Walgreens Corporate Office Contact Information

Providing here is the Important contact details like address, contact number, email, official website of Walgreens Corporate Office headquarters.If you have any complaints, suggestion, jobs application,finding locations or reviews or any questions please contact them using the information given below.

Walgreen Company, headquartered in  Deerfield, Illinois, United States, is a multi-million American pharmaceutical company and it is considered as the biggest drug retailing company in USA.It has expertise in serving solutions , medical prescriptions, medical drugs, medicine, well being and health items, heath data and photograph related services. Its founder is Charles Rudolph Walgreen and he established it in the year 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Its business model is based on freestanding corner stores which are located near high traffic streets and roads with entrance towards the roadside.  It is the largest pharmaceutical chain in America and it has stores in all 50 states of america and it operates from more than 8400 locations all across USA and its territories.

Walgreens Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733)

Official Website : https://www.walgreens.com/

Walgreens Corporate Office

200 Wilmot Road,
Deerfield, Illinois
United States

Postal address

ATTN: Consumer Relations
Walgreen Co.
1419 Lake Cook Rd.
MS #L390
Deerfield, IL 60015


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45 thoughts on “Walgreens Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. Tracy Cook

    Walgreens should have and email contact. Since they do not I will comment here. I am a longtime Walgreens customer who will no longer do business with Walgreens. Like Sears they are not honoring their pensions. Walgreens has cut long time employee healthcare benefits. This is disgusting and theft in my opinion, related to the current political climate. Thanks to the GOP and their current face of corruption, Trump. Corporations who pay upper management massive amounts of money and cut long-term employee benefits are corporate thieves with no moral compass or ethics. I am not or never have been an employee of Walgreens but nonetheless I refuse to do business with corporations who treat their employees this way. Especially, after receiving huge corporate tax cuts (corporate welfare). I can only add one vote politically and I can only refuse to do business as a protest with such amoral corporations. Never again will I give Walgreens a dollar.

  2. Joanna Beeman

    I’ve heard a young short latin manager at the Walgreens on Sheffield and Belmont in Chicago using derogatory words to describe customers and employees. I’ve heard him use the N word to describe customers and the F word to customers and to other employees. I’ve observed this a few times when in the store. He’s always harassing other black people and seems to target them. I won’t ever go there again he’s rude to all the black folk.

  3. Margie Browning

    I have used Walgreen’s in Post Falls, Idaho since 1990. I have no complaints about personnel or service. However, I don’t think it is EVER cleaned. From the customer’s view point in front of the pharmacy counter, it appears that it is never cleaned under the computer. Dirt and debris have accumulated on the floor along the edge of all the shelving throughout the store. I can’t imagine how filthy it is behind the pharmacy counter. PLEASE!! invest in a janitor! Walgreen’s is representative of products to help us when we’re ill. This store could make us sick!! This is not a recent issue, nor is it due to winter weather. I have noticed the same dirt for years. Does anyone with any clout ever read these complaints or respond to them? Perhaps I need to advise Panhandle Health District. I do intend to point it out to the store manager next time I visit.

  4. Seymour Ellin

    After reading many of the comments I find it hard to believe Walgreens feel they are the best pharmacy in the US.
    I have a few complaints but his one tops the list in this category.
    I purchased 2 bags of walnuts on sale. 2 for $3.99. I purchased 2 and paid with credit card. When I arrived home I noticed I was charged $7.98 (what a bargain). I returned a few days later to check the original price per bag — $2.99, Would have paid $5.98 without the sale! What a bargain I got.
    I talked to the manager he refunded $3.98 but implied that I should have checked my receipt. Your phone number must have been entered incorrectly so I got the regular price. Yes a bargain.

    The phone number entry, when checking out, should only be used for points and not affect the purchase price.
    I have other “great” dealing at Walgreens.

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  6. Rodger Chambers

    Please request the return of contributions Walgreens made to the politicians in Wisconsin who are subverting our democratic form of government.

