Mcdonalds Corporate Office Contact Information

Are you looking for information such as address and phone number of mcdonalds corporate office headquarters. We have also provided toll free number of customer service so that you can contact them for any issues, complaint, review or suggestion about any services provided by mcdonald.

Mcdonald’s, headquarters located in Oak Brook, Illinois, is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants and it is located in more than 120 countries in the world and serves more than 70 million customers on daily basis and has more than 40000 outlets. It sells mainly their trademark hamburgers, chicken items, fast food, cheeseburgers, cold drinks, milkshakes, fish, fruit salad, breakfast items and desserts. It was established in the year 1940 as a barbecue restaurant by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California.  Its buisness model is based on franchise model where it gets its revenue from royalties, sale, rent and fees paid by the registered mcdonald’s franchisees all over the world.

Mcdonalds Corporate Office

McDonald’s Corporation,
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

mcdonalds corporate office phone number : 1-844-534-7211

When to Call

7 days a week 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST

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Website :


13 thoughts on “Mcdonalds Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. JoAnn Anderson

    It has come to my attention that McDonalds locations in the 282

  2. Anonymous

    Mcdonalds on Broadway on Little Rock side has a supervisor that is mean to the customers in the morning. Specifically the homeless. It shouldn’t matter if we spend our money or not we shouldnt have a time limit on our visit here. If she sees someone with a backpack she automatically assumes they’re homeless and has a very rude and nasty attitude towards them. She gives them 30 mins to sit down and eat. When does McDonald’s policy put a time limit on eating. She makes me not want to spend any money here.

  3. Jerry Kamins


    Before I begin with my complaint, know that I buy two small caramel frappes every single day and I know how they are made and what they should look like and what they should taste like. So, I know when something is wrong and it is wrong, not once but twice in two days.

    Yesterday, I went to Store #11738 in Mandarin, Jacksonville, Fl and ordered two small caramel frappes. The picture above is an indicated of what was produced. I told who appeared to be the manager that the drink was not filled and he said it was OK. Mind you, when we walked out of the store and attempted to drink it, it was full of large pieces of ice. My Order # was #20 @12:34 PM.

    Then, today, I go to the same store hoping that things will improve and begin by telling the person at the register that yesterday’s drink was horrible and full of ice. While she did say she was sorry, she proceeded to ring up our new order as usual.

    I watched as not one employee but two employees took 8 minutes to try to make the two small caramel frappes. It was obvious to me what the problem was. They were trying to get whatever content they could from what was left in the machine instead of getting another bag. After waiting through this process for 8 minutes, one of the employees comes to tell me that you were out of caramel and I wind up having to get a refund. In this regard, my Order # was 24 @ 12:38 PM and my credit was Order # 29 @ 12:46 PM.

    This is no way to run a business and it is totally inappropriate to treat customers in this fashion. As this is the second time I am complaining about the same store, it suggests to me that McDonalds has an ongoing problem with management.


    Jerome H ( Jerry ) Kamins
    10989 Buggy Whip Drive

    Jacksonville, Florida 32257

    772 260 4057 ( Cell )

  4. Sabrina Renfro

    Oct 19th my index finger got smashed in #McDonald’s 40 SE Wyoming blvd Casper, Wyoming in the bathroom stall door it cut my finger open bad. it still hurts really bad on the top wear the bone is. I took the papers to insta-care as the manager said but McDonald’s corporation told them to shred the paper cause I wasn’t supposed to get it so I never got seen,. They said I have to wait for them to get a hold of me in 3 to 4 days. I was given a paper from the manager but when Inst-care talked to the corporation about how to handle the bill they told them to shred the papers they said I wasn’t supposed to have them. I have had to deal with the pain and trying to heal it My self. the employees at McDonald’s ask how’s my finger doing. they did give me a band-aid to stop the blood from gushing out so much when it happened. I Still have not got help, It still hurts, still can not use my left index finger 11/08/2019.

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  6. Brad Wagner

    I would like to contact your advertising dept. Can you forward my conact informtion or send me a contact to inquire about KOOL TV becoming a advertising partner with McDonalds?
    KOOLL TV’s Broadcast coverage covers most of Minnesota, a few areas of Eastern North and South Dakota and Western Wisconsin. KOOL TV has Broadcast coverage in most of the small towns in Minnesota that have a McDonalds.
    Thank You,
    Brad Wagner

  7. Roger Graves

    I have been going to McDonald’s as long as there has been a McDonald’s, this morning as I was walking in there’s a sign on the door that says no guns allowed.
    Why in the world Would McDonald’s jeopardize the safety of their customers by not allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a gun in their restaurant.
    These are the kind of signs that crazy people look for when they’re planning on doing harm to massive amounts of people, that really don’t deserve it.
    I really hope McDonald’s will reconsider their position on this issue.

  8. Lisa Portman

    I was at the McDonald’s on rte 30 in Matteson Illinois, and there was no Ice in the machine, so I went to the counter and asked for Ice, and the person asked me how much I wanted and I said I wanted ice to the top of the cup and she only gave me half cup of the cup. And I mentioned it to the person who said it was to the top with ice. This happened between 5:15 pm and 5:35 pm on the 1st of October. The ice thing was also empty yesterday morning when I came between 8:30- 8:45. This is not the first complaint that I sent from this McDonald’s, so I will probably will be going to another McDonald’s. I never had any problems here when Jason was here.

  9. MJ Shear

    Regarding your McDonald’s Rest. #11813, Hwy. 127/N. Ridge Shop Cir., Russell springs, KY We went here last evening, 9/26/19, a little before 6pm. The so called dedicated customer service here was totally out of control. They were totally focused on the drive thru, people were waiting at the counter to get waited on and then they waited and waited for their food. People were bringing back wrong orders, were upset over the wait which was unreasonable, were ignored, and I finally asked for my money back. Mgr. was either dealing with complaints or in the back. She quickly gave our money back and never offered to make our ice cream order or apologize and was not helping the one person at the front counter who originally was stocking cups, etc. Also the ones, front counter, who got their food, it was tossed on the counter, number mumbled and people were checking to see if it was their order. Would appreciate a response in this matter. Not sure I care to ever go back here.

  10. Jerry and Linda Woods

    We recently spent many mornings at the McD’s at 5090 So. Quebec in Greenwood Village, CO. when we were there visiting our children. We had such a great experience there that we wanted you to is the cleanest, friendliest, best McD’s we have ever visited. There appears to be a full time custodian who keeps the place in first rate condition. We were treated like family and when a new employee arrived, she was introduced to us as if we were part of the family there. We have read other reviews for that restaurant that are negative. We realize that there are many homeless in that neighborhood, but they were not an issue with us., and their being in that area is not the fault of those working at that McD. We wish that the McD that we visit in Lake Oswego were as clean and well run as the one in Greenwood Village.

  11. April Brooks

    There were flies all over my food .. I have video and pictures of it and I sole with the staff and the flies are still there and every morning when I eat they fly on my food and on me .. I even had a living fly in my breakfast sandwich when I opened it .. something needs to be done as Im sick of eating fly poop with my meals … I also think I should be compensated .. and will be waiting for your response .. the location is union st. Bangor ,MAINE 04401 …


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