint about McDonalds in Monteagle Tenn. My son has worked there for 6 months and loves his job and gets along well with people that he works with as well as the customers .Recently a manager Shawn Lutes continually yells at him and others in front of the customers and all the employees. I can assure ypu customers do not like this and I can assure you I will never give them any more business as long as he is manager there Thank You

  109. Vicky Springer

    i have a complaint about the McDonalds on Oberlin ave in Lorain, Ohio. My husband and I are retirees and went there for coffee about 2:30 pm. Alot of the high school kids come in there after school and take up the place. They are at every table, making a mess, and being in everyones way. I do not go there to put up with other peoples brats. I know the manager there. She said she is so tired of babysitting these kids everyday. Do something!!!!!!!!!!
    In Lordsburg AZ they havee police in theirs and the kids are allowed 15 minutes and then must leaave. If they come back it must be with a parent. Thats the way you do it.

  110. Brandon Francisco

    I recently visited the Mac Donald’s located on academy and San megel in Colorado Springs Colorado 80909, with my six year old daughter, only to hear the manager talking unmistakably loud and clear about a mans,and I quote Dick. She was talking to a man whom appeared to be a customer, about another man in prison. Anyways, she made several statements using foul language with no regard for the children and other uncomfortable customers in the building. This is not the first incident with this manager, but surely the worst. My family and I are regular customers. Please speak with her about her disrespectful behavior, and negative attitude towards customers. Thank you.

  111. Julie Golemon

    I live in Jacksonville, TX. and am reporting that the McDonald’s (only one on Jackson st.) Has only half the two yellow arches lot up. It’s been out for quite awhile. I took a picture so you can see. I think it needs new light bulbs or whatever. It makes the store not look like its being taken care of.

  112. Sophia King

    My son went to the McDonalds located in Waynesville,Missouri where he purchased 2 double cheeseburgers. After eating one he noticed the meat was undercooked. He became sick a few hours after consuming the burger bone stop vomiting and unable to hold anything down. I have filed a claim with the Missouri Health Department because this is unacceptable. As a prior employee of McDonalds I am truly disappointed because the safety of human health is at risk with incidences as this. Fix it plz!

  113. Joe Palomba

    I just sent an angry email about being kicked out of the mack ave location but after talking on the phone with the manaher I don’t want to feel the necessary result to making any legal action due to my child over the food. Sorry to waste your time and energy I just don’t want to feel that race had to be played and felt with, thank you

  114. Joe Palomba

    My family and I walked into the mcdonalds of grosse Pointe mi, mack ave, and I have taken pictures of the sign stating that the in store hours were open til 2:30 am and we went at midnight October 2nd 2016, walked a half mile just to get our son a happy meal, we’ll let me tell you that there were two colored customers sitting and eating hanging out on the laptop and the moment we walked up to the counter to order the colored manager kicked us out stating they were closed which they weren’t let me remind you we are regular customers and (white people). So your store is nothing but a bunch of racist pigs and because of this act of racism A. we’re never stepping foot again there B. I have hundreds of friends on social media that’s going to be blasting your bullshit excuse of business and lastly I’m contacting my lawyer along with Fox 2 hall of shame and will do whatever it takes to shut your store down like I give a shit who loses there jobs, it’s called JUSTICE & FREEDOM OF SPEECH! our intentions were to order and take it to go because we have no car at the moment but we getc kicked out when we were already inside? And it’s funny to see how that psycho manager locks the doors after we walked out well I’ll remind you again! I’m making some legal phone calls because all you freddy Jewish pigs don’t know how to run a damn business!!!! Worthless is what you guys run! And racism NEEDS TO STOP! sorry were white and not a bunch of ghetto asshole who can’t speak proper to begin with!