  7. Sophia Carner

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  8. Russ DAmato

    I am writing to you about your pharmacy in Poinciana Florida.it has to be the worst run pharmacy around .with just two persons ahead of me I waited over 45minutes. To top that the lady working behind the counter took a person that was two people behind me. This is not the first time this has happened. They have lost my prescriptions never called to say that they for some reason cannot fill a prescription only to find when I go there after some conversation they had it all along. I’m not even talking about your drive-through that if you can believe is even a bigger mess. When I speak with a manager they apologize but nothing changes I can tell you what will change if nothing is done .You are going to lose customers. It is very frustrating. Thank you hopefully some change can happen from your getting involved.

  9. Todd Beltrone

    It is a shame because when you look at stores like KMart and wonder how they went out of business you have to think alot may have to do with how the stores are run. I will NEVER use Walgreens ever again in my life! If I walked from a desert and dying of thurst I would pass the Walgreens to look for another store!

  10. Larry Hale

    I am very interested in locating a Walgreen’s Pharmacy in our community. At present our county only has a CVS, to serve the whole county. This community is growing rapidly. I feel a centrally located pharmacy could serve all four community’s. I would like to know what parameters are needed, to interest The Walgreen’s Corporation , to located a store in our community? WE are located in Franklin County Florida. I live on St. George Island , located in Franklin county. Eastpoint, where you access the Bridge to St. George Island is the center of this county, with the City of Carrabelle to the east and Apalachicola to the west. I feel we have an excellent location for a store. With a developer who is willing to build what you may require.

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  13. Brenda Anderson

    I worked at Walgreens in Columbus indians from January to May 2017 then I was laid off..im a licensed pharmacy technician but couldn’t do the walking or standing because I have two bad legs but I could be a cashier but I had to use a cane..in may 2017 I was approved for disability..then that was when I was laid off because they had to cut hours but it seem strange they hired people after me..so was it really because of hours or that I was on disability..if because of disability then I will get Walgreens on discrimination..the sad part was the store mgr. Couldn’t come and get me to tell me he has to send another mgr..i will not shop at walgreens..even threw away my rewards card..the Walgreens was on Jonathon Moore pike in Columbus in. The store mgr. Is Jason trieda..thank you..

  14. Betty Moss

    I live in suttim argo ill and l shop at the Walgreens on harlem and archer l want to by iture cards with a credit card and after buying them there for a long time now they tell me that they wont take a credit card for the iture cards l have been buying them there for a year now and paying with a credit card for them today they said that it had to be a debate card or cash l will cancel all my shopping a Walgreens l will go to osco from now on they know how to talk to there of the poeple that go to there store Walgreens now sucks and l will not go to that store anymore they treat people like shit. Betty moss email

    1. Joseph Catrambone

      I use the Walgreens on Cermak and Wolcott Ave in Chicago. On a ten point scale, I rate them at an 11 in so many areas. Despite the store being crowded at all times of the day and night, they manage to make the customer feel as if s/he were the most important person that walked through the door. They know and call me by name when I go to the pharmacy. I’ve had severe back problems for years. When I bring them a prescription, they hustle to get it filled tight away so I don’t hand to wait painfully on line. I recently had back surgery. I brought a number of discharge prescriptions the on my way home from the hospital. They filled then in minutes. Thru inquired about how I was feeling, how the surgery went, and how helpful the rehabilitation proved was. All of the workers behind the pharmacy counter exprested their care and good wishes.
      I get several thousand dollars worth of prescriptions there each month. If there is any problem, they call me right away and resolve the issue. They don’t hesitate to call any one of the half dozen or so medical doctors I have that prescribe at least one if not more medications pet month. I find the pharmacists to be vital members of my health care team.
      I was a customer of a Walgreens competitor. Every month, there was a new issue that I had to handle. I’ve been with Walgreens now for over a decade and would not go anywhere else.

