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Providing here is the Important contact details like address, contact number, email, official website of Walgreens Corporate Office headquarters.If you have any complaints, suggestion, jobs application,finding locations or reviews or any questions please contact them using the information given below.

Walgreen Company, headquartered in  Deerfield, Illinois, United States, is a multi-million American pharmaceutical company and it is considered as the biggest drug retailing company in USA.It has expertise in serving solutions , medical prescriptions, medical drugs, medicine, well being and health items, heath data and photograph related services. Its founder is Charles Rudolph Walgreen and he established it in the year 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Its business model is based on freestanding corner stores which are located near high traffic streets and roads with entrance towards the roadside.  It is the largest pharmaceutical chain in America and it has stores in all 50 states of america and it operates from more than 8400 locations all across USA and its territories.

Walgreens Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733)

Official Website : https://www.walgreens.com/

Walgreens Corporate Office

200 Wilmot Road,
Deerfield, Illinois
United States

Postal address

ATTN: Consumer Relations
Walgreen Co.
1419 Lake Cook Rd.
MS #L390
Deerfield, IL 60015


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9 thoughts on “Walgreens Corporate Office Contact Information

  1. evans joe

    To The Attention of: , Mr. Richard Ashworth: I have been a steady customer of your Walgreens store in Miami Fl store 04728. I am in chronic pain constantly due to cervical and lumbar injuries I’ve had several surgeries pain is unbearabl


  2. Cynthia Jones

    To The Attention of: , Mr. Richard Ashworth: I have been a steady customer of your Walgreens store in Miami Fl store 04728. I am in chronic pain constantly due to cervical and lumbar injuries I’ve had several surgeries pain is unbearable. On February 27,2020 I took.my prescription to the store. Prescription said BRAND Name Only. Douglas the Pharmacist stated he didn’t carry BRAND name and the insurance company wouldn’t pay for them. I replied you can order them his reply it’ll take 2 weeks. I called the insurance company to verify his reply they will pay it will take a week they’re be in on Thursday. Then it went to he needed to speak to the doctor to override the prescription. Doctor complied. Now it’s he don’t feel comfortable filling prescription cause I might have a accident he went to school for 7 years and don’t plan to lose his license so he’s not going to fill prescription come pick them up and take them somewhere else. Went to 3 other Walgreens stores they tried to run them one store said I don’t live in the area go back to the 62nd street store which I never mentioned any store the other to me to go to a larger Walgreens they don’t order BRAND and so did the third. If a licensed physician writes a prescription override his decision what right does the pharmacist have to refuse. I know he has flagged my name cause the store on 95th st got a sheet of paper from when she ran the prescription and placed my 2 prescription on top of the sheet at which time that pharmacist refused. How can this mess your pharmacist DOUGLAS has started be solved. Awaiting a reply.

  3. g. pratt

    Rite Aid always printed out a transcript of medications. I’m told Walgreens does not provide that service.
    How am I suppose to get a transcript?

  4. Cynthia Johnson

    After reading those complaints before I decided to contact your corporate office, I can see I should save my energy and just go elsewhere. But first you need to know your pharmacy services in 21901 have hit the ground, inefficiency hurts people & I am tired of sitting in the parking lot & counting my meds. It does no good to tell the pharmacy the count is short; I take morphine tabs, ER for night that let me sleep & IMM for during the day. I told them last month I got shorted in December so be careful. Fell on deaf ears…

    My complaint? I am 64, have advanced lumbar spinal stenosis & scoliosis. I hope you realize how friggin painful it is ALL if the time. My local Walgreen’s has no drive thru so standing 1/2 hour kills me. I wish I could send the picture I took of the line behind me. It was nuts! One pharmacist with one clerk is not sufficient anytime but esp right after a holiday. But MY concern is QUALITY CONTROL. For the 3rd time, my meds are short, and two months in a row! One ER and one IMM not there. This is the month I get to figure out how to sleep one night without pain relief and deal with pain for hours during a day…thanks to a hurried pharmacist & who spent 20 minutes with one person while 6-8 people sweated in line and inefficiency was too apparent. Just unacceptable. How can it be proved I got shorted? I know, despite I’ve been a Walgreen’s customer since the doors opened, it’s time to go elsewhere!

    “Someone” needs to step in, hire enough people so they’re not frenzied & do something about mistakes I hear and these medicine shortages! I am not a darn junkie, I am sick!!!

    I’m soon going to Walmart; I really don’t want to change pharmacies but nothing is going to change with Walgreens until you DO SOMETHING! JUST DO IT!!!!

  5. Nikita LaMee BLOOMFIELD

    Hello my name is Nikita Bloomfield and I am currently at store number 6750. I’ve been here for a couple of hours with one of your cashiers and and shift leader manager. This isn’t the typical kind of message that you were expecting receiving a corporate email I’d appreciate a response by phone, email, or even US postal service as soon as possible because I think that would happened at the store today could impact your stores worldwide.