  115. Michelle Bocanegra

    I went to the McDonalds on Baseline and Mt Vernon and we were ordering food and the manager pushed the cashier to the side and then she took our order. When she was done, she said the total and held out her hand implying to give her the money. My mom gave her a $100 bill and she threw the change and my mom said to put it in her hand and she said,” Well you didn’t put it in MINE “. And when we got the change we went to the side and counted it and she was off by $20 and so we tell her and she gives us money , but this time she’s $20 off so we confront her and we spend about 20 minutes trying to find out the money. So finally she gives us our $100 bill back and she said to get out of her restaurant . I believe that this is ruining the McDonald’s name and this should be fixed because if shes not giving us the right change imagine how many people she rips off a day and imagine how much money she takes out of her pocket. I’m going to file a complaint to the McDonald’s cooperation and I will take this to court if it isn’t fixed now .

  116. David L. Hubbard

    Someone from McDonald’s had best tell us where it was that the employee spit on all the white peoples food.

  117. David L. Hubbard

    This morning on Facebook, there was an African American – claiming to be a McDonald s employee. He was bragging about spitting on the food ordered by white people in his store. I want to know exactly where this person worked. We normally frequent a McDonald’s’ in Montgomery, Texas. Seeing as how it appears that the employees are not supervised and I may have been eating food after it has been spit on – even at the place near me, I will tell you that I will never return to a McDonald’s. If the McDonald’s Corporation does not get on the news and tell us where this happened, I am certain that this event may shut you down. For me- and Mine – you no longer exist. If I should find out that this was in the McDonald’s in which we eat- I will seek retribution of some sort.

  118. Mandi Sutton

    I understand that I live in the “Bible Belt” and the majority of the population is Christian, but just because it’s Sunday shouldn’t mean that my meal should be serenaded by God and Jesus songs. When I kindly asked the manager if the station could be changed, she replied that it comes from corporate. I find it highly inappropriate that regardless of the religion, anyone sitting in a restaurant should be forced to try to drown out the music being played because it makes them uncomfortable and it cannot be altered. Turning the volume down does not fix the principle of the problem, nor did it actually solve my issue with some of the songs. I live very close to the location and needed to spend the morning and early afternoon at the store finishing a paper (while eating breakfast, snacking, and lunch). My phone died and I had to download more music onto my husband’s computer to drown out the religious music to continue working. Being that McDonald’s is not Chick-fil-a, a well-known religious affiliated organization, I would hope to expect that respecting the diversity of their customers would be a priority of integrity. At the very least, having a mixture would’ve helped make those uncomfortable songs a lot more tolerable. I hope you consider this in the future. I will most likely avoid ever coming in on a Sunday again because of this.

  119. Mya

    Went to purchase some mcdonalds food for myself and my children before they arrived home for school. Hoping to surprise them and get some smiles. I returned home and began to eat my food; half way through my sandwich something told me to flip over the burger to which I noticed my burger buns had huge green and grey mold spots on the bottom. Considering I had already ate half of the burger there is no telling how much mold disgust I have already consumed. I am pissed. I returned to the store to complain; I did receive a refund from unapologetic staff who didn’t even offer to fix me fresh food. I will also be writing corporate and seeking medical care if I have any stomach issues. Yuck.

  120. Yvette

    I dated my girlfriend for almost a year, she started working at McDonald’s on Martin Luther King Blvd, in Winston Salem NC 27105, during the relationship. Our relationship gradually fell apart. Today I learned that the Manager Nina, is fucking my x, employee Carla Dunham. What is the Mc. Donald’s policy about Manager’s fraternising with employees. I’m very pissed and would like to know some answers. I have also been informed that the two are smoking weed and drinking, but in public they are supposedly are RECOVERY ADDICTS. ITS A SHAME YOU CANT SEND YOUR PARTNER TO WORK WITHOUT ONE OF THE MANAGERS END UP FUCKING THEM.

  121. Gunitta Thomas

    I live in Hogansville.GA I’am from Detroit Michigan I bought a Boston cooler in Detroit when and where can I get a Boston Cooler please help

  122. douglas wineberg

    hart michigan store over charging had a lg mc flurry menu said 2.79 charge 3.68 each lg size cup just a littte biger than small and only 3 /4 full will not buy another vhere there prices are always higer the other stors

  123. Anna smith

    I cant believe you got rid of the twix mcflurry. Between that and the mcrib being a limiled time myself and my family will never eat at your eatablishment again. #thanksbutnothanks

    Burger king is the place to be

  124. Jamie Jarosz

    I went to the McDonalds in Keystone Heights after work to grab my kids something to eat, we were eating and I saw something in my fries.. It was a dead spider!!!!! I was so mad and sick, it’s disgusting to see that in my food..
    I’m contacting the corporate office , to contact our store they would give you a free meal or fry, I do NOT think so!!
    I won’t eat there again!