  15. S Mahan

    What a waste Walgreen.’s ! You get nowhere with anyone regarding problems with the pharmacy. Not sure you are putting through to Medicare pharmacy orders for diabetitic supplies ( lancets ,etc). They should be processed through as a DME. Tried to explain that they are probably not getting their money from Medicare, but they do not want to listen.

    1. Sandra Greene

      Exactly they are a bunch of assholes and district and the store manager ain’t no better I live in Florida and use the one on Lumsden and providence rd

  16. garfield K

    four months ago my dog was diagnosed with diabetes ….walgreens is my my neighbor so decided to purchase the needles with them….they gave wrong needles i questioned them on two occasions …they confirmed and assured me that they were correct. Come to find out not so! They said sorry they said they would be in contact with me they said that they were going to fix the error they said alot of things. It is now the end of January and my dog Denali has gone blind . And guess what i left my email my phone number and open line of communication. Guess who has not gotten back to me Walgreens…such as the General manager and the claims Manager and id even have to say the store manager! depending on this company to do the right thing , im starting to see they dont care about its customers or what they have put them through. Sad really because i really was trusting in you all to do the right thing ….since it was your ERROR!

  17. Merle Fogel

    The walgreens that I go to in Pembroke Pines Florida on Hiatus and Pines Blvd the customer service people and pharmacist who work in the Pharmacy really should not be working there they are rude, nasty and no matter what they always give you a hard time. They take their good old time, they ingorne that you are waiting at the drive thru. They don’t care and if you need an emergency pill until the Drs office is open the next day they will not accommodate you. This is a disgrace for Walgreens and something should be done about this! I really think that Walgreens should really take an interest in how their stores are run by even the managers besides the pharmacy.

    1. Noneya

      Perhaps you shouldn’t wait until your prescription runs out. Your prescription renewals are YOUR responsibility, not the pharmacy’s. You sound like a “problem” patient. Th kind that demands that we perform minor miracles because your too lazy to get off your ass and attend your doctor appointments. I’m willing to bet my paycheck that you raise a fuss most when it’s in regard to you getting your “pain” medicine, am I right?

      1. Sheree Ashley

        you sound like a f’ing idiot that work for a walgreens pharmacy, lazy azz!

  18. Anita Holt

    We spent thousands on medical supplies last year after a cancer diagnosis and surgeries, not to mention Rx costs. The pharmacy staff was always unprofessional and judgemental regarding pain meds but their store was so convenient (5 minutes away ) at a time when we were having to go several times a week. Recently, their idiot pharmacy manager started yelling at my husband over a question. He simply asked when a Rx could be refilled because the directions on the bottle were confusing. That was it. The store manager joined in and suggested he was a drug seeker. The Rx was for me- he just wanted to know when he should come back and pick it up. There was a long line and he was so embarrassed and humiliated. He had been my caretaker without one complaint for over a year. He spent many nights with me in the hospital and used all his leave plus some in order to stay home during the months I was too weak to walk. He is one of the kindest, finest people on the planet and he did not deserve all the berating served up by Walgreens employees. He is an engineering professional that actually has some communication skills. They don’t even have a clue about how to treat another human being! I fault the company, poor hiring practices, and apparent overall lack of training. My husband was unjustly verbally attacked loudly in a crowded store and I believe there are issues of slander and possible HIPPA violations. I intend to pursue this until I find someone at corporate who is a professional and thoughtful person. I hope that is possible. I will never darken the door of a Walgreens again.

  19. Madeline F Eysie

    10 January 2017 -Walgreens, Prov. Hwy., Norwood, MA., has a real problem. The problem is that Walgreens is UNDERSTAFFED!!! It’s obvious that they don’t value existing customers, retaining customers, not do they promote new customers. NOT A NEW PROBLEM!!!!