  6. Trisha Abbott

    I ordered three 11 x 14 canvas photos for a Christmas gift on 12/15/19 at the Monticello, AR WALGREENS. The email stated that they could be picked up at 2:50 p.m. I was called later that day and told that they did not have the frames in stock to complete my order, but that they could be picked up Thursday. I went to the store today (Thursday) and was told the truck was in and would be ready tonight. I called to make sure before I went and was told not enough came in to fill my order. I would appreciate you taking care of this matter even if you have to overnight what they need.
    Thank you!

  7. Sara

    I am writing to tell you that I am highly disappointed in your branch located in Canon City CO. Every time I have to have something filled there they never send a call or text which I am signed up for to notify me when my prescription is ready, they tell me a time that my prescription will be done, it’s never done anywhere close to the time they say it will be done, I call the next day to see if it’s ready, it’s not. I show up to pick it up in another time frame they give me, all to find out that only PART of my prescription is ready. Get told that the rest won’t be ready for at least another hour, then get told by the same lady within 5 minutes or less that it won’t be done until tomorrow maybe even later. This was just my experience today, and happens EVERY time I have to go there. I wouldn’t even bother if I had a choice. Your company would lose my business. But unfortunately due to the insurance we have, it’s the only place we can go here to have terrible service from a pharmacy that doesn’t have a simple antibiotic in stalk. I am out raged and would hope that something can be done about the horrible quality of service provided at your pharmacies.

  8. Cherrie

    Carpentersville Walgreens is a hot mess very unorganized half the time drive up prescription window closed went in tonight 15 people in line waiting for their prescriptions took over a half hour.
    This is an ongoing problem nothing new maybe they need to hire more employees or something.
    None of the others in the area have a problem like this only Carpentersville Walgreens. Unfortunately it is close to my home or I definitely would not be going there. Not to mention usually out of stock on items especially if on sale but thanks goodness you can always count on the other stores even though they are quite a ways farther

  9. Teresa Hamilton

    I am 61 yrs old and always get my prescriptions from walgreens. We had hurricane Dorian coming, so I wanted to get my medications on the 3rd. Of Sept. 2 of them were not ready yesterday, my pain medication and insulin , I dropped the bottle 1. I just got, it cracked, insulin poured out,
    I called my doctor he sent my prescription, on the 3rd. I had a bad day have been having pain in my back,
    2. I called Walgreens this morning they tell me they haven’t received the prescription from my doctor. So I called my doctor she sent prescrisption started at 9:00 this morning 9 5/19.
    3. I called then they say it has to be authorized by my doctor. They were waiting on her to send authorization from back.
    3. I called Walgreens, after talking to my cust. Service at gateway. She showed they received the prescription but no authorization form had been.sent.
    4. Gateway cust. Service said nc in state of emergency all authorizations were supspended.
    That they should release my insulin! as for my pain medication at least a 7 day supply!
    5. Walgreens still would not release them, I’m out of insulin type 2 diabetic. I was in a coma last, of oct.2018.
    6. I called gateway back I talked to cust. Service again, she read the state of emergency guidelines to me. She put me on hold she spoke to the pharmacist there, and he said if there were any problems to call him.
    7. I called Walgreens back and ask them about it, I told her what the gateway pharmacist said she said they could not release them! I was being nice I told them the gateway pharmacist said to call him.
    8. I called gateway to see if there was anything else I could do? She put me on hold , I had spoke to her earlier. She called Walgreens, she spoke to the pharmacist then did a 3 way, so the prescriptions that were ready, Walgreen told me they were under (humana I changed to gateway started 9/1/19)
    So previously they said I could not get those because they had not been run thru gateway ins.
    And there wasn’t time, because they were closing at 3pm. Its 2:30pm,
    9. I don’t know what the agent from gateway said to them, but the 3 prescriptions, they previously said they couldn’t run, were ran and ready when I got their.
    10. I still could not get my insulin or pain meds!
    They said they would be ready for pick up tomorrow 9/6/19! Hurricane Dorian could flood us, and I have no insulin! I said ty to the girl at the window helping me and ask her to write the pharmacist names on the bag. She did, don’t know if they are their real names or not.
    Also the pharmacist hung up on me and the lady from gateway, she said they should be reported! my day,

    11. I can understand some things, in life, I was ugly to them yesterday, and I apologized to reese, and the girl. When I pulled up the 3 female pharmist were standing with their arms folded smiling! I have to say I am shaking, my anxiety has been bad all day!
    12. I got home 20 minutes later, they text me my pain and insulin were ready! No excuses for this.
    I couldn’t go back they just closed. My daughter tried to call to see if they were opened . Closed!
    I’m disabled and can’t jump and go like I used too. That would be ok. Names:nicky,rachel,deanna
    Pharmacist should want to help us, Gateway sure did.! Above and beyond!

    Thank you


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