  125. Linda Reimer

    We went to the Newton Ks McDonalds at 9 pm tonite. Told NO ice cream!! “Cleaning the IC machine” & ” won’t be available till 6 AM tomorrow!!!! ” Parking lot busy with customers & no ice cream at a busy time!!!! Coupon today for chocolate shake $1 off & the stupid jerks are cleaning the machine!!! Makes sense???? Why does it take 9 hrs to clean it????? This has happened to us before!!!! Who needs it for breakfast?????? It appears the manager needs to get a more efficient machine or else teach his dumb kids to tell time & clean it other times than when evening business is so important!!!!!i read the other complaints & know now why McDonalds is losing business!!!!! That’s uncalled for!! Very disgusting when service is so poor!! They don’t deserve higher wages when service is so bad!!!

  126. Diane Hernandez

    Hello. I just wanted to say i am very disappointed and discussed with you store I. Bastrop Texas as I drove by there today or yesterday now I notice they didn’t even have there flags at half mask to honor the memory of the 15 anniversary of 9/11. I really find this disgraceful to our country that this store could not find the time to lower there flags in remembrance. My question Is was this action or non action of horoning our country and the lives loss on this day a worldwide policy for your company? If so you have loss a customer and respect as a company.

  127. Anthony Swoger

    I am filing a complaint on McDonald’s on Voyager here in Colorado Springs right off Academy they were disgusting I was not able to order any food cuz I had no appetite I waited at the table for over an hour for me to be able to clean off the table so I got tired of waiting and I grab the red ring it out and wipe the table down before I went to order the lady that asked beforehand if I can use her powers she can wipe down the table that I was sitting at she told me she will get to in a minute she never got to me in 20 minutes I’m like I said grab the towel when I did and I put it back up she said oh you can’t be here because you are loitering and I explain to her I said that is fine I was here I was not going to order because I didn’t have an appetite with disgusting sticky tables with jelly and all kinds of stuff and ripped up napkins on the floor of the up under the table and on the table and in the seats very horrible experience 5 o’clock in the morning

  128. Pizza neer me

    Another person actually help to generate very seriously posts I may condition. This is the brand new I went to your internet page and so considerably? I shocked with all the research you’ve made to develop this actual submit outstanding. Superb job!

  129. Rick Blokland

    I spent 22 years in the USAF. I take it as an offense when some one who has never served in the defense of this country sits during the national anthem. As long a you sponsor the NFL and Kaepernick plays foot ball for the NFL, I and my family will not enter your eating establishments. I will not watch NFL football either.

  130. Rose Abbate

    Hi my name is Rose A. I just went thur the drive thur at your Farmington Hills location at 14 mile and Orchard Lake road around 8:25pm I ordered a 10 piece chicken nugget combo meal with a ice tea for the drink. When I got to the drive Thur window to pay I handed the cashier my money and she said I can not take a $100.00 bill. She asked do I have anything smaller or a credit card? I told her no I did not have either of the two. So she wasn’t going to break the $100.00. Is this your policy? If so can’t the cashier call a manager to break the $100.00 bill? I ended up driving off and my boyfriend went inside and told them what happened. He was able to get them to take the $100.00 bill. But that was annoying. A few years back I was at the same location and I asked for ketchup and I was told by the cashier she had no ketchup. Is this normal always problems at this location?

  131. Amy dowden

    I like Brandon Gilbert to get fired he’s not doing anything right in the lobby at Elletsville McDonald’s u can call me back at 812-679-6052 call me ASAP

  132. John Pascoe

    Please change your website information regarding open hours at 650 Hunt Rd Springfield, Mo 65781. Sat there for 14 minutes with other, Just to be notified you open at 6:00 AM on Sunday. Web site say your open at 5:00AM on Sunday. No time for another stop for breakfast. That Sucks….