    Today I read where Fed-EX is now going to be a service at Walgreens.
    They don’t understand the definition of service. Service is designed to fulfill immediate requests by clients. The harmacy is understaffed. Yesterday, 4pm, 3 waiting, sitting around, a drive-thru window worked by a very slow moving person, the phone ringing off the hook. There were no other customers in the store. This pharmacy is busy and understaffed. So, now we are suppose to rank delivery of a package against getting a prescription filled???
    Are you folks republicans and stupid. It is not rocked science to have all staff speak ENGLISH in America, and understand the request whether from a customer or the pharmacist. These folks need HELP. Someone to just answer the phone.

    I’m so upset and I’m sure they want me to take my business to CVS or Walmart. Since the BOOTS alliance things have worsened. Shame on you!!!

  20. Rebekah

    I will never use the this pharmacy again. Sadly its the only 24hr pharmacy in Saint Augustine and after a late night visit to the ER with my 9 year old son, I didn’t check the scripts until I got home. The pharmacist gave me 4 different pills for my son to take. He has never taken pills, so trying to get them down resulted in him choking and then eventually throwing them up. When I called the pharmacy to ask for liquid forms of the medication, the woman was very rude and condescending. I explained to her that neither of my children had ever been given pills by a pharmacist but I needed the medications in liquid form. I told them I had no problem paying the extra money because I understood they couldn’t take the medication back but was told that its not there problem my child cant swallow pills- that there Are 5 years old that take pills every day- and I needed to go back to the hospital and get new scripts if I wanted them to fill the them. I’m well aware small children take pills, however the pills that were given to my child were bigger than any pill I’ve ever taken and I find it hard to believe that a responsible pharmacist would have given them to a child, especially in that quantity. To make matters worse, I paid for the full script and was only given a partial script and told to come back later in the week for the rest of it! All in all, this was not my first horrible experience at a Walgreens store but it will be my last visit.

  21. Jim Stinnett

    You have a very serious problem all around your store at 2991 Roosevelt Blvd. Clearwater,Florida 33760.
    Every day and night there are several blacks standing on the side of the building next to the inter and exit doors approaching costumers as they get out of their cars asking for handouts, mainly money. Bcause of this this store is going down hill very fast. All of my family will be changing and buying all their drug needs at our local CVS.

    1. Sandra Greene

      Exactly they are a bunch of assholes and district and the store manager ain’t no better I live in Florida and use the one on Lumsden and providence rd

  22. Teala G

    I was pushed by a manager at the Walgreens store on 25th and west Broadway in council bluffs,ia,I kept trying to leave the store and she kept getting in my face then has the nerve to push me and say shes calling the cops,this lady is nasty and I will not just let this go,Walgreens should be ashamed and embarrassed to have this lady representing one of their stores,I just hope she doesn’t get let off the hook,her behavior was extremely unacceptable

  23. Madeline Eysie

    Walgreens, Norwood, MA

    Pharmacy open 10am on Sunday!!!!!
    People sitting around waiting!!!
    What kind of service is this??
    What do you accomplish?
    Staff willing to work 9-5????
    Did you ask a human employee to be part of the solution???

  24. Mona rapheal

    Walgreens is disgustingly heartless they fired the perfect pharmacist yesterday 2 weeks before Christmas

  25. Keith Davis

    Hi there i live in shelbyville Tennessee. i have been a walgreens custom for years but that stops today . I went to wallgreens to get some Claritin d for my sinus infection. I was offered a off brand by the pharmacies lady she told me I could not buy Claritin d . I ask why she had not one reason as to why I could not . She did not check my license as they normally do she judge me I’m a hard working 37 year old machanic with three children. So I told that lady what I thought lol . I will be taking me and my family’s business to kroger from know own. Wallgreens pharmacies need a training lesson on how to deal with the public. Mainly the pharmacies that worked 7/30 2016 . Go to kroger the people there do not judge you if your a little dirty from work . The 100s I spend there monthly must not mean much so I will spend it else where. Thanks Keith Davis shelbyville, Tennessee