  133. Richard Smitb

    My name is Richard Smith and
    I have two daughters under the age of 2 and I found it extremely frustrating when I had to Change both of my daughters diapers and there were no changing tables in the entire restaurant.
    I was forced to change their diapers at my table in the middle of the restaurant and it was embarrassing and frustrating.
    We were at Mc Donald’s located on the corner of Foothill and Archibald in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91730.

  134. jose canton

    I got to tell you I’m am so disappointed of your garlic fries. I had people over and missed the garlic festival in Gilroy, you or the tocation in Cordilia Ca did not represent I ordered 4 garlic fries, and guess what? not made to order I had soggy fries and get this…………….NO GARLIC!!! just parsley and seasonings. I work for Christopher Ranch and I so embarrassed to now tell people to try our product with yours. Our fries were soggy not crisp and of course on garlic. I can go to ATT PARK and the real thing. I rather pay extra for a good product. Your company is making a mockery to No Calif. and Gilroy!!!!

  135. Javier Alvarez

    I have sent you a complaint regarding your catering to the Latino community. I thought this mater was resolved and no after eating on Monday at the McDonald’s restaurant located in the Walmart store in Laguna Niguel I was very unhappy seeing that you went back to using the Latino placemats written in Spanish for god sake we live in America and this is the USA home of the free. I received a letter from Tami Mazur at your McNib corporation in Irvine apologizing for this incident and would follow up in getting this resolved and did not. letter dated July 21, 2016 I had left a message for her as she was gone for the day and she would return the next day, she failed to call me back. I called the next day on Wednesday and spoke with her regarding this again. She said she would let corporate know of my concerns hah1 she wouldn’t do anything in resolving this even after writing the letter that she would look into this. She explained that corporate referred this her but corporate has the last say so. You have lost my business due this unless you make changes and use the language that we speak in America not Spanish that the Latino community only wishes to speak and will not learn to Speak our native tongue then why do the want to live here? The want to be on Welfare and collect money from the government and make money afraid of deportation since there here illegally. Why do we cater to them there a minority not the majority. I’m Mexican and a native I speak both English as my first Language and will not cater the the illegal immigrates they need to become citizens and work for the USA not under the table.

    1. Gina McBride

      The McDonald’s at 225 Ogden in downers grove is suppose to be open 24hrs. Half the time they are not open at 4:30am if they are open, they are so slow at getting the food out or they don’t except cash. In one week they are open about three times at 430 am so if they are not going to be open then they should not have the 24 hr sign up.

  136. Amy

    I am very upset I visited Mcdonald in Russell kentucky a few days ago ordered 30 dollars worth of food waited in drive through for over 15 muinet I got 3 value meals and 4 kids meals the Frys was cold they gave us hamburgers instead of nuggets put three big macs and three med Frys all in the same bag the bag ripped when I got out of the car my food went everywhere I called and told them and they said we wouldn’t of done that wow I’m shocked as many years I have been buying food from your restaurant and be done this was horrible this should be made right if they want me to ever come back.

  137. Johna100

    Dead written subject material, Really enjoyed studying. bgcddbegdaea

  138. Karol Thompson

    We were at the Lewistown MT McDonald’s today…. Just wanted to comment, from a customers perspective, on the new policy to not allow us to have our drinks while we wait on our food order…. Not happy about it…. Now we wait, then when food arrives, it sits getting cold while we go fill up our cups…. When I asked what the reasoning behind the policy was, I was told it was a directive from head quarters. The employee did direct the owner to me and after he heard my thoughts , he suggested I contact you. Seems the first priority in any business should be customer satisfaction… I’ve over heard many complaints about the policy and I personally don’t enjoy cold burgers…. It might be something you should reconsider.