  26. Courtney Delgado

    Walmart Family,

    I am emailing from Cincinnati, Ohio…Terry’s Montessori School, Inc. We started a tradition last year and would like to build upon it each year of sponsoring children for Christmas. We are working with Elmwood Elementary, to provide the children of Elmwood with a personalized bin filled with food, school supplies, coats, PJ, hat/glove/scarf sets and so much more. Each bin was worth about $100. 00 dollars. We raised enough money to provide all Kindergartners with this $100.00 bin as their holiday gift knowing many of these children would not receive anything but this gift for the holidays. All purchases were made at Walmart from our teachers. 40 children received the bin last year and we are hoping to double this for the holidays this year. When we left several of the local Walmart’s, different managers suggested that maybe they could do something to help in the future. We are ready to start the process again and looking for any help to reduce prices and allow us to provide for even more of the families at Elmwood. As teachers of Elmwood have pointed out, many children there lack coats, beds to sleep on, no pillows, and wait to get to school to eat each day. Our gift each year is provide hope that life can be better and that these children need to keep working, learning and thriving for something more..
    I have contacted my local Walmart in Evendale and will continue to reach out to others that we had to visit last year in order to purchase the quantities needed in hopes of getting a response. My Walmart has not been available to talk to me so far and has not responded to an official letter that I dropped off. I was asked to submit a letter prior to anyone being available to discuss this wonderful possibility. I liked doing all the shopping at Walmart but without a discount or help from you all, we will be looking for the best prices. Kroger and Sams club certainly compete for the best price on many of the items. Please call or email to let me know if this is a possibility. I need to let our families know where the purchases need to be made.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Courtney Delgado
    Terry’s Montessori School, Inc.

  27. Mandi B

    I see I’m not alone in the lack of service that Walgreens supplies. I was treated poorly in Illinois and we’ve now moved to North Carolina and it is no different. So it’s either lack of a quality training program or Walgreens as a whole simply doesnt care.
    I have the same issue as the other customers. Meds coming due, insurance saying it can be filled and walgreens saying otherwise and flatout refusing to fill it. I am actually beginning to transfer out meds to a smaller local pharmacy and the customer service has been nothing but exemplary. They are actually short on an injection med I use for migraines. Their pharmacist took the time to call other stores and see if he could get me some so I wouldn’t run out. And surprise surprise, walgreens has it and refuses to fill it. The pharmacist tried talking to walgreens pharmacist and explained when it was filled last, that it should be due for fill tomorrow and insurance has approved it for fill tomorrow. Walgreens pharmacist says they show it would be due the 25th “by their calculation” and told my new pharmacy they would not sell it until that point.
    I attempted calling the store manager. She spoke with her pharmacist and of course I then got the same “we dont care” attitude from her.
    I give up. Patients should not have to fight to get medications filled when according to a physicians script and an insurance company, it should be filled. Your service level is deplorable and I will be transferring every script I have to my new local pharmacy. You can rest assured that nobody I know will ever do business there again and every consumer website I can find will be notified of your “dont care” attitude toward your customers and lack of any compassion toward the individual.

  28. Paul Thompson

    Now I must pleed my case to the Corporate office. Explain to someone that the smart phone they carry cant tell the diference between one piece of cardboard and another. Who would think that the minute cards they sell in thoes displayes are for different types of phones.Walgreens employeescsn figure it out. (Neither can NET10).

  29. Shy Green

    I was at the Walgreen on Communipaw and Kennedy Boulevard for filling a prescription and one of the pharmacist was very rude to Old Man and there was a very long line and all this was very angry this course the other customers waiting to be very upset that he disrespected a elderly person and he appeared to be prejudice if you can hire people that can accept diversity then you need not to bring them in the area where there is diversity.We not going to allow it no more

  30. Rosemarie W. Markel

    When I needed my prescription filled on thrusday after I had a hernia operation My boyfriend went to pick up the prescriptions and they were not ready because they were short handed at the 52 store they could of sent him to an other walgreens but they did not and how I’m having a problem with going to the rest room no thanks to the people in the 52 walgreens you may have to let them understand that people come before money.