  139. Lillian Herndon

    My name is Lillian Herndon and I’m writing to make a complaint. I purchased a “Carmel Frappe” with hazelnut syrup at a McDonald’s located at 4401 Reisterstown Rd. and Cold Spring Lane in Baltimore, MD, this morning. As I began to sip my coffee with the straw, I noticed a tiny piece of white plastic was in my mouth. I plucked it off my finger and continued to sip through the straw. Again, I got a piece of plastic in my mouth, this time bigger. I tried to reach the eatery twice, but no one answered the phone. I emailed the store with my complaint.
    I received a call from Gloria who stated she was the Customer Care Manager for that franchise; phone # 866-986-6406. I asked where she was calling from and she said Florida. She requested that I send her a picture of the piece of plastic. At age 68, I’m sorry but, I don’t have a camera phone to send her a picture. I did tell her that I would see if a co-worker would take a picture for me. Unfortuately, in our busy work environment, no on stepped up. Ms. Gloria offered me a coupon for another “frappe.” I explained to her that I would like a refund because I seldom drink “frappes.” Ms. Gloria then offered to send me coupons for foods. While I do respect and appreciate her kindness, I am not one to frequent fast food eateries. All I want is a refund. It appears because I don’t have a receipt to verify my purchase, I can’t get a refund. I gave the employee my receipt to verify that my order number was 149. Thanks for your listening ear.
    Lillian Herndon
    4615 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Md 21215

  140. Melodee Owens

    Hi! My grandaughter just turned 3, has one of your powder puff girls hair clips. the one with the multicolored fake hair. She LOVES that thing and wears it every day! We tried to get another one (or 2) since she liked it soooo much but they had switched to the pets :/ Is there ANY way we could get another 1 or2??!!! PLEASE!!

  141. Robert Rinne

    There is a store that someone is steeling money from the store owner and the Corp. The store number is #11752 in Tempe AZ. I have called twice to the main customer service number with no results. This needs to go to upper management. The person rings me up for a sandwich ($2.91) but charges($4.75), and gives me a full meal, sometimes she doesn’t ring it up at all. I figure she is taking about $60 per day; which is $15,000 per year and the royalty fees that are NOT paid is about $3,000 per year. Why is nobody concerned about this? I find it disturbing that my complaint goes to the store owner, straight to the store manager and nothing happens. In turn, I the customer has to pay for this to make up for this thief. Please return this from Corp. upper management. Thanks, Robert

  142. Tina

    I went to the beaver falls, pa location to get dinner after a very busy day. The girl at the drive through started to hand me one of 3 milk shakes, asking if I wanted a carrier. I answered “yes,I have water in one of mine and have 3 drinks.” As she walked away , I hear her reply “white people.” She tosses a drink carrier ar me a bag with 3 orders of fries, another with 3 burgers and says have a good night. I informed her this was not all of my food and she said “it’s all you paid for” I proceeded to tell her I paid for 3 more burgers and a fish and was called a honky and every thing but a white woman as my car was checked to see if I was hiding the food. They then gave me my food so I could leave. I have never be more insulted in my life by a bunch of low life people. Never again will I go to a McDonald’s.

    1. Ann

      I went to the Center Township, PA McDonald’s this afternoon. As I went to pay for my meal, I saw a man inside the first window with a HUGE tattoo of the Devil’s face on his arm. This man should not be allowed to work there unless he covers that tattoo. The definition of the Devil, is the Evil One which makes It a symbol of hate. If someone has a symbol of hate tattooed on their arm clearly visible, that person should not be allowed to work among customers. This is very offensive and I believe scary to children. I have already experienced several incidents where the employees do not form their jobs politely or properly at this establishment. This incident is the last straw. I am no longer patronizing the Center Township McDonalds.

  143. Enedina Sanchez

    I am Enedina Sanchez, Aunt of Nahomi Rodriguez. Nahomi was abducted on July 17, 2016 at 1:30 a.m. after her work shift at McDonalds in Harlingen, Texas. Our family understands that sometimes major corporations takes time to update surveillance systems. Now due to the poor picture of the video, detectives have not been able to clarify the license plates of the vehicle. Please understand that Nahomi was your employee for almost three years and truly loved her job. She understood the importance of Customer Service, which is why she was always placed at the drive-thru window. I have an original copy of the surveillance system so your members can view. Her story is all over the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and the major cities of Texas. We are asking from the bottom of our desperate hearts for your help. Time is not in our favor. We fear since the border is only a 10-minute drive from the McDonalds location that she could have been taken there. We are a humble family that is asking McDonalds Corporation, who believes in always helping others, to help us. Please have someone who is an expert in technology/surveillance to help us decipher this video and catch this criminal. Please have your McDonalds all over the U.S. post a small poster with her picture and her name on their drive-thru windows. Maybe also someone can help us print out colored fliers. We don’t want her case to go under the unsolved filing cabinet at the Harlingen Police Department. We’ve had the community help us by donating the billboard in Harlingen, Texas. Please, we are pleading for your help.

  144. Pat Mattox

    The garlic fries are a real disappointment. Instead of a crisp fry with garlic, they’re tossed in a bowl and made mushy and by the time we get them, they’re cold. Not worth the money and not tasty.

  145. Crystal clough

    Hi my name is Crystal and I am wondering who I would contact to file a complaint on an employee at your clearfield store ? If I could get that information that would be awesome

  146. Leslie Douglass

    My daughter is an employee at McDonalds. She’s been working there for a year. Recently she was diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorder and currently takes medicine to manage her symptoms. Her supervisor sent her home and made an insensitive comment saying “you throw up too much, go home!” How demeaning! Perhaps he needs to be educated on the disorder and how to treat his employees who may have a disability. I feel that my daughter is being discriminated because of her condition. This is not the first time he dismissed her for being sick. I want something done about this. He should be reprimanded. My daughters name is Jasmine Birden and she works at the McDonalds on E.Baltimore Street here in Maryland. Please contact me about this situation. I am very angry that a person of leadership would treat his employees like this.

  147. Helen

    Worst customer service ever. First, we drive up and they are still open. They then claim they are not open and that the fryer has been closed. We then wait 4 minutes for them to ring up and made us wait another 12 minutes while they sat there and chatted with there friend and then handed them free food. Then another person came in line. When we asked for a refund, both Destiny and Dominique both yelled at us. They claimed that the register was already shut down. So either they lied about the register was shut down and they were yet again giving another car of people free food….or they had to ring that person up. So besides the rude service, the bold face lies, closing things down long before the place closed… they also gave us stale fries and they made everything wrong. First what egg mc muffin as mustard? None. They charged me for cheese…. but I did not get cheese… and this “made to order” meal was stale. You should really check your cameras. I’M sure they turned the cameras off when they shut down and handed two car loads of people free food while supposed the register was opened to ring them up, but closed for a refund. This is McDonalds, you need to get better management. The location is on the 528 and the 550 in Bernalillo, NM. They should have just refunded my 8.44 instead of lying and fighting over it.

  148. Amy dowden

    I have a complaint on an employee he’s not doing anything right In cleaning the lobby like him to get fired name Brandon Gilbert

  149. "Letty"

    Please give me a list of corporate owned McDonald’s in Chicago, IL. That pay minimum wage. Also, is there a Management Program I can get into? If so, please list qualifications.

  150. Debi

    I just visited a McDonald’s at Van Buren and Lincoln in Riverside, CA. The trash inside the restaurant was overflowing, when using the restroom, there was fecies on the floor. I don’t think I will visit this McDonalds agai .

  151. Cornel Tomas

    We would like to acknowledge Mgr. Andy at the Keeaumoku store in Honolulu, Hawaii for his excellent service. 8/11/16 approx. 7PM

  152. Jessica Munoz

    I had the idea of ketchup packages to be shaped as animal figures such as butterflies, bears, giraffes, flamingos, lions, monkeys, etc. Children would be fond of this idea and others as well. Please take it into consideration and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

  153. John Holcombe

    I work for Wise VA Mac Donald 24293.. I have worked there a year I started out at 7.25$ and only got a 10 cent raise 8mnths later . This Mac Donald makes around 200.000$ a month . I feel very under paid so does many others. I work holidays with no time and a half , this Mac Donald offers no health insurance or any type of retirement 401k nothing . I want to move up with Mc Donald and retire I work 40 hrs a week every week .. I am very disappointed that there is not more to offer to great employees like me . I barley make enough money to eat and keep a roof over my head . An jobs are hard to find in this area . I just wish they was more that could be done for people like me that work hard and love there job . Heck I even called out cause I have an abcessed tooth , well I got told from my Manager that i need to go to the Hospital or I would not have a job so I went to the hospital and now,have a 700.00$ doc bill cause I have no insurance . I can’t pay a bill like that cause I am very underpaid .. Thanks for your time ..