    Rosemarie W Markel

  31. veronica peterson

    the walgreen’s store pharmacy @ 7150 w atlantic in margate florida used to be an A+ . i now consider it a C- . have been going there for many,many years; and as a senior citizen ; my husband & i get many medications there. it is always short staffed and overworked; therefore putting us @ risk for mistakes. i have had to go back many times because a medication was not filled when it had been promised to be ready @ a certain day. i have had to deal with staff that are extremly slow in movement ; staff that could not understand when i said & spelled my name all the good staff that used to be there that knew our name & treated us like we were important as customers; are gone. what you have now are ; what looks to me; are fresh out of training or just don’t care cause they don’t get paid enough to take pride in their job. CVS is just across the street; but i had become comfortable @ your store. that will not be the case any longer if things stay the way they are.

  32. Larry Klur

    I recently refilled a script for my wife for pantoprazole (pro tonix) and paid $201. On a hunch I checked the price at Publix, a supermarket which was for $98 and then checked Costco which was an unbelievable $22. I called the store and they said it was strange because Walgreens is always competitive to the area but that she would leave a message for the pharmacy manager to call me. Left 2 more messages for Rosemary to please call me to no avail. I finally got to her and politely explained the situation, but got a belligerent answer that walgreens can charge anything they want and doesn’t have to be competitive and the original pharmacist was mistaken. To make matters worse, I have been paying $30 or $35 each year to be a pharmacy club member. I’m sure you can understand that I will never enter a Walgreens again after being a loyal customer for so many years. Price is one thing but being disrespected by a manager is intolerable. The condo I live in is walking distance to the store and has 1900 units of over 55 year old residents and they will surely hear of this.(This is the first letter of complaint I have ever sent since I usually just stop going to a store that I am unhappy with, but this was so egregious)

  33. Marcia Kaye

    It’s disheartening to read the comments on Walgreen’s rigidity and impersonal service; we can be sure
    there are many, many more of their pharmaceuticals customers with equally callous and frustrating
    experiences. We’ve heard in Mnnhattan that nowthat this monopoly owns what had been the Duane
    Reade pharmacy chain it plans on closing a number of them. Customers, as they hear about the planned closing of our neighborhood Walgreen’s are expressing their dismay at the loss of the two pharmacists who’ve been service us so well and for so many years. It’s an oasis — like the old “home town” pharmacy where both Ted and Raymond know and recognize all their regular customers, are clearly concerned about their needs, find out answers to all questions, and quickly; will they still have jobs w/ a Walgreen’s in two wks.? Even THEY don’t know yet. Pharmacists aren’t interchangeable.

  34. Tonya Bussel

    You need better training for your employees,and teach them how to count, maybe if enough customers start standing up for better service and not to be belittled by some kids working in pharmacy,then maybe corporate will do there job

  35. Tonya Bussel

    I have been filling my medication for years at Walgreens, but today I go in after my dr appt ,whom I see every 29 day’s, this time the pharmacy says they can’t fill my medication for 2 more days I filled my medication August 4-today is September 1 it has been 29 days I pay cash so they are going to let me run completely out of medicine, I am embarrassed by the the way I’m being treated, and I’m frustrated to think that my business and health means nothing to them I have spent thousands there,i guess it’s time to spend my money elsewhere and I will tell everybody I know about this

    1. Paul Thompson

      Tonya: Me Too. I have also spent thousands at Walgreens, both in Mill Valley, CA. & here in Ft. Myers. FL. I was sold a “Smart Phone” for my Quadraplegic Wife. All she has to do is talk to it. This happened to be a NET10. I was also sold a $25.00 Air Time card. Turns out this card anly services the flip phones. I ewas told by NET10 to return the card to Walgreens and get the $35.00 card. This is a difference of $10.00. WALGREENS Store manager would not refund the money on the card they sold me to go with the smart phone. The store employee picked out the card for me. My handicapped wife and I have bern shopping at Walgreens for 40+years. Now they dont want out business either. This manager looks like he just tretired from the Miami Dolphins Offense. He must have suffered brain injuries.


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