  154. Dave

    We recently saw the bad publicity for your Gainesville georgia store on limestone. We were so happy to see the new McDonald’s when it was going up. As we live on the north side of town. We were one of the first 100 customers that received the 100 free meals. Well just want to say we no longer would purchase anything from Mcdonalds. We have had frit os put on our burger there. We have had rude service. Now with the man working there saying he wouldn’t serve a police officer. Better training and management is strongly suggested. You are in a close nit town. That will eventually see you have to close your doors. Just take a look at your store in town. I bet sales are down already in the past year. Good luck.

  155. Cindy Moldt Culbertson

    Today on my lunch I went through the drive through at my local McDonalds in Dubuque, Iowa and ordered my Large Sweet Tea. While at work, I was having an hard time getting any ice tea to come through the stray, so I started pulling the stray out of the cup and after the stray was out there was this plastic piece still coming out of the cup, half in my stray and half in the cup. I pulled the plastic piece out of my straw and took pictures of it. i have posted this out on facebook and also send pictures to our local Telegraph Herald Newspaper. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I would’ve swallowed this, probably choked on it and who knows after that. Now my throat hurts. This is just so ridiculous and people should be more careful. No one cares anymore about what they are doing. I am done going to McDonalds and I will pass the word on also to anyone I can about this situation. I just feel sick now.

  156. Bernard Cooke

    Good Morning,

    Please be advised that I filed a complaint with the Newark Health department and the below email was sent to them and I received a complaint ID # 2016-25682

    Last night I was at McDonalds at 915 18th Ave in Newark. There’s a huge hole in the ceiling and water was running down unto the front counter. The worker was wiping it up with a towel and then using the same towel to wipe the area where the food is being prepared. I questioned the manager and she tried to blow it off. I asked her about safe serve conditions and the fact that they could be contaminating the food and she got upset. Someone needs to go over there and check this out before some customers become ill.

    Bernard Cooke

  157. Robin Cassity

    574-304-0242, Robin Cassity . Call me please, or else I have no choice but to mske a police report.

  158. Robin Cassity

    I went to McDonald’s on Cassopolis St, Elkhart Ind. Order a 4 piece chicken nugget happy meal. The lady at the drive thru window handing out the food, gave my Granddaughters happy meal to the car in front of us, he handed it back. I pull up and she hands me the same happy meal. Really! Thats against all the rules at McDonalds, I know this cuz I worked at McDonalds! Then as she throwing her pissy fit, tell the young lady how she gonna smack the woman at drive thru window. Im white, there black. Now if this was opposite I’d be crucified NOW! How dare she! My granddaughter was in the vehicle! Theres no reason for this behavior towards a customer, just cuz I wouldn’t take food from another car, only Gods knows if yhey could have done something to her food! All hell would break l9se if something would have happened to hurt, cause greif or anything to my granddaughter! Please take care of this issue b4 sh3 has Elkhart in the news cuz of her behavior

  159. S harper

    My child works at the Fredonia NY location. She came home drunk and high from work the night of the 4th of july and she explained to me that the managers working the overnight were all doing shots mixing them in the frappe manchine and shooting fireworks off the roof. My child is a minor and I am disgusted that this was allowed. I contacted the local office in Jamestown and not one thing was done about this incident. In fact the woman who supplied the alcohol is now becoming a manager melanie. This store has become complete trash. There could have been so many law suits regarding this matter. A bunch of teenagers drunk on the roof at McDonald’s. What a disgrace.

    1. k Lewis

      I usually stop by McDonald’s on my way to work as I work regular hours and don’t always have time to cook at home. they have a new employee or younger around 18 or 19 years of age who is constantly overly sarcastic and rude to me as a customer I’ve contacted entity before nothing has been done to care about their customers are going to any of them restaurants such as Taco Bell Wendy’s KFC accept as they are all owned by The Entity McDonald’s


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